✧ clouded ✧ - kiribaku au

bakugo is not the jealous type. not at all. who cares about feelings anyway? so then why does he feel this awful sensation the moment he realizes kirishima is getting closer to deku?

✧ before we begin
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✧ kiri wants new friends and a certain someone notices him
✧ deku makes his move ;)
✧ bakugo attempts to ask for help to his lovely friend and succeeds... kinda
✧ kiri is feeling peachy
✧ bakugo is seriously a bad influence
✧ bakugo doesn't react very well to the news
✧ denki complains with his squad about mean bakugo 😔 and makes a new discovery
✧ bakugo tries to make his move but his own feelings end up betraying him
✧ deku to the rescue ? not everyone is happy about it
✧ bakugo needed a place where to vent in private
✧ everyone is thirsty for deku 😔
✧ bakugo and his sudden insomnia
✧ todoroki saw him and ...
✧ what about a love message?
✧ bakugo regrets his decision
✧ denki tries to fix things and expose bakugo- almost
✧ bakugo makes a joke up to date and todoroki has trust issues
✧ bakugo's heart skips a beat
✧ todoroki had enough 😤
✧ at last, the showdown
✧ and the final verdict
✧ one story, two different points of view
✧ shitty hair ain't his partner 😔
✧ affection is gross, but it's needed
✧ okay, he's doing it
✧ phase one: successful! ... kinda
✧ kirishima's smile
✧ phase one: a major disaster
✧ phase two?
✧ the reason
✧ "is there someone you like?"
✧ "things i'll never say"
✧ the song that inspired this part is by avril lavigne, called "things i'll never say" 🥺 give it a listen!
✧ undeserving
✧ the bakusquad starts to wonder
✧ denki has connected the dots
✧ painfully obvious
✧ poor kirishima 😔
✧ so unmanly 😠
✧ unnerving doubts
✧ why?
✧ don't misunderstand
✧ what if
✧ i'm here
✧ just talk to him
✧ i'm sorry
✧ bakugo is distracted
✧ when everything reminds me of you
✧ father vs son
✧ bakugo is almost at his limit
✧ you're cute
✧ bakugo's changing
✧ red... red riot !!
✧ "just like you"
✧ how could you 😔
✧ run baby run
✧ oops wrong account
✧ bakugo and his bad luck pt.577
✧ sharing secrets?
✧ a midnight date? bakugo, are you sure?
✧ shoto the sarcastic love guru
✧ things take a turn for the worse
✧ bakugo is on time, but -
✧ giving up
✧ just one more time
✧ like the butterfly effect
✧ this part was mostly written listening to "the butterfly effect" by before you exit - hence the title - please give it a listen 💌
✧ before i start updating, please take a look at this wonderful artwork 🥺♥️ https://twitter.com/GliitchyBean/status/1243848713342193665?s=19
✧ the world is ending
✧ kiri has now a private account
✧ you are the right person
✧ i care about you too
✧ the bakusquad is back at it again
✧ don't bother
✧ i can't leave you alone
✧ he's just too important
✧ yes or no?
✧ it's not up to me
✧ subscribe to todoroki shoto's youtube channel
✧ something's burning
✧ give aizawa a break challenge failed
✧ bad memories
✧ how about a party
✧ do it for kiri
✧ i like your smile
✧ proof that todoroki isn't human
✧ it's simple math
✧ he won't be coming
✧ forget what's on your mind
✧ and the party begins
✧ round glasses
✧ the fourth wall is officially broken
✧ what's going on
✧ clouded
✧ his sun, chasing the clouds away
✧ fears and doubts
✧ what having a crush feels like
✧ i like you so, so much, but you don't know
✧ sudden realization
✧ pining fools
✧ just friends or... best friends?
✧ is it about kiribaku
✧ kiri needs new friends, again
✧ you're making him fall hard for you
✧ "i fucking love you"
✧ i dare you
✧ kiri's revenge has now begun
✧ i'm late but please take a look at this marvelous artwork 🥺♥️ https://twitter.com/GliitchyBean/status/1245837890287894535?s=19
✧ i just got blessed again - i'm gonna cry, this is just perfect ! please shower this artwork with love ♥️ https://twitter.com/sydcounty/status/1247042346253979648?s=19
✧ i'm in love 😭 https://twitter.com/sydcounty/status/1247265722696224768?s=19
✧ here's some new stunning art which is about a scene that was barely mentioned but that actually happened 🥺♥️ https://twitter.com/GliitchyBean/status/1247288119629660166?s=19
✧ exposing kiribaku
✧ kiri tells deku what happened
✧ he didn't let go of you until the very end
✧ hey there beautiful
✧ what's the big deal
✧ you can do it
✧ don't be late
✧ admit it, coward
✧ his first kiss
✧ all over again
✧ you're so nice with me
✧ keep this pg-13
✧ so you haven't...?
✧ you have no idea, have you?
✧ kiribaku shares one braincell
✧ two of my favorite things
✧ quote this tweet with questions for #dearkamiden
✧ you can actually quote the previous tweet with questions for our #dearkamiden !! who knows, maybe he's really going to have the chance to interview our power couple 😗🎶 and he could pick your question, but you have to be original/interesting to be noticed, obviously 🤭
✧ just check your twitter
✧ the first question for kiribaku and it sounds familiar
✧ who's the big spoon?
✧ why so stupid?
✧ kiribaku gets soft
✧ kiri's soft hair
✧ bakugo the cat isn't pleased
✧ hey kiri, don't you have something you want to tell bakugo?
#kamiden is done for today
✧ bakugo is doing his best for kiri
✧ too young
✧ how bad is this from 1 to 10
✧ whispers in the night
✧ my sun, my dazzling light
✧ tododeku did what?
✧ the betrayal
✧ your happiness is all that matters
✧ we aren't dating- yet
✧ call me katsuki
✧ in love
✧ i'm proud of us
✧ no time to waste
✧ eijiro calm down
✧ time is ticking
✧ going down in history
✧ bad feeling
✧ how could you
✧ just couple things
✧ the l word
✧ make him yours
✧ bet
✧ you've got this
✧ are you ready, my prince?
✧ finally, the truth
✧ why?
✧ running away from you
✧ would it be alright if i pulled you closer?
✧ deeply, madly, truly in love with you
✧ something missing
✧ cute freckles
✧ 1 - 0
✧ is this too much for your heart?
✧ his first
✧ you're the one he loves
✧ hopeless
✧ hey, be my boyfriend
✧ regrets
✧ get on one knee
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