At RPG, we are thinking of everyone during this uncertain time. If you are looking for things to do during #CoronavirusOutbreak #QuarantineLife, here are 10 ways to stay civically engaged:
1. Write your Senators, Members of Congress, and local elected officials about an issue you care about. Be patient in receiving a response as they focus on responding to #COVID19.
2. Look up how to #RegisterToVote🗳️for the general election in your state and start the process in a safe way, such as by gathering all the materials you need.
3. Stay educated! Read about the #CoronavirusUSA, the local news, or any long form news articles you’ve been putting off.
4. All politics are local! Look up the schedule for school board meetings or town halls that your local elected officials are hosting. Put them on your calendar so you’ll remember to go once @CDCgov says it is safe to attend.
5. Go to ; look at some of our clients; consider donating to them. About half our clients are nonprofits. #shamelessplug
6. If you have kiddos at home (or even if you don’t), turn on the Schoolhouse Rock “I’m Just a Bill” Music Video and learn how a bill becomes a law!
7. If you want to know how we can be better prepared for a future #pandemic, check out our partner @BioCommission website to read their recommendations: 
8. Your elected officials may be having telephone town halls. 📞☎️ Look to see if they are and join if so!
9. Check out the websites for all of the candidates running in either your primary or general election. Think about who you may want to vote for with an open mind.
10. Call a family member or friend to discuss an issue that is important to you.
Remember to stay safe out there. Share any other ideas on how to stay #engaged below. 👇👇
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