okay so everyone is doing this and I want to do it too so quarantine diary a thread:
also let me just say this is gonna be 90% me just studying cause unfortunately a bitch has an exam at the end of this quarantine and I have to study everything
so day 1 hh
-woke up really early and had a stupid tutor lesson and then studied the whole morning
-took a 3 hour break to have lunch and watch an episode of my drama
-studied again in the afternoon
-my chocolate is over and the gum is ending too, pls send help I need sweets
day 2:
-woke up early again for another tuttor lesson studied the whole morning then took a break at lunch time
-studied again in the afternoon
-finished my drama and now idk what to watch :(
-getting tired of listening to the same songs everyday i need a new playlist
day 3:
-slept a lil more cause no lesson
-studied a bit before lunch then had a bigass lunch break
-studied only a bit after lunch but stopped at 7pm
-I miss my friends :( someone pls call me I'm lonely
-I need to take a break cant study anymore pls save me
day 4:
-tuttor lesson again😭 studied the whole morning hall know the drill already
-took a break to eat and had virtual class
-studied a but more and then decided to stop for the day cause a bitch was tired
-watched 2 episodes if my tv show and read an au !!
-pls recomend aus
day 5:
-no tuttor lesson so i slept until late hehe
-read an au when i woke up
-studied on the afternoon but tbh shouldve done more
-after dinner i started a new episode of a thai gay drama and im loving it
-overall it was just a very boring day LIKE ALL THE OTHERS
day 6:
-slept untill late again and fucked up my sleep schedule
-studied in the afternoon
-watched more eps of the thai drama and fuck me IM LOVING IT
-again,,just a boring day as any other
day 7:
-slept until late
-studied on the afternoon
-im doing this 2 days after so I dont really remember what I did that day😭
-im getting tired of watching merlin? please give me bl dramas I live for those
day 8:
-woke up early cause tutor lesson
-oficially been a week stuck home and I dont feel trapped or anything I'm just getting tired of being here with my familly (also my mind can be tiring too hh)
-stopped studying early to call my friends and it was so nice, I missed them !!
day 9
-studied the whole morning but took the afternoon off
-finished watching the already released 2gether episodes 😭
-started watching a new bl drama
-read an au
-not a productive day but I got to rest and I really needed it so I'm happy !!
day 10
-slept until late
-studied during the afternoon and did what I had planned for today!!
-watched some bts runs that I hadn't yet even tho I still have like 6 to catch up😭
day 11
-studied a whole lot in the morning
-studied a bit more on the afternoon
-my wifi broke down and since it's being overused by everyone its gonna keep breaking down😭 I'm stuck at home with a shitty wifi
-watched the new episode of my drama and I'm so happy🥺🥺
day 12
-read tgdc in the morning and I'm 2 chapters away from finishing it :((
-studied in the afternoom
-spent a lot of my day watching brightwin interviews
-started reading howl's moving castle!!
day 13:
-woke up kinda late so I only studied in the afternoon
-spent a big part of my day spamming Win to reply to me but got 0 notices😔
-started watching hwarang and honestly what???? idk what's happening 90% of the time
-a boring day as usual
day 14:
-studied in the morning and afternoon
-watched 2 episodes of a drama yay
-spent the day listening to eric nam pls I'm about to stan😭
-spammed bright quite a lot to notice me but as usual 0 notices 😔
-my days are getting more and more boring and this thread is proof
day 15
-studied in the morning and afternoon
-finished why r u and now I'm waiting for more eps
-i miss 2gether the series I NEED A NEW EPISODE
-fought with my family but idk if thats worth mentioning?
-honestly i didn't do shit today but I also didnt want to leave this too empty
day 16
-woke up late
-had to do a stupid form and shit which took me like 2 hours to fill everything and send
-had an online class
-FINALLY started watching the 2nd season of sex education
-didn't study shit
day 17
-studied in the morning and afternoon
-watched (part of) a brightwin live aND THEYRE MY BABIES😭
-watched the new episode of 2gether !!
-im starting to panic A LOT about my exam :)
-the new season of la casa de papel came out today so obviously i had to watch
day 18
-studied in the morning and a bit in the afternoon
-finished la casa de papel and WHAT THE FUCK
-honestky everyday feels pretty much the same idek what to say at this point...
day 19
-studied in the afternoon
-im watching the 2nd season of sex education finally
-im getting scared cause i havent left the house for days and i dont feel the need to?? i should be panicking about being trapped whats wrong with me😭
-a boring day as always
day 20
-i keep forgeting to do this and now im a bit lost in the dates hh
-still havent finished sex education but i wanna start watchung something else
-watched spirited away for the 1st time since i was like 6yo🥺
day 21
-i literally cannot keep studying someone pls take math away from me😭
-played a LOT of animal crossing idk whats so addicting about that game but i cant stop playing it
-didnt watch shit cause idk what to watch and im so tired i feel like im gonna die
day 22
-i barely remember what I did cause I forgot this thread for 3 days
-studied in the morning a LOT and then decided not to study in the afternoon cause fuck this
-watched sex education
day 23
-decided not to study the whole day cause the government FINALLY told us that schools are only gonna open in may which gives me a whole more month
--took those pictures for the whole matching outfit to the album trend
-watched one more sex ed ep but I still didnt finish it
day 24:
-studied a bit in the morning and afternoon
-me and my friends called today and it made me really happy cause I missed them :(
-and im watching ep11 of why r u !!
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