It's right to question the current over-the-top freak-out over the #Coronavirus avidly pushed by politicians, selected corps & their MSM media adjuncts - all demanding that *we the people* give Gov carte blanche powers to shut down sections of economy, devalue the currency etc...
2) ... based on what threat exactly? They have NO IDEA what the real Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is. So there's no way to accurately compare just how 'deadly' it is in relation to other emergencies. Hence, how can Gov justify such extreme lockdown measures? Answer: they cannot...
3) It's important to note the initial hype used to push this idea of a "global pandemic" was essentially fake news about the CFR of the Spanish Flu of 1918. Our MSM ran with junk science to over-exaggerate, project a false picture of #COVID19 fatality:
4) From a medical point of view, this is no where near a universal 'pandemic'. But in the socio-political sense, this is NOT a drill - it's the real thing. What you're seeing now - new Gov't powers, draconian laws, anti-free speech, civil liberties - may be permanent in West...
5) But biggest heist here is the economic one: This is a massive transfer of wealth. The Super-rich/corp/banking class will buy up everything for pennies. Literally - a global car-boot sale. Whole industries for cheap after just a few months more of this crisis. More than 2008.
6) Expect Gov bailouts for VIP corps + Zero percent interest rates, QE on steroids, increased debt on balance sheets, w/increased dollarization of markets - using #Coronavirus faux crisis to consolidate ownership and junk bond positions.

That's the long & *short* of it folks.
7) And last ditch effort will be the US gov't buying equities and stocks in order to prop-up the markets in the same way #Japan was forced to do after the bottom fell out of their #Ponzi economy.
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