British Diamond Princess travelers Dave and Sally Abel extensively vlogged their on ship quarantine and Japanese hospital experience. In this video Dave goes over his early symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment .
If you’ve found good accounts, please send. For now I’m trying not to post tweet only accounts, unless person is verified. Also only confirmed via testing. Don’t want to mistakenly spread misinformation.
44 year-old American David Lat, formerly active, health and fit, tweets that he's so wiped out from the shortness of breath that it took him over 90 minutes to eat and he can barely make it across the room.
Rachel Matthews from Frozen II (26 yrs old) talks about her symptoms and remedies on insta:
Not on insta? Rachel Day1: sore throat, fatigue, headache. D2:mild fever -> horrible body aches, short of breath, major fatigue, no appetite, deep, dry cough. D3:no fever, minor aches, lungs much worse, lost sense of smell + taste. (1/2)
Rachel D5-7: feeling more like self, still short of breath, loss of appetite, fatigue, no taste/smell but overall okay. What she's doing for all this in picture. Or check out her insta...
Asymptomatic carrier Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz 45 described how he is on Good Morning America. A lot of complaints that the Jazz got tested, but w/o the diagnosis he and the others would be out there training, playing, interacting with fans, and infecting many many more.
29 year old music producer Andrew Watt couldn't move out of bed for days, ran a fever. Doc: "flu". Chills, sweats, delirium, dry cough -> emergency room. Chest Xray: "viral pneumonia". No Covid test. Paid private dr to test, yep, positive. More @ his insta 
22 year old Bjonda Haliti in California tweeted her symptoms and fight to get tested. She thinks she might have gotten it clubbing. Checkout her thread:
Daniel Goldman and his wife tested positive, their 3 children not. These prominent New Yorkers could not get tested, apparently they drove to CT with fevers to do so. Correct if I have it wrong. #coronavirus
Daniel Dae Kim caught #Covid19 filming in NYC. Returned to HI. Scratchy throat en route. Quarantined self, tried to rest. Chest tightness, body aches, temp rose -> Drive thru testing. Was awkward + painful but worth it. Recovering @ home bedrest, liquids. 
New Orleans Fri 3/6: atty Mark Frilot (45) had fever. Sun: 101.9. Wed: higher. Told: Flu. Tylenol + advil per Dr. Thurs: ER, double pneumonia; by PM ICU. Fri: sedated, paralyzed, intubated. Sat: #coronavirus test. Still on ventilator. Family can't visit. 
28-year-old former Bachelor Colton Underwood: "it's been kicking my ass, just to put it very bluntly."

Underwood described symptoms like not being able walk up a flight of stairs or to the bathroom without getting exhausted.
Boston Celtics player Marcus Smart is another asymptomatic #coronavirus carrier in the NBA. He feels fine w/no symptoms, and this is why he wants you to take precautions. You could have it, not know and spread it to others who could be hit hard.
New Orleans Saints' Head Coach Sean Payton asks everyone to be part of the solution, not the #coronavirus problem. He didn’t feel well & got tested. Resting at home & fatigued, he said he is part of the 20% of COVID19 cases that have no fever and no cough.
Sen. Paul Rand is the 1st U.S. Senator to test positive. He is asymptomatic and was active and circulating before diagnosis. Two U.S. Representatives also have #coronavirus: Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) & Rep. Ben McAdams (D-Utah)
NY writer Matt O’Brien & his wife both have #COVID19. Both: low fevers 100-100.7; recurring chills; shortness of breath. Him: really sore eyes, aching legs. Her: loss of appetite, sense of taste. Read his thread for their symptoms & testing journey.
Sen. Amy Klobuchar's husband John has #coronavirus. He kept having a temperature and a bad, bad cough. Coughing up blood & low oxygen levels -> a test, chest X-ray, hospitalization. Now (3/23) has pneumonia and on oxygen but not a ventilator.
28-year-old Michael Prendergast, Ireland: I have been so sick & weak I couldn't raise my own head & I've asked myself 'have I been a good person, have I done enough in my life?'...I never thought I would have been so sick. It's been harrowing.
NY Times journalist Sarah Maslin Nir has a tweet thread discussing her diagnosis and symptoms. Note the complete loss of sense of taste and smell.
Cameron van der Burgh, Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist after 14 days w/ #COVID19: “still struggling with serious fatigue and a residual cough that I can’t shake. Any physical activity like walking leaves me exhausted for hours.”
Britain’s deputy ambassador to Hungary, Steven Dick, 37, died from #coronavirus 3/24 in a Budapest hospital. Well liked & an exemplary officer, he was originally doing fine in isolation, but bored, when his condition deteriorated rapidly.
Famed Chef Floyd Cardoz dead of #Coronavirus at 59. The Top Chef Masters winner 1st went to hospital w/a fever last Wed. “Good food is not only about how it looks on the plate. It’s about how good it makes the person eating it feel.”
Ops, I accidentally posted several tweets meant for my coronavirus victims' remembrance thread here. Going to leave them here for those who marked them. Below, continuing with people's accounts of their symptoms and experiences.
Denver pastor, Air Force vet Rev. Terrance Hughes, critically ill with #COVID19 related lung & kidney damage after 3 weeks unconscious on ventilator. Virus taking over his body & heart. "An unflinching champion of the poor, the oppressed, the vulnerable."
Peter Tuchman, widely photographed stock trader has #coronavirus: “I am battling it pretty hard never felt so sick in my life...Great team of drs no breathing problems that’s a good thing all the other problems that’s a bad thing ... send prayers.”
Neil Ferguson, UK. Infectious disease modeller/epidemiologist modeling the virus in the UK. Director of J-IDEA and the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis. Tested because of recent proximity to people leading the UK response.
UK Shiraz Maher, Lecturer, War Studies, Kings College London. Blood pressure spike, couldn’t get ambulance.
Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health & Social Care and MP for West Suffolk tweets about his #coronavirus experience
Bennie Adkins, Medal of Honor recipient, has #coronavirus
Dr. Melissa Geraghty with #COVID19
Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister. By now you've probably heard that he has #COVID19. Here is his tweet announcing his #coronavirus status.
USA: Geto Boy rapper Scarface (Brad Jordan, 49) on his over 3-week ordeal w/ #COVID19: "This (stuff) is not fake. It is not fake.” Felt like an "elephant was sitting on my chest". Improved w/ complications to his kidneys, heart & lungs.
South Florida ER nurse & young mother Herine Baron made a series of YouTube videos chronicling her #coronavirus illness. Panick and fear of her exposure at work and PPE issue. High fever, pneumonia, shortness of breath. Nurses afraid to enter her room.
Spanish actress, Itziar Ituño, 45, star of Money Heist. Fever & dry cough, but fortunate to have a mild case. “There are many lives in play and we still don’t know where this will go…It is the time for solidarity and generosity.” #coronavirus #covid19
In Boulder, CO Beth Arellano tweets her symptoms, which fit a pattern being seen by docs here. Note, the sharp stomach pain and cramping. Though she was in agony (pain, constant need 4 asthma inhaler) this is considered "mild" for #COVID19 #coronavirus
Chris Cuomo, broadcaster, NY tweeted his #COVID19 3/31: Had fever, chills, shortness of breath. Got tested after being exposed to people who tested positive. Is quarantined in his basement, apart from his family. Calls for unity to beat #coronavirus.
TSN's Good Wilson @gordwilson was symptomatic for 9-10 days before got his test results. Heavy chest, muscle and joint ache. Shortness of breath/lack of energy came shortly after that followed by temporary loss of smell and taste senses. #coronavirus
State Sen. Paul Rosino, (R)-Oklahoma City: he is recovering from #COVID19 & doing well. After starting to feel sick he strictly followed the recs of public health officials to stay home, self-isolate & contact a doctor. He urges others to do the same.
With the hindsight of recover after near-death time on a ventilator -David Lat shares the treatment for his case in this thread.
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