victims of evil editing on produce 101 series: a thread because i hate mnet
1. Produce 101's Heo Chanmi
we all know her for that infamous voice crack when she covered itnw and the glare she gave yeonjung when yj nailed the high note. apparently when yeonjung was singing another time, you could read on chanmi's lips saying "her voice is so pretty"
during itnw, mnet also replayed her voice cracks multiple times. what for??? even in the position evaluation, she showed that she isn't so bad but mnet kept cutting her screen time from then even though her highest ranking was 7th
2. Produce 101 S2's Ju Haknyeon (The Boyz)
first of all, they notified haknyeon that he was accepted into the show THREE DAYS before the filming day. can you blame him for his audition???
mnet edited haknyeon as someone that couldn't focus, is greedy, lazy. mnet showed hak making mistakes but they were just the same move because he's a slow learner, and he wasn't the only one messing up either. mnet flashed by scenes were hak was practicing alone.
mnet faked that eunki was complaining about hak being unable to concentrate and only broadcasted the drama from the first two days even though the fansites said that the team vibe was good.

more information about right round team drama here:
there was another issue in boy in love where hak didn't have many parts but mnet wouldn't even show hak's part from the front. later they showed the same part from the front which means that they have it but didn't want to broadcast it. mnet just wanted hak OUT.
3. Produce 101 S2's Kang Dongho (Baekho of NU'EST)
in their audition, dongho couldn't reach a note properly and mnet exagerrated his mistake and replayed it three times. if you listen to the un-edited ver on youtube, you can barely notice it.
mnet also constantly portrayed dongho as scary and always put reactions of the trainees looking at dongho with a weird expression. in playing with fire, mnet perceived dongho as pushy with his opinion and going against the leader sewoon during the music arrangement
4. Produce 101 S2's Jung Sewoon
in comparison to the previous 2, sewoon didn't really have it so bad, but he was still edited quite harshly. 1. he barely got any screentime in be mine perf, 2. mnet always got pit against jaewhan for main vocal.
when kim jaehwan was asked about who is vocal rival is, they edited him like he expected to be jaehwan's vocal rival and and when jh didn't choose him, it made sewoon look like he 'lost'.
5. Produce 101's gugudan's Kang Mina, Everglow's Kim Sihyeon, Lee Younseo, Kang Siwon
unfortunately, say my name team had three very low-ranking trainees and two high ranking trainees. the three low ranking trainees were edited as greedy when they wanted more center positions
poor mina looked bad either way. she was just being considerate of nayoung, yet she either looked like she was being mean and inconsiderate of the other three girls, or she looked arrogant becaue she was also in the center a lot along with nayoung.
6. Produce 101's Kim Sohee (Nature)
she was edited with this bitch face and dramatic music in ep 1 when an yeseul suggested that they speak informally and sh said that her friends are older. they are the same age but sohee enrolled in school a year early because she's born in jan
7. Produce 101 S2's Lee Daehwi (Wanna One/AB6IX)
there was this one instance where he said something like 'because i was center before' that comes off as arrogant on broadcast and he got cursed at a lot and his rank kept falling for the next few episodes
8. Produce 101 S2's Ahn Hyeongseop
hyeongseop appeared to have high self confidence, but when his ranking dropped, he showed a bad reaction and got broadcasted
9. Produce 101 S2's Kwon Hyunbin
didn't want to practice when it was time to practice and his bad side was broadcast
10. Produce 48's Jang Gyuri (fromis_9)
gyuri's vocals weren't in a good condition for her peek-a-boo performance so she made a mistake onstage which was repeated multiple times. it seems that she was traumatised from that since she never applied to be main vocal since.
i think it's also important to note that her peek-a-boo teammate alex christine suffered a really bad leg injury whilst practicing but mnet didn't show any of it and only showed gyuri's vocal issue.
11. Produce 48's Miyazaki Miho
miho was originally the main vocal in 1000% team but was replaced by lee chaeyeon by the trainer's suggestion. every time chaeyeon was given a compliment on her vocals, miho was shown looking really bitter because she lost her main vocal position
since miho made it to the live broadcast and had ranked higher than chaeyeon, she was able to secure sub vocal 2 (i think), which chaeyeon originally wanted and miho moved chaeyeon to sub vocal 12. i saw a lot of people say it was revenge for taking away her main vocal position
12. Produce 48's Takeuchi Miyu
right before the live broadcast, miyu chose to be main vocal for we together, taking the spot away from haeyoon, who was ranked close to last. in practice, miyu had trouble hitting the high notes
which showed her as someone who overestimated her abilities. what's even more infuriating is that she actually did well in the live broadcast, but mnet showed this when it came to her high note. what even is this???
13. Produce 48's Boombayah team 1
the members of this all-korean team, especially Lee Chaejung (ELRIS), chose the weakest team of all to perform the hardest song. as team 2 was chosen to perform boombayah, they were captured crying a lot which made people hate team 1
chaejung was portrayed as a bully even though she was just trying to win. yes, picking on the weakest team is mean but it makes sense. what's even worse is that mnet made it seem like chaejung plotted everything, and since the rest of the team laughed about their strategy,
it made chaejung look evil. there's more articles to this online so here is one: personally i don't think chaejung is evil but her strategy was definitely flawed and she basically got herself evil edited by saying those things in the interview
14. Produce X 101's Ham Wonjin
during his time on pdx101, wonjin got the name cry-wonjin because he was always shown crying. during finesse, mnet edited it so that wonjin was bitter that his choreo wasn't utilised by sihoon, and that wonjin was unfocused during practice
during concept evaluations, wonjin's vocals were in bad condition, so he gave up is the main vocal position to kang minhee, but mnet showed wonjin fighting for another part, which made wonjin look greedy
15. Produce X 101's Kim Wooseok (X1/UP10TION)
whew this gon be long.
1. wooseok was already portrayed as having a scary and intimidating demeanour since episode one as he walked into the room and all the trainees seemed scared of him and jinhyuk because they've debuted
2. u got it team had a change of choreography after the members changed and wooseok was a bit slow to pick it up and many mistakes when presenting to the trainers. mnet never mentioned the choreo change, leading people to think that wooseok is unskilled and undeserving of center
in addition to that, wooseok has had center position twice before, so seeing him have center again despite being 'unskilled' rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. they also kept framing wooseok's oNE SINGULAR voice crack which is only natural because the song is so high pitched??
3. in the recording room of u got it, wooseok was the only one who got told off for not preparing the rap. but he's not even a rapper??? he said he didn't and he chuckled a bit and the broadcast showed the other member's straight faces which made wooseok seem insincere
4. during u got it, wooseok is the only one that sings 'don't worry' but mnet put [ALL]??? which means wooseok doesn't get the credit for it??
5. every time wooseok had a straight face, mnet always added that dramatic "zoom" sound, even though the situation wasn't even serious
6. in a teaser for an episode, we got a glimpse of wooseok helping pretty girl team but mnet didn't even broadcast it

mnet just hates wooseok and for what??? it's such a relief that he ended up debuting only for mnet and cj to mess everything up again...
16. Produce X 101's Song Yuvin (B.O.Y/Myteen)
since day one, mnet has always shown yuvin as someone that is always greedy for main vocal position. for example, in lullaby when hamin couldn't sing the main vocal part well, yuvin took it away from him.
when yuvin was kicked out of u got it, he went to super special girl team, despite his bff choi suhwan not wanting him to be there in fear that yuvin would be main vocal over him, which is exactly what happened because suhwan's vocal condition wasn't good
this made yuvin look selfish and greedy for the main vocal position all the time and it came off even worse when it was against his friend. mnet constantly replayed the 'i only want to be main vocal' thing whenever it was about yuvin being main vocal.
yuvin also got edited badly when he didn't dance as well as the others in A-class because he got scolded. what's more interesting is that yuvin and eunsang (who previously struggled with vocals) were last to get their grades... for dramatic effect maybe?
17. Produce X 101's Won Hyuk
in barcode team, hyuk couldn't attain center and mnet showed him as sulky due to not being center. it is also rumored that mnet forced barcode team to change their lyrics a few days before the performance which caused them to mess up.
18. Produce X 101's Kwon Taeeun
yes I know that taeeun's siren performance was a disaster but apparently mnet had forced taeeun to perform siren which is ridiculous. they also painted him as someone that just smiled while being criticised leading people to think that he's not -
serious even though his eyes are just like that and that's probably his reaction when he's nervous. if you watch clap & day by day, taeeun really isn't untalented and mnet just took advantage of taeeun's short training period to make him perform a song that doesn't suit him well.
19. Produce X 101's Tony
in attention team, mnet made tony look greedy for center position because he applied to be center many times and never actually got it despite the multiple center changes and he appeared sulky which is a shame for such a young and sweet boy
20. Produce 101's Yoo Yeonjung (I.O.I/WJSN)
yes the order is messed up i'm sorry.
in day by day team, mnet made yeonjung look greedy for center. i don't really remember details but she def got hate for it which made her not want to be main vocal later which means that it worked.
21. Produce 101's Kang Yebin (PRISTIN/Hinapia)
center for turtle ship was between hwang sooyeon and yebin and they couldn't decide so at the end jeon soyeon became center and yebin was upset about it and mnet showed her sulking and not practicing which made her seem lazy
there was also another issue where there was a conflict of interest between yebin and soyeon for the hook and cheetah called yebin's idea 'lazy' and since everyone already hated yebin it just got worse for her because mnet kept evil editing her.
22. Produce 101's Oh Seojung and Ahn Yeseul
I don't know this one well but apparently they were on Kpopstar together at some point so mnet used this as a rivalry between them so when seojung did her audition, mnet would pan over to yeseul to catch her expression and whatever
23. Produce X 101's Wang Guno/Wang Jyunhao
the yg boys were perceived as average for big3 company trainees and they were never given screentime so when it came to group eval, guno was center but he wasn't doing that good and the center eventually switched to choi jinhwa
and then when they came to perform (in which guno did really well his vocals were so good), guno got barely any screentime and mnet wouldn't show guno while he was singing a high note
24. Produce 101 S2's Roh Taehyun (HOTSHOT) and Park Woojin (Wanna One/AB6IX)
in 10 out of 10 team, woojin was the leader but mnet showed taehyun constantly talking over woojin and changing things and whatever which made woojin look useless and taehyun look like a control freak
25. Produce 101 S2's Kim Samuel
mnet kept putting out that samuel couldn't sing well in a class and then i think again in showtime team. they also put samuel as daehwi's enemy and made samuel look greedy for center and stuff which is why samuel kept dropping in rank.
26. Produce X 101's Kim Hyunbin
in no more dream team, hyunbin was getting annoyed over a part that his team couldn't get right and he let it out and it came out aggro and disrespectful since he's the youngest. he was also the only one with energy during practices which -
made the trainer criticize the other team members for being lowkey dead inside because of hyunbin's good energy. since then, hyunbin's rank kept dropping because mnet wouldn't give him screentime for position eval until move team where they showed kookheon and seungyoun -
doing the main rapper part (hyunbin's part) really well and hyunbin got nervous so he made a couple mistakes during the recording which of course, mnet emphasised on which made him look unfit for the part even though hyunbin was doing really good
alright so this is the list that i have come up with and it really sucks to see that mnet has evil edited over 30 trainees. mnet snake. in the next two tweets i'll put a few links to more information on some bases or my sources + who i think had it the worst in each season
who had it the worst:
season 1 - heo chanmi
i never really got to see the effect of season one since i watched it in 2017 but her glaring really got to a lot of people
season 2 - ju haknyeon
(could be biased) mnet really hated him i couldn't include all his info in my tweets
produce 48 - i think in 48 it was toned down a bit (oh i forgot heo yunjin got evil edited too) but maybe gyuri since mnet eventually just left her with no screentime
produce x 101 - KIM WOOSEOK he got the most tweets out of everyone it's a miracle that he made it into x1
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