CHRIS CUOMO: There's always time to call mom. She wants to hear from you. Just so you know.

ANDREW CUOMO: I called mom just before I came on this show. By the way, she said I was her favorite. Good news is she said you are her second favorite. Second favorite son, Christopher.
CHRIS CUOMO: Andrew Cuomo, of course, my brother. Thank you for coming back to the show.

ANDREW CUOMO: Mom told me I had to.

CHRIS CUOMO: *Eyeroll*
CHRIS CUOMO: I’m sorry to interrupt you —

ANDREW CUOMO: Well then don’t. If you’re sorry about interrupting me, then don’t interrupt me.

CHRIS CUOMO: You have a little bit of pop's gift where you just kinda keep going.

ANDREW CUOMO: And you don’t?
CHRIS CUOMO: I’m hearing your fingernails scratch on something like you’re nervous. I know you’re busy. There’s always time to cut your fingernails and call your mom.

ANDREW CUOMO: You’re better than me.

C: Only on the basketball court.

A: I’ll take you out and spank you.
CHRIS CUOMO: Are you thinking about running for president?


C: No you won’t answer?

A: I answered.

C: Have you thought about it?

A: No.

C: Are you open to thinking about it?

A: No.

C: Might you think about it?

A: No…you’re a great interviewer by the way
CHRIS CUOMO: You shouldn’t criticize yourself that you’re not one of the people that mom saw as worthy to teach how to cook and make tomato sauce.

ANDREW CUOMO: Where are you physically?

CHRIS CUOMO: I’m in my basement.

ANDREW CUOMO: You spend a lot of time there, right?
CHRIS CUOMO: [Mom] taught me how to make the sauce. She didn’t teach anybody else.

ANDREW CUOMO: You’ve always been good at manipulation, you’ve always been the meatball of the family. … I don’t have the luxury of working one hour a day.

C: Please hang up on him now.
CHRIS CUOMO: I love these press conferences. I think you should have one every day.

ANDREW CUOMO: Yes. I have been. I know you haven’t noticed.

C: Oh, sorry.

A: It’s sort of like the way you have a show, I do a briefing. You have Cuomo Prime Time, I have Cuomo all-the-time.
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