I haven’t done a #Bollywood #antakshari on twitter for a while. And @DJLdistraction #coronavirus playlist thread and this video suggests that it may be time.

Coming up #SocialDistancing songs (we will move to #quarantine and #SelfIsolation later). Do add your own in replies!
Starting off strong with this classic from #Pakeezah. Note the instructions and clear distances!

Resist the temptation. No matter how strong a lure. #SelfIsolation is good!

See? #SelfIsolation is good! Breaking quarantine may provide instant gratification but it is BAD!

Also please use emails not pigeons (unless they are called Handsome)
After all, what is Bollywood without some shameless self promotion?
RESUME thread: here's a lesson for these times of a global pandemic, twitter:

Be more ghost, not more ghostbuster.
You can pine, you can daydream, you can desire. Just don't chale aao:
And yes, do remember those you love: https://twitter.com/nazkebab77/status/1240260292489158659?s=20
This one for the #writers on my TL. Write poetry for the one you love, make silly faces, make up stuff in your head.

And for the love of all you hold dear, practice #socialdistancing

Oh and use paper weights!
#coronavirus #bollywood

By all means, continue to profess your love through screens and windows (but wash hands immediately if you make contact) #SocialDistancing #SelfIsolation
You see?

A meter in early stages of social distancing but then increase distances please.

Also check out @nationaltrust so you can sing out your ambitions in historical spaces but with ample distance between you and everyone else

Yes you can go for a walk and get fresh air as long as you keep a distance.

Hugs are risky so at least try to avert faces.

And remind yourself that we will get through this.
Updating this thread with a favourite on this Monday morning. Grateful for all the comms tech to keep in touch with eachother
As the #pandemic rages on and health workers are heroically caring for the sick, often at huge personal cost, this seems an appropriate reminder that they are humans first: #khamoshi
Another ‘stay home if you are ill’ song. If I could find enough tissues - coz I WILL bawl my eyes out - I would re-watch #Anand. One of those quiet films that was a huge box office hit.

#bollywood #covid19playlist
Getting a bit cabin feverish so switching to one of my favourite road songs (with added bonus of Shashi Kapoor):
#covid19playlist #bollywood
Reminder to maintain appropriate physical distance even if you are out dancing
Calling it a night with this “declare you love while maintaining safe distancing” classic stay safe twitter. And practice appropriate physical though not emotional distancing xxx
Just a reminder that romance at a distance is safer for everyone (an Alistair Maclean novel optional)

Be safe. Stay home.
I see people still can’t fgure out how to stay safe so here is a #Bollywood song actually set during an epidmic, featuring people who are separating themselves from infection (also features two of the most beautiful women to grace the silver screen):
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