There were 3 role-playing scenarios: hurricane, pandemic and cyber incident. Obama team discussed need to anticipate requirements, stay ahead of challenges and provide resources quickly

The goal was to acquaint Trump officials with how to coordinate around major incidents. 2/6
The pandemic role-playing scenario involved:

-"Novel influenza" with infections in Asia and Europe
-Efficient person-to-person transmission
-Insufficient lab capacities
-Travel bans
-Lag time before it comes to U.S.
-Need for vaccine
-Ventilator shortages

Sound familiar?
In event of a pandemic, Trump team was told:

-Pandemics can start in other countries and don't respect borders
-Science must guide decisions
-Federal/state collaboration is key
-Consistent messaging needed
-Social distancing recommended
-"Days - and even hours - can matter"

Thirty Trump officials attended the exercise (Cabinet and senior White House staff)

But the vast majority of these officials are no longer in government

When you're dealing with a crisis like #COVID19, stable and experienced leadership matters.

Bottom line: when Trump says "we were all surprised" by #COVID19, he shouldn't have been.

The Obama team warned Trump's staff about a possible pandemic. Whether it was lack of preparation or staff turnover, the necessary work wasn’t done to get in front of this.

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