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This thread is going to be an introduction to Q. Complete with as much information I could compile to make understanding simple for new followers.

My goal is to provide enough information for others to understand what QAnon is.

Enjoy! 🍿😎
1.) Resources and Background

First and foremost before I begin; for anyone who is new to Q, here are some places in which you can review Q drops.


For those of you who want to read these drops, it is going to be imperative to understand the context. Q will abbreviate "actors" names, orgs. , and other things.

The reason for this is to defeat the algorithms. As Q has grown, algorithms are deployed to decipher Q's posts.
The bad guys read these drops as well. That is why Q must provide disinformation, along with cryptic messaging at times.

http://Qalerts.app/key  has a very good table of contents, breaking down what each abbreviation is and who is who.
http://Qmap.pub  has a very easy to use interface. Complete with the sealed indictments map, trafficking arrests, players and bios, and other themes.

These sites will give you the tools needed to browse through these posts.
There are multiple reasons Q presents info in almost a, "cryptic" type of way.

1.) Not to violate national security while still providing the highest form of intel to ever be dropped to the public.

2.) Posing info in question form, allows for the reader to research for themself
3.) To encourage critical thinking.

Q uses the phrase "think logically" or in variation of, a lot.

Questions, make you come to your own conclusion. If Q gave you "answers" then your mind is being made for you.
The basic premise of what Q is, is a means to expose corruption throughout all levels of government, politics, industry, religion, etc.

Understanding your enemy, and how the connections are made throughout all levels, provides more a sense in knowing how the Cabal operates.
These people are just a fraction of the Cabal. Many prominent positions in government, religion, Hollywood, have all been infiltrated by these Deep State criminals.

Many of which are ALL connected, and quite frankly, have the same goal. POWER.
2.) What is Q and QAnon?

QAnon is a movement that began on October 28, 2017. That is, when the first drop or post occurred.

Q is the anonymous poster of these messages. Q describes themself as a team. Perhaps less than 10, in close communication with Trump.
Before going further, it should also be noted that Q+ is Donald Trump. I'll explain this in a later section.

This is important to note. POTUS twitter account goes hand in hand with Q posts.
It is said, that when you have Q clearance, it is the highest form of clearance granted within the government.

Here is a link explaining what Q clearance is.
Prior to the original post, the President gathered in the Oval Office, surrounded by military generals, and gave his now, well known statement, "This is the calm before the storm." ⛅🌦🌧⛈🌪
This statement gained notoriety, and soon become the name for the event that we look for as to when, arrests, and the silent war that has been taken place starts to spill onto the surface.

The movement has become known as #TheGreatAwakening
The crumbs Q provides are a means to win in the court of public opinion. Information warfare sort of speak.

The biggest threat to the elites, remaining in control, large in part due to the network they built to have dominion over us, is the people awakened and united.
This is why they deploy their social justice warriors in the name of democracy, gender, religion, race, politics, etc.

Everything in the name of equal rights, but weaponized as a tool to divide us.
3.) The First Post & The Traction Q Gained

This is the very first post. The original. As you can imagine, this post quickly became very controversial as people stumbled upon it.

When an Anonymous person posted on a chat board the following...
My own confirmation came, talking with a friend of mine at work. He asked, what I think about Trump. We got into Q. I mentioned this very 1st post. He was a reserve, and he noted that he was deployed at the time during Halloween. What he recalls, being told for a "big storm." 🤔
He went on to say no storm happened. That's when I showed him the Trump video in the Oval Office.

President Trump made that statement on the 6th of October. Just a few weeks prior to Q making his first splash.
As time went on, naturally, this anonymous poster knew their claims would be targeted, and called outlandish. People who saw the posts needed proof.

If claims were made, and if these anons could confirm the validity of Q, this would create an army of independent researchers.
I will have a section detailing what we call #QProofs or confirmations later on as well.

By creating what started as a handful or more following. Then doubles, triples, to a 1,000 or more. 10s of thousands. 100s of thousands. Some now claim Q has reached millions of followers.
These original posts started on 4chan. Many followers spread the information quickly. To other sites such as 8chan, reddit, and facebook.

Eventually, Q needed more help. 8chan became the new home of Q.
I have to make note of this**

That was originally where in the beginning. Since, Q now posts on 8kun. Very similar format.

The Deep State has made attempts to take the board, as we will call it, down. Claiming it is a hot bed of hate and other material.
After the El Paso shooting, they claimed the shooter posted his manifesto on 8chan. The board owner testified before Congress on the matter.

After the New Zealand shooting, the same attempt was made, only they were successful in shutting 8chan down.
8chan then revamped itself, secured the board once more, and Q came back. Posting new information.

There has been a continuous effort to silence, Q, and the movement because of the threat it poses to the Deep State Cabal.
Back to the origins, these original posts started on 4chan. Many followers spread the information quickly. To other sites such as 8chan, reddit, and facebook.

Eventually, Q needed more help. 8chan became the new home of Q.
Creating a back channel community, allows for the bypass of the mainstream media. Thus, giving the public the ability to remain informed as the media assets all take aim at the president.
It is even widely believed, the Anonymous group, may have even been the original QAnon.

The validity, the difficulty to overcome, which QAnon has yet to be debunked, is due largely in part by having POTUS twitter account "connected."

The Q proofs.
4.) The Fake News

President Trump built massive traction by exposing them as Fake News. Q has taken this even further.

This is a prime example, of how Q and the Intel provided has given guidance to the Anons deciphering the messages.
Now giving their followers the direction needed to research. Q has exposed the media, as Anons have uncovered a CIA operation known as Operation Mockingbird.
Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, it was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA.
The org. recruited leading journalists into a network to help present the CIA’s views, funded some student and cultural organizations, & magazines as fronts. It worked to influence foreign media & political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA.
Documents detailing this "shadowy" operation have been declassified. The CIA claims that the program has since ended dating back to the 1970s. We know this is not the case and the operation is still ongoing by rogue actors today.
5.) Digital Soldiers

This term was coined by General Michael Flynn. Just after the 2016 election, this is the now well-known moment amongst followers, coining the term #DigitalSoldiers from the revered Military General. We salute you Gen. Flynn. ⭐⭐⭐
Having millions of researchers, digging, searching, uncovering truth. Presenting the information as a means to REDPILL society, has caused Qanon to spread like wildfire.

"We have what we call, citizen journalists." The bigger the movement, the faster the spread of info.
Some basic principles of QAnon.
- Think logically
- Question everything.
- Think for yourself.
- Use discernment.
- Where We Go 1 We Go All (WWG1WGA)
- The future proves past
- The choice to know will be yours
- Stand up for yourself
- Learn the comms
Using the same structure that Q uses to inform the public, or the Anons who follow, you can take that same strategy to inform others. People who are not "awakened."

Once someone is able to connect the dots together, they can see much more clearly how politics, governments... -->
--> ...and various agencies work together in the spider web of which is called the Cabal.

The Cabal, Deep State, or Shadow Government. Any name you call it, they all mean the same thing. The puppet masters and their puppets. Q has painted the picture to which this web is woven.
The way Anons collaborate, is by proposing ideas, findings, and researching together but separately.

The Hive mind. This creates the big picture. Each anon or autist has their own abilities that when brought to the table make this movement function like a well oiled machine.
6.) Ok then, so 3 years and still no arrests?

Many people discredit QAnon because arrests have not happened. This is where the people need to truly be informed. Q is simply an intelligence drop that allows for followers, to gather the news well in advance before the news breaks.
Thus, future proving past. Going back to the validity of Q.

Q is the intel operation.
Anons are the grassroots organizers.

Simply put, Q is "the plan." Arrests will not be made by "Q."

There is an operation taking place at this very moment.
The U.S. Military and its global partners are unleashing a worldwide operation to free the people from this global cabal.

USMCA in place of NAFTA
Reforming the disastrous trade deals that have robbed America blind.
Draining the swamp.
The intel that has been dropped over the last 3 years or so has kept followers informed, and used as a means to combat the Mockingbird mainstream media.

This has certainly kept the public informed, support for our President at an all time high. Information warfare.
If you still don't think anything is happening, I put this thread together about two weeks ago, to put things back into perspective. https://twitter.com/Punish4Q/status/1236779711738626048?s=19
7.) #QProofs and Confirmations

It's not a matter of coincidence, it's a matter of how many coincidences before it's mathematically impossible?

The sheer volume of proofs is astounding.

This is an extensive, in depth collection of all the Q proofs. https://twitter.com/elenochle/status/1164333534670028801?s=19
Back to the one I mentioned before. President Trump being Q+.

This was when we first got note that POTUS himself, would message on the board.

When we received the first Q+ message it was pieced together that Q+ was POTUS. Days after the first drop.
What was later to follow was another confirmation. While Air Force One was flying across the country, its call sign was changed to Q0.

0 on the number pad being a +. Q confirmed this afterwards.
What's that one?
Well, remember how there is a correlation between POTUS twitter and Q's posts. Just POTUS trolling the media.

Misspelling of "Scott Free" instead of scot free. This was another Q proof. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1069614615510859776?s=19
Beyond further examination, Q has told us, spelling matters and to learn our comms.

This was another huge Q proof. Scott Free refers to Scott Free Productions. A company founded by Ridley Scott and his brother. They produced the movie White Squall which coins the term, WWG1WGA.
Just listen to this movie trailer from the 1996 picture "White Squall."

Do you hear the references? This may be my favorite Q proof.
8.) Why Donald Trump?

I've done a thread on this before. I'm going to put it here to read. If you have read this, the next section is more resources. 😎💪👍 https://twitter.com/Punish4Q/status/1230697362273775616?s=19
9.) Where can I find more information?

On YouTube:

That's a good start! You'll have plenty of quarantine time 😂
Videos to start with:

The Plan to Save the World -
@StormIsUponUs (credit)

The 2nd American Revolution -
@CologeroGetz (credit)

What is Q? -
@JustInformU (credit)

5-Min DJT speech
10.) Conclusion

It appears that where we are now, is a very trying time, abnormal to say the least. People are scared, and unaware of what's going on.

People will look to QAnon followers as we have been saying this will come.
Yes. It does seem troubling for many. However, this the mission. This is necessary to end the corruption and to take down the cabal.

The virus was started as potentially a deep state, man-made, bio-weapon.

The patriots are using this to their advantage.
The public is always used in a way that can be harmful against Patriots who love our country, our brothers and sisters. This is a necessary measure to keep the public safe.

No retaliation. No revenge. The streets clear. Justice.
We are up against a hidden enemy. This hidden enemy is not a virus. It is a hierarchy, a power structure, that has kept us enslaved while they steal the wealth, resources, etc. worldwide for themselves.

The public will soon know the truths of these heinous crimes.
Pray for one another that this operation goes smoothly and is a success.
Pray for eachother. We are all in this together.
Pray for our POTUS for safety and strength as he leads this great nation.
I'm hopeful this was enough insight to get started. There is much much much much more information available.

The rabbit hole goes as deep as you want. I kept things very PG-13 before getting into the heavy stuff.

The choice to know will be yours.
Thank God for Trump. 🙏🇺🇸
Always think logically. Use your own discretion. Use your own discernment.
Together we are strong.
Together we are invincible.
Together we have the power.
If you have questions, ask.
If you need help, ask.
There is a #QArmy on standby for you, me, for us all!

Godspeed patriots!
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