Yes #PizzaGate is real and it is still trending...
1) Jimmy Kimmel skit screenshot
“Symbolism will be their downfall.” #PizzaGate
2) Remember our favorite Daily Beast anti-Q writer Will Sommer “enjoy” Comet Ping Pong #PizzaGate
4) What a web they weave #PizzaGate
5) A pizza owner as one of the most powerful men in DC. REALLY?? #PizzaGate
6) These People are not just losing it but they are SICK. See the piece of pizza #PizzaGate
7) #NXIVM & Obama connection? $65,000 Cost for Obama Admin to fly in Pizza/dogs is same $$$ amount Raniere's NXIVM used for flights #PizzaGate
8) Ex-Presidential candidate Tom Steyer Wikileaks #Walnutsauce #PizzaGate
9) There is so much more... #PizzaGate
10) And more... #PizzaGate
14) Is this JP? (Extremely disturbing so be warned #PizzaGate
15) @rainnwilson’s real tweets #PizzaGate
16) Isaac Kappy - RIP #PizzaGate
18) Rick and morty Creator comedy skit about raping and sacrificing babies - Dan Harmon
19) [Will Ferrell]
20) Some very sick Tweets dressed up as comedy #PizzaGate
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