Dear America,

Yes, it's dark, stressful, and frustrating.
But we seen this story before.

Threatened and attacked, we've seen you dig in.
We've seen you rise through the darkness.

We see your light, America.



#CoronavirusUSA #CoronavirusOutbreak
P.S. We got this. Together-ish.
We see your light, America.
Typical, Maryland. Typical.

Shine on, @MDNG.

#COVIDー19 #StopTheSpread
We hear your music, America.

Keep playing.
Keep singing.

🎻: @ChicagoSymphony’s Diane Mues playing on her lawn for her neighbours.

🎥: @Goodable

#CoronavirusUSA #COVIDー19
We see you on the frontlines, America.

We see you.

#coronavirus | #StayHome
We love you, New Jersey.
Still shining. Keep on.

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