It's important to remember that #Coronavirus is most dangerous for the economically, racially, and geographically marginalized.

This thread highlights tools for South Asian Americans who may need support. If you're able, please contribute your time/labor/resources here.
@SAPHAinfo is collecting #COVID19 resources in Asian American languages here:
Here's information from @pressfreedom for our journalist allies who are covering #COVID19
And here's another from @firstdraftnews for reporters covering #COVID19
@Esri has resources to mobilize across digital platforms -- especially helpful for those who are organizing remotely
For our allies who are seeking remote employment opportunities, this list (by Rachel Meade Smith of Words of Mouth) provides information on remote-friendly employers:
For our allies taking care of young ones, @wkamaubell has this thread:
For our working allies in California:
For those who own, operate, or contribute to small businesses:
For our allies in New York who are seeking remote mental health support: 
For our allies who speak or would like to communicate in other South Asian languages, follow this thread by @NoHindutvaNYC
Can you donate money? Support undocumented folks here:
Can you donate money? Support mutual aid projects here:
For survivors and victims of domestic violence, from @nnedv:
For those seeking information on paid sick leave, family medical leave, & workplace protections:
Looking to support undocumented folks in other ways? Join this petition from @UNITEDWEDREAM and
@NYSYLC also has this great link with support tools that are open to undocumented folks in NYC:
@survivepunish @survivepunishNY are organizing to support our incarcerated allies. Do your part here:
And this equally detailed list on responses across the nation, as well as in the UK + Germany, from Cindy Milstein:
If you had an event that had to be rescheduled due to #COVID19, check this resource out: 

You can organize for your event to be attended digitally, and attend others' events, too.
One more from @SAPHAinfo for those who speak Nepali:
Can you donate money? Support in-home care workers, nannies, and house cleaners during this crisis via @domesticworkers
Can you donate? Sex workers are among the most marginalized communities, and are seeking support during this time especially.
Can you donate? Are you based in the DMV? Support your local service industry workers here:
For our allies who are palliative caretakers, here's a resource & response list that may be helpful:
Here's a great infographic about #COVID19 in Telugu:
For our #MichiganMuslims and MI allies in Sterling Heights, Rochester Hills, Troy, Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Novi, Canton, Northville, Grand Blanc, Flint, East Lansing and Lansing: 
For our allies in Ohio, follow this thread:
Multilingual learning tools, including ones in Hindi:
For our South Asian Journalists, @sajahq has this list of resources, with information on how to cover & cope with #coronavirus: 

Thank you @thepriyaarora for sharing it with us!
For our friends who are tracking prisons' & jails' responses to #COVID19, @uclaprisonlaw has this document with detailed information (numbers of confirmed cases, policy details, & more).

If you'd like to contribute, please reach out to @SharonDolovich.
For our allies who are seeking financial assistance, and for our allies who may be able to donate:

Big Door Brigade has this compilation of mutual aid resources, as well as tips on how to start your own local project.
Thanks to @VitalStrat for this compilation of resources on risk reduction, which may support our allies who use drugs:
For our NYC allies working in healthcare who wish to self-isolate:
Here's a video from @SaimaMohsin in Punjabi about #Covid19 and the importance of social distancing:

Thank you Saima for this great in-language resource -- we look forward to seeing part two!
COVID-19 Chicago fact sheets from the UIC Collaboratory for Health Justice @UICIHRP and @uicpublichealth:
For our allies in NYC who are looking for food assistance, this tool maps the food pantries/community kitchens across all 5 boroughs.
For our undocumented allies, this spreadsheet has information on #PublicCharge, immigration, free clinics, freelance worker resources, resource exchanges, education, and more. It also highlights multilingual resources.
What does Asian American feminism look like during #Covid19? @aafcollective has this great zine about "CARE IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS":
Check this out #WhileAtHome :
For our student organizers & allies, this toolkit is especially helpful if you need to demand support from your university/school:
Can you donate? Support our incarcerated allies in Pennsylvania here:
If you can donate, or if you need financial assistance, @gcirtweets has a list of mutual aid funds that support immigrant communities:
Today at 12PM PDT, @WAStateBar will host a webinar to discuss #COVID19 related unemployment benefits:
For our allies in New Jersey, @rutgersifh has a thread naming accounts and hashtags which provide translated #COVID19 resources:
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