Now that EURO2020 has officially been postponed until 2021 it’s time to find out how good the Customer Service is with @British_Airways @KLM @azalofficial @butaairways @flymepegasus
Future Travel Voucher Application submitted to @British_Airways for London to Istanbul✈️ I hope they refund my Avios part-payment points as well.
Istanbul to Rome✈️ The online refund process is straightforward with @flymepegasus but there’s a £39 cancellation fee per flight so we got a £90 refund from our £168 fare. A 46% Cancellation Rate. One Airline to avoid using in 2021 #WalesAway
Naples to Cardiff✈️ Refund request submitted online to @KLM
Istanbul to Baku✈️ Refund request submitted via email [email protected] to @azalofficial
Baku to Istanbul✈️ Refund request submitted to @butaairways via email [email protected]
£90 refund received this morning from @flymepegasus
It’s been a week since my refund requests and still no responses from @KLM @British_Airways @butaairways @azalofficial
I’m not confident of getting any refunds from the airlines, they’re notoriously dreadful when it comes to giving customers their money back. We need @UEFA to confirm new dates/venues so we can at least take advantage of the free rebooking offer✈️
I’ve finally received acknowledgment today from @British_Airways that my refund/credit request is now being processed. Hopefully this will include a ‘refund’ of my 10,800 Avios points used as part payment.
Azerbaijan Airlines are still refusing to do anything for flights in June 2020 but will expect us to pay again and use them in 2021. @UEFA you need to intervene to support fans. If not I would urge fans to boycott @azalofficial #WalesAway
I was expecting better Customer Service from @British_Airways but it seems they’re not prepared to support fans following the postponement of @EURO2020. @FAWales #WalesAway @UEFA Membership of their ‘Loyalty’ programme counts for nothing. I certainly won’t be using them again.
The latest Travel update from the @foreignoffice “Indefinitely” I’m sure the Airlines will be working on a suitable ‘refund avoidance’ rule. @British_Airways @klm @azalofficial @butaairways @flymepegasus
@British_Airways have made changes that should help #WalesAway fans with June 2020 bookings. I’ve reapplied for a credit note for London to Istanbul✈️
Azerbaijan has today extended the suspension of commercial flights but not far enough to help #WalesAway fans with June 2020 bookings. @Azerbaijan @EURO2020 @foreignoffice @FAWales @azalofficial @ukinazerbaijan
I’ve finally rec’d my @British_Airways voucher for London to Istanbul✈️ valid until April 2022 but they don’t confirm the value. It should be worth £280 incl. £60 Avios part payment. Please make sure you keep your original booking confirmation and receipts. #WalesAway
Naples to Cardiff✈️ Voucher rec’d for full fare €400 from @KLM use within 12 months or cash refund in 2021 if unused.
Flights up to the 15th June with @azalofficial and @butaairways are now eligible for a refund #WalesAway
I’ve contacted @azalofficial and @butaairways and I can only apply for a credit note now, if I want a refund I have to wait 60 days after they start flying again before I can apply. They’re really trying to make it as difficult as possible for customers. #WalesAway @Azerbaijan
Flights to Azerbaijan up to the 1st July with @azalofficial and @butaairways are now eligible for a refund #WalesAway @wealthypollster
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