The DOJ is prioritizing investigations and prosecutions of #WuhanVirus-related scams and crimes.
The US Attorney for Nevada appointed a COVID-19 Fraud Coordinator to head up investigations & prosecutions of fraud and scams related to the #Coronavirus.
The US Attorney for Maine also appointed a COVID-19 Fraud Coordinator
The US Attorney's Office for Washington, DC launched a "Pandemic Fraud Hotline" and an email address where people can report Wuhan virus fraud.

Pandemic Fraud Hotline: 202-252-7022
Email: [email protected]
Virginia US Attorney and state officials launched a #Coronavirus fraud task force.
The Illinois US Attorney also appointed a prosecutor to lead coronavirus investigations.
Thread on the DOJ"s first #CCPvirus-related fraud case.
President Trump signed an EO today with AG Barr by his side to help prevent supply hoarding and price gouging.
The @TheJusticeDept might want to check if this IndieGoGo fundraising campaign is legit. They're raising a bunch of money for Coronavirus & COVID-19 tests that they claim can detect the viruses even in people without symptoms.
Keith Lawrence Middlebroo of California was arrested & charged for fraud for soliciting investments in a company that he claimed had a cure for the #Coronavirus.

#COVID19 #HealthcareFraud
Erik Santos of Georgia was arrested & charged with #HealthcareFraud conspiracy & violating the anti-kickback statute.

He was steering people to testing companies for genetic testing and more recently for #COVID-19 testing in exchange for kickbacks.
Baruch Feldheim of Brooklyn, NY was arrested for lying about possession of scarce medical equipment. He had a bunch of face masks, surgical masks, & other equipment that he was selling to Doctors & Nurses at markups up to 700%.
Here's another case that was charged today:
The FTC posted some data about the complaints they've received from the public about #Coronavirus fraud & scams.
James Jamal Curry of Florida was charged with perpetrating a biological weapons hoax for telling police he was infected with coronavirus and then coughing & spitting on police officers. Police were there because of a domestic violence call.
Christopher Charles Perez of Texas was charged for a #COVID19 hoax. He posted a threat on Facebook stating he paid someone to spread the virus in grocery stores in San Antonio. He claimed he did it to stop people from going & spreading the virus.
Kansas couple Hazel Hamrick and Ernest Williams were arrested for walking around a Walmart, coughing on shoppers, and telling them he had the coronavirus.
Rong Sun AKA Vicky Sun of Georgia was arrested for illegally importing, selling, and shipping an unregistered pesticide on EBay and claiming it would protect people from #Coronavirus.
This guy's a real genius. 🙄

DOJ created a task force specifically to watch for virus-related fraud, and this guy thought it was a great idea to try to scam the Dept of Veteran's Affairs out of $750 Million worth of non-existent face masks.
Christopher Parris of Atlanta, GA was arrested & charged with wire fraud for trying to sell $750 million worth of respirator masks & other PPE that didn't exist to the #VA and wanted big payments up front, no less.

This idiot even claimed he could get them from 3M.
This jackas**, Daniel R. Hall, was arrested for slashing the tires of 22 cars outside of the New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital on Friday.

He was also in possession of PCP when arrested.
Melissa C. Daniels-Johnson of Buffalo, NY was charged with threatening assault & assault of a federal employee for threatening to cough on and spitting at a US Post Office employee.
Amardeep Sing, who owns a retail store selling clothing & sneakers in Long Island, NY, was charged under the Defense Production Act with price gouging and hoarding PPE.
An injunction was entered against Purity Health and Wellness Centers & Jean Juanita Allen for falsely advertising ozone therapy as a treatment for #Coronavirus.

The DOJ got a warrant to seize domain . The owner tried to sell it on a hacker's forum after POTUS declared a national emergency.

Owner also corresponded w/ a HSI UC & told the UC it was genius to sell fake test kits w/ the site.
Interesting 🧐

The seller told the UC he couldn't get enough cash to buy fake test kits in bulk from Alibaba, which is known as the "Amazon of #China."
The FTC sent out letters to 10 MLM companies, including Rodan and Fields, warning them about claims they've been making related to the #Coronavirus.
A person who falsely claimed to be a US Marshall has been calling Doctors and Dentists claiming they're in legal trouble for Medicaid fraud and demanding that they pay $250 to avoid going to court.
Carmelita Barela and Rosetta Shabazz of San Francisco were charged with robbery for coughing & claiming they were infected with #Coronavirus while openly stealing from a Walgreens store.
Donald Allen and Manuel Revolorio were arrested & charged for conspiring to defraud a PPE buyer and trying to sell over $4 Million worth of PPE that they didn't actually own or have authorization to sell.

#COVIDfraud #Coronavirus
William Young Sr and Attorney Kent Bulloch were arrested & charged for conspiracy to violate the Defense Production Act for trying to resell 1 million face masks at a 50% markup. Bulloch tried to hide it behind an escrow account.
Rodney L. Stevenson II of Michigan was charged with wire fraud for selling N95 masks that were never delivered, shipping cloth masks instead of N95 masks, and price gouging.
A Utah court ordered issued a temp restraining order against Gordon Pedersen and his companies, My Doctor Suggests LLC and GP Silver LLC, to stop them promoting and selling silver as a #COVID19 cure.

Feng Chen of Brooklyn, NY was arrested for stealing US Mail including credit cards, checks, and federal stimulus checks. So, if you're in the Sunset Park area, and haven't received your stimulus check yet, this POS may have stolen it.
3M is suing 5 vendors that tried to sell non-existent N95 face masks to state officials in Florida, Wisconsin, and Indiana at highly marked up prices.
Businessmen David A. Staveley AKA Kurt D. Sanborn of Massachusetts and David Butziger of Rhode Island were charged with fraud conspiracy for trying to get #SBA stimulus loans for employees that didn’t exist.
Henry Sylvain Gindt II of Queens, NY was arrested & charged with fraud for advertising & selling stolen #COVID19 testing services, making false claims about the labs that would do the tests, and not providing test results to anyone.
ICE HSI also launched Ooeration Stolen Promise to target #Coronavirus fraud.
Adding this to this thread as well. Love & Hip Hop star was arrested & charged for defrauding the small business loan program meant to help SMBs during the #Coronavirus pandemic.
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