starting the Thread of @JemiRodrigues
Just need ur support from another half
@nikhikalpita @VishuPa70755365

DAY :1 March:18
vacation started for one month🤣
Day =2

@JemiRodrigues ♥️March 19
Aaise haste rehana, muskurate rehena..
"Its time to conquer the world"
March : 20
@JemiRodrigues wherever u r be safe ...we gonnna miss u on those 22 yards bcoz of corona♥️
Love from🇳🇵

Day 3

Smile like that in every phase of your life..
Hope that never ever pain and sorrow get struck into your life😍😍😍
DAY =4

picture taken at = Israel😍
@nikhikalpita @Vishu77 @mouni_msd
@IamADWIN @jeyaprakashjey6 @sm_jr_hk_FC
Day =5
March 22
This day you will be sitting at home from 7am to 9 pm .hope between this period you will have chance to catch up with fans like us in different social networking side by coming live🙏 @JemiRodrigues

#StayHomeStaySafe #StaySafe #CoronaStopKaroNa @nikhikalpita
Day = 6
" Seven billions smile and still yours mine favourite "
#BeatTheVirus #BestMusicVideo #lockdown
DAY =7
Though u r miles away our love for u never dies 💙 zone , state and country didn't matter what matters the most is love to my favourite player which will never die 💙🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

@nikhikalpita @mouni_msd @LocalityCharan7 @jeyaprakashjey6 @mrssagdeo @JemiRodrigues @
Day =8
What to say in these quarantine period..

Just #staysafe
#StayHomeIndia #stayhomechallenge
And safe @JemiRodrigues
See u aoon out in the middle after lockdown..
Day 9

#lockdown Day 3
Be safe @JemiRodrigues 💙

"You are the CSS
To my HTML"

& CONgratulation for 200k followers in instagram too...and hoping for many followers soon

Hope everything is well out there in ur family members💙🤘🏏

@nikhi_kalpita @mouni_msd @pradee_sm18
Day 10
March 27

Didn't matter whether u r on the field or off the field i love you a lot.

"Divided by country,United by cricket and that 22 yards"


@JemiRodrigues @LavitaRodrigue1 @nikhi_kalpita @mouni_msd @LocalityCharan7 @jeyaprakashjey6
Day 11💙
March 28

didn't matter how bore i feel in these quarantine and lockdown ,i gonna watch your batting all the time.
You r my 🌍 jemi dii
Love u alot💙🤘🏏🏏
Day 12



@MonaMeshram30 @mouni_msd @nikhi_kalpita @Vishu77 @LocalityCharan7 @kpsinha7 @jeyaprakashjey6
Eat ,sleep,repeat वस् ऐसा हि कुच हो रहा था
cricketके बिन मे पिछले कुछदिन ,रो रहा था।
जब अाति हे तु यादो मे,तब मे सो रहा था
तेरे वो shots देखर मे,कभि हस कभि रो रहा था
live नहि अाति तो क्या हुअा,तेरि पसन्दिदा inning पर खो गया था
अाज भि याद हे तेरि वो inning देखकर खुसि मे रो रहा था
Day 13
March 30
I don't know that to say, just be safe wherever you are .YOU R my🌍.May lord"Pashupatinath"and "swayambhunath"fulfill all of your upcoming dream.This is the time to stay strong and stay safe
#StaySafeStayHome #StayConnected @JemiRodrigues @LavitaRodrigue1
Day 14
March 31

When you are next to me (on n off the field), or when we are apart, You are always the first in my thoughts and in my heart.

I never ever thought I'd like you this much and I never planned to have you on my mind this often.

Love u lil J 🇳🇵
Day 15
April 1
Though its a Aprilfool.I am not telling u lie that my love towards you is beyond imagination .You can't even imagine i just turn out the gallery every minute those see a picture of yours
Beleive me 75% of my gallery is occupied by your pictures @JemiRodrigues
Day 16
April 2

The best part of my day is your smile.Being with you isthe easiest choice I have ever made,and I'm so lucky I get to make it every day. I love you more every day. Ilove your honesty,your passion, your resilience,your courage.
Love u @JemiRodrigues
Day 17
April 3
. We all know how great it feels like to be loved. Unfortunately, for most of us, these wonderful feelings are beyond description. If I was able to put all these incredible feelings into articulate and beautiful words... then i'd have compose a book
Day 18
April 4
"You are the last thought in my mind before I drift off to sleep and the first thought when I wake up each morning." @JemiRodrigues

I can't stop thinking about u today ,tomorrow and always🙈❤️👐 @JemiRodrigues
Day 19
April 5
"Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you scoring ton keeps me asleep.Being with your drives keeps me alive.“

“I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.“
April 6

"I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow. "
"I will love you and support u until the stars go out, and the tides no longer turn."
A real fan of u ❤️
Day 21
April 7
FANS like me Fight for you. Respect you. Include you. Encourage you. Need you. Deserve you. Stand by you.Every moment matters."You r the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that I could ever possibly write." @JemiRodrigues
Day 22
April 8

Seven billions smiles and still urs my favourite ... @JemiRodrigues
Lots n lots of player still u r running in my mind all the time...
This little fan loves u a lot and miss u a lot on field..hope prblm neutralises soon and i can see u on the field💙💙💙💪💪🤗
Day 23
April 9

I love u ( @JemiRodrigues ), as guitar loves those playful nimble hands. Without your presence ,the string of my heart can't play the amazing song of my life...

Smile like that in every phase and make your fan happy💙💪

Fans are ur real strength 💙
Day 24
April 10

#StayHome #StayHomeSaveLives #lilJ

Stay cool , stay entertaining.... All fans including me are with u all the time,No matter what the situation behold💙
You r my favourite , you will be my favourite and you will be my favourite forever and ever.
Day 25
April 11

shifting from stick to bat was awsome my champ💙
Thank u @JemiRodrigues for choosing up cricket as a profession and making us happy , how the way u play...
Day 26
April 12
Its the start of the new week..May this new week brings the best in you. believe in Jesus💙 and march on ..You can do every thing in life without any problem
Day 27
April 13

Happy new year @JemiRodrigues . I hope this new years may bring a lot of joy your life , may progress and prosperity kiss your leg...

Hope this new year for u will be year filled with joy,energy and everything what u want in your career ahead.
Happy New year🇳🇵
Day 28
April 14

Ideal like u ( @JemiRodrigues ) arrive and make such a beautiful memory in our life, we can barely remember what life was without u on the field ...
" You r exclamation mark in the happiest sentence i could ever possibly write".. @JemiRodrigues
Day 29


extraordinary player with with funny character off the field and serious character on the field @JemiRodrigues
Day 30
April 16

Congratution first being there for the direct entry to the @cricketworldcup 2021🤘 Its a dream for millions of us and i know u r a prospect for defining the game there @JemiRodrigues ..

Enjoy the moments and stay at home🤘🤘
Day 31
April 17

"I swear i couldn't love u more than i do right now and yet i know i will tomorrow " @JemiRodrigues
There is a madness in loving n supporting you, a lack of reason that makes me so flawless
Day 32
April 18

@JemiRodrigues is 💙 @JemiRodrigues 🙈is🌍
@JemiRodrigues is🔥🔥
Day 32
April 19

That smile , believe me the best smile in the world for me🤗🤗

Seven billions smile and i know your's my favourite @JemiRodrigues
Day 33
April 10

"I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection " just like @JemiRodrigues

When i feel a little down, i put on my idol funny vdeo and play in a speaker to feel a bit up and boost my confidence back💙
Day 34
April 21

I can watch you play everyday, /no matter what / circumstance i face,..Each n everyday are like a goosebumps for me if a look u playing....can't imagine how i am spending my time In your absence/on the field , still some old memory gives me goosebumps
Day 35

Hey jem , i love u , that is something which which every mortal on this earth does who has heard abit about women cricket...
I adore u and worship💙💙💙 @JemiRodrigues
Day 36
Memories bring back......memories bring back......memories , memories , memories bring back , memories bring back @JemiRodrigues @mouni_msd @jeje_1807 @IamADWIN @WomensCricZone @TheAaryanKartik @nikhi_kalpita
Day 37
April 24

"Working hard is the key to success ...The more u work hard the more u get success " someone said well said
Day 38
April 25


When nothing goes right go left instead💙🏏🏏
Day 39
April 26

As usual i am writing less as picture speak more about itself ..

#LilJ with #BigJ
i.e @JemiRodrigues with @JhulanG10

That moment which always give me goosebumps💙❣️
Day 40
April 27
"Every game has rules.obey the rules, win the game; disobey the rule, lose it! The game of has loser and winner. Play fairly and win".

~~~ Israelmore Ayivor
Day 41
April 28

"Ebbs and flows ,ups and down, victory or loss ! no matter ...I will there including 125 crore popn to support you and entire team in every condition "
Day 42
April 29

Caption didn't came...
I just want to say that u r 🌏 @JemiRodrigues
Day 42
April 30

Back to those world cup days...those magnificient stuffs❤️ @sm_jr_hk_FC @JemiRodrigues @mandhana_smriti
Day 43

Nothing to write but many things to share with you🙏 hey my idol love u and miss u alot🌏 This new month may bring all the happiness u want further
Day 44
May 2

"Cricket for me was more than a play, it was like summer in the sun" because of you @JemiRodrigues
Day 45
May 3

" When nothing goes right , I just go with your batting drills and your mesmerizing vdeos"
Day 46
May 4

Day 47
May 5

"Stay on the crease , don't cross the mark , pull the virus out of the park❤️stay safe , stay cute🇳🇵
Day 48
May 6

Back to those days of WIPL...
I miss it now😭❤️❤️

#favourite #wrongsisters #JeMEMah
Day 49
May 7

"cricket for me was less than a play , it was like summer in the sun! only because of u...
Day 50☝️
May 8

Its been 50 days since i started your thread😍😍

Many more days to go🇳🇵

"God have you in his arms and i have u in my heart"❤️❤️❤️
Day 51
May 9
"Be it on ground or somewheere else , you need to be cool like Jemimah Rodrigues" 😂🦁🦁🦁
Day 52
May 10

Can't wait for the entertainment soon in the field in presence of you @JemiRodrigues
Day 53
May 11

"Memories of KIA super league"

@YorksGamesFest ✌✌
Day 54
May 12

Lets revive that brilliant knock of 202* in 163 balls in Aurangabad against saurasthra in November 10, 2017 ... @JemiRodrigues
Day 55
May 13

I am missing ur cricket @JemiRodrigues ...see u soon back on field...
Day 56
May 14

Back to the memory and which i miss alot ....
U r my 🌍🌍
Day 57
May 15

Back to those memories when i just started following you🤩
Day 58
May 16

The amount of sunshine u bring on my face will always remain my beautiful memory.... @JemiRodrigues
Day 59
MAY 17

"She was a poem that could read again and again"
Day 60
May 18

"When nothing goes right, I just go to you"
Day 61
May 19

Today the thread has more than 2 month and i know this will continue everyday because the love for you is on the top of Everest ....
Day 62
MAY 20

"The challenges we face and the goal we set are often simply smokescreen for the journey we undertake to conquer ourselves and all the doubts and fears we have.We often donot know what we are made of until we are faced with a mountain to climb"......
Day 63
May 21
"Silence is often the best answer:"
Day 64
May 22

"Childhood is the beautiful memory one individual ever had"
Day 65
May 23
"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly " @JemiRodrigues
Day 66
May 24
"Every morning tries to bring out the best in you and it all depends rest on you"
Day 67
May 25

"Cricket for me was more than a play; it was like summer in the sun" b£cz of @JemiRodrigues
Day 68
May 26

LIL J at her own residence spending her quarantine days.....
Day 69
March 27
Back to previous days when she used to be a little heavier to the opponents 🎗🎗🏅
Day 70 .
May 28

"When nothing goes right....i just go to you" @JemiRodrigues
Day 71

"Waiting for the lockdown to be over"
Jemi be like/🤩
Day 72
May 30
There are alot of players but only u r my favorite 🤩😍 @jemkj
Day 73
May 31

Hi jemmy if u r unknowingly viewing this....

Remember that "I m missing u lot on field"
Day 75
June 1

That moves
That dance
That scenario
That memory
That time
That intimacy with SM
That pic
Simply awsome and i miss those memory ....

U r precious Gem @JemiRodrigues
Day 75
June 2

"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you.......I could walk through my garden forever"
Day 76
June 3

"That smile sets mt everyday curve "
Day 77
June 04
"Picture speaks alot"
Day 78
June 5

Back to the time
"When you scored your first 50"

Always a valuable memory💛
Day 79
June 6

"This face is my painkiller"

Keep smiling like that champ
You r our source of inspiration 🤩🤩

Love u the moon and back💛
Day 80
June 7

Missing those elegant drive these days

See u soon champ❤️
Missing you and your amazing innings🇳🇵
Day 81
June 08

Finest batswomen with finest bowler of the team ( @shikhashauny )

Love u alot❤️❤️😍🏏🏏🏏
Day 82
June 9
"Justvwhen the caterpillar thought the world was over , it became a butterfly"❤️❤️🏏

Missing you alot @JemiRodrigues
Day 83
June 10

"Will be waiting for the melodramatic day after ending this curt classic movie"
Day 84
june 11
"Every game has rules.obey the rules, win the game; disobey the rule, lose it! The game of has loser and winner. Play fairly and win".

~~~ Israelmore Ayivor
Day 85
June 12
You are my favourite

You are my first love

You are my role model

You are my inspiration

You are my source of encouragement

You are my motivation

You are my happiness

You are my Entertainer

You are my cricket world

You are my strength @JemiRodrigues
Day 86
June 13

"Every morning tries to bring out the best in you and it all depends rest on you"
Day 87
June 14
" back to those memoriez with 2 of my favorite "
Day 88
June 15
One of Finest batswomen with some of the younger and emerging talent🙊🤜🤛
Day 89
June 16

"Just focus on your merit; the best things will come soon for sure"


I Feel Like I'm Flying Over the Moooonnnn 💃💛

Good Morning Champ!!! Love you ❤️❤️❤️ @JemiRodrigues
Day 90
June 17

"Good morning makes the good day"

Good morning precuous Jem🏏🤪
Day 91
June 18
. “I keep myself busy with the things I do but every time I pause, I still think of you.”
Day 92
June 19
Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well.

~ Buddha
Day 94
June 20
Take care of yourself, people around you, animals around you, flowers around you, nature around you. This year has already taught so many things what a whole damn year takes to teaches us!! 🌼🌺
Day 95

in a world full of choices, i choose you ( @JemiRodrigues )
Day 96
June 21

There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.
Day 97
June 23

“Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.”
Day 98
June 24

For me, winning isn’t something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream.
Day 99
June 25
Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.” “Champions never sleep, the eternal spirit keep them alert and awake.” “You don't need to play every ball but every ball needs your judgement.”
Day 100
June 26

The water shines only by the sun. And it is you who are my sun
Day 101
June 27

"To everyone going through struggles or pain right now, keep your head up, and keep smiling, God heals all."
Day 102
June 28

Just play on your merit ....
The scoreboard will keep ticking 😍
~ @JemiRodrigues
Day 103
June 29

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings.
Day 104
June 30

Focus on your own happiness...docus in your own lige ;focus on your vision...coz what comes easy wont last and what last wont come easy
Day 105
July 01

Every sunrise marks the rise of life over death, hope over despair and happiness over suffering. Wishing you a very enjoyable morning today!
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