Day 1 recap: Dismantled and cleaned Reginald the Roomba. Started listening to all of my records in alphabetical order. Painted some tiny models. Watched some old Baseball games & McMillions. Today we return to work.
Day 2: Pretty regular day. Worked a long day of meetings, ended with a concerning note from the bosses. Had a meh lunch, great dinner. Finished McMillions and caught up on some other HBO stuff. Unremarkable day.
Day 3: Another regular work day. Talked with my folks, about work. A+ lunch and dinner. Had some whiskey, tried a live stream of records. Did some texting. Feels like I'm starting to ease into all this.
Day 4: Another day. Nothing noteworthy at work. Skipped breakfast and lunch. Made my mom's red sauce with pasta. Got plenty of leftover sauce for multi-day use. Had a nice Zoom hangout with friends. Felt like a pretty standard Wednesday.
Day 5: A Friday of sorts. Took Day 6 off from work, so did a lot of work stuff to prep for that. Had solid fried rice for lunch and more pasta sauce for dinner. Watched Knives Out and Brick. Drank just a bit more then I should have.
Day 6: A Day Off. Did a good relax. Highlights include: a short walk outside avoiding others, Zoom Happy Hour & Cuddlefest in Cyber Space. No complaints here.
Day 7: A Real Winner. A+ Breakfast Potato Times. Fixed a smoke detector (team effort). Did a stream of nerd stuff people seemed to dig. Talked with the Boomers in our lives. Zoom Hangs with Chris and Nic. Neighbor Grocery Delivery. Nice dinner. Watched old baseball.
Day 8: Its officially been a week. Probably had too much screen time yesterday. Keep it pretty low key. Started cleaning the basement. Went to bed early. Honestly, this one got away from me.
Day 9: Back to work. Busy day with that stuff. Started diving into the B section of the records. Had a very healthy dinner. Did some work figuring out potential web social times for the week. Started to get bored a bit.
Day 10: Routine. Totally unremarkable day, felt like the first normal one in a while. Worked, watched the amazing Film Noir "Gun Crazy" (1950, J. Lewis), had dinner, went to bed. Nothing else of note occurred.
Day 11: Rough one. Hit a wall with work stuff after 7 hours of meetings. Spent the afternoon/evening with a robust sense of frustration with limited outlets for it. Had good zoom friend hangs, great dinner. Watched another great Cuddle Show. Slept.
Day 12: Back to Boring. Work was busy and non-stop but fine. Food times were v. good and healthy! Did some video games and watched Game 7 of the 2016 World Series (a real all timer). Watch some of "The Natural" after reading a real pick me up of a story about it in the Athletic.
Day 13: Friday! Ready to be done with the week that's for sure. Great leftovers for lunch, and A+ roasted mushrooms for dinner. Lots of zoom parties and drinking. Plugged through a number of B records.
Day 14: Slightly hungover. Crumpets for breakfast, Beans for Dinner. Cheese snack. Watched "Terror in a Texas Town". Had screen time. Took a nice nap. Went to bed early. V lazy.
Day 15: Officially 2 Weeks In. Japanese bacon bread twist things for breakfast. Roasted a chicken for dinner. Watched Game 3 of the 1998 World Series and most of Game 6 of the 2009 World Series. Beat a video game. Saw a friend IRL with the required social distancing. Good day.
Day 16: Really good day. Work was lower key the prior days, got way more done. Felt good. Had leftover Carla Beans for lunch (A+) and a Roast Chicken Caesar Salad for dinner (A+). Got through 3 of the 5 LPs in the live Bruce box set. Slept really well.
Day 17: Work is calming down, mostly. Had some post-work, work excitement. Good lunch and healthy dinner. Finished The Boss box set. Went to bed very early, which was nice. Need less screen time going forward.
Day 18: Work remains calm for the moment. Pretty productive day. Snack lunch, A+ dinner. Zoom hangs, drinks outside, watched some of The Hidden Fortress. Slept pretty well.
Day 19: Another lower key work day. A relief after last week. Overall most of the day was unremarkable. Had a number of zoom hangs with friends. Finished The Hidden Fortress ('58), started Yojimbo. Best night of sleep all week.
Day 20: Left a 2 block radius. Work was fine, found some interesting data issues. Went to see @bainard at @Beermiscuous for a beer pick up. Nice to go into the world for a bit. Family Zooms, More Zooms & A Phone Call. Finished Yojimbo. Brews and rosé. V Good Meatball Sub dinner.
Day 21: Tied one on. Zooms, meatballs sub, boozin'. Listened to a lot of records. Milled about outside on the deck. Thats about it!
Day 22: Chillin. Watched Address Unknown (William Cameron Menzies '44) and Sanjuro (Kurosawa '62). Had a fantastic steak for dinner. Played Civ V.
Day 23: RIP Christen Thomas. Started off pretty good, ended bad. Work was fine, foodz were good. Christen's passing is hard. Without her work at the Bottle & Metro (not to mention friendship and trust) I wouldn't be who I am today. Rest in Power.
Day 24: Meh. Rough start. Coworker lost their Mom to Covid in the morning. News was bleak. Felt off most of the day. Did have a pretty good evening with some outside times, grilled cheese, along with friend & neighbor hangs.
Day 25: Blah. @nadarine procured Red Hot Ranch burgers on her return from a non-covid related doc apt. High point of the week thus far. Work was work. Had a quick zoom times. Power napped after work, went to be early.
Day 26: Nothing of note. Food times were good. Crazy work day ahead of a 3 day weekend. Watched Dana's stories on Youtube. Started Destiny 2?
Day 27: A DAY OFF! Slept in a bit. Got beer from Sleeping Village. Hosted a Happy Hour. Had homemade burgers that ruled. Listened to hella records and did some competitive soundtracking with Dana as we crushed brews and hung out. A+++ Day.
Day 28: Killed some Space Wizards with Brian. I hate Space Wizards. Did a good check in zoom with 'The Boomers' in our life plus a Team Swami hang. Watched a Yankees v Sox game from 2010 my Dad sent over. Made a killer breakfast sammie and risotto cakes for dinner.
Day 29: Officially 1 Month of Quarantine. Celebrated by opening a 2019 Dark Lord and 2019 Big Hugs. Made a mix of my Mom's and Alison Roman's shallot pasta sauce. Saw "Crime Wave" (De Toth '54) and "Portrait of A Lady On Fire" (Sciamma '19). Zoom hangs with friends. Yard work!
Day 30: Back to work as it were. Pretty unremarkable. Made Carla from Bon Appetite beans. Work was fine. Finished the last SV Growler. Nothing of note transpired.
Day 31: Lost a family member to Covid. My dad's Aunt Terry passed. Thank you everyone for your condolences. Aunt Terry was in poor health and in her late 90s so it was not a surprise, but our isolation is what's hurting. It made for a very weird day on top of a rough work day.
Day 32: A bummer week continues! Work stresses plugged away through the day. Dana left the house to get Beer and Groceries. Had a solid salad for dinner. Watched Dana's stories, crashed early as I had slept poorly the night before.
Day 33: Slight improvement. Work issues didnt crop up, got a lot done. Enjoyed non-leftover food. Started "What We Do In The Shadows" and "Mrs. America" on the TV.
Day 34: Friday! Highlight was recording an episode of the Estrus Records Podcast about running a label. Work was fine. Crushed some brews. Crushed some leftovers and nice fresh pasta. Didn't crush all the brews, thus went to bed at a reasonable hour.
Day 34: Saturdays have become my favorite day. I've come down from the week and I don't have to deal with work for awhile. Made Hash and Pizza. Some Zooms. Much Video Game and Records. Cleaned up an entire part of the basement. Went outside. Productive day.
Day 35: Sunday Funday! Scallion Biscuits, Leftover Pizza for foods. Crushed beers both inside and outside. Champagne for breakfast. Zooms with a number of friends. Pained Space Boys. Records. Bill Cunningham Doc. Early To Bed.
Day 36: 420 Day. In honor of this day of days, I kept Straight Edge. Work was work. Good use of leftovers for foods. Caught up on What We Do In The Shadows and a 6 hour video of Sheep.
Day 37: Nothing of note. Long work day. Fried Rice and Linguine & Meatballs for food. One of our candles is melting in a weird way. Been getting really sleepy by the end of the day. No other news.
Day 38: Very long work day. Pretty much on the phone from 8:30 to 5:00. Leftovers lunch, mushrooms and polenta for dinner. Happy Hour with @ggooooddccaatt and @chicagoflaneuse. Solidarity Tiki Drinks for @Pauldonttweet's 40th.
Day 39: Tired. Despite sleeping well, I feel like I'm just more worn out than usual at the end of every day. Work was long, could feel my brain starting too dull. TJ's Fish 'sticks' + salad for dinner. Read some of a book Dana gave me. Just living for the weekend.
Day 40: Another long work day. Crushed many beers and 1/2 a bottle of whiskey(!) with @nadarine. Zooms. Finished all the B records.
Day 41: I have owned a home for 2 years. Made waffles and tacos. Watched the '78 AL Tie Breaker Game and Game 7 of the '86 World Series. Took a nap.
Day 42: Made Tortilla Chips, they came out very good. Ate more waffles and then tacos. Did yard work outside. Watched a documentary about Hilma af Klint. Meet a new baby (at a distance)! Low key day, not bad.
Day 43: On the phone straight through from 8am until 6pm. Loooong day. Talk with my folks. Short zoom drink with @ggooooddccaatt. Quality leftovers for lunch and dinner Went to bed stupid early.
Day 44: Mixed Bag. Great morning of calls rounded out by a really bad one and an only 80% contentious internal meeting. Just felt wiped out by the end of it. Two good power Zooms with two good crews. Still eating old beans.
Day 45: Slightly lower key work day = better overall day. Still busy and long. Dana procured beer and food, the highlight of every two week stretch.
Day 46: Similar to Day 45. Recorded a speech at work. Kept busy enough that I didn't get to eat food. Fairly productive. Crushed 3 beers. Got a beer delivery from @ggooooddccaatt followed by happy hour hang. Ravioli with lemon and peas in a cream sauce for dinner.
Day 47: Friday. Left the house for a few to get foods. Decent work day, crazy as ever. Hangs with @myodana, Brother @chris_whitehead, and then @cwilk. Dana watched a Bon Apatite 2 Hour Special. Quesadilla for Lunch, Ramps For Dinner. Crushed brews, but not as many as last Friday.
Day 48: Best Day Yet. Cleaned up the deck and back yard. Got Hamms and Whiskey from @Reedslocal. Crushed hella Hamms on the deck. Grilled a killer Steak from @LocalFoodsChi. Healthy breakfast hash. Good late night hangs with friends on Zoom outside. Hamms.
Day 49: Low Key. Made breakfast tacos and grilled brats. Napped. Attended a virtual baby shower. Watched Game 7 of the '52 World Series & "Double Indemnity" (Wilder '44).
Day 50: Work'n. Best start to a week in about a month. Didn't feel totally beat up after work for a change. Made a sick quesadilla for lunch. Leftover steak in a steak salad for dinner. Had a really nice red with the steak salad. Not a bad start.
Day 51: Another fine day. Work hasn't been crazy. Busy, but less stressful. Lemon Zucchini Pasta for Dinner. Talked with my last friend at my old job who has finally left. It was a long, and good talk.
Day 52: Another day. Pasta for lunch, stir fry for dinner. Shot at space wizards with @Biggie_PUN. Started on the first of the Billy Childish Blocks in my LP journey. Lost a work friend to cancer.
Day 53: We lost internet! Work remains pretty good. Lost internet for 2 hours in the middle of the day. Dana's work is crazy so we finally dove into the freezer for a nice Mustache Stromboli dinner. Started a movie I'll discuss tomorrow after we finish.
Day 54: Friday, and back to real life. Work was fine. Finished "The League of Gentlemen (Dearden, 1960) a Grade A early heist film. Drank beer. Zoomed. Stayed up later than Dana to listen to The Milkshakes, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard a bunch. TGIF.
Day 55: Zooms Zooms Zooms. Team Swami Zoom, @kinda_cool Birthday Zoom, @bainard Zoom. Made Egg in a Hole for breakfast, @nadarine made The Big Lasagna for dinner. Watched "Victim" (Dearden, 61). Got the new @fleshpanthers LP. Good times. Real times.
Day 56: Two Months, and Mothers Day. Pretty low key day. Painted Some Space Dudes. @nadarine got foods (and mystery target items?). Family Zooms. Going to be a very busy week for Dana so we kept it chill overall. Dan Bing for Breakfast, The Big Lasagna pt 2 for Dinner.
Day 57: Back to work, again. It's the companies annual conference, but virtual. Lots of webinar times. Dad needed to have human interaction for an hour. Killer pork loin with maple mustard glaze for dinner. Had a beer after work.
Day 58: Nothing of note transpired.
Day 59: I left the house for the first time in weeks. Picked up a killer dinner at All Together Now. Got beer from @bainard for myself and @EdMcMenamin. Drove around. Had some beers outside. Dana played some tunes since I need to do some work on the turntable. I miss the world.
Day 60: Nothing of note to report save that @nadarine made some quality soy glazed chicken. Watched the. Crimson Kimono (Fuller, '59) and House of Bamboo (Fuller, '55).
Day 61: Friday. Hot Dogs for Dinner! Zoomed with my dad who needed some human interaction. Beers. Tunes. Worked on a draft of a Midsomer Murders script. I really need to take some PTO.
Day 62: Went for a hike. Drove about 30min to the woods. Walked around for a while, making sure to avoid other humans. Was very nice. Picked up Tempesta for a nice picnic watching model planes fly around. Grilled a steak. Made fresh Lemonade. Zooms. Watched Super 8 (Abrams, '11).
Day 63: Rain Day. Inside all day! Good rain sounds. 90% finished painting the first wave of space model boys. Watched Game 6 of the '93 series, Game 5 of the '08 series, and started the '14 Wild Card Game. Egg Bake thing for breakfast. Killer dumplings for dinner.
Day 64: A Day. Pretty regular as far as things go these days. Work went by quickly. Finished painting the space boys, next up space zombies. Ate seafood (shrimps, sausage, rice dish) for the second this plague it was wonderful.
Day 65: Another Day: Nothing remarkable during the work day. Steak Salad for lunch, mushroom pasta for dinner. Very fun low-key zooms after dinner.
Day 66: I forget what happened. I did order beer.
Day 67: Rice for lunch, salad for dinner. Attended @probablymolly's trash can working session. Drank some Gin. Nothing else of note.
Day 68: Almost a free PTO day. Did an epic beer/grocery run, was outside and alone for the longest stretch yet. Got some goods from @HalfAcreBeer, @dovetailbrewery, @BegyleBrewing, @Beermiscuous, @MetroBrewing (plus JJ!), & @LocalFoodsChi & made a nice round of deliveries to friends.
Day 69: Nice. Staycation begins. Crushed beers, made breakfast sandwiches and crab. Had some low key zooms, good times.
Day 70: Hosted a pretty good Zoom-BBQ. Grilled some brats and bison burgers. Crushed brews, got the tiki torches going. Good day.
Day 71: Kept it low key. No coffee, booze, zooms, or tweets. Very relaxing.
Day 72: Took a day off for an official 4 day weekend. Grilled some leftover burgers for lunch. Had some nice rosé on the porch. Nice end to the weekend.
Day 73: Dodging the first day back after a holiday is a good idea. Leftovers for lunch, hassle-back sweet potato and salad for dinner. No coffee or booze. Hung outside for awhile. Enjoyed the PBS show "Expedition with Steve Backshall" aka Hiking the TV Show.
Day 74: Workin. Nothing of note on that end. Surprisingly good leftover pasta for dinner. Watched the end of a Cubs game from 2000 where they came back from 8-3 to beat the Brewers. Checked in with the folks. Once again, no coffee or booze.
Day 75: Surprisingly busy work day. Zucchini fritters for lunch and Tacos for dinner. Split a few cold ones outside with Dana. Listened to bunch of records. Watched the '92 All Star Game.
Day 76: Protests. Attended the car protest at the Cook County Jail. Felt a bit inadequate but important to do something. Chilaquiles for breakfast, amazing Cod with Lentil Rice for dinner. Some zooms, some cold ones, some tunes.
Day 77: Slept in. Got to see some friends on bikes for breakfast. Watched the Last Game At Yankee Stadium (9/21/08) which I also attended. Did some big relax times. Teriyaki Mushrooms and Zucchini cakes for dinner.
Day 78: Back to work. As far as things go, not much to remark upon from my end. World remains in chaos with authority figures failing almost across the board. Started work on the space zombies. Leftovers for lunch, Chicken Larb for dinner. ✊
Day 79: Slept poorly. Thinking a lot about everything going on. Work was fine. Leftovers for lunch, Clam Pasta for dinner. A zoom. Finished a space zombie, Dana started a space zombie. Not #PATSPAN right now, there are more important voices to hear/listen to right now.
Day 80: Attended the CPDHQ Protest because its what needs to be done. Work remained mellow. Squash Taco's for dinner, leftovers for lunch. Watched Ken Burns's Baseball doc.
Day 81: Not much to report. @nadarine made clam pizza for dinner. it was very good. Freezer tamales for lunch. Watched more of Ken Burns baseball, started planning foodz for next week. The issues plaguing the nation continue.
Day 82: Man Friday's are nice. Work was fine. Did the whole Bandcamp thing. Few brews outside. Rice for lunch, a number mediterranean dishes for dinner. Listened to tunes and started the '00 World Series. Went to bed at a reasonable hour.
Day 83: Slept fitfully for yet another night. Breakfast was good, fish for dinner. Failed attempt to nap. Painted space boyz. Listened to a bunch of tunes. Got through games 1 and 2 of the '00 Series. Birthday zooms for @rojas!
Day 84: Best Day. Had social distance hangs with friends for a few hours on the back porch, our first true social interaction in 84 days. James Bennet getting fired was fantastic news, a life long dream come true. Killer short ribs for dinner. Enjoyed "Hopscotch" (Neame, '80).
Day 85: Weird day. Decided it's time to spend less time on social media. I'm done with memes, shit posting, and all that garbage. Was nice to see #CAHisOver. Dana had the day off. Yard starting to get redone. Quality Zucchini for dinner. Watched "Inside Man" (Lee, '06).
Day 86: Logged off. Did pretty good staying off the internet. Work was fine. Had salad and pigs-in-a-blanket for both meals. Added Gochujang to the dinner ones, A+. Finished the '00 World Series. Zoom hangs with @Biggie_PUN.
Day 87: Quarantine continues. How the fuck is this thread almost at 100 days? Work, fine. Leftover short ribs for lunch, dumplings for dinner. Still laying off the internet. Prepping for @nadarine's folks visit (its a whole thing). Early to bed, as I haven't slept well in weeks.
Day 88: Beelzebub, I cant remember. It was fine. Work has been too crazy to keep up with non-work. Leftovers for food which was dope. Did a lot of pre-in laws visit cleaning. Thats a whole different story.
Day 89: Quarantine broken. Work was pretty hectic, phone all day. Bo Ssam for dinner. Fried Rice for lunch. In Laws arrived from Nebraska to drop off 'stuff' prior to their move to Texas next week. I have now interacted with other humans. Anti-Climatic.
Day 90: In-Laws Day. Power washed the deck and porch. Did other house stuff with Dana's folks, plus general discussions. Just parents time you know? Went through what they brought up from Nebraska. Very good Alaskan Cod Rubin for dinner.
Day 91: Quarantine resumed. In-Laws departed back to Nebraska before moving to Texas on Friday. Stained/Sealed the porch. Did our best to get our relax on for the weekend. Watched "Murder By Contract" (Lerner, '58). Leftover Bo Ssam for dinner. 2 weeks quarantine time starts now
Day 92: Work. Mondays are well, Mondays. Dana had the day off. Leftovers for lunch, mushrooms & asparagus pasta for dinner. Had some drinks on the deck. Watched more of Ken Burns baseball, which feels due for a remake. Nice to see the big LGBTQ win.
Day 93: It Begins.
Day 94: Days are starting to flow together. Work has remained at a crazy busy level, seems to be a new normal. . Black Bass for dinner, Pork Tacos for lunch. A Lot less post-work screen time today, but did finish "Baseball" (Burns, '94) and "No More Ladies" (Griffith, '34).
Day 95: Just another day. Foods were good, Kimchi Pancake and Doom Juice for dinner. Did some relax times outside. Drank too much coffee. Finished a space zombie.
Day 96: Filmed a Late Night with David Lettermen parody for work, left the set up for zooms. @nadarine made great fish poboys for dinner. Had some brews on the deck. Listened to a lot of SMOASP and started to brainstorm a fake late night show.
Day 97: Painting. Painted the office, painted space boyz. That was the bulk of the day. Made a killer breakfast sandwich for breakfast, Quesadillas for lunch, pigs in a blanket for dinner (with Jerk Sauce, Gotojang, and other spicy things!). Some zooms to round it out.
Day 98: Finished painting. Touchups on the office and the space boy. Cleaned up office & house. Did some early afternoon drinking outside, then some general outside times. Zooms for Fathers Day. Breakfast tacos. BBQ Tritip for dinner.
Day 99: Regular work day. I did bribe myself with popcorn and ds9 to do some really boring data entry. Watched "Underworld U.S.A" (Fuller, '61), A+. Leftovers for foods, rounding out in a great steak salad for dinner. Not a bad day.
Day 100: What the fuck people, stay inside and mask up so I don't have to do this for another 100 days.
Day 101: Worked, pretty hectic day. Got take out from All Together Now (crab!). Leaving the house was nice. Watched "A Matter of Life and Death" (The Archers, '46). Enjoyed some of the UK show "Taskmaster" (Horne '15 - Present).
Day 102: Another crazy day at work. Took some PTO next week. Had some outside times. Fried Tofu and Rice for dinner. Made a major dent in the Hideout Puzzle.
Day 103: Friday! Work was chill, by that I mean few meetings. Managed to get a lot done! Then @nadarine crushed hella drinks and stayed up late listening to records and hanging out. It was a good day.
Day 104: Relax day, slept in. Got groceries. Grilled out. But really it was focused on attending Christen Thomas's funereal. It was strange & heavy, but good to do. Rest In Power Carbomb.
Day 105: Stained the entire back deck. I was hella buzzed as we did it following @Beermiscuous & @bainard's anniversary zoom beer tasting party. Biggles Seizes The Means by @BoldDogBeerCo is my beer of the year thus far. Had long stashed away TJ's Orange Chicken for dinner. A+
Day 106: I need a vacation.
Day 107: I really need a vacation.
Day 108 - 112: A much needed break. Got to see @nickd, @torridly, @Biggie_PUN, @maudamanda, @liligee, & #PaulDontTweet over the days. Did a lot of grilling. Napped. Painted space zombies. Watched some movies, listened to records. Got really into the much needed relax time.
Day 113: Well fuck me, STILL. You fuckers cant wear a damn mask? I wanna go to a dive bar! Work was way to much, as it goes. Home times are fine, watching a lot of Taskmaster cuz of @cwilk. I'm sick of our failures. I guess this continues. @nadarine remains a true source of hope.
Day 114: Still here, just keep'n on as best we can. Leftover tofu dish for dinner. Some outside time. Nothing else of note.
Day 115: Dull. Busy work day. Did some video games. started to figure out what to eat over the next two weeks before being totally devoid of ideas. Read some old TinTin comics.
Day 116 - 118: Work on Friday was a lot. Was alone for two hours and listened to ten year old garage rock very very very loud. Had SUSHI! Managed to hit up the lake with @nadarine, @liligee, Paul, & Max before backyard times. Distanced of course. Lazy Sunday.
Day 119: Gonna be a shit work week for sure. Head feeling off. Grilled some Cod with a dope homemade spice rub.
Day 120: Yep, shit work week. Brain not firing on all cylinders, feeling cloudy. Nachos for dinner! Read more TinTin comics.
Day 121: Had coffee for the first time in weeks. Went down pretty good. Got a lot of focused work done. Not bad. @nadarine made "butter chicken", thrilled to have a different flavor. @nadarine's Naan was outta control good.
Day 122: Bit manic. Busy work morning before our "company picnic" zoom, which I hosted. Very weird to turn "it" for a social event like that and then end with being back in quarantine. Not a smooth transition back to 'normal'. Had a fun zoom and crazy good steak tacos.
Day 123: Weird day. Manic feeling dropped off my lunch, thankfully. Knuckled down to test work stuff, but the results were bad. That sets ups another long week. Rival coworker was let go, conflicted about that. @nadarine made a very good pizza.
Day 124: Low key morning. Hung out with some friends (outside and distanced), stayed up late listening to records. Mostly Dead Moon LPs.
Day 125: Focused on maximum relax. Watched The Old Guard, which was better than I expected.
Day 126: Work remains borked. Gonna be a shitty week. Felt off kilter by the end of the day. Watched "Empty Pockets, Bloody Nose" (Ross Brothers, '20) and A++ Film about bars.
Day 127: In the middle of a very long work stretch here. Worked a 12 hour day. Rewarded myself with a screening of "Clifford" (Flaherty, '94) as I did my evening work.
Day 128: In the Shit.
Day 129: Inside with other humans. Had to head out to the office to do invoicing in an office with multiple humans all day. Not Great. Public voted to continue the count but I'm going to lock down for a bit and get tested. Frustrating day over all. At least the Yankees won.
Day 130: Home and sorta back under quarantine. Betterish work day. Still working on the same project. Had to go to the USPS. Dropped food for friends who just had baby. Got Red Hot Ranch. Stopped to pick up beer at Coles. Watched Baseball. Booked a Covid Test.
Day 131.1: Grilled Veggies! Hung out. Chatted with folks. Not a bad time.
Day 132.2: Movies and hangovers. Enjoyed "The Breaking Point" (Curtis, 50) and watched baseball.
Day 133.3: Yet another crazy busy work day. Long day too. Made Kenji's Kung Pow Chicken, which was great.
Day 134.4: Got a Covid Test following the office times. Work remains bonkers. Went for a walk, need to plan for a longer hike this weekend.
Day 134.5: Ate fish, watched the Yankees crush the Orioles like it was the before times. Work remains a blur of madness.
Day 135.5: Woke up to a negative Covid test, which was really the high point of the day. Work remains a blur of activity. Finished 'The Last Dance' as background noise. Enjoyed more Yankee - Orioles baseball. Went to bed early and watched "Dana's Stories".
Day 136: Out of super quarantine thanks to the negative test. Work was pretty much on fire all day. Not fun. Went on a walk after work. Did some porch hangs. Just ready for the weekend man.
Day 137: Pretty good day. Waffles, cleaned up around the house, hung out with @probablymolly and @joleen_marie on the porch, generally a nice Saturday.
Day 138: Went hiking! Drove out to Ryerson Woods and Superdog. Hiked a few miles, it was nice. Listed to radio baseball, which was very pleasant. A relaxing weekend overall.
Day 139: Day work slightly slowed down, a good sign for the future. @nadarine made some dope fish. Enjoyed yet another Yankees win.
Day 140: No Yankee game today. Work remains on pace to improve next week. We had dumplings for dinner, albeit with some issues. I had a Rouge Dead Guy Ale after work. My back has been less then great all week, so thats been fun. Nothing else of note transpired.
Day 141: Got to see a baby! Brought food over to our newly babied friends. Dana made the food, I lent moral support. Had great Samin pork shoulder tacos. Yanks split the double header. Started prepping for Bandcamp Friday. Remain in a slump.
Day 142: All I remember is, I listed to Dumptruck & The Drags, and the Yankees lost. We ate more dope Halibut. Beyond that, its a blank.
Day 143: Friday, man was I glad for the end of the week. Made some quality pasta with fresh tomatoes. Got one of my last remaining RFTC records in the mail, "Used" is a total ripper. Dana's work friend came over, I tied one on and listened to tunes.
Day 144: Dana procured fresh bagels and cream cheese, very tasty. Our fiends Nora and Skylar came over for a few hours since they moved near by. We split some Jets! Pretty good one.
Day 145: The most normal day in months. Hung out with @EdMcMenamin & crew, @liligee & crew, @Biggie_PUN & @maudamanda, plus more folks we ran into! Started at the Derek Erdman's art show, then the boulevard by Parson's for some good hangs and food. Felt almost normal.
Day 146: Big Olde Storm. Back to work, which is finally slowing down. Storm was the big deal for the day. Watched a doc about The Witness now that I'm back on that game.
Day 147: No storm. Work continues to get more reasonable. Grilled some veggies. Watched baseball. Solved a puzzle in the puzzle game. Read A LOT of political news. Let's get this campaign underway.
Day 148: Clint Frazier is back! Good baseball times. Did a long deck hang after work. Work continues to return to normal, by next week I should be back in the groove. Nothing else of note transpired.
Day 149: I live for Fridays at 5pm. Got some brews from @bainard. Hung out with my dudes out back. Solid time.
Day 150: Saturday is alright for seeing friends and their twins at the park. Got take out from Bixi which was fantastic. I was rudely woken up by a roof being put on across the ally. Was impressed with the roofers speed.
Day 151: Lake "Beach" Day with a pretty decent sized crew. Menemen (by Kenji) for breakfast, leftover Bixi for dinner. Nice way to end the weekend before returning to the dark place.
Day 152: The Return of Endeavor Morse. Season 7 of Endeavor is now on PBS. Pretty jacked about that. Work has finally gotten back to normal. Yankees won. Cooked Oyakodon for the first time, which turned out great.
Day 153: More Endeavor. S7E2 wasn't quite as good as S7E1, and I did get mad seeing people enjoying things in the "before times". But its hella good shit. Work was frustrating, I didnt sign up to do f***ing collections. Made dope fish for dinner.
Day 154: Pizza and Beer with my friend Caesar who's about to move to Michigan City with his family due to Covid Economy. Great to hang with him and his wife. Work is work. Nothing else noteworthy occurred.
Day 155: Big Hugs Incident. As mentioned we almost lost a can of Vanilla Big Hugs, crisis was averted. Had a good work day. It was William Powell Day on TCM so we threw that on. Went to bed early as I've beens sleeping poorly.
Day 156: Records Time! Fridays are the spice of life, listed to a bunch of LPs and had highballs. Had some zooms for the first time in awhile and got drunk off social interaction.
Day 157: Saturdays's Alright For Biking. Got my bike seat fixed. Made a good breakfast sandwich. Finished another space boy. Biked to Oak Park to see friends twas a solid time. My back tier gave out on the way home. :(
Day 158: Got my back tier fixed. Biked up to my friend's place to crush a few brews and hang out before he moves to Michigan City. Got to see the Roe's for the first time in ages. Grilled some sausages I traded for records. Finished Season 7 of Endeavor. Good weekend.
Day 159: Pretty good. Long work day, but it went by fast. Did some food planning. Crashed early. Half decent start to the week.
Day 160: Fuck me man, I was on the phone for 5 hours straight. Takes a lot out a guy let me tell you. Made dope veggie heavy nachos for dinner. Needed a lot of quite time after an all day phone time. 20 days until the 6 month mark, heavy stuff man.
Day 161: Busy work day, too much on my plate and not enough time. News remains heavy and disappointing but I'm sure any reader knows what is occurring. Had to work late to wrap things up. Chilled a little, had a very tasty salad. Just worn out from work and the world.
Day 162: Stupid busy, but not quite as bad as I expected at work. Tried at the new Mexican place by my house for lunch. Had a veggie stir fry for dinner. Watched the very powerful Mets - Marlins game. Listed to some records. Really feeling the weight of current events/politics.
Day 163: Friday! Crushed brews, listened to tunes. Late at night I got way bummed out by politics and current events. Tried to lean into 'the hits' to shake it off with mixed success.
Day 164: Saturday was lead by a psychosomatic hangover. Did get out to Record Store Day at @bricabracrcords. Missed @Biggie_PUN's DJ set. Picked up some good tunes then drinks from L&E and Lost Lake. Had @bainard, @irritablevowel, Nick and @erinw over for A+ yard hangs.
Day 165: Outside & Exercise! Went hiking for a few hours, saw some people flying model planes. That took up like 80% of the day. Went to visit @liligee and #PaulDontTweet as they house sit in an amazing house for a fun sausage time.
Day 166: Just felt off all day, worn out, sleep, and dull. Looks like work will never not be a hodgepodge of disparate tasks. Had some Salmon we smoked over the weekend, still amazed it worked. Finished "Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Spy" (Alfredson, '11)
Day 167: Still in a funk. Really glad I took Friday off, going to need to nap hard and try to get my head right. Slept poorly. Work was fine, but as with all things I just felt dull. Tacos for dinner were tasty. Yankees game was fun up until the last batter.
Day 168: Slightly less funk, but slept like crap and mainlined coffee. Work was fine. Yankees game was not fun. Had "Foreign Correspondent" (Hitchcock, '40) on in the background.
Day 169: NICE.
Day 170: Countdown to 6 months begins, which is fucked! Took the day off which was very nice. Slept in, @nadarine made a very good brunch, took a nap, cleaned up. @Biggie_PUN and @maudamanda came over for outside drinks. Good day!
Day 171: Very relaxing day. Watched "T.A.M.I. Show" (Binder, '64), and "Her Smell" (Ross Perry, '18). Milled about to "Inception" (Nolan, '10). Read a bit, grilled ribs, prepped salmon for smoking.
Day 172: Octoberfest Party at @maudamanda. Ran into Aaron from I Need Sleep for the first time in more then a decade. Always nice to talk about the Phat and Phunky crew. Cleaned up around thee house.
Day 173: Ate some King Crab cuz @nadarine bought three King Crab Legs. It was a whole thing. Smoked some salmon, which turned out very good. Watched "The Prize" (Robson '63), "Other Music" (Basu & Hatch-Miller, '19), and "Night Editor" (Levin, '46). Did a big relax.
Day 174: Friends! Aaron and Andrea were in town from Nashville. Had a great friend hang with them and John B on the porch with some Jets Pizza. Work was just nutty but now overbearingly so.
Day 175: Sleepy. Its prime sleeping weather here in Chicago and I alas did not get to enjoy it. Work was busy, but not enough that I wasn't able to work on a few things I'd been putting off. After a health dinner we dedicated the evening to sleep.
Day 176: Pretty unremarkable. Started some new space boys, listed to new tunes from @NortonRecords ( Kicksville Vol 1 & 2). Ate fish. Watched "Altered States" (Russell, '80).
Day 177: Got to see Turney, @ChrisTheAlien, John B and crew out in Oak Park after a lower key work day. Had a Steak and Squash for dinner. A nice time.
Day 178: Ultra Low Key Times. Cleaned the basement after way too long. Did other house cleaning. @nadarine made a Pizza. Had a nice Zoom with lots of people (hi everyone!) where I had Whiskey and painted a space boy real good.
Day 179: Friends! Got to see Erin and Chris plus The Baby Felix. Had a nice over-caffeinated brunch. Did a bit of cleaning and watching of baseball. Yankees finally looking better. Planned out a 6 Month Of Quarantine dinner menu. Watched "Kaleidoscope" (Smight, '66). Lots of LPs.
Day 180: Six Fucking Months.
Day 181: Work flew by for better or worse. Had some porch beers and dinner outside. Trying to enjoy as much outside time before the snows arrive.
Day 182:
@melkbelly at the @hideoutchicago! Sorta. Hung out with
@kayfabekaz & Nick in their yard along with
@noweakhugs for 'the show'. The Belly's played great and the outside hangs made it way more fun. Rest of the day was well, a day.
Day 183: Visited the new Red Hot Ranch for dinner, totally held up. Still the best burg in the city. Enjoying the slow work week. Enjoyed the 4th inning of the Yankees game. Many dingers. Still have Melkbelly in my head. Crashed early.
Day 184: Well that took a turn. Signed up to volunteer for the Biden campaign as soon as I heard the RBG news. No time for the blues, only time for revolution. Work was pretty dang busy. Got to cruse around town to get groceries.
Day 185: 6 Months Observed. Did a ton of cooking, but not as much as we originally planned. Probably a hold over from the night before. Still, always fun times when you cook with a salt block. Got frustrated with people, but what can you do.
Day 186: Got back on the 6 month menu train in the morning. Cleaned the kitchen before running to a BACHELOR PARTY for Skylar! Fun times with the dudes, nice to do something like that. My bike blew up on the way home, back wheel is toast but Skylar helped fix it to get me home.
Day 187: Totally normal human day. Continued picking up the 6 Month Menu, this time with grilled octopus!
Day. 188: All day work planning meeting. Boring. Did some Biden/Harris volunteer training (You should too) so I can actually work on making sure we win this election. Cooked a Wild Boar Loin, which went meh. Going to try and braise it tonight since it came out pretty chewy.
Day 189: More all day planning, which makes for a low key day. Saved the Wild Boar Loin through braising and turning some of it in rillettes. A+ Had a great post-work nap. Finally watched Maron's new special.
Day 190: Nothing of note at work. Caught up with @chris_whitehead for a bit, got to talk Dune and friend stuff. Did not get to discuss @JSBX_1. I "supervised" @nadarine making a very good fresh tomato pasta. Light and tasty. Enjoyed new Kenji and Sohla stories. Cleaned the shower
Day 191: Biden/Harris yard sign arrived. Feeling good about that. Work meetings at 4:30 on a Friday should illegal. @nadarine and I enjoyed the Margarita "Party Can" on the deck. Pretty good start to a three day weekend.
Day 192: Pretty busy day starting @Beermiscuous with @nadarine, @kirstiecat, @cinchel, @babystew, and @noweakhugs. Then back home for a while before celebrating @norabeck and Skylar's wedding at Eris for dinner. Most I've been out in public in 193 days.
Day 193: Keeping it low key. Helped @nadarine do some gardening. I did a bunch of space boi painting. Helped get the basement office up and running. Generally tried to avoid doing things.
Day 194: Took the day off to: go to the dentist (clean bill of teeth heath), get tested for covid, get lunch at Tempesta, and get a flu shot. Plus related driving time. Not a 'relaxing' day off, but a good use of a day. Also finished "The Good Place" (Schur, '16 - '20).
Day 195: Baseball is fun! Enjoyed the Yankees - Cleveland game quite a bit. One win down, twelve to go. Did Biden text team training, felt good. Next up is getting on @babystew's text team. Work was fine. Seems like some non-baseball thing happened last night?
Day 196: Baseball is stressful! The Yanks - Clev game was 5 hours. I crashed in the 7th, but woke up to check and ended up watching the end of the game. It was a crazy game. Got a new office chair, my back is already feeling better. Work was fine. Joined a baseball group chat.
Day 197: Continued with the Baseball watching. Did a good tweet about Hardcore. Took a post work nap. Work was fine. Crashed before "the big news" came through.
Day 198: John B's birthday! Work was you know. Took a post work nap before biking over to John B's backyard for a distanced birthday party. Got to see some cool folks, meet some new folks, talk about the yankees, and crush brews.
Day 199: 5 Year Anniversary! We got takeout from Elizabeth, drank some nice wine from Diversey Wine, beer from Beermiscous, and some extra mushrooms from Cellar Door. Watched "Bill and Ted Face The Music" (Parisot, '20) which we really enjoyed. Stayed up very late. :)
Day 201: Damn, here we go again. Long day a work. Felt slightly off all day. @nadarine made a crazy good dinner. Enjoyed many an inning of baseball.
Day 202: Good day at work. Brought home the bacon as it were. Baseball was less fun. Took a very good nap after work. Made Mushroom Taco's for lunch, noodles and broth for dinner. Not much else of note.
Day 203: Another decent day at work, another rough day of baseball. Nothing else of note transpired.
Day 204: Busy but good day at work. Stressful baseball time, but a win! Made some weekend plans. Nothing else of note transpired.
Day 205: Rough one. Yankees knocked out of the playoffs, I'm still glad we even had baseball this year. Did a bit of drinking and tunes after a fire pit hang with folks.
Day 206: Did many a grocery run. Got more whiskey. Ate a dope breakfast sandwich in a park. Got to see my "Brother in Swami" Bryce for a good deck hang.
Day 207: Did some good sleeping, make a breakfast sandwich at home. Successfully hug tiki wallpaper in my office with @nadarine. That took the bulk of the day. Watched "The Racket" (Cromwell, '51). Did NOT watch the baseball game.
Day 208: Pretty busy at work, but not too busy. Finished "Where the Sidewalk Ends" (Preminger, '50), a decent noir. Watched the amazing "Streets of Fire" (Hill, '84) which I now have LOTS of opinions about. Had a very healthy dinner.
Day 209: Win some, lose some at work. Daytime overall was fine. Good sandwich for lunch. A final grill out for dinner. Good hangs with @Biggie_PUN in the evening as we start to prep for cold weather friend times. Gonna need to deal with shitty internet at some point soon.
Day 210: Work was pretty a-ok. Got asked to join a think tank, so that'll be fun. Rewatched "Streets of Fire". @liligee and #pauldonttweet came over for dinner. Nice to hang with friends outside on what looks to be the last nice day. Had more drinks than normal for some reason.
Day 211: I voted! Close to 400 people had voted at my early voting location in less then 2 days. You too should early vote if you can. All the burger content paid off when I made very good burgers for dinner. Baseball was bad.
Day 212: Pretty chill day at work. Watched "The Odd Couple" (Saks, '68), "The Little Shop of Horrors" (Corman, '60). Enjoyed some wine and whiskey and hung out too late. Pretty ok time.
Day 213: Made a dope breakfast of Pastrami Breakfast Sandwiches. Finished two space boys. Watched "The Solitaire Man" (Conway, '33) and "The Front Page" (Wilder, '74) Took a nap. Generally lazed about. Braised a brisket. Baseball was fun.
Day 214: Hashbrowns! @nadarine wanted fruit so I got to have potato time. Did more space boy work. Lounged and did some general house work. Watched "Destination Murder" (Can, '50), "Twice-Toold Tales" (X, '63), and "Return to Glennascaul" (Wells, '54). Dope leftovers for dinner.
Day 215: Not much of note transpired.
Day 216: Kind of a sad day, the start to the World Series! Which means the season is coming to a close. Had a great time texting baseball with peeps @eekrock, @chris_whitehead, @bainard, @cwilk, @radioinsomnia, & mystery texter. Looking forward to the series. Work was fine.
Day 217: Stressful day of wall to wall meetings. Started setting up a new wifi router. Its mostly set up. Stuffed Squash takes forever, but is very tasty! Watched as much baseball as I could between working on the router. @nadarine got me some ebooks that I need to start.
Day 218: Mostly forgot what went down. Got a covid test, had drinks outside on the deck cuz it was nice. listed to some records.
Day 219: Pretty low key Friday. Nothing to report.
Day 220: Attended a dope outdoor stout hang with friends. Crashed early after eating a (savory) pie.
Day 221: C+ Hangover. Watched some movies, played Among Us with @cwilk and crew. Did some other stuff.
Day 222: Nothing to report. Enjoyed "Macao" (von Sternberg/Ray, '52), "Where Danger Lives" (Farrow, '50), and "Mara Maru" (Douglas, '52).
Day 223: No baseball? What now? Watched "The Killers" (Siegel, '64). Feels like the world is holding its breath ahead of next week.
Day 234: Enjoyed the very good @mikefredkrol Deadstream. Had a very healthy mushroom based dinner. Watched "Random Harvest" (LeRoy, '42). Did some final yard work.
Day 235: Started Election Day prep. Had a pretty low key evening. Watched some old movies and hung out. Managed to go hang out with @bainard at @Beermiscuous for a hot moment as I got a metric ton of beer.
Day 236: Went for a nice hike with @nadarine in the woods. Was very nice. Not much Halloween activity at our house beyond beers and more old spooky movies.
Day 237: Got some amazing takeout from Lao Peng You. Finished yet another space boy. Generally prepared for the coming shit show.
Day 238: Dread.
Day 239: Continued Dread, punctuated by a zoom, drinking, and work.
Day 240: Slightly Less Dread. Had leftover Pizza for every meal, which was hella dope.
Day 241: Continued Reduction In Dread. Got to meet a new baby! Then went to see another friend! Had a healthy dinner! Went to sleep stupid early.
Day 242: Dread Reduced. Work was work, really looking forward to taking a week off at the end of the month. Crushed brews, listed to records, watched "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (Milestone, '46) which was very good. Had a WILD 30min after Dana went to bed.
Day 243: VICTORY. Celebrated out in the world with friends, champagne, and honks.
Day 244: Another fine day in Joe Biden's America. Built some shelves in the office so I can finally put all the CDs in a home. Started to refinish a little table. Then had good porch hangs with @maudamanda and @Biggie_PUN. Weather was fantastic.
Day 245: New EPM Episode! Cooked a pretty good dinner for @nadarine. Other than that, I cant say I recall what occurred yesterday.
Day. 246: Nothing of note transpired.
Day 247: Nothing of note transpired.
Day 248: Work was busy. Did a fun zoom with @noweakhugs and @Biggie_PUN. Finished a space boy, started another one. Listened to some sick tunes.
Day 249: Work was pretty good! Had a low key Friday.
Day 250: Ran around town hoarding supplies ranging from the Pylon Box Set to Groceries. Attend the very cold going away park times for a friend. Had fantastic @Boeufhaus take out. Did some zooms, and brews, and records in the evening.
Day 251: It was @norabeck and @skylar_moran's zoom shower! Did some yard work and other assorted house stuff. Kept it pretty low key.
Day 252: By the end of the day I could have sworn it was Tuesday. Work was fine, watched "Fear" (Zeisler, '46) a 68min version of Crime and Punishment. Read a bit.
Day 253: Haven't had a shitty work meeting in a while! So that was a bummer. Conference session I did went up online to a good amount of views. Not much else of note happened.
Day 254: Grumbly times at work. But hey, I've got next week off. Did some reading the video game, and some general reading of books. Assisted in cooking.
Day 255: Work was busy, but starting to wrap up ahead of next week. Did some reading the video game, @nadarine made mussels! Read some more book. That was about it.
On Vacation. Journal Will Return.
Day 256 - 265: Vacation, Thanksgiving, and general relaxing. Got a switch on the cheap, read books, watched movies, napped, & generally had a nice week off.
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