The perfect play for @JoeBiden ▶️ "If I were Joe Biden, I’d immediately announce Warren as my vice-presidential pick. I’d further say that I agree with her bail out terms, and that while I don’t have a vote in the Senate, she does and she’s my proxy."
👀 @JoeBiden just adopted two of @SenWarren's marquee proposals - canceling student debt + expanding social security - as part of his #COVID19 response plan. At this rate its going to be harder and harder to keep her off the ticket - #WarrenBiden2020
As usual @RBReich is on point - @JoeBiden will not have a better running mate than @ewarren - Joe’s former boss hinted at that today
The only way Biden can inject populist energy into this ticket is by adding Warren.
Interesting photo choice there Joe 👀
New numbers now out showing Warren boosting Democrats in crucial swing states. Makes sense given her numbers during the primary as the most unifying candidate among Democrats
“[R]eady on day one to be president of the United States.”

If that is @JoeBiden's "key requirement" for VP — "then it has to be Elizabeth Warren. It just has to be. She is readier than the rest. She is even readier than you, Joe." 🔥🔥🔥 @mehdirhasan
For the record - Democrats should listen to Senator Harry Reid. Reid asked Sec. Clinton to pick Sen. Elizabeth Warren as her VP in 2016. Clinton didn’t. Hope Biden doesn’t make the same mistake again
We have already seen polling from two crucial swing states - Michigan and Wisconsin - showing Warren to be the leading VP choice. Add another one - OH IO. #numbersdontlie for Warren
Numbers don't lie 👀
If you don't think Warren will fire up and charge up overwhelming majority of the left if she were to be the ticket just watch this appearance of her today with AOC
The more numbers come out - the more it becomes clear - Warren is the best choice for Biden if he is looking to unite the party and give himself the best chance to win this November
Numbers continue to point towards Democrats wanting Warren on the ticket
Crosstabs of this new @YouGovUS poll on VP choice looks pretty good for Elizabeth Warren
Ignore the headline in this piece and check the details. The idea of Warren on the ticket is increasingly gaining traction as Biden is shrugging off Wall Street pressure in close door meetings and boosting progressive personnel in his team 👀
NEW POLL: “Elizabeth Warren is well atop Dem voters' list of those who should be considered for VP — with 71% saying she should be — and Warren also outpaces other possible picks by a wide margin as their first choice for the job.”

It must be Warren. 👀🔥
A big reason Biden needs Warren on the ticket is b/c no other VP candidate can provide the online firepower of Warren.

Remember just in primary cycle she raised over $100 million. People forget Sanders has been running for 5+ yrs. It has to be Warren.
Worth noting. One of the key leaders of one of the most effective new orgs on the Left - @sunrisemvmt - is voicing support for Warren as VP - reacting to Bernie Sanders inspired @OurRevolution members overwhelming support for Warren for VP
BREAKING: @BernieSanders campaign co-chair @RoKhanna is hoping for Warren to be the VP as momentums continue to solidify behind Warren from the majority of the progressive movement. Signs are getting clear - its only Warren who can spark Biden's ticket
Excellent. Sen. Bernie Sanders joins increasingly loud chorus of progressive movement leaders consolidating behind Warren for VP.
Great to see progressive champion and Co-Chair of Bernie Sanders presidential campaign @RoKhanna officially endorse Elizabeth Warren for VP. Their partnership post-primary has been a shining example of how Left can work together. ↘️
Good to see all parts of the Left now coalescing around Warren. If this had happened last October - we would have good chance of having Warren as the nominee but this will do for now.
NEW: Elizabeth Warren's "presence on the ticket would go a long way toward reassuring the Democratic Party’s progressive base that Biden will run a New Deal–style administration."

Joe, It has to be Warren.
Why progressives looking for enactment of FDResque policy propositions should be going all out to root for Warren to be on the Democratic ticket in 2020 (instead of chasing the fantasy of her as a Senate Democratic leader) - Read @joshtpm's 🧵↘️
“I never had as many (donors) until she endorsed me.” 🔥 - @JoeBiden + @ewarren 👀👀👀
Barack wants you to do this Joe. LFG.
"Sen. Warren’s bold leadership, ability to communicate complex ideas clearly, and ability to work as true strategic partners with allies to prioritize progressive policies is exactly what we need to rally popular support." cc @RonaldKlain
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