Attention all scientists (please RT): Announcing an urgent call at Royal Society Open Science for rapidly reviewed Registered Reports in any field related to #coronavirus

#COVID19 @RegReports

For those unfamiliar with Registered Reports (RR), they are a form of empirical article offered by more than 200 journals in which study proposals are peer reviewed and pre-accepted before research is undertaken. /1
This article type offers a powerful tool for advancing research on #COVID19 by reducing publication bias and reporting bias in the growing evidence base. /2
We are calling for submissions that are relevant to any aspect of #COVID19 in any field, including (but not limited to) biological, medical, economic, and psychological research. /3
All articles will be published #openaccess (CC-BY) with accompanying open review (either signed or anonymous) and all article processing charges for this call are waived indefinitely. /4
Crucially, to ensure that protocols can be implemented as swiftly as possibly, the journal will strive to complete initial Stage 1 review *within 7 days* of receiving a submission.

This pace of Stage 1 review is unprecedented and for it to work we need YOUR help as reviewers /5
Further updates to appear here and on my personal blog.

Call announcement:

If any funders are able to offer specific fast grants to support this initiative, please get in touch with me (email address here -> Stage 1 @RegReports can be assessed concurrently by journals and funders within a rapid time frame.
UPDATE: Nearly 300 reviewers have now joined this initiative (thank you to everyone), and submissions are in progress in chemistry, biology and psychology.

Call details including how to sign up as a reviewer:
Many authors are enquiring from fields for which Registered Reports are a new concept

If this is you, then this is no problem & I'm here to help. Complete as much of this template 👇as you can, email it to me, & I will help you shape it into the RR format
We've just sent our first Stage 1 interim (Revise) decision at Royal Society Open Science

Four reviewers, inc. 3 field specialists & 1 statistical expert

Time from submission to decision: 30 hours, 32 minutes

Huge thanks to the reviewers for this exceptional work #COVID19
A quick scroll through the primary expertise of the now *400* scientists, across dozens of fields, who have signed up to review Stage 1 Registered Reports related to #coronavirus w/i 24-48 hours of accepting a review request #COVID19 #COVIDー19

You are all awesome. Thank you.
*UPDATE* @CollabraOA have joined our call for fast-track Registered Reports on #COVID19 #coronavirus

*Stage 1 review in 7 days with full APC waiver*

Thank you to the now 460+ scientists (!) across dozens of fields who have signed up to do 24-48hr review
Today I issued our 2nd interim Stage 1 (Revise) decision at @RoyalSociety Open Science for fasttrack #COVID19 @RegReports

It's also the 1st ever Registered Report in chemistry

4 expert revs + input from 2 specialist editors. Total review time:6 days

Big thx to the reviewers 🙏
Our 3rd submission (in immunology & microbiology) is currently in review

Over 650 scientists have agreed to review #COVID19 Stage 1 @RegReports in <48 hours

So if you have an important Q to ask in any area of research related to #COVID19, find out more:
Could the anti-α-Gal immune response be harnessed to help control SARS-CoV-2?

Our 3rd pre-accepted @RegReports submission will tackle this question using a zebrafish model

This is also the 1st ever RR in #immunology #microbiology #pathobiology

This submission was assessed by 2 specialist reviewers over 2 rounds of review w/i 14 days (including Easter), plus one field specialist editor & my usual RR editing

As always for @RoyalSociety Open Science, reviews & editorial letters will be pub'd alongside the final article
Thanks to our amazing bank of reviewers, we are setting new records for the pace of Stage 1 @RegReports assessment, with time from submission to decision of 1-2 weeks, including multiple rounds of highly detailed review from 2-4 referees + oversight by specialist editors.
And most importantly (from my POV):

* Rigorous hypothesis testing
* Peer review applied at a point in time when it can be maximally beneficial and constructive
* No publication bias or reporting bias

I'll continue to update this thread with further developments
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