anyways i’m gonna keep a thread of my work from home / social distancing chronicles & highlights bc why not —

day 1: woke up 30 mins before work, stayed in my sleeping clothes (see: wfh business casual attire). also helped myself to a nice breakfast & coffee 😌
day 2: I’ve changed my Zoom virtual background to represent how things are going - EVERYTHING’S FINE.
day 3: I decided to take a shower during my lunch break. also, the county officially declared a shelter-in-place for 30 days lol. and I was 5 minutes late to my 9am zoom meeting that was scheduled after 5pm yesterday so is it really my fault?!
day 4: i left my apt for my physical therapy appointment. when i stepped outside, i heard literal crickets. parking was abundant. my PT said they’re moving to only having 4 PTs in the clinic each day.

wfh makes it v dangerous for online shopping tendencies. i need to stop!
day 5: it’s saturday. i woke up from a dream that i physically went into work thinking everything was normal again and was pissed to find that it was actually a weekend and i just got all my days of the week mixed up
day 5 again: channeled my inner “LILY ANNE” and baked cookies for the first time. they don’t look cute tho. also this is the second day my sister and I have been working on this 1000-piece puzzle 😪 already online shopping for cross stitching kits instead lol
day 6: gave in and bought animal crossing. first time playing this game at all aaannnddd i’m obsessed. everything about this game is so cute. i’m living vicariously through my resident representative bc she, too, is social distancing but like on an island 😌😌
day 7: played animal crossing during my lunch break. the GoT puzzle may have to be on pause for a minute bc animal crossing has all of my attention lol. also cancelled my parking permit on campus so i'll be getting my $17 back each month, ty very much.
day 8: this is the most ive gotten “dressed” in a week aka my bottoms are still without pants and i spent like over 3 hours on the phone with 2 friends and i had my favorite beer aka lindemans framboise
day 9: all I want is hot pot and boba 😩 now that I know we will not be returning to campus for the remaining of the academic year, I'm like...... do I go home!??! but there are so many cases in LA and I am still terrified of putting my parents at risk for anything, siiigghhh
day 10: started off my morning with some stretches and some time in the sun bc it had been raining so much up here! decided to order to-go coffees from a local shop and instead of asking for a rainforest latte, i asked for 2 rainforest CAFES. 🤦🏻‍♀️ social distancing got me messed up
day 11: my friend was kind enough to drop off five guys for dinner and i INHALED it lol. today was probably the most productive day of work i had since we started wfh lol thankful my supervisor doesn’t expect us to fill each hour of everyday as we adjust to this new normal
day 12: i left my house to do laundry at @Ebeth_thomas place but we hung out on opposite sides of the couch the whole time 😂😂 also got mcdonald’s for dinner and man, chicken nuggets and fries hit different after you’ve been cooking at home for all your meals lol
day 13: first full week on animal crossing - forced myself up to buy turnips even tho i wanted to sleep in some more lol. but finally was able to put the game down to do some cleaning & organizing around the house. hopefully that helps with the wfh stump this week
day 14: the sun was shining brightly when i woke up. put me in a good mood so i decided to tryyyy today for wfh. put brows, mascara, and lipstick on (which was smeared off at this point in the day). was a productive day and i even worked out a tiny bit and stretched after work!
day 15: woke up and found out we didn’t have to work today bc of the cesar chavez holiday 🙌🏼 spent the day doing chores on animal crossing so i guess you could say i was productive lol also cooked soyrizo for the first time and did a clay mask today 🧖🏻‍♀️
day 16: met with students today who seemed super unmotivated, which is valid! jus tryna pivot bc our huge annual yield event was canceled. also starting a calling campaign for URM & out of state students and i got 120 to do 🥴🥴 hoping this will be a nice way to connect tho
day 17: left the house today and went to campus to pick up my office printer. it was such a beautiful day today that after work, i went to the park for a walk and i saw so many cute doggies!! 😩😭 i even got my boba fix today. & my laptop desk & lawn chair arrived lol i’m ready!
day 18: i forgot to do one of these yesterday dammit lol my lawn chair arrived and i spent some time soaking up the sun in my little yard. wfh is weird bc i think i’m eating less but i have enormous cravings for all kinds of different meals and snacks and drinks 😩
day 19: did absolutely nothing today lol having fun playing online board games with my friends tho. also my yard got cleaned and omg it has so much potential to be a cute lil outdoor area now 🥺 pls send me any cute ideas!! ready for warmer weather 😌
day 20: i woke up & the power was out 😩 for a few hours too. freaked out not knowing what i was gonna do with myself! i ended up grabbing lunch at one of our favorite & most catered restaurants for work - oohh that hit the spot! miss getting it for free tho 😞
day 21: my cravings are fucking wild. i caved in and ordered thai food and they were the sweetest people ever!! threw in egg rolls and thai iced tea to my order for free 🥺🥺😭😭 today was the busiest wfh day i’ve had!!! also finished watching kim’s convenience already lol
day 22: meeting someone new while sheltering in place be like—
day 23: i’m finding that i’m only eating breakfast & dinner - it’s affecting me bc i feel all weak & shakey by end of day. i’ve been so busy since spring quarter started 😔 my sis thought i was so stressed i was taking an edible during work when i was jus eating chocolate lol
day 24: so over the anti-asian racism and even more over the people in power who can’t even speak up to address it!! i thought it was friday today. i’m so ready for the weekend. this week has been 😪🥱🤭🥴😡😩🥺🥰🤓
day 25: woke up w/headache. i’ve noticed an increase in headaches since we started wfh 😞 had a half day at work today & damn, it made me feel so behind on everything. i also had starbucks for the first time in like a month! it was such a treat 🤤 lol excited to unplug this wknd
day 26: ooopsies i forgot again. i made my first tiktok video(s) while i was learning how to marinade my moms delicious chicken and how to make papaya salad 🤤🤤🤤 learning recipes on animal crossing and in real life lol not looking forward to work this week, IT’S PACKED 😰 SOS
day 27:

decrease use of
- car and gas
- money
- body (lol physically moving and standing)
- makeup products
- clothing

increase use of
- toilet paper
- gas and electricity
- like every kitchenware item
- screen time
- untouched skincare products
day 28: my sister clipped my toenails for me since my right hip limits me from doing so myself and part of my toenail flew at her face hahahaha true sister bonding. it’s also khmer new year today and my mom made BOMB dessert :,) i survived my 10 back to back meetings today lol
day 29: went on a walk today & everything about the outdoors reminded me of animal crossing lol. finally had hot pot and it was AMAZING!! laughed a lot today during an APIDA healing space with students and it was so nice 😌😌 also it was like high 70s today & the sun felt so good
day 30: (yesterday bc i forgot again!!!) omg it was a great day bc my turnips were selling for 504 bells on my island and got to run a whole operation w/ a personal security guard. and i finally made whipped coffee successfully!!
day 31: perfected whipped coffee today and i’m addicted! lol i wrapped up interviews for next years student assistants today 🙌🏼 got a chance to work outside in the backyard too 😌 i can’t believe it’s been a month of this already!! how much longer 😭
day 32: this month has gone by quickkkkk, i can’t believe may is right around the corner! however, this week felt like hell lol so glad it’s finally over. i have started watching too hot to handle on netflix and i am afraid to admit that i’m into it lol a lot.
day 33: i’m slipping on this thread lol it was my last full day at home and my mom made khmer hot pot and it was the best thing ever. then she made thai yellow curry and thai coconut rice balls for me to take back home 😭😭 i don’t deserve her love
day 34: woke up with a headache that pretty much persisted the whole day 😰 did a webinar today for work. it’s technically admit weekend but everything moved virtually. students and parents asked such great questions! back in my lil apt now~ should be easier to grocery shop now!
day 35: happy 4/20! got high, zoomed with my bestest friends for like 3 hours and laughed so much my mouth hurt after it all ended!! went grocery shopping today & i srsly don’t get how i spend some much money at costco to feed a family of 2 lol
day 36: i used my cast iron skillet for the first time today and must i say... it leveled up my grilled cheese game exponentially! can’t wait to try new recipes with this new kitchen cookware! i also officially have matcha powder, chai tea powder, & diy boba. it’s abt to go down!
day 37: i mustered up the energy to edit and upload the footage i had from my family cruise last summer LOL a whole 8 months later. and the video still wasn’t that good 😂😂 oh well. i made my chai tea latte today and it was not that impressive! i shall try matcha tmrow
day 38: happy birthday to my bestie @maggiequan !!! quite a positive day today. see photo! and then a co-worker dropped off a surprise gift today and it included a face mask, a coaster, and lavender lotion :,) so sweet. and facetimed and caught up with my femtors!!
day 39: it was a long ass shit day today 😞 decided to treat myself by ordering delivery. food never got delivered even tho it said it was & by the time i got a refund, the restaurant i wanted to order from closed 😡 then watched midsomar with my friends and what the actual fuck?
day 40: holy cow i woke up at 12 today. couldn’t sleep last night bc of how hot it was. today, i made a breakfast skillet for the first time & it was BOMB! also finally figured out how to make good cookies. delivered them to folx arnd town - best part was seeing ppl again 😭
day 41: we made boba at home today and added it to our thai tea. it was ok! will try to perfect it tmrow. learning that with my quarantine cooking attempts of new things, it’s usually better on the second try! ah so not ready for work this week. i am so over it all 😞
day 42: i cooked a new dish today - lemon garlic shrimp fettuccine and it was bomnmbbb! the more i work in this virtual world, the more i’m realizing that i am just FULL of ideas. all i do is bring new ideas to ppl hoping they are down to execute with me lol
day 43: for the first time in 43 days, i did a full face of makeup. i was in the mood. didn’t have a 9am meeting for the first time in a while and it was another nice and warm day! however, i was terrified when i got to doing my eyebrows omg i need my threading lady to clean me!
day 44: finished Never Have I Ever on Netflix - was cute even tho Devi became increasingly annoying thru out the season. appreciated the POC representation. now I am watching Ozark! also just purchased an immersion blender and I'm so freaking excited for it lol the little things
day 45: happy national boba day, i made another tiktok lol today was a pretty mediocre day tbh so i don’t have much else to say!!!! feeling super unmotivated and tired everyday, i wish i could go on vacation 😩😭
day 46: woke up in the middle of the night last night and realized i forgot to do this yesterday lol. i watched the half of it on netflix and it was super cute 🥺🥺 tried a new steak and mashed potato recipe and it was bomb 👌🏼👌🏼 my intention is to paint this weekend so hope i do!
day 47: did an HBO movie marathon today. finally did my job as a property manager and let ppl in to see 2 empty units lol. had the pleasure of having a zoom catch up with my grad cohort & it was life giving! also made me realize i ain’t been up to shit these last 2 years 😭😭
day 48: did not paint this weekend BUT ☝🏼 i did start reading “i will teach you to be rich” by @ramit! most days it feels like i have to keep my head in the personal finance bubble to be accountable lol so i am now revisiting/continuing my motivation from the start of the yr
day 49: the day sped by! felt sick halfway thru work and to make matters worse, i spilled green juice on part of my couch, floor, and laptop 😩😭 hoping the laptop will be ok since it belongs to the sTaTe oF cA lol made chicken noodle soup and feelin a lil bit better now tho
day 50: how could i forget to do day 50! i jogged/walked for a mile yday and it was hard af tbh. but it was worth it bc i finally knocked out like a baby last night!! went on a target run too and ofc i would see 2 students there T_T and yes, i def picked up a bag of hot cheetos
day 51: i received a care package today from a student that included two bags of 2x spicy ramen & instant boba and iM SO GRATEFUL!!! today, i also put away $2000 into my roth IRA, set up monthly automated investments, and got approved for an AmEx card. phew i feel so adult lol
day 52: took me like 7 hours to finish my breakfast today bc i’ve been so busy 😩😭 and didn’t even get to finish my dinner either! weighed myself and i actually dropped like 10 lbs since i last weighed myself in january. weird since i’m not even that active but ain’t complaining
day 53: forgot again 😅 walked 2.23 miles with Ahmaud yesterday and was reminded of how i benefit from anti-Black racism bc of the privilege i have to jog/run outside without the threat and fear of violence and death. while walking, i was wondering who else was trying to do 2.23
day 54: came down to la today and will stay thru the end of the month for my dads surgery. la was lookin a lil too close to traffic today tbh lol got boba immediately ofc and came home to bomb food! feeling so sore from my long walk yday 😅
day 55: been a pretty shit day if i’m being honest. made a decision i regret and can’t take back and may have to live with for a long while. so tired and feeling super defeated and helpless 😞 no idea how i’m gonna get thru this work week. or even this month. siiggggghh
dAy 56: don’t want to keep tweeting sad things so!! i will jus say i am grateful for my friends who check in with me, my entire work team - students, co workers, supervisor - who are all super supportive, flexible, and understanding. painted in the sun today and that was nice
day 57: ive been slippin which probably jus speaks to where i'm at in this pandemic now lol. i finished my paintings and im super excited to ship them off to people. i shouldve brought down more canvasses so i could've continued but maybe ill jus color with my mom instead lol
day 58: a day of healing! ty to my co worker for venmoing me money to get lunch 😭😭 got boiling point today hehe. finally was able to show my face to some meetings and it was actually so nice to connect with students again. i shall finish this week off strong!
day 59: this week has felt SO. LONG. finally got an electric mixer, what a game changer. almost took myself out of an exciting opportunity bc i’ve been so overwhelmed with everything only to be pulled back in by someone who loves and believes in me 😭 counting my blessings!
day 60: wow. 2 months in this thang. it has felt much longer than that. i know we have so much longer to go. and i hate so much that ppl are not taking this seriously lol we know what 6 ft apart is at this point and your IG stories and celebrations tell us otherwise, ppl!!!!
day 61: literally don’t know what i did today. can feel my family and myself getting cabin fever. going on target runs and grocery runs aren’t even fun anymore! so hard to breathe walking around wearing a mask. lines are long. people dunno how to social distance. ugh
day 62: took my dad to get tested for covid-19 today bc he has a surgery tmrow and wow. seems like your brain gets tickled lol another day of doing nothing. no idea what to do on animal crossing anymore tbh like should i start all over jus cus??? lol
day 63: took my dad to his surgery today. really sad i can’t visit him and make sure he’s ok. been thinking a lot about my hospitalization and how awful i would’ve felt without my family and friends visiting me & being there for me. feelin for patients hospitalized today 😞😞
day 64: my dad did not come home today but i think he’s coming home tmrow. for some reason they are not giving him his phone so i can’t imagine how bored and lonely he must be!! grateful for his side of the family who’s been providing our family with so much support 🥺
day 65: my dad’s home! he’s doing ok. in a lot of pain. refuses to ask for help or communicate his needs & wants to do everything himself -_- will probably stay in la longer to help him thru recovery. having a difficult time focusing on work tbh! i feel like a parent w/3 kids lol
day 66: what the heck i jus realized i won’t even be able to take grad pics with the students i work with and this is my second year in this job i won’t be able to do so and i’m so sad bc i’ve worked with bomb ass seniors this year 😞😞😭😭
day 67: omg 4 packages would be delivered on the same day today so my dad got really upset about our purchases. my right hip is getting reeaaalll tight, which is really frustrating 😞 nothing exciting happens in my life anymore! i’m more tired than i already have been lol
day 68: oops forgot again. went to costco yday to grab things for my family and gah damn i spent a lot of money there. my parents always say how moving in with them will help me save money but every time i visit i spend a lot taking care of them loll i’m literally so bored 😞😞
day 69: oh my god i am so bored. there’s only so much tv i can watch. not enough peace and quiet in the house for me to read books. tired of seeing ppl not social distancing on social media. tired of eating food that don’t hit the spot. tired of men hitting me up for a hangout!!!
day 70: 70 days?!??!??? goodness gracious. didn’t feel like walking around my neighborhood today so walked around target and trader joe’s instead lol. got another jug of boba today. per my dads recommendation bc he thinks that’ll save us more money than buying individual cups 🤷🏻‍♀️
day 71: i miss making my own food. my moms kitchen feels like it’s very much hers. anything out of place makes her yell at me lol due to my dads recovery my mom been underseasoning/flavoring food so my cravings are wild! would like a sugar daddy specifically to doordash me food
day 72: done with my last event of the quarter 😥 largest turnout for a virtual program ive had in the last 8 weeks lol i feel so exhausted today, as if i physically went into work and left late lol. glad i has an excuse to put on makeup tho. my dad said i looked prettyful lmao
day 73: see all other tweets from today. and FUCK DONALD TRUMP. the fact that he, in the position he holds, is allowed to put in writing that he will shoot Black people............ start feelin some type of way about that - the shooting, not the fucking looting.
day 74 at almost 2am: still don’t have the words. hope folx are safe out there protesting, especially because this pandemic is still taking lives. so peoples health and safety are at risk in so many ways right now. that’s how fucked up things currently are. bfeiojsbsiwnslqnqxbwo
day 75: psa that instagram story chains that say “black lives matter. tag 10 people” do absolutely nothing. stop with this passive and performative support and engagement. don’t post just to post. just be more intentional and critical about how you’re showing up.
days 76 and 77: “we need an apocalypse in order to have a revolution.” how much more apocalyptic do things need to get 😞
day 78: spent #blackouttuesday making these talking points graphics for folx who might be met with counterproductive questions when engaging in conversation about the fight for justice for Black lives~
day 79: trying not to be glued to my phone every moment of everyday. so been slowly getting thru avatar. one of my students have decided to assign this to me -

sun katara
moon iroh
rising toph

jus wanted to share a moment of joy today.
day 80: i have so much rage in me as more and more videos surface of police horrendously brutalizing innocent people and showing absolute zero regard for civilians. when i say i fucking hate the police to its very core, i mean FUCK THEM and burn it all down
day 81: happy 27th birthday to Breonna Taylor 💕💕💕 ways y’all can take action today to demand justice for her - 
day 82 & 83: really needed some space this weekend to not be glued to my phone. somehow ended up dealing with family drama!! idk how my parents expect me to WANT to move home. it’s exhausting. distance is healthier for our relationship. also did an online escape room, it was fun!
day 84 & 85: finally finished avatar!!!!! best animated series of ALL time. don’t @ me lol sad it’s over but wow such a well written show, great plot, incredible character development, so many critical themes! now i feel even more upset that the live action movie was white washed
day 86: my dept hosted a send off to our student staff today and it was so cute. some of their parents and supporters came out. so many tears and laughs!! feels surreal that i jus went thru a whole year with my team of students, all of who are womxn of color! grateful for them
day 87 and 88: remembered that in january, my goal was to be off my cane by june. i have been off of it for months now and didn’t even realize it since i’ve been sheltering in place. always got work to do so my hip doesn’t stiffen up. wild how 1.5 years ago i couldn’t even sit up
day 89: obvs started watching season 2 of dating around and then realized i’ve been single for over a year now 😱 that was fast lol. lowkey missing intimacy tho.

anyways i baked cookies again today and they are jus as good as the last time. what to do with 22 cookies tho? lol
day 90: wow 3 months of sheltering in place now 😭 i miss hugs & friends! today we finally put up my sister’s & my diplomas in the house! almost 2 years since we’ve lived here and finally hanging things up! also became a plant mom today. she’s a monstera and her name is momo hehe
day 91: oluwatoyin salau. she was only 19 years old. a survivor. an activist. say her name and demand justice for toyin!
day 92: we are officially on summer break for work and i’ve had 0 meetings yesterday and today. i could get used to this pace especially when there is so much happening in the world rn!! covid worsening has me really anxious these days too 😞
day 93: 10 years ago today i graduated from high school. wooooww. been thinking a lot about camila today, wondering if she would’ve even wanted to plan a class reunion. hope she’s resting in peace and power.
day 94: v tired of asians organizing against ACA-5 & spreading misinformation about how affirmative action really works and the worse part is that some ppl actually buy into this harmful rhetoric! if y’all asians believe Black lives matter, then that also means supporting ACA-5!!
day 95: happy juneteenth! listen to Beyoncé’s Black Parade.
day 96 & 97: spent the weekend watching watchmen. such a good show!!! will have to read up on some think pieces about it later. this week will be my last week in la. excited to go back to my own space and make my own food and also hoping my parents will be ok on their own! 😩
day 98: feeling like a tuesday. first night in a long ass time that i haven’t heard fireworks? weird but a little relieved. finally finally finallyyyyyy invested my roth IRA after opening the account back in january lol thanks to all my friends who helped educate me
day 99: wow. i am about to reach triple digit numbers of work from home / sheltering in place. i feel like my fear and anxiety around covid has increased again bc of so many new cases and hospitals being flooded again. and we haven’t even had our first full wave yet... 😞
day 100: my friends & i signed up to do trivia every other wednesday nights. tonight was the first one & the host was collecting donations - top 3 teams can choose where to donate. there were almost 100 ppl on the call & they raised over $800 for 3 orgs, wow, lowkey like the idea
day 101: guess who impulsively decided to get bangs today?????????? me!!! bc in this 101 day quarantine thus far, everything has felt like a perpetual constant and i wanted something new!! i like it. today at least when it’s fresh out the salon lol we will see in a few days/weeks
day 102: randomly had a bowel obstruction today, the 2nd time since my accident. threw up my dinner. took an oxy after my sister called emergency nurse line. now i’m really hungry but afraid to eat solids 😩 oh how my accident continues to follow me in ways i have no control over
day 103: hosted a small 10-year high school reunion with @duaaartee for our friend group. it was nice and also lowkey turned into a therapy session?! surprised with how vulnerable some ppl got but nice to see folx. we agreed we don’t have hobbies 🥴🥴🥴 and das ok lol
day 104: after spending a month & a half in la, i am finally back in slo. feels good to be back, especially with my plant babies! however came back to find that someone is using both the accessible & my assigned parking spot 👀 anyways, miss my parents alrdy n hope they’ll be ok!
day 105: ☺️
day 106: ucsd finally approved an asian am studies minor!!!! 6 years after my friends & i wrote an open letter to ucsd demanding for resources, services, programs, & institutional support for asian am students. it's wild to see how much has come out of that letter over the years
day 107: happy 1 yr anniversary of living in my apartment! and being possibly the worse 'property manager' ever lol feels like i am outgrowing this space tho, mostly bc my sister moved in with me in september but i can't give up $1000 rent, so we are getting comfy here!
day 108: the motivation to work is at an all time lowwww. went grocery shopping today and all i saw were white ppl buying bbq things soooo looks like we will have another spike of covid cases after this meaningless holiday weekend 😬 re-organized my kitchen cabinets & feelin good
day 109: watched hamilton w/my fwends online & it jus wasn't the same as the live musical experience! watching it 2 yrs ago in chicago was magical. still bummed covid prevented us frm watching it in la together in april. anyways hamilton was yet anthr reminder tht men r trash lOL
day 110: what a productive day NOT celebrating this country. i cooked napa cabbage & fishball soup and stir fry snap peas with fishball 👌🏼. i watched knives out and successfully predicted the plot hehe. i also finished my first cartoon portrait on procreate! feels like a sunday
day 111: this 3 day weekend has been EVERYTHING. even tho a lot of students hit me up for stuff, i was able to check out of work completely. got thru many episodes of pose today, made chicken nachos, and practiced a lot more on procreate! i have 10 ppl interested in ordering 🥺
day 112: why do things in 2020 jus keep getting worse 🥴🥴🥴 i’ve been feeling highly unmotivated to do anything BUT cook, watch tv, and draw on procreate. i wonder if this is jus a phase for me. will i also get bored of this the same way i did with animal crossing?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
day 113: went to campus today to figure out social distancing measures for the mcc and i can’t believe that we will only be able to allow like 7 ppl in there when it’s typically had like 20-30 students at a time 😰 dr called me to schedule appt to follow up on my results ahhh 🤞🏼
day 114: what a fucking day. officially got diagnosed w/diabetes today 🥴 (im ok! no insulin needed yet, jus need to make lifestyle changes & prick my finger everyday!!), I got my eval & for some reason CRIED ugh, then asked for a raise which likely wont happen rn but i did it ok
day 115 & 116: obvs yesterday i officially launched my side hustle drawing cartoon portraits of people! i spent today fulfilling more orders, stopped by the grocery store real quick, made taco bell “tacos” for dinner & um it was better than taco bell! can’t wait for leftovers lol
day 117: idk what happened today but my stomach sent me to the restroom all day 😩😭 i got to facetime with a friend today & we caught up for 3 hrs!! started watching love life on hbo. why are there so many shows/movies about women desperately looking for love & with shitty men?!
day 118: found a 30 min low impact HIIT workout on youtube that i did today 😰my heart rate hasn’t been that high in a long time lmao broke all the sweats! good for my current physical limitations tho. ive felt my body grow weaker over the last year 🥴 here’s to strengthening it!
day 119: haven’t fit these workout pants in a few years so i was pretty excited when i could breathe in them again today!! went to the park to get some good ol sun and i think my forearms tanned? happy about that part tho. metformin is really kickin my ass 🚽🧻 💩
day 120: made chicken katsu for the first time! it was good but could be crunchier. added beef broth to our japanese curry today and it made it sooooo good and flavorful. excited to cook burgers tmrow night. i also wanna get back to making overnight oats again hehe
day 121: caught up with @MaddieKroitz for 2 hours today!! what a joy!! worked out for 30 mins, had delicious homemade burgers for dinner, made overnight oats for breakfast tmrow. been a minute since i’ve had it and i know sleepy friday morning me will be thankful for tonight’s me
day 122: ordered thai food & got 2 free cups of thai tea bc i’m friendlyyyyy with the owners there. so cute & sweet how they greet me when i enter the restaurant!! i completed 2 portrait orders today 🥵 aaand, i’m so sad abt John Lewis 😞 2020 really is gonna keep getting worse
day 123: went to target today for the first time in a long time and it’s been the most exciting part of my week so far. lowkey forgot the layout of this target lol. somehow bumped into not one but TWO friends/co workers there. bought more than i needed but still under $40 👌🏼
day 124: baked cookies today & did some drop offs! my sister & i started watching the twilight saga a few days ago jus cus lol & we finally finished today. cant believe i liked the books so much in high school? pls give show/movie recs on netflix, hulu, hbo, prime video, &disney+
day 125: mondays are pretty chill for me lol there was literally nothing exciting or noteworthy about my day! i can hang on a pull-up bar for all of 5 seconds??? i can’t pull myself up even with an assisted band tho lmao i watched fatal attraction even tho i knew it’d be bad 🙃
day 126: spoiled with good weather in the central coast. it literally doesn’t even feel like summer bc it hasn’t been super hot here yet and even if it is, i wouldn’t know if i don’t leave my apt bc it’s really cool in here lol i’ve been really missing summer in chicago tho 😞
day 127: first productive work day in a while 🥴 i have requested friday off tho and gonna spend some time outdoors in nature. perks of not living in the city i guess.. don’t really gotta worry about crowds of ppl lol. also trivia is not fun when the questions are eurocentric 🥴
day 128 and 129: yday was uneventful! today, i had a great day off!! i really never leave slo so it was nice to drive up the coast and visit some cute ass elephant seals!! i realize i miss being able to hike 🥺 never got a chance to even go to zion or yosemite yet either waah
day 130: finally have fresh and clean clothes again!! my apt complex doesn’t have on site laundry so i gotta hop around to my friends places or do it back at my parents lol. i also got my car oil changed, last free one now that my toyota care is up 😢
day 131: my favorite quarantine snack to make is chicken nachos & i did just that today. also just realized i’m on a panel tmrow & uh i’m not sure i’m ready?? work is about to get busy bc virtual orientation is starting 🥴 i had salad with chicken for dinner but i’m so hungry rn
day 132: idk how many times i’ve made chicken noodle soup from leftover rotisserie chicken since i’ve been in quarantine lol today must’ve been the millionth time. & i smell it in my room rn as i prepare for bed lmao. anyways pls don’t tag me in the women support women challenge!
day 133: feeling in the mood to change up the setup of my apartment but it’s kind of hard since i only have so much space & it’s an awk layout. but if we are gonna be in this quarantine long term then i need a desk. bc i’m flattening my couch sitting on it several hours a day smh
day 134: tmrow i officially start a new role. i still work in the same place, i’ll just officially be doing the work of 3 full time positions on my own now 🥴🥴
day 135: idr what life was like before covid? like what did i even do after i got off of work? what was my bedtime? what was my morning routine as i got ready for work?? idk!

i know there’s no way to run out of things to watch but i feel like i am running out of things to watch
day 136: i went a whole month without buying boba, yall. lol the first half, i didn't crave it surprisingly, then i found out i was diabetic and i was like ok we gonna cut this off as much as possible. if you know me, THIS IS A BIG DEAL. lol i am proud of myself but for aug? idk
day 137: whew it was a busier saturday than i had anticipated!!! i uploaded my first vlogust 2020 video on youtube so if y’all are subscribed, you can watch there for more details of my day lol i organized my apt today in preparation for a work space set up and i’m excited for it
day 138: my apt feels so organized and it is a great feeling ☺️ i finished a commission today aaannddd now i hear my upstairs neighbor having loud sex 😩 this happens like most nights during the week right when my sister and i are about to sleep lmao smh
day 139: i went to the beach today and it was honestly everything i needed. i feel so happy and at peace. the sun on my skin and the nice cold ocean water was so refreshing. even the sound of waves crashing felt so unfamiliar yet so calming lol i can’t even describe this joy 😌😌
day 140: tried some new recipes today. honey glazed chicken was a success, blueberry muffins were not lol i’m getting to the point of being tired of cooking and running out of ideas. can’t wait to go home next weekend and enjoy some cambodian food tho hehe
day 141: today at the grocery store, the person checking out in front of me had to take things out of their cart to not purchase bc they only had a specific amount in cash to pay for groceries. that made me really sad and it was such a huge privilege & reality check for me.
day 142: presented for orientation today. a question i got was why do we emphasize seeing differences in people when we are all... 🤢 (wait for it)....when we are all..... 🤢 homosapiens. lol. in a virtual format, hard to tell if it’s in bad faith or if they’re srs but i answered
day 143: ok wow a student just emailed me some messages that the orientation leaders had written for me and i.. 🥺 tbh i felt so flustered yesterday bc i was the only one answering them live & they were REAL HONEST questions arnd campus climate. glad that it was received well 😭
day 144: did a live action, online escape room with my friends today and it was the most fun i've had in a while!!!! i forgot what it's like to laugh like that!!! we escaped with 10 mins to spare too. that was the most exciting part of my day, and probably my weekend tbh lol
day 145: selling sunset got me out here feelin poor af lol rich people live a whole nother type of lifestyle. i know it’ll never be me but damn can i become friends with some of these people?? 😩 so wild how casual rich ppl drop a couple hundred thousand or millions on something
day 146: picnicked at the park for like 4 hours today and got sun burnt 😅😅 i have an in person staff retreat tmrow and i feel like i had to prepare so much.. making sure i have snacks, my chapstick, my laptop and charger, etc. i have completely forgotten my irl work routine lol
day 147: wore jeans for like the first time since quarantine today lol it felt nice actually to dress up to go to work. but it was only one time vs figuring that shit out everyday! we calendered our events for fall today & i got stressed real fast lol feels like september is tmrw
day 148: it’s not even 10 yet and i’m already in bed. that’s how tired i am today lol hope i can fall asleep by 11. cannot wait for this week to be over tbh
day 149: my mood and feelings this week have been fluctuating so much lol i go from excitement about socializing to just wanting my own space, feeling energized to feeling dead inside, feeling deep and reflective to feeling like i wish i jus didn’t have to ever think at all???
day 150: holy cow, it’s been 150 days 🥵🥵 it feels like if i blink, tmrow is going to be september and then if i blink twice, it’s december lol still just wished everything would fucking stop but things are way worse now not just pandemically but also & especially politically!!
day 151: wow it is hot in la & in my parents house lol my apt in slo stays pretty cool so i’ve been lowkey oblivious to summer but i’m experiencing it foreals here now. realized yday was the 2 yr anniversary with my rav4 🥺 & this month is also 2 yrs since we’ve had this house 🥺
day 152: i’ve been having the most interesting dreams since i’ve been at my parents lol. i am going thru the “what is the fuckingggg point” phase for the millionth time again during this pandemic lol i am jus dreading the work week(s) to come 😩😩
day 153: today was one of the quickest mondays to pass! guess i had a lot of work to do today lol my back pain has returned 🥴🥴 i miss physical therapy so much waaahh. can’t wait to be in the water this weekend, like a true water nation girl 😅
day 154: finally tried this at home waxing kit i got and it was kinda successful? i got my upper lips and both of my sister’s underarms! my turn tmrow lol. kinda wannna do my legs but that jus seems like so much work!! also can y’all believe it was over 100 in la today?!?? 🥵🥵
day 155: i def feel like i got an at home spa treatment today. my lovely sister @changustangus cut, cleaned, and painted my toenails and waxed my underarms 😌😌 only thing missing was a full body massage lmao
day 156: oops didn’t realize how late it got. almost 2am now lol jumped into a rabbit hole tonight. leaving to san diego tomorrow with my family to get away for the weekend. really excited for this. i think this is much needed
day 157: feeling like i took my kids on a weekend getaway in san diego lol my parents are awful with instructions!! my mom was upset our bbq rib dinner didn’t come with RICE lmao but so happy to create and share these experiences with them 🥺🥺
day 158: magically saw @gracieuriarte at balboa park today and i....literally couldn’t resist a hug so she was my first friend hug since covid has started 😭😭 felt like i basically took my parents on a photoshoot today??? i forget just how beautiful and peaceful san diego can be
day 159: i hope jacob blake survives 😞 and i really hope by now people know better than to circulate the video around. going to bed with a heavy heart tonight. so angry with how systemic everything fucked up is.
day 160: thinking a lot about vanessa bryant and her kids on this mamba day. loss sucks. and just about everything else in this country rn too lol
day 161: my bestie @maggiequan dropped by with my family’s favorite khmer food from long beach today and i 🥺🥺 it was so good!!! THANK YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHhH 💕💕 we were unable to hug though 😢😢
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