1) Looking for something to do during the #Covid_19 apocalypse? Why, go online & order an #AeroGarden or two (a Bounty is good one to start with) & grow stuff indoors, like, peppers, tomatoes, salad greens, strawberries, fresh herbs, etc.!🍒🍓🍃🌻

2) I'll start w/some of my salad greens in an #AeroGarden Farm Plus, which has 2 separate planters. The 2nd planter has my poblano pepper plant.

The salad side is growing several varieties of leafy veggies, like, swiss chard (the taller plant) + arugula, mustard greens, etc etc.
3) Here's the poblano plant (all by itself in side 2, #AeroGarden Farm Plus.

I harvested these peppers last night (I waited until they turned red so as to ensure they were fully grown since it's my 1st time growing these).

Note for millennials: it's a silver dollar (for scale)
4) Next is some of my tomato plants, less than 2 months old from sprout. 1st is #AeroGarden Bounty, the other 2 w/chives, are in another Farm Plus.

I may remove the chives, I just thought I'd experiment w/growing them w/tomato plants (1 tomato plant per side). They need space!!
5) These are the #AeroGarden heirloom cherry tomatoes I picked moments ago from 2 different plants.

These tomatoes taste Better than the one's I get from the store. They're not too sweet & not too tart. Just right (for me).

Again, silver dollar for scale...
6) Note: I didn't take a pic of the 2 (ugly) plants that I havested these from. I experimented w/growing 2 plants in one #AeroGarden Bounty, & tho they're producing, they're a bit scraggly & don't seem to be producing as much as I expected....
7) This is kale & Chinese cabbage growing in another #AeroGarden FarmPlus (yep, I like the FarmPlus, lol).

Front is kale & Chinese cabbage is yellowing behind it (getting about time to change these plants out as they've been growing/harvested over several months).
8) As far as kale, Chinese cabbage, arugula, swiss chard (don't like), bok choi, mustard greens, (including plants grown from #AeroGarden baby greens pods, etc.) I've been getting about 170 days of life from these.

Romain, etc. usually lasts 2-3 months before turning bitter...
9) I generally harvest my #AeroGarden greens all at once (some I eat in salad, like, arugula, marvel of the 4 seasons, etc.).

Whatever I don't eat fresh is sautéed together (including w/any extra peppers), bagged, & frozen....
10) And here's another tomato plant I'm growing. Probably ought to be transplanted outside due to the fact it should grow to 6' tall & produce 8oz tomatoes, lol.

The #AeroGarden FarmPlus is only good for a couple of feet grow space. But I may prune & keep it indoors. We'll see..
11) I'll now finish thread w/a few basic tidbits I've learned growing stuff via hydroponics in no particular order:

a) #AeroGarden advises against well water use.
b) I use tap water that's sat out at least overnight in order to achieve room temp & allow chlorine evaporation....
12) c) I've found most of my #AeroGarden plants grow best in a room that's about 80deg, give/take a couple w/hotter being better than cooler.

d) I use a LifeSmart space heater to keep spare bedroom in this range during cooler months. Nice, soft heat & no part of unit gets hot...
13) e) Also, I do Not follow #AeroGarden directions for feeding. Instead, I began experimenting w/feeding/watering Daily. At first, when plant is just a sprout, I add much more liquid feed just to get things going. If plant is yellow, maybe needs more food to green up (cont.)....
14) e cont.) Main thing is get enough food mixture in there to start. Then, I feed one ml per/day per FarmPlus/Bounty (cheap syringes are on Amazon in bulk & better quality than what #AeroGarden sells. Also, I top off everything w/room temp, chlorine-free water (cont.)....
15) e cont.) I pour some liquid feed into a small lid so I can easily pull up a ml. Then, fwiw, I fill rest of the syinge w/water from unit I'm feeding so as to dilute the food. I then squirt it all out fairly evenly under #AeroGarden lid, then fit lid down properly on pump....
16) f) So basically, since I am able to do so, I give my plants daily attention: food, water, and whatever pruning, etc. needs to be done. Therefore, I don't utilize the #AeroGarden proprietary system that informs me when to feed/water. Me: 1ml per day & top off water daily....
17) g) Pump settings. Despite what #AeroGarden suggests/advises, I just run all my units at 5min on, 55 min off. All of 'em. Works for me. I also use external oxygenators piped in thru available holes, fwiw. (will need to purchase tubing for this. Amazon gots it)....
18) Wrapping up.

h) fwiw, I have found that #AeroGarden Sprout units are excellent at, well...sprouting seeds! They're much better at this than larger units. Also, one Can grow stuff in these, like herbs and lettuce (Marvel4Gardens, etc.) but typically shld use only 1 hole. cont
19) h cont.) Also, w/ #AeroGarden Sprout models, ya gotta keep the aerator clean & from time to time gotta get some vice-grips or channel lock plyers & unscrew/remove the aerator tower in there. Take it apart & scrub w/toothbrush (brown, feed residue clogs it over time)....
20) i) #AeroGarden advertising sometimes makes it sound that growing shit is "Easy!". Well, it isn't necessarily difficult, nor does one necessarily need to be a great green-thumb to grow stuff, but it is more complex than simply dropping in a pod & watching stuff grow....😉 cont
21) i cont.) I mistakenly got into this #AeroGarden thing w/just that attitude & failed miserably (I'm still gonna try strawberries for a 3rd time eventually, lol).

There's moving parts to get in sync. Trial & error play larger role than one might think: Prolly no "Right" way.🙂
22) PS, I guess should identify the tall tomato plant I'm experimenting with in my #AeroGarden FarmPlus. Again, I may leave it indoors (albeit pruned to see what happens) or else I'll transfer it outdoors later...).

Seed packet is pictured below (sorry for the blur):
23) One last clarification on temps. I've generally found my #Aerogarden plants respond better from about the mid 70s, including well into the 80s.

So, because I have an xtra room, I just arbitrarily keep temp steady at about 80, give or take a couple degrees (fluctuates a bit).
24) OK, I'll go ahead & drop a pic of the 2 scraggly tomato plants in my other Bounty that I've experimented with.

Thing is about #AeroGarden tomato plants, it's Not uncommon that they last Over a Year. No shit. My unit says these are 252 days old, but they may be older....
25) Again, was an experiment w/2 Heirloom Red Cherry Tomato plants in 1 Bounty. Doubt I'll do this again.

What I'm learning about #AeroGarden systems is that More Space for Less Plants = More Yield.

Live & learn. Hope this thread helps someone interested in hydroponics....🙂
26) Forgot to mention pollination. What I do is buy about 25 bees from Amazon & let 'em loose in the house. They Get... BUSY(!).

Uh, No, I don't. Don't do that, lol. My #AeroGarden peppers/tomatoes get a brief gentle shake (just use your hand) as blooms. I do so daily. Works!🙂
27) For those folks sitting on the edge of your seats (I know, the anticipation is Intense!) I plan to update my latest #AeroGarden ongoing thread this weekend.🙂

I apologize in advance to the others Not At All Interested, lol....😐
28) OK, as promised, fwiw, I'm updating my #Aerogarden thread today. Prolly (hopefully) just 6-7 posts this time.

I'll start w/my Bounty growing one Heirloom Golden Harvest seed pod. Yep, the Easter rabbit has visited early-but didn't leave any worthless candy chicken eggs.Yuck!
29) For a closer look, you can see that that wascally wabbit hid many of these up underneath the foliage. That rabbit likes me!

1st time I've eaten this kind of tomato, btw. They are tasty, and of high quality. This #Aerogarden plant should last many months, perhaps over a year!
30) Next: some pics of my two Red Heirloom cherry prize-eggs residing in my #Aerogarden Farm Plus.

The 1st pic shows one of my plants not taking very well to the Chives just tryna hang out & chill....

I gotta get in there & harvest these plants. Truly is like an Easter egg hunt
31) Lastly, a couple of pics of some recently sprouted lettuce varieties.

1st pic shows Paris Island (L) & yummy, Marvel of the 4 seasons (R) in a couple of #Aerogarden Sprouts. Also, sprouting another Golden Harvest tomato & some Dear Tongue lettuce to be transplanted.
32) For the final pic today. Sprouting some Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Romaine & Paris Island.

2 more #Aerogarden sprouts are sprouting some Dinosaur Kale, Salad Greens pod, Baby Greens pod, Arugula, Chineese Cabbage, Bok Choi & stuff (pic earlier next to GoldHarvst tomatoes)
33) Went on an #Aerogarden Easter hunt today. And, here's the loot! Sweet!
34) As a side note, I decided to remove the Chives from the Farm tomatoes. Replanted 1 & harvested the other entirely. To my surprise, the Chives' roots were wayyy more extensive than I anticipated. Here's the excess roots of 'em (very nice roots tho!). #Aerogarden.
35) This is the #Aerogarden Chive pod that I pulled out. Damn. Didn't expect all that. They're milder than onion, but good.

Hopefully my Farm tomatoes will be more fruitful now, tho I'm not really complaining.

1st harvest: Red (2,Farm) 14.5oz; Gold (1,Bounty) 9.5oz. Stay tuned
36) Finally, for this update, are my #Aerogarden Mini-Mighty tomato plants. Ohh boy. So, as I was saying, growing stuff isn't necessarily all that easy, lol. This is my 2nd time trying these & same results. Yet, as scraggly as they are, they're persistent little (blanks).
37) These 2, 270+ day-old plants sprouted in an #Aerogarden Sprout. They spent many months in a FarmPlus. 2 months ago transplanted to a Harvest. Still scraggly. Yet, they produce...

Mini-Mighties are TART & rather dry. But they're preferred (me) for cooking, like on pizza, etc.
38) Forgot to mention the white "crust" on the harvest. That is a result of #Lubbock water, lol. Lots of salt & minerals in our water, so spills should be cleaned up Pronto.

That's a downside here in Lubbock. They can be difficult to remove/clean, especially around the pod holes
39) Will have an, I expect short, #Aerogarden update this weekend. Will be primarily focused on tomatoes as I gots more to harvest after 1st harvest 2-weeks ago.

1st update: I decided early on to pull the other Gold tomato pod before sprouting. Gots too many tomatoes for now....
40) OK folks, it's #Aerogarden show time again. Just a few quick updates this weekend.

Welp, the Easter rabbit has apparently taken up residence in here, and I'm not complaining. I'll go hunting tomorrow, weigh it all, and update this thread concerning the loot.
41) For now, the #Aerogarden Bounty seems to be the more productive vessel; however, we'll see in the long run. The tomato plants in the FarmPlus are larger, thus have spent more time growing than the Bounty's GoldenH plant.

This pic includes some lettuce:Paris Island & Romaine
42) Here's my #Aerogarden poblano plant. It just bloomed again like crazy, so there's a Lot of peppers coming, and soon.

Also, here's a pic of the 2 scraggly red heirloom tomato plants in the Bounty. They're still there because I've not yet decided how else to use that Bounty..
43) Here's a pic of one of my 3 #Aerogarden FarmPluses. It gots my Bok Choi and Dinosaur Kale. They're a little behind, especially the kale, but they're gonna be just fine.

On the other side is arugula, along w/Chinese Cabbage blowing up back there....
44) A word on the Chinese cabbage. It's great for salad. It's texture is more like that of store-purchased Romaine, but it has it's own flavor, which is fine. Also good for sautéing.

Here's some #Aerogarden Black Seeded Simpson. It's delicate like Marvel of the 4 Seasons....
45) That's it for today's #Aerogarden update. Again, tomorrow I'll hunt down & weigh the tomato loot from my main 3 plants.

Also, I may provide a short tutorial on how to clean the aerator tower in the Sprouts. They inevitably clog, so, ya might as well learn how to clean 'em!
46) OK, to clean an #Aerogarden Sprout aerator tower, these are the tools I use. One can also make a tool to remove the tower w/PVC pipe (AeroGarden MAY provide one on request). Cut a couple of grooves to fit, & turn counter-clockwise. Pulls right out. The wire tool comes w/unit.
47) Once the tower is out, use the wire tool to lift out the rubber seal. Keep & reuse. Tap the tower on a counter to loosen that tall internal thingy. See the brown crud? It's also inside the tower, so don't forget to scrub that area clean, too.

That's it. #Aerogarden #Sprout
48) Lastly concerning the #Aerogarden Sprout, as mentioned earlier, the wire tool come w/unit. They come taped underneath the reservoir. I take it out & tape it on top of unit so that it's handy as its utilized to help clear obstructions until tower must finally be disassembled.
49) Now for #Aerogarden Bounty's Heirloom Golden Harvest tomatoes update. Got 13.2oz this time. Also, the plant is now stripped, lol, so it should be awhile before I get another load this large.

Here's pics of the loot & stripped plant. Haven't tended to the red tomatoes yet.
50) Final #Aerogarden update today. Red tomatoes from the 2 FarmPlus plants: 20.8oz, besting the Bounty's Golden 'maters as expected this time. Also, these don't appear to have been stripped as harshly.

Also, note I removed both Chives from these planters several days ago, too.
51) I'll prolly update these tomato plants again in a couple of weeks. I expect the Bounty's Golden Harvest to fall off in production rather significantly, whilst hopefully the #Aerogarden Farm Plus tomatoes maintain a more steady loot for the pickin'.

Who knows. We'll see!🙂
52) Dropping a couple of early #Aerogarden updates due to the fact Imma bout to cut some stuff up. Will probably update other areas this weekend.

1st, Black Seeded Simpson. See, this what I'm saying about Sprouts. If you're gonna use it to grow limit to 1 plant. Herbs maybe more
53) BTW, that #Aerogarden Sprout's light hood is raised as far as possible. Very nice salad!

Next, is a Farm Plus growing Bok Choi & Salad greens pods. Then Chinese Cabbage & Arugula pods. Some salad grns sprouts died (my fault) but something, maybe Red Sails, still growing tho.
54) Had some difficulty getting most of this stuff to get growing this time around. I believe it is because I waited for the plants to sprout before I added nutrients. Once they sprouted I began playing catch-up, but some didn't make it. Dear Tongue, Kale Mix: DOA. Dino Kale:???
55) Lastly, Dinosaur Kale on life support.

This thing sprouted up nicely, like, in March if I'm not mistaken, lol, in an #Aerogarden Sprout. And it just kinda sat there. For what seems forever, it just wouldn't grow, but wouldn't die either, lol.

Main leaves FINALLY coming out!
56) #Aerogarden Encore Presentation, lol.

Here's a pic of my Baby Greens pod planted same time as the Dino Kale. That stuff should be Exploding by now. Instead, it's just now beginning to take off.

Also, Purple Basil planted Just Days Ago. Not surprising. Hard to keep Basil down
57) Correction. Besides tomatoes, the other #Aerogarden plants I have growing were planted last month, in April, not March. I started this Thread in March.

Anyway, I should note this. When growing lettuce/herbs, allow ALL sprouts in pod to grow. Tomatoes/Peppers etc.: Just 1....
58) Note, the #Aerogarden website now has a few gardens for sale, but not much. The FarmPlus was available last night, but no longer. The highest-end Bounty is still available tho.

BTW, I've noticed used Bounty Basic (30Watt) models selling for More Than New Ones on ebay. Wow...
59) Now for my #Aerogarden update. Tomatoes. As expected after the loot 2 weeks ago, the tomato plants are slim pickens this go 'round. The Golden Harvest netted a paltry 1.7oz. The two Red Heirloom plants in the FarmPlus came in at 8.1oz....
60) Now the Poblano peppers & the #Aerogarden Farm Plus growing the Bok Choi & stuff that I've yet to cut up (I've used some of this stuff, tho not much) as anticipated just to show how big that stuff gets--& will keep getting bigger, too, if I let 'em.

Several peppers ready too
Prolly gonna do a short #Aerogarden update this weekend. And, I can because, despite 2-3 recent hail storms, my plants are growing indoors. Ain't that cool!

Anyway, mainly the focus will be on tomatoes as I'm tryna discern for me & others the difference btwn Bounty & FarmPlus...
61) A week later than anticipated, but I got around to tending to my #Aerogarden tomatoes. I normally refer to this harvest as my "loot," but I'll refrain this time around....

Very few Golden Harvest from the Bounty, didn't even weigh them. The 2 Farm plants provided 1lb 2oz.
62) Also included are the plants prior harvest. Top is the #Aerogarden Bounty w/Golden H. Also, Romaine lettuce & Purple Basil in the Sprouts. Still gonna be awhile b/4 lots of GH tomatoes, but they're coming.

Red Heirlooms in Farm Plus are doing well, w/more 'maters on the way!
63) Gonna do another #Aerogarden update this weekend primarily because I gotta pick more tomatoes.

For now, I'll post an update on the Dinosaur Kale that was on life support awhile back. It survived! Plus, ripe Poblano Peppers in the background:
64) Loot. Just look at all that loot. I'm not entirely sure my Poblano wants to play anymore, but we'll see. This plant would probably be very well suited for the #Aerogarden Farm XL. I trimmed it down quite a bit today.

Tomatoes tomorrow. BTW, all plants liking the steady 78°.
65) LOOT! So, the GH in the Bounty is still lagging. It's grown a bit larger, but still tryna come back from the last big harvest from over a month ago.

Red Hierlooms in the #Aerogarden Farm Plus are doing as expected: chugging along nicely: 1lb 8.9oz - largest haul yet!
66) Also, decided to try an experiment w/my other Red Heirlooms in the other Bounty, which are kinda just zombiefied at this point. They're close to a year old & don't do much. I So, took one out. Why not, lol? We'll see what happens....
67) Last #Aerogarden post for today. Since I got busy & cut some stuff down last night (some old lettuce & a tomato plant) it dawned on me I shld make mention of a very useful tool for aiding in this task: A Pull Saw.

This little guy sure makes things easier. Maybe consider one.
68) FYI(!) I just noticed #Aerogarden has some Farms in stock, minus the Farm Plus, unfortunately....

I dunno, depends on one's needs. I don't prefer the basic Farm due to the fact its lights only raise abt 12". W/that said, they Stack well -- something to seriously consider....
69) BTW, if truth be told, given My Current experience w/tomatoes in my Farm Plus, an #Aerogarden Farm would have worked Just As Well - for Me - given that My tomatoes are not growing tall, but densely. That's just My experience This Time around.

I'm imagining Stacked Farms now
70) Another #Aerogarden Update!

1st up, I do wanna make clear that I ain't tryna Tell anybody How to do this, lol. I'm merely presenting my own experiences which, in reality, are limited to my own varied circumstances....

Experiment, experiment, experiment.🙂
71) So, I thought I shld explain further why I've come to the conclusion that many times Less is More in the world of #Aerogarden gardens.

The pic below is of Dinosaur Kale yet to be trimmed. It's Yuge. Yet, it shares a half Farm w/only 1 other plant, which is also fairly big...
72) Like many folks, in the past I tried planting everything under the sun all at once - like, I've got 12 pod holes, so Imma plant 'em all!

Problem is limited Space -not only on top & w/lighting, but underneath. Even a plant like Chives can form a massive root ball. #Aerogarden
73) I even tried planting a chive pod w/a tomato pod in an #Aerogarden Farm Plus. Yes, it can be done! The tomato plants (both sides of Farm) grew well, but the Chives did as well.

And that's what I wanted, right? Well, sorta, lol. I learned my chives were Limiting my tomatoes👎
74) So, planting multiple plants together involves a give & take. One of my tomato plants dominated the chives; yet, on the other hand, I had a chive pod on/other side that stunted the growth of that other tomato plant somewhat.

Plants compete for resources: food, space, light..
75) W/all that said, once I removed the chives from the Farm (both sides) both tomato plants increased growth & production.

As for chives, I will say I've had great success growing them in an #Aerogarden Harvest, yes, in all 6 holes at once. Gotta keep 'em trimmed tho, lol....
76) For folks new to this thread, Imma go ahead & repost some recent pics of my previous #Aerogarden updates.

Again, understand that this is just My Experience, given My various circumstances - I can't guarantee results.

Here's my Poblano recently. See, takes up All the space..
77) I mean, I simply cannot recommend to people that they should plant X-number of pods - perhaps in line w/what the advertising/company may have suggested optimal - when I know darned well that Less works even better.

And that's from a fan of #Aerogarden, y'all. Just sayin'....
78) Continuing, here's a very recent pic of (1) Red Heirloom tomato plant in an #Aerogarden Farm Plus. It's alone for optimal tomato production-didn't need to plant more than 1.

Again, Farms have 12 pod holes. Still, Sometimes utilizing just 1 is sufficient, or even better....
79) Here's a pic of the large root ball of just 1 Chive pod. This Chive pod was planted w/1 of my #Aerogarden Farm tomato plants.

Some may be fine w/1 or 2 Chive pods w/tomatoes in a Farm. No problem. But, I desire the Most tomatoes I can produce. I'll grow Chives elsewhere....
80) To put things in perspective, that 1 chive root ball mentioned in post 79 is enough to pretty much fill an entire #Aerogarden Harvest, lol!

So, if one decides to plant 6 Chive pods in a 6 pod Harvest (I've done it!) just revise expectations as they won't/can't be as large...
81) I really should clarify some previous statements regarding the capacity of #Aerogarden Farms. Farms have 2 totally separate basins sporting 12 pod holes each, for a total of 24 pod planting holes per/Farm.

Sorry for any confusion. (And yes, each basin is larger than Bounty).
82) Early on in this thread I made mention of #Aerogarden's warning against use of Well Water w/their gardens. It's b/c Well Water (minerals & stuff) MAY interfere w/their proprietary, Miracle Grow-branded, plant food.

Possible, but not necessarily disqualifying 4 rural folks...
83) #Aerogarden's broad warning against Well Water usage is probably based on an inordinate amount of valid complaints from Well Water users concerning lack of results, despite their having followed directions to a T.

Well Water users are fewer in number than urban customers....
84) #Aerogarden is trying to appeal to the broadest possible market. They really don't have the resources at this point to market to Well Water users directly, is my guess.

They're trying to market the most simplistic method possible for indoor gardening to the widest audience..
85) As such, the problems WW users experience pose just a minor problem for the company's overall goals of selling to the masses. #Aerogarden is still just a small company btw, but, Growing, lol.

W/that said, My opinion is that WW users can Probably make these gardens work, too.
86) Lubbock-where I live-water may even be in this category as we get a significant amount of water from wells. Plus, our water is full of salt/minerals, as the white crust on my #Aerogardens attest.

I think w/experimentation & patience, WW users MAY find what works for them..
87) W/that said, purchase/use at your own risk, lol, if you're a WW user. #Aerogarden has noted/warned that WW may present a problem w/their proprietary plant food, so, that's that.

Again, experiment, experiment & experiment - even w/WW - if you so choose....

Happy Gardening!🙂
88) FYI, just noticed #Aerogarden Website finally has All 3 Farms in stock at the moment.

Unfortunately, not 1 Bounty is in stock there yet. Don't know about elsewhere....
90) update on the Grow Anything Appliance: This initiative, which features a fully automated and self-contained indoor gardening system, will be marketed under the name “Bloom by Botanicare.”...expect to launch during our 2nd quarter.

More investor info on #Aerogarden Website
91) Full disclosure, yes, I own a modest amount of shares in the company - only abt 5000 (but they've Popped, lol!)

Anyway, I'll update my tomato progress this weekend. I've removed some lettuce & cut down the Poblano. Now, tryna figure out what's next for that Farm's R-side....
92) Running behind on my planned #Aerogarden update this weekend. I did manage to harvest Bounty's Gldn Harvest Heirloom tomatoes this evening. I'll get to the Red Heirlooms tomorrow.

Been awhile since the Bounty has provided this much over a 2-week period, but I got 10.2oz here
93) Also, I decided to show what I do w/lots of my #Aerogarden greens that I grow. Some I eat fresh in salad & tacos. Much of the Bok Choi, Chinese cabbage, Romain, Peppers, Mustard Greens, etc., get sautéed up & frozen for use in various dishes later.

A typical frozen block:
94) Just thawed 2 bags #Aerogarden greens & put this together 1st time. I normally use spinach, but decided to try my own greens this time.

Pretty simple: Greens; red rind cheddar; spices (like Old Bay). I've also included Crab Meat in the past.

Will update tomorrow on this....
95) Welp, THAT was nasty, lol.🤮 Not sure what went wrong, but certainly the Old Bay did Not compliment these random #Aerogarden greens, lol. Yuck.

Gotta experiment. These greens do work well in spaghetti, etc. Oh well, this "recipe" Will rescue an uninspiring can of spinach!👍
96) And now for the #Aerogarden Red Heirloom tomato loot. Got 15.6oz over the past 2-week period....
97) Imma go ahead & do another #Aerogarden update this weekend sometime. Although I'm currently being overloaded w/more tomatoes than I'm able to deal with (I'm trying to keep up 'em!) I'm also tryna keep up a loose 2-week update schedule for just overall informative purposes....
98) Also, I planted a seed from an #Aerogarden Mini Mighty Tomato that I grew myself recently. It sprouted in a Sprout & was moved to a Harvest recently. Also, seeds were planted in virgin peat, yet in a previous MMT plastic holder - easier to identify that way.

We'll see....
99) I should mention that I've Never grown a substantial #Aerogarden Mini Mighty Tomato plant for some reason. I've grown small, scraggly, yet, impressive-producing plants nonetheless, but nothing even close to what I'm experiencing w/the 2 other Heirloom varieties....
100) Anyway, I'm gonna try again w/my own home grown #Aerogarden Mini Mighty Tomato seeds.

There's a chance that my MMT seed/sprout was cross pollinated w/other tomato plant pollen as I've had 3 varieties of tomatoes growing in the same room for awhile.

So, we'll see, lol....🙂
101) A bit late for the update, but better late than never!

I have a couple of new lettuce varieties I've not grown before. I'm growing them in #Aerogarden Sprouts.

1st pic: Deer Tongue Lettuce; 2nd pic: Rouge d'Hiver Heirloom Lettuce.

I expect to update Tomatoes tomorrow.🙂
102) #Aerogarden tomato update. Slim pickens in the FarmPlus this time, but the Bounty's Golden Harvest plant is finally making a comeback.

Golden Harvest: 5.4oz. Red Heirlooms: paltry (didn't bother to weigh).
103) I learned something about these #Aerogarden tomato plants. Mine have grown dense, so picking tomatoes can be challenging sometimes. I recently broke a fairly large branch w/tomatoes on it. Was not happy. But I experimented. The plants are sticky & yep, it healed itself!
104) Unexpected update! I learned today, via @auntymaim on this thread, that #Aerogarden is now including water port covers for the Farm line of gardens. Great(!) but alas, I was an early bird & missed out; bummer.

I'd fabricated a quick fix sometime ago w/foil & cardboard....
105) However, that left a bit to be desired, tho it did prevent algae growth. My foil fix was not only sorta ugly, but needed replacing from time to time.

Tonight I fabricated a permanent #Aerogarden Farm water port fix. I used plastic (political) sign stock & Gorilla tape! Yay!
106) BTW, for those keeping an eye on this #Aerogarden thread, I anticipate @auntymaim will be having her own worthwhile pointers & experiences to share soon enough. Looking forward to it, too. Perhaps worth a follow, y'all....

Peace out 'til next time....
107) I've let my Rouge d'Hiver Heirloom Lettuce in an #Aerogarden Sprout grow as large as I care for it to grow. Gonna harvest some of this tomorrow for salad, so wanted to share a pic 1st.

Some lower leaves wilting, yet awesome overall!

My mystery tomato is in the background..
108) Folks may notice I've black electrical tape covering the clear frontal areas of my Sprouts. Yeah, algae grows Wherever there's light & water.... Not pretty, but....

Also, shout-out to @markbrittmusic1. He's also doing his #Aerogarden thang & contributing to this thread!🙂👍
109) Tonight... got 6 seeds planted per/pod in an #Aerogarden Sprout & all destined for a FarmPlus if they hatch. We'll see what happens.

Also, I've found my Dinosaur Kale to be Very Well Suited for salad! Didn't expect that. Is Not bitter At All & is over 3months old. A keeper.
110) I will be doing a Tomato update in a day or 2, including an update on my 1y/o+ tomato plant in my other #Aerogarden Bounty that's been zombied out seemingly forever.

Don't expect lots of tomatoes, but all plants appear to be coming back well, including the oldest.🙂
111) OK, so this is an *Edit* to post 109, lol. Damn, sure could use an edit function on Twitter, huh....

Alright, so again: I've planted 6 seeds per pod in this #Aerogarden Sprout t'nite destined for a FarmPlus if they hatch -- but this time w/the accompanying pic, lol!😀
112) So, I planted the collard greens less than 2 days ago and they have all sprouted. That was fast.

Now to the #Aerogarden tomato plants. I'll pick tomatoes tomorrow.

1st up is the FarmPlus & Bounty plants. Lots of flowers & green tomatoes, so a couple more weeks shld be good
113) Now for the other 2 plants I've got growing.

1st is from seeds I collected from an #Aerogarden MiniMighty tomato I grew awhile back. Don't know what these are gonna be like, plus, they May have cross pollinated other plants. So, I refer to this as my Mystery Tomato plant.
114) Finally, for this tomato update is a plant that's old. It's been in an #Aerogarden Bounty (no water changes) for 378 days & it's never looked better.

Folks may recall I recently cut the other plant out & left this one be. It's much happier now & producing like never before.
115) On another note concerning this #Aerogarden thread, which is not at all just about what I am growing at any moment in time, but is also intended to be abt pointers that I've learned over time as well.

In the next couple of posts or so I'll touch on just that: Considerations
116) When I plant a pod in an #Aerogarden Sprout (typically, I use my Sprouts to sprout seeds) I not only spray/soak the pods w/water beforehand, I also pull the peat plug up beyond the plane of the label, as you can see below (also cap 'em!) so that they get maximum light....
117) Don't know if previous post is necessary, I just do it - ESPECIALLY soaking pods b/4 planting👍

Another useful pointer is having a box, taped up w/underpad material, for general use; like, when changing plants out, to pulling plants out temporarily - very simple & useful...
118) Lastly for tonight: bamboo storage drawers.

#Aerogarden sells one type (when in stock😐) for about as cheap as can be found (using the discount code). They can also be found elsewhere, like Amazon.

I also found smaller one's that also work well: https://www.mobilevisionus.com/home-new 
119) *Note, these smaller drawers are on Amazon, too. They fit my #Aerogarden Harvest perfectly, and sideways, they fit my Sprouts perfectly, even tho Aerogarden doesn't sell 'em, lol. They should....

I like 'em. They help keep things organized & they look good.🙂
120) Alright, drum roll please... on 2nd thought, nah, just don't.

My #Aerogarden tomato update: FarmPlus, 3.5oz; didn't weigh yellows from Bounty; & 2(!) from the 379 day old plant.

I've noticed cycles like this from peppers,too.They produce lots,then level off,then come back.
121) OK, I apologize folks. I went on about bamboo storage drawers last night on this thread, but didn't really put up a decent pic of 'em.

Again, #Aerogarden sells the larger (when in stock) @ prolly best price. Both can be found @ Amazon, just search Aerogarden bamboo drawers.
122) Update concerning Collard Greens I just planted. These are not #Aerogarden pods. I bought these from Amazon (seed Co/packet below). So I've No Clue where I'm headed w/this, lol.

Interesting difference 'tween pods (3rd lagging) sprouted frm Same sprout: 1 greener than other.
123) Following up on my last. Interestingly & apparently nothing to do w/seeds planted (same/batch) what's happened here is that the pod planted closest to the aerator in the #Aerogarden Sprout turned out best; the middle pod good, but more pale; the back pod, lagging & pale...🤔
124) W/that said in post 123, this is just preliminary & may very well be a mere coincidence.

*However,* I have 500 Collard Green seeds to play with, lol -- all from the same company/batch/packet!

I'll get to the bottom of it just for the sake of doing so.🙂 #Aerogarden #Sprout
125) And so it begins. A few minutes ago I planted 3 more pods of Collard Greens. 6 seeds per pod, again, in an #Aerogarden Sprout. We'll see what happens.

I mean, why not? I gots Sprouts sitting idle & 500 Collard Green seeds, lol! Gotta see if things duplicate, fwiw....
127) Verdict: coincidence....

This time pod #3 did best, Pod #1 good & I'm still waiting for pod #2 to sprout, lol. Go figure.

So, I'm gonna go with 2 pods of Collard Greens & 1 pod of Beet Greens in 1 side of an #Aerogarden FarmPlus. No fan of beets, but maybe the greens??
128) A note regarding @AeroGarden product availability. Nice to see all Farms, including Bounties, in stock t'nite. Some Harvests, yet, still no Sprouts (being redesigned).

Also, unfortunately, no bamboo drawers in stock, nor any promise of expanded selections (sizes) of these..
129) I will be updating this weekend, particularly the tomato plants....

Also, bamboo drawers are now in stock again at the #Aerogarden Website, and... I Just Ordered A Farm XL! Yay!!

This getting out of hand, folks (lol)....😀
130) Update of my #Aerogarden tomatoes.

GoldenH in the Bounty I didn't weigh for obv/reasons. The 386 day RedH plant is continuing its rebound: 4 (plant pic in post next post).

FarmPlus RedH: 9.6oz. Thoughts on the itty bitty tomatoes next post....
131) Below: my 386 d/o #Aerogarden Red Heirloom plant. More info on this one earlier on this thread. Amazingly, it is rebounding & producing better than expected.

The itty bitty tomatoes (post 130)- tho cute -are a disappointment from my biggest plant. Perhaps malnourished??🤔
132) Unexpected #Aerogarden update: RIP Dino Kale.

It was magnificent & grew so tall I had to raise my FarmPlus lights all the way up.

Tasty & never bitter, it unexpectedly worked very well in salad. I trimmed lots & put in fridge due to mass drooping.

It was 111 days old.😢
133) Another unexpected update. #Aerogarden user @auntymaim has posted pics of her brand new Cucumber plant now producing!👍 https://twitter.com/auntymaim/status/1292959677324472321
134) Clarification. During Summer mo's my #Aerogarden grow room is a steady 78°-80°F due to A/C.

During Winter, I allow the entire house to cool, especially at night, to 66° or so. That's why I utilize the small space heater mentioned earlier, but can result in wider temp swings
135) Collard Greens Update (*Note: these are NOT #Aerogarden pods, see previous posts).

#1, They're growing quickly, but a bit pale, so I'm adjusting feed+

#2, I already pulled the Beet Greens out to a Harvest for space. May need to pull 2nd Collard Greens, too, eventually....
136) Ha! Had to share this. It occurred to me that I might be able to mount an #Aerogarden Farm (in this case FarmPlus) on a couple of their bamboo storage drawers. So, I did it t'nite.

Keeping Farm's weight on far edges of the drawers, by golly, I think it'll work. We'll see..
137) Been working on my #Aerogarden Room. Just added a FarmXL. In the process of making room for it, I decided to improve aesthetics in there. It's a work in progress: doing what I can w/what I have.

Anyway, 392 d/o tomato is impressive. Mini-Mighty from MY seed? Trash, no fruit
138) Quick update.

1st, Collard Greens (not #Aerogarden pods, see previous posts). Early on I removed Beet Greens due to expected space needs. Then, I mentioned I might discard the other Collard Grn I planted as well. I did.

Again, been slightly increasing food; less pale now.
139)*Gotta mention these little plastic containers I use sometimes when plants outgrow #Aerogarden caps.

Not recommending 'em, just noting I've found them useful sometimes-especially w/struggling plants.

Kinda embarrassed, but they came from Omaha Steaks (over priced) ice cream
140) Annnd moving on, lol. Next, is a surprise Tomato addition. I decided to experiment w/Tiny Tim seeds.

Man, I don't know how this plant is gonna come out (it's now transplanted into an #Aerogarden Harvest) but I can sure say that every damned seed in the pod sprouted, lol!
141) Lastly, a quick preview of my regular #Aerogarden tomato update coming this weekend.

These are the tomatoes currently in the fridge from the past week (I know, they shouldn't be kept in fridge-Except when in need of preserving, which is my case).

Final tally in a week
142) So, it's one of those days. I got into my freezer & found my packet of Sandia seeds I had previously stored that I had forgotten included Hatch Chili Seeds!

Huh, & I've got 2 Varieties of 'em too, lol! Meantime, I'm sprouting an #Aerogarden Anaheim pod. Oh Well. We'll see
143) Update! 1st, folks, I'm not sure what to say about the transient availability of #Aerogarden products. I realize they're a tiny company, but yeah, it appears that despite what management says, they still gots Supply Chain Issues....

I trust they're diligently working it out
144) So, for folks interested in #Aerogarden products that are currently out of stock, all I can say is check back, and check back regularly. They'll eventually have what you want....

Beet Greens in a Harvest. Slow to grow, but I always have difficulty w/Harvests for some reason
145) Next, is my experimental non- #Aerogarden Collard Greens pod (see previous posts). It's getting after it, lol. I did remove all other plants, so it's growing alone. Bigly.

Other side of this FarmPlus is Aerogarden Dino Kale & Kale Mix.

Also, the Red Fire Sprouted! ToBeCont.
146) Finally, my #Aerogarden tomatoes.

My 399 d/o Bounty plant just keeps on looking/doing better. Didn't weigh, but they're pictured w/other Bounty's Golden.

Golden: 6.6oz
Red: 15.6

I've increased nutrients to the Reds. Seems to help w/itty bitty tomato problem. We'll see....
147) Lunch(!) lol. I learned of Collard Green wraps online, so, I cut 4 big leaves from my month-old plant & made my version of 'em. They were good!

I just threw in a bunch of stuff I already had: fried rice; previously sautéed #Aerogarden greens, cabbage & mushrooms; sausage...
148) Next weekend I will have another #Aerogarden update.

There'll be some changes. The RedFire I hatched is gone b/c I've successfully hatched an Anaheim sprout.

Also,I plan to cut down my Bounty's Gold tomato & replace w/TinyTim soon, but not before next update.

Stay tuned!
149) In the meantime, here's an update of my #Aerogarden Beet Greens pod. I'm actually VERY pleased w/this plant's progress b/c other than herbs/spices, I've had Difficulty growing stuff in Harvests for some reason, lol.

Don't know what I'm gonna do w/it yet, but here it is....
150) Just a quick #Aerogarden update today; tomatoes tomorrow.

Here's 2 Kale pods; an Anaheim Chili; & a TinyTim tomato I removed from/Harvest b/c it wasn't doing well. Again, TT will be in Bounty soon & AC to Farm XL soon. KaleMixPod didn't provide the frilly kale I wanted....
151) Annnd just to keep things interesting, I planted some Broccoli destined for my Farm XL. Apparently, Broccoli leaves a very nutritious, so, if that's all that's produced, then, fine I guess.

These seeds (not an #Aerogarden pod) actually sprouted in less than 24 hours, lol.
152) Tryna keep up w/my #Aerogarden update. Tomato totals over past 2 weeks w/Gold & 414 day old Red:

Gold: 11.3oz; 414 d/o Red: 4oz. The pic below shows the dramatic change of 414 since 1st pic'd here. We'll see.

Only 12 non-ripe Gold tomatoes worth saving. That plant's out.
153) Now, my #Aerogarden Farm Plus tomatoes. I've been slightly increasing nutrients to these & they seem to be doing better. This is the 1st time I've grown tomatoes, so it's still a learning process for me....

Next update will be slim, but here's for now: an even 16oz.
154) Also, for those interested, #Aerogarden's Website shows the newly designed smaller Farms are in stock for 1st time.

The newly redesigned Sprout is still out of stock. If they redesign the aerator so to prevent gunk build-up, I may buy one. They're not difficult to clean tho
155) I shld mention an issue @AuntyMaim brought up that #Aerogarden users Will encounter when growing tall peppers. Yeah, they fall over due to lack of support. Hopefully @Aerogarden is working to address this. I may try & figure something out as well.

For reference, see pic:
156) T'nite I moved Beet Greens(Purples,lol!) from my #Aerogarden Harvest to a FarmPlus b/c I gots room there *tho still unsure what Imma do w/em, lol. The plant is absolutely beautiful otherwise.

Also, I expect to have a prototype pepper plant support thingy w/in next day or so
157) Ok, so at the risk of totally humiliating myself, I'm updating the progress(???) of my new #Aerogarden "Hold The Damn Pepper Plant Up" thingy, lol.😅

No, it's not finished & prolly won't ever work anyway, lol.

But(!) I have pics. Yeah well, enjoy! Gonna be a few more days
158) Yes, it's... rough-which is why it's a "prototype," lol, see?😉 This is what happens when one both builds & plans at the same time, lol-& w/limited tools/materials.

Anyway, closer to end result is 1st pic on #Aerogarden FarmXL deck. Yes, cylinder is made of 2Pringles cans😃
159) Next pic of my new #Aerogarden "Hold My Damn Pepper Plant Up" thingy is a top-down view. Yep, it's ugly. No amt of black paint gonna hide that, lol.

Let's just hope it kinda works. That way, I have something to build from nxt time. Otherwsie, what a damn waste of time, lol
160) Next, is a bottom pic. Briefly, this thing is intended to fit in an #Aerogarden Farm's deck pod holes. Then, to anchor it to that deck, I've planned to use zip ties on at least 2 sides - maybe all 4 - hence the holes in the feet. We'll see....
161) Final pic for my new #Aerogarden "Quit Dropping My Damn Pepper Plant" thingy, lol, is the high-tech cylinder.

I cut 2 up, hot glued them together for strength, then also taped them together w/Gorilla tape. Lots of work still to go into this (inside foam, anchoring, etc.)...
162) Anyway, in general, what I'm hoping to achieve here is to allow all #Aerogarden Farm pod holes to be utilized early on for other plants, like sprouting, until it's time to add support for the Pepper, which will take over eventually anyway. Which is why the 2-halves....
163) Otherwise, I cld certainly build 1 whole unit & expect it to be stronger. In that case, one could place the core support thingy in place minus the cylinders early on as the pepper sprouts & grows. Then, later, anchor in the halved cylinders for support as needed. #Aerogarden
164) I like the general idea (though it evolves daily) but the final result will need to be tested soon -- On My New Anaheim Pepper Plant!🙂 #Aerogarden

I'll update next when I've finished this project....
165) I should also note that the base of this thingy consists of vinyl signage on bottom that's both water resistant & won't scar my #Aerogarden deck.

Glued above that is piece of wood paneling for sturdiness. I chose the paneling as opposed to thicker plywood. Maybe wrong....
166) Also, as far I can tell so far, the "feet" of this thing do not interfere w/the #Aerogarden Farm deck's plumbing b/c they don't descend far enough into pod holes....

Also, the feet holes will be plugged to prevent water from coming up on deck (like, if one runs an aerator).
167) Ooops, realized I used wrong wood piece in pic #1 of this #Aerogarden update. So, I pried out that piece before nailing & replaced it for cylinder fit purposes just in time. Been a long day....

So, updated here's updated top down pic. More to come, prolly when finished....
168) So, after thinking it over today, I'm satisfied w/this basic design for my "Hold My Damn Pepper Plant Up" thingy. However, I am going to start over now that I know better the design.

Mean time, this one will be used as my #Aerogarden "Hold My Damn Beer" holder, lol....😉👍
169) FYI, this shld be final update on this #Aerogarden pepper plant holder project 'til a couple of weeks.

I gots materials ordered that may not get here for (hope not!) 2-weeks. Can't really get started 'til Everything gets here.

V1.0 gonna be radically better than prototype
170) Update. Not many tomatoes to report this weekend, but more are on the way. The Tiny Tim tomato in an #Aerogarden Bounty is below & flowering. Different color plant than others.

Also, I believe I have all of the materials/tools to complete my pepper holder, but no rush yet.
171) Pro Tip! If you gotta scrub your #Aerogarden Farm decks like I do on account of stubborn salt deposits, be careful not to scrub that center plug right out of its hole!

I did so tonight after taking down my BokChoi & making room for broccoli. Scrubbed it right off its tether
172) Felt I shld post a pic of the *Not #Aerogarden* Collard Greens pod I planted recently. Don't know how Aero's CGs turn out (prolly about the same, tho).

Been cutting from this plant from early on & using it in various ways. But it just keeps GROWING, lol-taking over FarmPlus
173) Just wanna note that progress concerning my V1.0 (lol) pepper holder thingy will be posted very soon. Before I do I just wanna make a few comments about it.

1st, I realize that #Aerogarden provides their own trellis system for plant support. I'm not knocking that per se'...
174) ...I just don't like it. I don't like those cables getting in my way as I contend w/not only the plant being supported on one side of an #Aerogarden Farm, but the entire Farm as well, which includes plants not in need of support, yet the cables stand in the way of those, too
175) I just wanted to find a way to keep my Tall pepper plants upright (b/c they eventually cannot support themselves) when they grow tall, yet w/out interfering w/access to the Farm's other side.

Also, folks have had problems w/ #Aerogarden's trellis system...
176) W/that said, #Aerogarden does provide their Trellis system w/Every Farm. I/m not saying it doesn't work, nor otherwise. All I'm saying is, bottom line: I Don't Like It; I just don't.

So Yes, it's me, lol -- that's it: I just don't wanna use it.🙂
177) So, w/that being said, I expect to have an alternative to the #Aerogarden trellis system that works for Large Peppers & FOR ME (yet, admittedly is a work in progress) posted here shortly.

Just know that I will be testing this thing in real-time. So, chill y'all & enjoy!🙂
178) I have finished the pepper holder project for taller #Aerogarden Farms. I'll start w/the finished result below, along w/materials (& the cool circle maker which came in handy).

Materials: 1 acrylic cylinder; pool foam; 4 pipe plugs; 1 fan shroud; & plastic sheet for base.
179) More info on #Aerogarden pepper holder: the cylinder was about 5" tall & 3.5" OD (outside diameter) & 3" ID. I may need to eventually trim this further, maybe down to 4.5" or so. We'll see. The pool foam was 3.5" OD & cut to fit. The plastic base is 1/4" flat black plastic.
180) More on #Aerogarden pepper holder: the fan shroud is 4" diameter; pipe plugs (zip ties can easily be substituted -- they don't give these plugs away, but they look kinda cool) fit up to 1-1/4" pipe, I believe.

BTW, they don't need to be tightened at all. Just plug 'em in.
181) I decided to test my new #Aerogarden pepper holder quick-like just to get an idea of its sturdiness. 1st demonstration confirms its use as a convenient rake holder. See?

Next, I have found a place to store my paintball gun. See? BTW, the holder isn't even secured in place.
182) Here I have my Broccoli posing w/my new #Aerogarden pepper holder base, & finally, the base is placed where it will reside until my Anaheim Pepper plant dies, or else otherwise needs to just disappear. I will slip in the foam & cylinder later as needed.

Hope it works!👍😎
183) I shld mention that, providing that this #Aerogarden tall pepper holder project actually works & works well, one could easily build one of these on the cheap (mine is decidedly Not inexpensive, lol).

In my next post I'll highlight some ways to cut the fat from this project.
184) Again, providing my #Aerogarden pepper holder project was worth the time/money to build, some ways to save money:

1st cut the plugs & go w/zip ties;
2nd perhaps use wood as the base;
3rd perhaps go w/PVC pipe instead & paint it;
4rth find alternative to new fan shroud.
185) I shld note that I waited entirely too long b/4 building/installing the base of my #Aerogarden pepper holder.

Ideally, the base shld be in place Very Early on in the pepper's growth cycle B/4 roots have anchored onto stuff under deck. I had to weaken my plant to install..👎
186) 1 more thing t'nite. I've experimented w/these plugs a bit b/4 deciding to use them. Yes, they descend quite a ways down into the deck, which means they Could cause problems w/the built-in plumbing system w/ #Aerogarden Farms.

Yet, so far I've not experienced water on deck.
187) Encore(!) lol. Wanna confirm that the plugs used in my #Aerogarden pepper plant holder measure Up To 1-1/4 inch/diameter. Also, the plastic sheet base plate measures 6-3/4" square.

I used a router to make the holes (So Damn Messy). There are Better Ways if ya got the tools.
188) #Aerogarden pepper holder update. Since I purchased 2 cylinders in case I messed up 1 (I didn't), I decided to experiment w/2nd.

I now have 3 sets to use: 5", 3", & 2". The 2" is installed now so I can determine if/when I need to go incrementally taller as the plant grows..
189) I apologize for any confusion, but lemme clarify the material used for the base of my #Aerogarden tall pepper holder.

I've mentioned plastic sheet, yet, more accurate is: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), again, 1/4" thick & flat black (polished black is on other side tho).
190) Last update for awhile on my #Aerogarden pepper holder.

Decided to yank 2" & replace w/3" foam/cylinder. Feel Much better now.

Anyway, the idea is to safely (for the plant) keep it as perpendicular to deck as possible. That way little weight is actually in need of support
191) Decided to tweet a few comments concerning my Broccoli & Anaheim Pepper plants, including the FarmXL & MY #Aerogarden Tall pepper holder.

1st) Mea Culpa. The FarmXL IS certainly worth purchasing, contrary to what I surmised months earlier on this thread. I'll show why....
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