👀🍿 https://twitter.com/newsfilterio/status/1240461744599896067
👆Yuan’s preemptive dump makes much more sense $ZM https://twitter.com/MalathiNayak/status/1244788399942152192
🐀🐀🐀🌊🛳 https://twitter.com/thebrandindex/status/1244472743489200133
The “bUt I caN uSe FunnY BacKgRounDs aNd taKe ScrEensHots fOr sOciaL meDia lAugHs” demographic wont give a shit $ZM https://twitter.com/josephfcox/status/1245006007735955456
CEO @/ericsyuan currently doing stealth damage control on Twitter with $ZM privacy critics.
Someone tweeted Zoom was malware and I’m inclined to agree.

Under the assumption they’re more tech literate than the average user: why tf are VC/fintech Twitter lauding this as their defacto app? https://twitter.com/raganwald/status/1244994636982222848
For anyone wanting to uninstall Zoom: be aware the conventional uninstallation process isn’t thorough. You can find multiple tutorials online for a clean removal (there’s a good guide on GitHub for MacOS users called ‘Zoom [dot] us vaccine’). $ZM https://twitter.com/c1truz_/status/1244737672930824193
You know it’s bad when Elon thinks COVID-19 isn’t a big deal but Zoom’s lack of privacy is. It’ll be interesting to see what other companies follow suit $ZM https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1245504294301949955
“The Times found that even when a reporter signed in to a Zoom meeting under pseudonyms — “Anonymous” and “I am not here” — the data-mining tool was able to instantly match him to his LinkedIn profile.”

Zoom agreed they’ll remove this ONLY after being confronted about it. $ZM https://twitter.com/natashanyt/status/1245723113628807168
Tired of infosec jackasses making 2edgy4me tweets defending Zoom because it’s “accessible”, “has bugs like all apps” and “my grandpa can use it”. Normalizing the sacrifice of privacy for convenience is the whole fcking reason garbage apps like this keep blowing up in popularity.
David has been doing an excellent job calling out Zoom for the dumpster fire spyware it is. I encourage you to follow him. Below is a list of Zoom alternatives, so you can enjoy your lockdown without getting stalked or zoombombed $ZM https://twitter.com/dhh/status/1245526753180667904
Nice Friday news dump. At this rate, this thread will hit 100 tweets by month end. $ZM https://twitter.com/techmeme/status/1246296834911453190
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