We’re not going to any real concerts or sporting events for a while so I’m gonna post a ticket stub every day as a trip down memory lane. I’ll post something from that day if there is one. I’ll fill in the gaps where I have to. Feel free to chime in with your own.
Four years ago today I saw @fettywap at @TabernacleATL. I’ll never forget how hard that room went off on the first chorus of “Trap Queen.”
I saw two pretty damn great shows on this day. First up is @nickcave at @theryman in 2013. I thought that theater was going to achieve liftoff during “Jubilee Street.” Instant classic. Also will never forget the thunderous response to the opening notes of “From Her to Eternity.”
Saw @philipglass at the @kencen in 2018 performing the live score to the film Koyaanisqatsi. Talk about a dream come true. Also can’t believe the seats were so cheap or that there were any left considering it was a last minute purchase.
Saw @GogolBordello at @StubbsAustin on this day in 2008. This was my last spring break of grad school. I’d really gotten into solo travel so I bounced around Texas a bit that week.
I forgot I took a camera to that show and managed to snag a few photos. Saw Eugene Hutz DJ some Eastern European dance party after the show at some other venue whose name escapes me.
On this day in 2008, I saw @GogolBordello at The Meridian in Houston (which closed in 2010.) That show was rowdy as hell. I left drenched in sweat, with a torn shirt, and cuts all over me. GB crowds can get a little rowdy, but that one rivaled metal shows I’ve been to.
On this day in 2006, I saw @TheKlezmatics at @ASCbham. Great klezmer band from New York.
On this day in 2008, I saw @GogolBordello at the @granadatheater in Dallas. Couldn’t find my ticket stub for this one (might’ve just been a door list situation, I don’t remember), but I took this picture of their awesome marquee.
On this day in 2015, I saw @DieAntwoord at @IronCityBham. Holy crap that was a fun show. I also remember them saying they saw the UAB vs Iowa State basketball game ant the venue and gave a shoutout to @UAB_MBB for the NCAA tournament upset.
On this day in 2017, I saw @k_crutchfield @kevinmorby and @marylattimore at @SaturnBham. Really great triple bill. Was my first time seeing Morby with a full band and that ruled (hello @hand_habits!)
Saw @TheBlackLips and Quintron at @mercylounge in Nashville on this day in 2008. Flew to Nashville from Austin after driving from Dallas. Flew up to see the USA vs Canada in Olympic soccer qualifying. After the game, I wandered over to this show which I didn’t know of in advance.
No tickets stubs today (gotta finish scanning), but a dive through my archives shows I saw the following today:
08: Broken Letters
09: Snack Truck
11: @starfucker
16: @BasiaBulat
19: @rafiqbhatia, @lonnieholley, @TMessthetics, Mary Halvorsen, @cometcoming @officialSpzd, @Jlin_P
Eight years ago was the Tuscaloosa Get Up concert for tornado relief featuring @alabama_shakes, @dexateens, and @TheGloryFires. A great night of music for a great cause and all organized by @bohicks!
Other shows seen on this day:

2015: @SteveGunnMusic & @ryleywalker

2017: Carla Bley, @MyBrightestDmnd , @BlondeRedhead

2018: @bangonacan

2019: Kim Kashkashian, Thumbscrew, @KayhanKalhor, @nilsfrahm, Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane, @SonsOfKemet
Two years ago, I saw @hindsband and @alberthammondjr at @SaturnBham. Was a super fun night and a great double bill.
Ten years ago I saw the @ALSymphony perform Tan Dun’s amazing score to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
Two years ago today I saw @pallbearerdoom at @SaturnBham. Those guys always put on a great show.
On this day last year I was seeing @BobWeir at the @TivoliChatt with @BrownGrayson.
26 years ago today, I saw @PearlJam and @kingsx at @TheFoxTheatre in Atlanta. Was a hell of a show. I won tickets to it off the radio. There are awesome recordings of this floating around (it was an FM broadcast) which I should download to revisit and check against my memory.
5 years ago today I saw @TheWarOnDrugs at @IronCityBham.
Remember when we had sports? Remember when the Hawks were awesome? They thumped the Nets 131-99 on the way to a 60-22 record on this day five years ago.
Today is also the 25th anniversary of my first Grateful Dead show so that’s pretty cool.
25 years ago today I saw my second Dead show. It was the last Dead show I’d see. 😭
Forgot to post yesterday’s ticket. @DweezilZappa from two years ago. This ticket was the last present my mom bought for me before she passed away. Getting Dweezil to sign the stub was extra special for me.
Five years ago I saw @vijayiyer at @TheRegattabar. The table was soooooo close to the performers, but it was cool being able to watch them perform so closely and see them communicate.
Five years ago today I saw Bryce Dessner & @GyanRiley with @ALSymphony. That show was super sick.
The Word is something I never thought I’d see live. That was a fun show. @rrtfb
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