The man who declared the #coronavirus pandemic, Chief of the WHO with Podesta, Kerry and working with CHAI! (Clinton Health Access) #COVID19
Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest
WHO is the enemy 👇Literally
Thank you so much Dave for the shout out. I am very honored.🙏
Always, excellent reporting! Watch👉 @X22Report👈
Chief of WHO, Clinton Foundation-CHAI Doc👇 #PeopleVsPelosi #coronavirus
"Deep State Department"-Eyes on Deep State [Fauci]
The CDC works under the World Health Org. partner w/ UN. Who has kept cures away?
CDC partners w/ Gates🐍
Sound the [WHO] makes🦉 #CoronaCrisis #coronavirus
Chief of WHO thanking Bloomberg #CoronavirusPandemic
Partners in Crime-They missed Trumps' EO #HumanRights
Fauci is the Czar for the Deep State. In conventional war we know WHO the enemy is. In the silent war the enemy is invisible; WHO are killing and causing harm to millions but are kept hidden. #Vaccines
Depopulation agenda #coronavirus #SundayThoughts
Deep State Czar Fauci with Dr. Gallo who created HIV
CDC= #CrimesAgainstHumanity
👉Follow the💰-Epstein, Elton,Bill Gates,Clinton Foundation, McCain 💰 #AidsFoundations
👉Vaccines=Millions of victims💰 #Pharma #SundayThoughts
The majority of Vaccines are made in China
The truth about Vaccines-Dr. Russell Blaylock retired U.S. neurosurgeon #COVIDー19
NWO depopulation #Agenda2030 #MondayMotivaton
Full Video👉
Meet Deep State Deborah Birx global AIDS coordinator appointed by Obama, she was the Dir of USAID's HIV/AIDS-PEPFAR, USAID, CDC
Pictured with Gates, Clinton, Bloomberg, Pelosi
Beware of the #vaccines push! #COVID19 #WhereIsFauci
Tedros Ghebreyesus Chief of the WHO should be put on trial for #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Senior member of the terrorist org Tigray Peoples Liberation Front TPLF Communists
U.S. lists TPLF as a terrorist Org
We are at war with a hidden enemy🦉 #CommunismKills
Vaccine Producer Merck Led Secret Biowarfare Program on Americans
IG Farben largest donor to Hitler-merged w/Bayer
UN/WHO/Bush/Merck/Rockefeller/Gates= #BigPharma
Q-Diseases created by families in power #vaccines
Q-Think AIDS #CoronaLockdown
Deep State Fauci and Deborah Birx says 100K to 240K US deaths from #coronavirus #COVIDー19
Did Potus just set them up? #ReleaseTheCures
WHO is denying patients treatments?
WHO is making money from Vaccines?
WHO controls #BigPharma
WHO wants to destroy Potus?
These people are evil
Coronavirus testing kits contaminated with #COVIDー19, Funded by Gates🐍
We must end importing from CCP China!
Gates Foundation is the Second Largest Funder to the World Health Org🦉WHO partners with Gates Foundation= #CrimesAgainstHumanity #vaccines
Bill Gates father with the Rockefeller's
Bill Gates Father was the head of Planned Parenthood
Margaret Sanger/Gates Planned Parenthood funded by Rockefeller
The Silent War-Disguised as Health Care
Population Control #vaccines
Genocide committed in disguise of Health Care
Q-When does big pharma make money?💰💰💰
Curing or containing?
Cancer/AIDS/etc #DepopulationAgenda #vaccines
Diseases created by families in power #BigPharma
Mind will be blown by chain of command
Bill Gates Calls for a total Shut Down & VACCINES for EVERYONE! #COVID19Pandemic
Vaccines is the key thing= #DepopulationAgenda
Gates is NOT a doctor
Gates is NOT an epidemiologist
Gates is NOT elected
Gates dropped out of Harvard
We are at war with pure evil #NWO #WakeUpAmerica
Y-Symbolism will be there downfall
Y Symbol for NIH: National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
NIH, Gates Foundation Pledge $200 Million to Gene Therapy
NIH, Gates Foundation aim to bring genetic cures to the poor #Vaccines #DepopulationAgenda
This is the NWO depopulation agenda #Agenda2030
Bill Gates Calls for a total Shut Down of our Country & Vaccines for Everyone World Wide! #Covid_19
It's now up to us to say no to #vaccines
Do you trust #BillGates with your life? #WakeUpAmerica
Bill Gates: Alwaleed an Important Partner ensuring kids around the world receive vaccinations
👉Princess Exposes Debauchery of Alwaleed who was buying children traded as sex slaves
👉Gates & Alwaleed bought Four Seasons for $3.8B
Bill w/Alwaleed, Khashoggi
Pharmaceutical industry is so powerful,they give $5.4B a year to the media
The can put toxic ingredients in your #vaccines they can seriously injure your child,but you cannot sue them
#BigPharma=Media #WakeUpAmerica
Are you kidding me? The Chief of the World Health Organization Media briefing on #COVID19 pandemic joins w/ Lady Gaga to raise money for the UN/WHO
UN is broke= #Coronavirus=💰
One World=NWO #CrimesAgainstHumanity 🐍
Chief working w/ Hollywood for a cure🤡
Boom: President Trump says U.S. is "putting a hold" on money to the World Health Organization-partners with the U.N.
They called it wrong #COVID19 #NWO
They should have known, they probably did know
W.H.O. #CrimesAgainstHumanity #InItTogether
W.H.O. Chief Tedros with Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Elton John address 2012 AIDS conference🐍
HIV/Aids Foundations💰 #BigPharma #vaccines #COVID19
W.H.O./U.N. NWO #DepopulationAgenda #InItTogether
Fauci Should Be Fired- The CDC is owned by Bill Gates
If Not By Trump, Then By The American People
He's a fraud- We the people must take a stand against the CDC who are holding back cures and pushing the vaccine agenda for population control #Agenda2030
Gates and CDC🐍
Fauci has a $100M conflict of interest which is why he was opposing Trump
Fauci is in league with Bill Gates who has pledged $100M for Fauci
Gates gave CDC $13.5M
This is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY-Gates should be investigated
Medicine man & murderer- Fauci you are killing us '88
Dr. Judy Mikovits Fired & Jailed by Fauci & gang for proving the Link Between Retroviruses & Chronic Diseases
​Fauci & Birx knew the blood supply was tainted w/ HIV
If people only knew the true crimes😢
Francis Collins Dir of NIH with Gates, Fauci and W.H.O Chief Tedros🐍
National Institutes of Health, awarded a $3.7M research grant to the Wuhan Inst. #madness
Wuhan Institute=BioW Lab #coronavirus #Covid_19
Still trust our Health Care System? #DefundWHO
Sec Azar of HHS w/Gates, W.H.O. Chief Tedros
Azar was President of Eli Lilly, a major drug company,& a member of the board of dirs. of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, a large pharmaceutical lobby!
Big pharma make money from the sick, they do not want cures #coronavirus
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