Above in order are Austin, PDX, Seattle, D.C., NY, and CO. Here's the UK: http://swarmcollective.org/donate 
As well as older, longstanding funds (can vouch for these)--Lysistrata, which serves the entire US: https://www.lysistratamccf.org/ 
SWEET in Tucson: https://supportsweet.wixsite.com/collective 
BAWS in the SF Bay Area: https://bayareaworkerssupport.org/ 
Support Ho(s)e in Chicago: https://twitter.com/supporthosechi 
(And we'll be doing drop-in hours all spring where we give members their usual honorarium for attendance at the door while they come in quick to pick up harm reduction supplies, food, COVID-19 kits, clothes donations, hand-outs, and etc.) https://www.gofundme.com/f/w-ma-street-worker-leader-stipends
I cribbed some off this similar thread, go to @SWOPTampa to check out more:
And here is yet another list of relief funds for sw by @JaneRaider_ in case they got one I missed:
From @ammarsindicat in Argentina: https://twitter.com/ammarsindicat/status/1239538986701520897
The Facebook version of this public post was just flagged and hidden--possibly for COVID-19 related reasons and not sex worker related ones, since it seems a lot of posts are being flagged? All my fundraising posts for Whose Corner were just flagged and censored too.
Pls don’t forget about us established funds during this pandemic—Whose Corner Is It Anyway, by & for drug-using/housing insecure poor/street/survival sex workers in W MA, is raising $1800 over the next few days to inaugurate our drop-in hours. https://www.gofundme.com/f/w-ma-street-worker-leader-stipends
(And @MPDreamWhore and team are serving the rest of MI as well with this fund)
@NJNP_DC have disbursed abt 12k! https://twitter.com/NJNP_DC/status/1246989111107424258
The @MassSWAN / SWOP Boston fund is starting:
A fund by Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative to get survival kits to Black trans sex workers in Georgia. Can anyone vouch for this? https://www.gofundme.com/f/snapcotdov 
@StLouisSWOP--is this resource still available? https://twitter.com/StLouisSWOP/status/1241557722950258689
Update— @SWOPSeattle says their fund is still open for applications—the requests are filled as donations come in. https://twitter.com/swopseattle/status/1249043337035673600?s=21 https://twitter.com/SWOPSeattle/status/1249043337035673600
Thanks to @DesireeAlliance for notifying me of this fund for sex workers in Poland: https://twitter.com/swan_network/status/1243864600153653249?s=21 https://twitter.com/SWAN_Network/status/1243864600153653249
@RedCanarySong is raising money for their own essential work in NYC as well as that of their allies: https://twitter.com/RedCanarySong/status/1248675417701187585
Update from @ChanelleGallant on the Maggie's fund: https://twitter.com/ChanelleGallant/status/1246893682348916738
Reminder to self: Project for the next few days---get a thorough list of all relief applications or contact info for funds listed, so this list is just as helpful for those seeking help as it is to donors.
@NJNP_DC in D.C. reopens their app form ( https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWXolA9DVzgt6s9_AokJ9DEgvYvurOQyGjAM4dLCiXviJw-g/closedform) whenever they have enough funds to do so. Here's the latest from them in D.C.--(along with @HIPSDC and other DecrimNow orgs): https://twitter.com/NJNP_DC/status/1248755461567975429
If you're in NYC and would like to apply for relief from SWOP-Brooklyn's fund, email [email protected].
Latest resources available from @rmswc303 : https://twitter.com/COentertainerCO/status/1246975259909042177
@rmswc303 @COentertainerCO ---how can sex workers from Colorado apply for relief from the Rocky Mountain Sex Worker Coalition?
@SexWorkHive, how can UK sex workers apply for relief from your fund?
To request assistance from @LysistrataMCCF, email them at [email protected]. They ask that before you contact them, you review their guidelines for funding requests: https://www.lysistratamccf.org/guidelinesforfundrequests
Resources in Tucson: https://twitter.com/swoptucson/status/1245812942865453059
Also, if you are a sex worker in Tucson, you can email @supportsweetaz to request an emergency microgrant at [email protected]
I've also wanted to highlight this: https://twitter.com/hackinghustling/status/1248357885425389570
Go here for instructions on how to request funds from @BAWSupport if you are a Bay Area sex worker: https://bayareaworkerssupport.org/grants 
@fuckforbundet, im having trouble with my shitty internet connection running yr page through google translator—there’s this, but any more explicit instructions on applying for relief for Swedish we? https://twitter.com/fuckforbundet/status/1026095556144390145?s=21 https://twitter.com/fuckforbundet/status/1026095556144390145
The brilliant @raanibegum re incipient stuff happening in Philly: https://twitter.com/raanibegum/status/1250109889986338818?s=21 https://twitter.com/raanibegum/status/1250109889986338818
How UK sw apply for funds from SWARM: https://twitter.com/sexworkhive/status/1250207600249057280?s=21 https://twitter.com/SexWorkHive/status/1250207600249057280
@ammarsindicat, if it’s helpful for it to be listed in this thread, how can Argentinian sw apply for funds from you (if your fund is still disbursing money)?
@juniperfitz has closed her fund for sex working parents, but she managed to help out a good few with significant sums.
This Montreal fund was closed as of 3/30 bc they’d reached their bank limit of 20k for outgoing transfers. They’re currently looking for an existing org to partner with to disburse funds more quickly. https://twitter.com/marginalutilite/status/1240129038989103111?s=21 https://twitter.com/marginalutilite/status/1240129038989103111
This Toronto fund was capped at 100 people/closed. https://twitter.com/marginalutilite/status/1240129238432391171?s=21 https://twitter.com/marginalutilite/status/1240129238432391171
Since I last tweeted about them I’ve gotten vouches upon vouches for SNaP-Co, and I just can’t believe I didn’t hear about them before. Donors, take note:
https://twitter.com/marginalutilite/status/1249007800996581376?s=20 https://twitter.com/marginalutilite/status/1249007800996581376
With thanks to @DesireeAlliance for notifying me about this Irish sw hardship fund: https://twitter.com/swaiireland/status/1250328756687908864?s=21 https://twitter.com/SWAIIreland/status/1250328756687908864
@DesireeAlliance also notified me there's a fund active now for trans/bipoc Austin sex workers: https://twitter.com/swopatx/status/1252313377340342274
Here's how Swedish sex workers can apply for @fuckforbundet 's fund (they put up an English version of the site): https://www.fuckforbundet.com/apply 
Not sure I've put up the info for @SWSolidarity 's Tampa fund on the main thread before. Info on both donating and applying in the pic:
Wanted to draw more attention to this resource: https://twitter.com/katedadamo/status/1252684603300679680?s=21 https://twitter.com/KateDAdamo/status/1252684603300679680
This Philly fund is gathering donations right now and will soon have online, paper, and phone applications for relief available to sex workers: https://twitter.com/PhillyRUA/status/1252950846180069376?s=20
Oh, and I definitely vouch all the vouches for @raanibegum & co re the Philly fund above!
(& @safephila is *chef's kiss*) <3
For Kampala sex workers:
https://twitter.com/cecilia_c_chung/status/1253206393428914176?s=21 https://twitter.com/cecilia_c_chung/status/1253206393428914176
A meeting for CO sex workers about a possible local fund: https://twitter.com/rmswc303/status/1253471215328432128?s=21 https://twitter.com/rmswc303/status/1253471215328432128
@swopbehindbars—is your fund with Woodhull national or just for incarcerated sworkers? If the former, how can workers apply for relief.
For the record, @swopbehindbars' answer was national, for #sexworkers or #trans POC who've been released from jail/prison.Apply at [email protected] w/name, doc number, & pref payment method, 24 hours to disbursement--ppl released in last 30d, POC, trans ppl prioritized.
Late to this party, but vet sw activist @tslove602 ‘s Outlaws Project is launching an emergency relief fund supporting trans women and sex workers impacted by the coronavirus outbreak with a focus on the Southwest. Only $205 so far—pls boost! http://gofundme.com/f/8eqed .
How did I miss this before? @WWAVinc, the great grandmommy of all amazing orgs for criminalized Black women/non-men, is offering a Louisiana sex worker relief fund! https://twitter.com/WWAVinc/status/1250806051097763841
There’s some controversy around this one, but here’s a fund for sw in the RIo Grande Valley: https://twitter.com/switchrgv/status/1253033115825700865?s=21 https://twitter.com/switchrgv/status/1253033115825700865
@switchrgv, I assume this is how swers from the RGV can apply for funds?
Sex workers in Thunder Bay can apply for relief funding here: [email protected]
Update from @tamikahs66 on the @NJNP_DC fundraiser, one of the ones closest to my heart: https://twitter.com/tamikahs66/status/1255822200134873089?s=21 https://twitter.com/tamikahs66/status/1255822200134873089
So u don’t have to click around,the @NJNP_DC fund has fulfilled 209/336 funding requests as of 4/29. They need more donations to fulfill the rest (and in some cases they’re having problems with @CashApp—this is turning out to be a theme.)Pls help! https://www.gofundme.com/f/d6j5ue 
@PhillyRUA / @safephila fund applications are open! https://twitter.com/phillyrua/status/1257306335575564288?s=21 https://twitter.com/PhillyRUA/status/1257306335575564288
Wanted to retweet this fundraiser for trans sex workers in Guyana, vouched for by @coracolt13 and @ceyenne3: https://twitter.com/LysistrataMCCF/status/1259238394539896832?s=20
@MassSWAN/ SWOP-Boston relief fund applications are open! If you're a MA-based sex worker, feel free to apply: https://twitter.com/MassSWAN/status/1258435826754740232?s=20
@MaggiesToronto 's / @ButterflyCSW's fund is re-opening for applications from Toronto sex workers: https://twitter.com/MaggiesToronto/status/1259107336167337990?s=20
@MollyHouseProj, for masc-of-center sex workers, is still raising funds, and is also looking for a volunteer to help run their fundraiser! You can donate here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=nrl3hNzmqbH5LDuSq1sqjBip1ca6YUfhxgBy1Zc_Pk8lpwibkr2lHtrJ2W00d2Yy6O4UKG&fromUL=true&country.x=US&locale.x=en_US
However, it seems like until they reach their next goal, applications are closed for now.
Yet another addition to the sex worker mutual aid fund thread--a Black sex worker reparation fund for those affected by COVID & those suffering emotionally b/c of the recent police murders. Chrysalis House tweeting it is the best vouch it can get. https://twitter.com/lca_the/status/1273048209380634624
@POWER_Ottawa's fund was active again as of June 13th, able to offer 12 microgrants to sex workers in Ottawa-Gatineau, but it seems they have run out of capacity again. Please consider donating to them by sending an e-transfer to powerottawa (at) gmail (dot) com, password POWER.
@SWOPBaltimore and Baltimore Safe Haven are doing another round of fundraising for their fund:
https://twitter.com/swopbaltimore/status/1275832383317704704?s=21 https://twitter.com/SWOPBaltimore/status/1275832383317704704
I am looking for new mutual aid funds as of the beginning of July and coming up dry, so I hope you can look through this thread and donate to or apply to the funds already listed! Let me know if you see something I don't.
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