Starting a positive #thread of resources & art challenges for artists and creatives in this challenging time -

- Check out @DrawWhat - Where parents ask their kids what they would like illustrators to draw & they respond - Use the 'What Should I Draw Hashtag' #WSID
- Check out the #FreeBookResources started by @jabberworks - For anyone with kids at home.

- Check out @NonPratt's twitter and Instagram offering free advice and tips for #authors -

#debut #amwriting
- Check out the positive drawing challenge on @Frenci_San's Instagram #DrawThisInYourHome

Anyone can take part (don't have to be a professional artist), draw your own version of this and use the hashtag.
- Keep an eye on this thread from Arts Council England for financial support for creatives ❤ @ace_national
- If your creative business has been directly affected by covid19 you can apply to this fund here -
- Had a cancelled book tour?
Many bloggers are being super kind and offering to help, such as @JanetEmson
- Got kids at home to entertain? Draw along with this started by @Remy_Lai
- Free videos on keeping a notebook with @amylvpoemfarm to inspire kids and adults alike
Draw along with @RobBiddulph #DrawWithRob !

Epid thread with even more things to do here! @KidsBooksIrel
Continuing with this positive thread of useful resources for creatives and kids -

Check this out from @artthatsells

AMAZING mega list!

Covid19 Freelance Artist Resource - 'list of FREE resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines.' #KidLitArt #Freelance #SelfEmployed … 
Woah! Check it out - @AaronBlaiseArt
Is offering his 'Fundamentals of Animation' course completely free!
Continuing this thread of resources and activities for creatives and kids at home -
Check this out from @clpe1!
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