『 love strings 』 — #yoonjin au

— crocheter Jinnie co-works at his sister’s design and crochet shop

he’s no hopeless romantic, but he can’t help but smile at the little man who comes in the shop daily to look at his cat crochet collection
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“Hi… I would like to know how much these are?”

Seokjin looks up from his clipboard, pen clicks when put down because oh… it’s the little man and his cat crochets… standing in front of him after over a month of daily visits.
He’s much more pretty in person up-close; feline-like eyes, blonde honey-like bleached hair, and pouty lips. Seokjin thinks quickly as he must respond to Honey Boy.

“It depends which one sir.” Seokjin manages to say.

“Which one do you think would be suitable for… an infant?”

“It’s for my... child.”

Seokjin heart drops... should’ve seen it coming.

The baby sweaters, the baby blankets, the little kitty crochets that look too damn adorable in the man’s hands.

Without a second to sulk, he puts on his best smile, “well.. congrats on that sir!”
“Well, I guess I’ll take the congrats, thank you,” he laughs, “but we’re not really planning on doing anything over the top for them.”


“No… baby shower? Or possibly gathering of some sorts.” befuddled by the statement, Seokjin gives a visibly confused look.
“Ah, I’m sorry,” Seokjin says, hoping to divert the subject lightly, “I’m Kim Seokjin.”

“The one who owns this store are you not?”

He laughs, “Yes, yes I am.”

“Min Yoongi,” the man smiles warmly. Seokjin likes this ‘Min Yoongi’s smile’.
“I’ve uh, seen you come in often.”

“Stalkerish much eh?”

Seokjin almost chokes on air, “I literally supervise this place, what do you think when you see the same little man with honey hair come in the store almost every other day to look at your cat crochets?”
“Little man?”

“You’re shorter than the aisle shelves here, Yoongi’ssi.”

Yoongi laughs hard. He laughs hard enough, his head is almost falling back.
Curse it… Curse the laugh and smile, because this smile shows his gums. Seokjin definitely feels something hitch in his chest. It’s probably just his respiratory system getting its breath taken away by Min Yoongi.

So he just smiles and chuckles along in a playful spirit.
“Wait- wait a minute,” he calms himself, “you made these?”

Seokjin smiles, “Guilty, yes to 98% of the collection.”

“Nice to meet the crocheter who made them.”
“I could go on a monologue on the different yarn colors and needles I use for them.” Seokjin leads Yoongi to the main circle of the shop.

The cluttered counter with piles of yarn and baskets of fabric and threads behind looked pleasing to Yoongi.

(( Seokjin is relieved. ))
Yoongi beams curious eyes, “I have all day Seokjin’ssi.”

“Who’s older?”

“93 liner.”

“92 liner!” Seokjin smiles a slight smirk, “Call me Hyung, Min Yoongi.”

Yoongi sighs a smile, “Okay Hyung.”
Seokjin laughs but starts his monologue on the different types of yarn, the thickness and thin kinds, and the wide spectrum of colors they have.

Oh, and the needles from small silver to blue plastic ones.
Seokjin is surprised, after what feels like the longest 20 minutes of babbling about his craft with Yoongi’s occasional questions comments...

The younger is profoundly interested in the craft.
Not everyone would be so interested in hearing a talk on some color theory, how to knit some ties and patterns, etc... most would often just wander the store glancing at the final products of crochets.

Not everyone is interested in hearing the progress of final masterpieces.
No questions like ‘how long did this take?' or ‘what materials did you use?’

Seokjin realizes that’s what was attractive about Yoongi’s aura. He had a curiosity of a cat coming in a crochet shop with little knowledge, yet finds himself intrigued with a cat collection.
He knows how to appreciate not just the final pieces, but also the process of making them. Seokjin finds himself grinning at the discovery.

“You didn’t answer my question at the beginning of the conversation,” Yoongi says with a chuckle.
“Ah,” Seokjin laughs lightly, “sorry, but since you’ve listened to an exclusive lecture of mine~”

“Are you a professor who does that?”

Seokjin laughs at Yoongi’s joke, “Nah, I’m just babbling about my mediocre talent in crochets-”


Yoongi crosses his arms, “You gave me a mini run through the shop, 'babbling' for 20 minutes about yarn colors, sizes, types of needles, crochet patterns… yet you dare call it 'mediocre'?”


“Kim Seokjin!”


“Kim Seokjin Hyung!” Yoongi huffs in exaggeration.
But he’s not wrong… crochet and knitting have become a close friend of comfort for Seokjin. It taught him appreciation for others by creating happiness and grew an unfortunate trait called patience.

(( Jiji can attest to that )).
“Okay, okay, it’s kind of good relief? I like it being here a lot.” Seokjin explains, “It’s different from a bustling diner hall.”

Yoongi’s eyes widen, “Diner hall?”

“My senior owns a diner hall and bar."


“I just co own the shop, my sister does all the fabric magic and designs with her girlfriend.”


“Well, more as me trying to be independent as possible with two jobs but it’s alright.”


“You’re saying that a lot Yoongi-ah.”
Yoongi laughs and his gummy smile beams out again to Seokjin’s delight, “It’s just that a friend of mine suggested me to visit this place. Do you know Jung Hoseok?”

Seokjin’s eyes widen at the name mention.
“He's one of our nightly gig performers," Seokjin says, "I treated him to drinks afterwards in thanks. He’s really sweet and definitely knows how to entertain a crowd.”

“Ah, he’s one of my closest friends,” Yoongi smiles, “That’s Hobi alright.”
Just then, Yoongi’s phone rings and quickly pulls out his phone, sliding the call to answer. He whispers a small sorry before greeting the line with a worrying voice “hey, what’s going on?”

Seokjin tries his best not to pry...
However, Yoongi’s worry caused Seokjin to feel concerned for the problem.

He has only had a conversation with Yoongi for about an hour most by now, but it felt like a few weeks had passed slowly and steadily already.
“I’m sorry, emergency call. Gotta run soon,” Yoongi tells Seokjin with a calm look, bringing his bag sling over his shoulder.

Seokjin breathes out a sigh he didn’t know he was holding. “You looked like you were going to go under cardiac arrest on the spot there.”


“I have to go now.”

“Wait,” Seokjin runs to the counter and grabs two hand sized cat crochets; one calico with a red, yarn ribbon and one dark grey with black patches and a miniature, gold bell.

He walks back over to Yoongi near the door.
“Have them. I enjoyed your company here a lot, Yoongi-ah,” Seokjin smiles.

Yoongi hesitantly takes them from Seokjin’s hands. His hands feel warm unlike Yoongi’s pretty cold ones.
“Come to my Hyung’s diner and give me an extra tip if you want to pay me that bad.” Seokjin winks and Yoongi laughs once more.

“Okay,” Yoongi heaves, putting the cat crochets delicately in an empty space of his bag. “Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be back soon.”
“Anytime Yoongi-ah.”

They bid their goodbyes for the day with a smile.

Seokjin turns back to the shop's counter with a big grin before his eyes meet with a woman wearing a big (( and loud )) stubborn smirk on her face.
“Shut up, Lilo.” Seokjin grumbles but the smile still stays on his face.

“Alright alright fine Stitch. Whatever you say~” she hollers, walking back to her workspace with a well known, sly grin Seokjin knows just too well.
The annoyance doesn’t really last long for Seokjin… because his mind is on something better than his sister being a know-it-all.

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tw// near anxiety attack with comfort
(( Just in case… ))

‘It’s today, holy shit, it’s today, that’s early, so early-’

It’s all Yoongi can think of right now as he walks through the hospital hallway, being led down at a quick pace.
Well… for fucks sake, he knew the little ones were due soon, but now? He doesn’t know if he’s actually prepared or not.

“Hyung!” Yoongi is quickly met with a voice as he turns the hall corner. It’s Hoseok’s voice with a similar hint of worry.
“Hyung, they’re coming tonight, it’s an early delivery.” he says.

“An even earlier one,” Chaeyoung says with Hoseok, “my sister is already hooked up now.”

“Chaeyoung-ah, the stuff for them is still in my apartment,” Yoongi says in panic.
“It’s fine, Hyung,” Hoseok affirms Yoongi, “we’ll be staying for a few days of course for the check on heart defects.”

Yoongi steadies his breathing heavily, “Right, okay, got it, we’ll be okay, Jooyeon will be okay, and the kids will be okay.”
“They will all be okay.” Chaeyoung adds to comfort. “I’m gonna go down to get some early takeout.”

“Bibimbap with beef please.”

“Of course, Yoongi-ah,” Chaeyoung waves and turns to the corner.
The hospital hall isn’t as loud but it’s still busy enough over the nerve-wrecking air around Yoongi.

“You scared?” Hoseok asks him quietly, only the two would hear.

“I’m petrified, Hoseok…” Yoongi manages to breathe out.
“Jooyeon still didn’t have to deserve this, I’m not ready, she’s not ready, and shit- they’re coming tonight, oh my god Seok-”

“Hey, hey, Hyung,” Hoseok wraps his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders.
“Breathe in, out… it’s going to be okay, we got her here in time, early even. Repeat after me; ‘they’re gonna be okay’.” he quietly tells him.

Yoongi’s breathing tries to regulate again, “They’re… gonna be okay…”

Hoseok hugs him despite the hesitation of Yoongi’s initiation.
“Let’s go to the lobby and wait for Chae Noona alright?”

Yoongi nods, already walking the way down the hall.

“Now, why don’t you tell me; have you talked to Kim Seokjin Hyung yet?”

“Oh my god, Jung Hoseok...”

(( end of tw ))

♡ 13.

It’s not because Yoongi was scared of becoming a dad (( okay maybe just that right after… )), but mostly because of the health for the three of them…

With Jooyeon’s heart condition, it affects the child to have a 50/50 chance of a heart defect.
But for twins? Yoongi thought the announcement was a dream.

(( “You told him one child only?”

“I didn’t want it to come off as too much!”

“Min Yoongi, I will be suing you for defamation of your own children.”
“I swear, Jung Hoseok, if you’re going to be the uncle that spoils my kids rotten, I will smack you every time you try to visit them.” ))

It’s //also// not because he doesn’t like kids, no, he likes them well enough that he used to babysit back in high school.
Raising kids is another story… and raising //unexpected// kids as the parent with //full custody// is definitely… another story…

The kids will survive, heart defect or not, Yoongi knows that. However, Jooyeon has a heart condition, giving her a higher chance to…
The thought shudders Yoongi even after the past 7 months to now sitting in the quiet hospital room with only Jooyeon’s breathing and the monitor making sounds.

Jooyeon may not be Yoongi’s potential lover, but before everything, she was one of his closest friends.
A friend who sat next to him to give him biology notes when he couldn’t finish during the presentations since the professor was always going too fast.

Then, she pulled him out of his shell bit by bit and somehow, he was okay with his classmates knowing him as 'Min Suga Genius'.
He met her more properly when he realized her sister Chaeyoung was on his basketball team in high school.

The four began to be a tight knitted group since Hoseok invited them all to eat morning hotteok downtown back in the beginning of university.
Now, Chaeyoung is another performer at Lee Hyun’s Diner hall with Hoseok and occasionally Jooyeon comes along as well.

It was okay… until the accidents.

“You know you didn’t have to right?”

“I did and will Chae,” Yoongi says.
“Jooyeon can’t possibly take care of two kids, heart defect or not.”

“It was an accident Yoongi.”

“I know… but this is the least I could bring off her shoulders, and… all I can promise is to take care of them.”
And he will.

He’s holding the cat crochets from Seokjin earlier today. They’re both small and cute in his hands.

Yoongi hopes the -his- kids will like them too.


It’s the immediate wailing of a baby that makes Yoongi's heart feel like stopping for a second.

Then, it was another wailing joined to the first and Yoongi feels like he’s going to sob with the sound as well.
Chaeyoung is with her and Jooyeon’s parents. Hoseok is with Yoongi for the moral ‘best friend’ support. He’s grateful to have a friend like Hoseok by his side in a time like this.

Yoongi prays that they will be alright.

He prays there’s no heart defect in either of them.
He prays that Jooyeon will make it to hold them both first before anyone else.

“The first is the boy.” the doctor tells him, “the second is the girl.”

Yoongi takes a second to sob a little inside as Hoseok was comforting him by the shoulder.
Normally he’s not a crier in public, but something about a moment like this lets him feel it’s okay now.

He’s a father now and it feels like it.

After what feels so long, he recollects himself before coming to see Jooyeon carrying one of them in her arms on the bed.
“I’ve already held him,” she says, “you can hold him once he’s unhooked soon…”

Yoongi looks over the case and sees a little baby boy… fragile.

He looks so fragile and small. He remembers Hoseok telling him newborns are often small and fragile looking.
He feels afraid to hold him.

He feels afraid enough, he thinks the chances of dropping him would be too high.

“I can hear you, you know?” Hoseok whispers to him, “I know you…”

Yoongi sighs, leaning on to Hoseok, “I just… don’t want to…”
“Hurt him?” Hoseok asks, sensing Yoongi’s painful voice, “You won’t Hyung, you won't hurt either of them.”

Yoongi heaves onto Hoseok’s shoulder. For a few minutes he’s staring at the little boy in the case, before looking towards Hoseok with a soft smile.
“Thank you, Hoseok.”

“Always right here, Hyung.”

It takes some time for him to be unhooked and ready to be properly carried again. When the nurse is ready to give him, he feels… ready.
He doesn’t just hope to feel ready. As he looked at the little one, some way or somehow, he’s in for the long run. It’s what he prepared for the last year…

He carefully wraps his arms around the boy, and wow… he’s so light, almost two or three feathers only.
“What are the names?” Chaeyoung comes in with a smile.

Yoongi looks at Jooyeon, who was also trying to smile. “You named them,” she says. “They’re both yours.”

He looks toward the baby girl in the case, soundly sleeping. She looked just as fragile as her brother.
“Nayeon,” Yoongi says with a smile, heart slowly melting.

Hoseok does the same to him, “What about this guy,” he says softly cooing to the one in Yoongi’s arms.

And he couldn’t help but feel his heart melt even more.

“Namjoon.” he says, “Namjoon is his name.”

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Seokjin was moping.

And if Seokjin is moping, Taehyeon is sulking about it.

Taehyeon rarely ever sees her brother mope because he was the one to always turn the situation around into something more optimistic.
He was the happiest kind of Stitch who would always follow his Lilo. Even through all the bickering and nonsense, they’ve gone through thick and thin all their lives.

If it wasn’t for him, Taehyeon is sure that she wouldn’t be happy now.
Yes, they would always get on each other’s nerves over the simplest things, but isn’t that normal with siblings?

Especially siblings that work in the same place just about everyday... they're likely bound to bicker often.
But this isn’t even about them; it’s about Seokjin missing people he gets attached to in short minutes which is undoubtedly rare for him.

Unlike Taehyeon who’s completely a social butterfly, Seokjin was more reserved yet social… just not as much as her or Jimin.
Jimin... Taehyeon sighs.

Seokjin was the first person to support her and Jiji’s long distant relationship before she even told their parents.

Hell… he even drove her down to Busan to see Jimin’s last dance competition at her academy.
He helped Jimin surprise her on her birthday before new years announcing that she’s moving to Seoul.

After they argue, Seokjin is the one to notice and help her.

When Jimin moved, she became closer to him, and also go for Seokjin's insight.
Damn, even their relationship wouldn’t be the same without Seokjin beside them… Tae feels like burying herself in a ditch.

“Is he still moping?” Jimin comes in with 4 bobas; thai, strawberry, matcha, and rose tea.
Tae rubs her face and sighs, “I can sort of feel it. I know he’s been wanting to talk to his honey boy for what? A month?" she asks her. "Maybe more... I don’t know, Jiji...”

Jimin places Taehyeon’s strawberry boba on the counter.
“The guy is the first person ever to catch his eye right? and make him feel… //that//?”

Taehyeon takes her first sip, “What do you mean by //that//?”

“I forgot what it’s called but you and I went through it when we first met you know?” Jimin taps the other’s shoulder.
“When we’d always make the stupidest excuses to call each other?”

Taehyeon laughs,“Whipped at first sight I think.”

Jimin laughs too, taking her rose tea boba, “And when we couldn’t, it’s like one chance out of so many being ripped away," she says.
“Even with so many chances, who knows what could happen? Is it worry? Is it care? I’m not sure about that.”

Taehyeon wonders for a bit, “They were like ships in the night.” she smiles slightly, “They talked once and they don’t know if they’ll ever meet again.”
Jimin sighs in endearment, “You and your poetic ass.”

“You love them,” her girlfriend smirks. “It’s one of my significant charms.”

Jimin rests her head on Taehyeon’s shoulder, “Yeah… yeah, I do…”
“You think that everyday, it’s another day of a chance… but as time goes by, opportunities slip by?”

“Something like that? I could be wrong though,” Jimin admits, “Just a metaphor I thought of similar to our beginnings.”
Taehyeon nods, continuing to watch all the customers wander in and out of the aisles.

It’s like that for a little bit, just enjoying each other’s presence in the moderately busy shop. It’s similar to the long hours of calling, either talking or quiet silence when working.
Until, there’s a loud bustling in the back alarming the two’s peace, followed by Seokjin running after tripping over a box.

Taehyeon sighs, “It’s been barely 10 minutes Stitch.”

“I know,” Seokjin breathes out, “but it’s fine! I’m fine! I can handle it!”
He says as if he didn’t just trip over the boxes and could’ve almost gotten himself a concussion.

“Actually, I have another idea,” Taehyeon takes the thai tea to give to Seokjin, “Jungkookie is coming over with the kids soon. You’re gonna look after them.”
Seokjin physically looks like he’s taken back, literally taking a big step back. “Me? But I have-”

“Nope, I’m taking over back counter duty for today until you step out of this store.” Taehyeon tells him.

“But Lilo~” Seokjin pouts.
Taehyeon tsks, “These moments, I really wonder how you’re older than me.”

Jimin laughs at the proclamation and Seokjin shoots her a pouty dagger. He pouts as he sips his thai tea and resumes his reasoning.
He quickly gives in to Taehyeon’s request due to her threat of removing the jellies and gummies jar under the counter.

“You wouldn’t dare to take my jellies.”

“Oh yes I would dare, Stitch,” Taehyeon jokes.

“Tete Noona! Jiji Noona!” the entrance bell rings in a joyful tune.
In a row runs two little kids into the store with the brightest smiles, matching red sweaters and jackets.

They’re followed by a tall, buff man with an arm sleeve of tattoos down to his hand.
He’s holding a little boy, also matching with a red hoodie, who’s carrying a… shiba inu plushie?

“Jungkook! Hey my baby cinnamon buns!” Jimin greets and immediately coos as the only little girl hugs her fiercely.

Taehyeon clicks to the others, “Hi Taetae-hyunnie!!~”
"Hi Tete Noona!!” Taehyun beams.

“So, I’m paying for the next dinner, cross my heart.” Jungkook laughs, “I don’t know if Kai will let you both feed him anymore after last time."
He sets down the little boy still holding on to his shiba inu plushie walking straight to Jimin to hug her leg.

“Such a picky eater aren’t you?” Jimin coos to Kai, brushing his hair in endearment.
“You can pay at the diner, Jungkook-ah," Seokjin winks, "it seems like I’m gonna be looking after them for the day.”

Jungkook smiles, “Even better, you two won’t have to know I paid.”

“Jeon Jungkook, you sly mother-”

“Kim Taehyeon, the kids!”
“Noona,” the little girl pouts Jimin, “Can I have some boba please?”

“Of course Lia,” Jimin takes the last boba from the counter, “this one’s matcha tea, I think you’ll like it.”

Lia takes it and her eyes brighten, “It’s really sweet!”
The older four smile in endearment of her reaction.

“I have to go now kids,” he crouches down to kid height, “come give Kookie a hug.”

“Appa! It’s Appa!!” Taehyun complains, running to hug Jungkook.

He sighs but kisses him on the forehead with a smile.
“Love you Appa!” Lia comes to hug Jungkook followed by a quiet Kai. He hugs and kisses them before standing up

“You’re still trying to get used to the Appa term?” Taehyeon asks him.

“I’m slowly giving up on the honorifics. Besides, I am their only father figure in life.”
“And you’re doing just fine,” Jimin affirms him.

Seokjin nods in agreement, “You better get going if you don’t want to miss your meeting.”

“Right, bye Noonas! Bye Hyung! Bye babies!” Jungkook walks back to the door with a wave as the bell jingles again.
After the three kids wave to Jungkook, they turn instantly to swarm around Seokjin.

Lia was around his leg while Taehyun was on the other. Kai, hand still on his shiba inu, starts wandering around the space he’s in.
Taehyeon and Jimin both bite a laugh, waving as they leave Seokjin in the main circle alone with some cheeky kids

(( and his unknown feelings but that’s discussed later )).
Seokjin knew Taehyeon wanted him to stop moping. What’s better than putting your full focus on three kids for a few hours?

He knows just how to deal with them… right?

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♡ 22.

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♡ 23.
♡ 24.
♡ 25.

[ 6 weeks after the day ]
— Mid November

“Appa! Appa!! Guess what Jin Hyung made with us!!” Taehyun runs to Jungkook showing him a small-half cut sandwich.

Of course a kid will get happy over that… Jungkook smiles, crouching down to pet Taehyun’s hair.
Lia is walking over behind, “Hyuka~ you do it!!” Lia gently nudges Kai.

“Appa,” Kai quietly whispers, “for you?” He holds out a sandwich in front of Jungkook.

'Cute,' he thinks. Kai is cute without much effort.
Jungkook smiles wider, accepting the sandwich from Kai, “thank you~” he opens his arms wide and the three kids comply it to huddle him in a hug.

“They’re all growing up,” Jimin says with a grin as she watches the scene from the counter, “how long has it been? 3?”
“4 years,” Taehyeon throws her a cloth, “you also moved to Seoul that year.”

“Ah~ you remember the dates well.” Jimin smiles.

Taehyeon grins.

“If they’re going to call me Appa, they should start calling you two aunts,” Jungkook stands up asking.
“Hm, I’m fine with either one,” Jimin nods at the logical statement. “Just make sure they’ll agree with it, kids are stubborn.”

Jungkook laughs, “still no kids?”

Taehyeon shakes her head, “not right now Jungkook, we’re still in our young age.”
“You call being 23 in an almost 7 year relationship young?” Taehyeon judges with a smile only for Jimin to respond with a laugh.

“Only the future will tell,” Jungkook chuckles softly, “where’s Jin Hyung?”
“Right here,” Seokjin comes from the back putting his jacket on, “I’m off for tonight.”


“Yeah, there’s a performer tonight. It’ll be a bit more busy tonight.”

“Say thanks to Jin Hyun-nim, kids.” Jungkook tells them, and they reluctantly bow with a chorus of thanks.
“Tsk,” Jimin laughs, “you’re becoming their favorite now.”

Seokjin smiles at the comment, “yah, and you’re both outnumbered.”

“Ah,” Taehyeon pouts, “what happened to you big brother of mine?”
“I should go now,” Seokjin replies ignoring Tae's comment, “come to the diner soon Jungkook’ssi,” he adds.

“Of course Hyung.” Jungkook smiles, waving Seokjin off.

Seoul has been too cold for autumn these months. Seokjin walks on the stone sidewalk of the familiar streets.
He knows his way around this area. It’s almost never empty, always people walking or rushing by, warm or cold.

The diner hall is just two blocks away from Taehyeon's shop, a good 12-15 minute walk to exercise.
When he reaches the diner hall, most of it is packed and there’s a few waiting by the door. Many are walking out with leftovers and takeout in their hands.

It still feels fresh and new after years of being in service.

Seokjin loves the aroma when he enters the hall.
“Oh! Seokjin’ssi!”

Seokjin turns to the bar and smiles, “Lee Hyunie Sunbae!”

“Jin-ah,” Lee Hyun places the Soju in the cooler, “I told you to call me Hyung. What’s so bad about that?”

Seokjin laughs, “Sorry Hyung.”
“There it is,” the senior says, pouring two glasses of wine to his customers. “Also, I hear Jung Hoseok is one of the performers for tonight.”


“Yes, he’ll be performing an old classic of his. Spring Day is it?”

Seokjin nods at the memo.
Back when they were acquaintances and Seokjin recently began taking on more of the diner hall hours, Hoseok first performed Spring Day.

Seokjin was personally touched by the lyrics.
He asked Hoseok his meaning of it.

Hoseok told him it was dedicated to his mother who left him in an orphanage. The lyrics were about him as a child waiting for his mother to come back.

(( “She never did of course,” Hoseok drinks his Soju.
Seokjin doesn’t want to pity him as he cleaned the wine glasses, “Would you like another drink?”

“No thank you,” Hoseok laughs, “I’m still a lightweight as always.”

The older looks at him with a smile, “the song… it’s quite nostalgic to me...” ))
He wonders if it’s the familiar yet very different feeling rising in his chest. Care? Worry? … something.

Seokjin shakes his head to push off the thoughts to resumes his servings in the diner.
3 hours pass within a blink of an eye when Seokjin is on late dinner break at 20:47 ((8:47)).

He makes himself some kimchi stew with rice. It’s far too simple in a diner like where he is but… he just wanted to feel a bit nostalgic by the kimchi.
The bell rings and Seokjin is greeted with a man in a brown overcoat and green scarf.


It doesn't take long for Seokjin to recognize the voice

“Ah, Hobi-ah,” Seokjin smiles to greet and hug the younger.
As he did, his eyes met a man in a lighter brown, beige overcoat. His hair is more of a silver-blue grey over visibly tired eyes.

“I’m sure you two met before,” Hoseok says between them with a smile. “Seokjin hyung~ Yoongi Hyung, welcome to the diner Jin Hyung works at.”
6 weeks. It’s been 6 weeks and Seokjin thinks a lot of things have changed.

Yoongi, who’s curly bangs fly over his eyes make him seem so much smaller, is here, but not in the shop.

‘There it is...’ Seokjin thinks. ‘My heart feels warm again after a while.’

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[ playing Spring Day - BTS ]

Yoongi never processed it just yet. He never got the chance to fully process what kind of person Kim Seokjin was because of the kids…

But damn… how did he miss how -without a single doubt- //handsome// Seokjin is.
He wouldn’t be surprised that he’s the kind to have all the ladies //effortlessly// swooning over. He remembers how wide his shoulders were which makes his face quite small.

It’s cute yet handsome and attractive at the same time.
It’s kind of too late now because he’s in the same vicinity and he’s sure he’s going to be screaming into his pillow at the end of the night.

He hasn’t had this kind of day since //high school//.

But it soon becomes okay…
It’s starting to feel okay for Yoongi when Seokjin begins talking.

“So… how are you?”

Yoongi sighs, “it’s… been almost 2 months?”

“Yep, I’m going to assume you just became busy," Seokjin smiles, showing no resentment and it relieves the other.
“Very…” Yoongi takes a drink of his Soju. “I told you the uh… the cats~ for my child.”

“I remember,” Seokjin takes a moment to put two and two together, “Ah~ did they come?”

“Smart,” Yoongi comments, “they came early.”

“Really? When?”
Yoongi sighs again, playing with his shot glass before answering, “the day we first talked, I received a call from Hoseok telling me that they were to be delivered early.”

Seokjin takes in the information and softly gasps, “So, that day… that night, they were born?”
“Yeah,” Yoongi smiles, “It’s okay though, they were expected early anyway. I should’ve been a bit more conscious at the time.”

“Don’t say that~” Seokjin complains, “Parenting is hard, and you never know what may happen because both the parent and child are growing. Right?”
Yoongi nods but then frowns. “I’m sorry I lied,” he says.

“Why? What did you lie about?”

“They’re twins that both survived a 50/50 chance of heart defect.”

Seokjin's eyes widen, “That’s amazing, but still... you must’ve had both of your hands full.”
“It is,” Yoongi sighs a frown, “My friend… she always complains that I’m trying to do everything… I’m not someone who can really ask for help. I like helping quietly then vocally.”

Yoongi tries to smile when saying.
“Their mother… can’t help a lot… besides, I’m physically their only parent.”

Seokjin squints his eyes in confusion, “physically?”

Yoongi laughs quietly holding out his shot glass, “I said I didn’t come to get drunk, but I think I’m close to being tipsy.”
“Ah,” Seokjin realizes, “You’re a talkative drunk.” he takes a Soju bottle and pours into Yoongi’s glass.

“A talkative drunk who //rambles// the first shit that comes off their head for once,” Yoongi takes a last shot.

Seokjin softly chuckles, “I don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind you talking,” Seokjin says as he puts the empty Soju bottles from Yoongi’s and other customers’ off the counter.

“Thank you?” Yoongi grins vocally, taken back in a good way from the older’s firm statement, “You can ask questions.”

“Like what?” Seokjin asks.
“Almost anything I guess… you’ve seen me since July which was like 5 months ago wow,” they both laugh and Seokjin replies with an okay.

They pass the time throwing questions and comments to get to know each other.

“What are the names?”

“Namjoon and Nayeon.”
“You thought of them?”

“How’d you know?”

“Had a hunch, sorry.”

“It’s alright.”

It’s soon past 10 and the place becomes less as it nears half past 10. Hoseok is finishing his last songs as the crowd diminishes for tonight.
“I want to think Hoseok told you about me.” Seokjin tells him, grabbing a wet cloth to clean. "It's the only conclusion I can come up with."

Yoongi smiles, "You’re just… not only handsome but also nice to talk and listen to.” he fidgets with his hands from saying so.
Yoongi can hear Hoseok calling him a disastrous gay from afar.

“Oh…” Seokjin says smiling wide making his cheeks puff up, “thank you-”

“Hyung, it’s almost 10, we should get going now."
Hoseok says, checking the time on his phone, only to look up to see Seokjin and Yoongi in an awkward state of conversation.

“Just exchange numbers already or else I’m going to hear Yoongi Hyung weep into his pillow tonight,” Hoseok laughs as Yoongi shoots him a devil’s glare.
Seokjin laughs at the interaction and rips a paper from the notepad.

“Here,” he scribbles onto the paper and hands the folded paper to Yoongi, “come by the diner or shop anytime. If my Sunbae hands me the place in the future, I promise it’ll be on the house.”
Seokjin winks from the hint.

“Ah, Hyung,” Hoseok says, biting a laugh, “I’m sure Yoongi-Hyung will gladly come by again soon. Literally, this time! I’ll make him-” he stops talking when Yoongi gives him another devilish glare.
“If you don’t stop talking right there, I won’t let you see Namu and Nana until December,” he points to Hoseok as if he’s scolding when he’s actually threatening the younger too quietly to be safe.

“You wouldn’t dare!~”
Hoseok gasps dramatically, holding his hands up and bursting into laughter.

“Namu and Nana?” Seokjin says perplexed.

“My kids' nicknames. Their mother thought of them,” Yoongi says honestly, not realizing how misunderstanding that would sound with the context beforehand.
It was for a millisecond, but Seokjin’s face seemed to deflate at Yoongi’s reply, before he tried to perk up an endeared smile.

“I’ll text you tonight okay? And I’ll come by again for real this time,” Yoongi states, climbing down the bar seat and waves him goodbye with a smile.
Seokjin does so likewise waving back, “Okay! Goodnight!”

It felt too bittersweet for honey to taste as it is left on a misunderstanding note.

Hoseok waits for Yoongi to be far enough before quietly telling Seokjin over the counter.
“Don’t worry, he’s not married at all, let alone taken.” Hoseok smiles innocently to the older who has wide eyes.

“Have a goodnight Hyung! I’ll make sure he texts you tonight!!” he waves a gaping Seokjin off like he has done multiple times this year.
Seokjin tastes the honey to be sweeter after that.

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