It’s my pleasure to present, my thread of thoughts (that will be updated daily) during my two weeks off from work because of the COVID-19 and my states percussions.

(There will be plenty gifs/thoughts/TV show comments & text screenshots with co-workers..don’t worry lol)

Day 1: My biggest difficulty with this two weeks off period is that my whole daily routine with work and musical rehearsals abruptly stopped. My whole body clock is so messed up and I feel so thrown off.

I can feel myself already being over’s gonna be a long two weeks.
Day 1 update: playing sims & listening to a podcast I need to catch up on.

Having a TV date with my dad @ 10:30 to watch x-files.
Day 2: it’s my first day not going to work in over a month....I feel weird.
On the plus side, I found out Frozen 2 is on Disney+ early, so I know what I’ll be watching tonight!!

I’ll be so thrilled when we can all go back to living our normal daily lives.
Day 2 cont: like..when is too soon to text your co-workers saying you miss them? Asking for a friend 😁
Day 2 Update: A relatable tiktok. I was day 1 on Friday, but now I’m already on the 1 month.....god help me.
Day 3: it’s only 12:55 and I’m already bored out of my mind. Seriously thinking about taking a drive around somewhere just to say I got out of the house....kinda also want Taco Bell.

Also: I miss work....and it’s only day 3.
Day 3 Update: I’m so bored & watched all the YouTube videos I had to catch up on so I guess I’ll start cleaning?? or attempt to start but get distracted by Netflix then play sims instead 😂. We’ll see how it goes lol
Day 3 late night update:
Day 4: have to venture out of the house to pick up allergy meds for my parents and get gas. I’ll take it.
Day 4 update: started cleaning my room while watching the office. Lets see how long it takes me to clean without getting too distracted... 🤣

Here's a gif that describes my mood:
Day 5: afternoon, y’all. Today’s task is to finish cleaning my room & wash clothes.

Anyway...incase anyone wants to know how I’ve been the last 5 days, here’s a tiktok that explains perfectly. 🤣
Day 5 update: I just witnessed someone getting arrested at my local stop & shop (aka Giant) in the parking lot...and that was the most outside entertainment I’ve had since this started.
Day 6: the weather right now is so gorgeous, it’s almost 70 which means it’s time to air out my house by opening the windows & more spring cleaning!!

Also: This is.....way too relateable, oh my god.
Day 6 update: Folded all my laundry and put them away. Now it's time to clean my desk, dresser, and nightstands...thank goodness i have lysol wipes lol.

Here's my mood today:
Day 7: officially one week into this crazy two weeks off (for now). Today’s plan: clean the bathroom & play sims while I watch the office, then x-files.

But first lunch! And then more cups of coffee. 😂

Here’s how I’m feeling today: (it’s the dogs smile that is the cutest!!)
Day 7 update: took my dog on a walk around the nearby cove with my dad then came home and cleaned my bathroom, dusted my bedroom floor and bathroom floor and then washed both. So, i guess you could say i've been productive.

Now it's time to relax!
Day 8: did some morning reading and cleaning. Now, it’s time for a shower, some coffee, then play the sims while I watch . @theofficenbc! 😊

Ps: still miss work and can’t wait till I go back.
Day 8 update in a single gif:
Day 8 evening update: ....if I could get a refund on 2020 for me and literally everyone else on the planet, that would be lovely.
Day 9: I’m tired, my sleeping schedule is all messed up and I’m getting sick of being in my house.

Also, it’s snowing outside...and I don’t know if I like it or am angry about it.
Day 9 update: I’m already at not even sure.
Day 9 update: Welp. All CT schools are closed until April 20th so....extended time in my house. Yaaaaaay.
Day 10: ....I literally got nothing at this point. I guess it’s another day just watching the office? I don’t know.

Might take a drive later, just to say I went out.
Day 10 update:
Day 10 night update: I texted my fav co-worker (who is like my second mom) and her response just made me cry 😭. I needed to get these messages tonight.

I just really can’t wait to go back to work and give her a hug. 😭💕 (blocked out a few things for privacy, obviously.)
ughhh just realized my day 11's never sent into this thread! So, here they are!:
Here's my day 11 update:
Day 11 night update: spending my evening watching the office & eating snacks. ✌🏼
Day 12: good afternoon! I have to venture out today....(it’s essential, I promise!! I have to pick up meds!) but as for right now, I need coffee. So, here’s an accurate coffee tiktok that is me whenever someone tries to steal my Dunkin’:
Day 12 update: .....I’m learning about taxes right now and I’m so confused & stressed out. Send help 😭😂
Day 13: it's 3am and instead of sleeping i'm awake plotting ideas with my best friend about a possible video idea for when i get to go back to work...
Day 13 update: went to work today to drop off something & saw my favorite co-worker!! (The one who I showed texts with!) and although I couldn’t hug her, just seeing her, being able to chat, catch up and air hug, was good enough for now! ❤️🥰

Made my entire weekend!!
Day 13 night update: today was very VERY easily the best day I’ve had since this quarantine/out of work situation happened. I didn’t realize I needed it until it happened & I’m so grateful it did. 😭

I love my work & my co-workers, and seeing my fav one today meant the world.
Day 14: today’s a lazy day so here’s my life in a single tiktok:
Day 14 late night update: someone was telling me to post a photo from one of my favorite memories, so here you go!

Meeting Huma back in 2018 was truly a special moment! The rest of the day that came with it, was even better! I’m forever grateful for those moments. ❤️
Day 15: finishing a book I started yesterday & stayed up until 4:30am this morning reading.

See y’all when I finish. ✌🏼

Oh, also here’s my mood for today:
Day 15 update: just finished the book and I will share everything about it later because I’m literally speechless.......I just, wow.

Now time to watch Netflix & then begin a second book. 🥰
Day 15 night update: Beginning my second book with-in 24 hours. I never thought I'd be a person who would EVER read a whole book in less than 24 hours, and then want to read another one RIGHT AFTER, but we are.

To the book I go!
Day 16: Happy Monday! today’s tasks entail more reading, reflecting, helping old teachers out virtually with things & going to the bank! But

In other things, stay tuned for another thread of an important story I wanna share with you all! ❤️
Day 16 night update: thread is coming tomorrow but since it’s 8, time to spend the rest of my night watching the office. 😊✌🏼
Day 17: good morning!!! Stay tuned for a heartwarming thread today! But today’s plan is pretty basic....relax, watch movies, clean, and continue a podcast I began the other day! 😊

Mood for today:
Day 18: hola! Today’s plan is to just relax, watch Netflix, FaceTime a few peeps & read! 😊

Oh also! Happy April, everyone!! let’s not do jokes this year, okay? Thanks.

Daily mood:
Day 18 update: cleaned a bit today, so as far as i'm concerned it was a successful day. :)

Now it's time for a shower, and netflix until i go to sleep 😄 (and yes, i'll be watching the office)
Day 19: y’all, I found the best tiktok about this corona stuff and I just have to share it. Made me laugh this morning. 😂
day 19 update: ya know, just in my normal nightly sad mood of missing work right now.
Day 20: morning. Trying to find motivation to get out of bed—I could stay here all day.

Gonna go on a drive today just to get’s a a bit of a rough today for me, so anything to clear my head. ❤️
Day 20 update: drove to work to just get out of the house and relax for a bit. As of pulling in, I saw my fav co-workers car, so you BET I’m waiting until she leaves so I can say hi 😂. This is a good form of entertainment for me right now and I just miss her so 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Day 20 update: Saw my fav co-worker as she was leaving, and we chatted but the first thing she asked me was "how are you?"

i could literally cry i appreciate & love her so much. She truly let me vent today & told me to "hang in there" & we ended the convo with "bubble hug". 😭♥️
Day 20 nightly update: brb just gonna go cry out of appreciation and love for my fav co-worker. I swear to you, she always knows exactly what I need to hear. 😭🥰

Please tell those you’re thankful for that you’re thankful for them. 💕
Day 21: it’s sunny out! Yay! Today’s plan is simply this: shower, coffee, Netflix. 😊

Here’s my mood:
Day 21 update: been trying to find my Nintendo switch for the past TWO HOURS and it seems to be nowhere. This is driving me INSANE. 😠

(Before you all come @ me for misplacing it, I switched bedrooms in my house back in January, and it got misplaced during the move.)
Day 22: found my switch & have been playing it all morning!

Today’s plan: absolutely nothing. Having the laziest day ever and I’m so okay with that. ☺️

Mood today:
Day 22 update: literally been playing animal crossing all day. If anyone wants my code to visit my island—lmk cause I’d love to see yours!!

Day 23: good morning! Today’s plan is to take coco for a nice walk around the local cove & then do a little bit of work!

Today’s mood:
Day 23 update: here's a single gif for you to describe my mood at this current moment in time:
Day 23 update: this gif is me to my co-workers.

I miss everyone so much and mostly I just really miss my fav person too 😭

The day I can give hugs again will be the most emotional best day of my life—I’ll be so thrilled.
Day 24: today’s a day for a walk, some work, a FaceTime session & maybe possibly a drive just to get out and see where I end up (probably work tbfh). 😂

It’s a beautiful day, so let’s do this!
Day 24 evening update:
Laundry = ✔️
Facetime Session = ✔️
Walked Coco = ✔️
Took a drive to work = ✔️
and of course,
Texted my fav co-worker = ✔️

So, I would say my day was very productive. 😌

Mood this evening:
Day 25: good morning!! Social media already is pissing me off today—some of y’all are so selfish but that’s not ruining my day! Today’s plan is to dust/clean my bathroom & bedroom again as it’s been a few weeks & simply relax & enjoy the day! 😊
Day 25 update: didn't do any cleaning but instead took a walk, spent some time outside, and had a few facetime calls. Might clean a bit later, but for now, one more facetime call, and then relaxation!

Day 26: well all CT schools are closed until May 20th 😭😭 so guess I’m out of work till then. At this point, just cancel for the rest of the year.
Day 26 update: FINALLY watching the new episode of . @thegoodfight. I missed Diane/Queen Baranski on my screen so so much.
day 27: making the best out of today and taking a drive for myself before having to come back home and help a former teacher with some work via facetime and doing some reading. 😌

Really looking forward to next week and what it could possibly bring!

mood today:
Day 28: hola! Today is a chill day—need to do a little bit of grocery shopping but other than that it’s going to be a pretty quiet relaxing day.
Day 28 update: went grocery shopping, bought everything i needed (so thats a plus!), took a shower, did a face mask, cleaned my bathroom, and now time to clean my bedroom yet again, and wipe everything down--change the sheets, etc.

Feels good to be super productive today.
Day 29: HAPPY EASTER! Hope you all have a safe, social distance practicing Easter! I know this holiday might be tough—not spending it with family & friends—but FaceTime is a thing so make use of it today!

Today, my family and I just plan on relaxing & having a nice dinner!
Day 29 update: took a nightly walk around a college campus and it was wonderful 💕 can’t wait for tomorrow.
Day 30: how is it only 30? I feel like this has been forever—like a year.

Anyway: hello! Today’s plan is to stay inside cause weather is insane. Super high winds and pouring rain! So, I guess it’s time to make some coffee 🥰
Day 30 update: holy cow this wind is no joke.

As for my day so far, i had coffee, took a shower, and watched Netflix...and honestly that's probably what i'm going to be doing for the rest of the day.

Here's a gif to make us all laugh that my mom sent me in a text earlier:
Day 31: morning!! I have plans today to venture out—heading to work to pick something up/check on something & then planning on taking a walk while listening to a podcast. So, not too fancy but it’ll do.

Today’s mood:
Since my update didn’t post to the thread here ya go:
Day 31 update: Left work, got my paycheck (😊) and then took a walk. All in all, it's been an amazing day and i'm glad I had it.

Now it's time for a shower, then...maybe trying something I haven't done in years. I'll be sure to update what happens..
Day 31 nightly update: ....this is what I was referring to in my update above. Haven’t done these in years but I’m desperate for nails right now, so let’s see how this goes. (Don’t have high hopes, but we’ll see!)
Day 31 nightly update: Took a pause on the's time to get creative.
Day 32: Good morning! Today’s plan is...well, there’s a lot but it does involve heading back to work for a little bit. I have a task to complete. (Seriously, I wouldn’t leave unless I 100% have to—and I do. So shhh with the comments.)

Day 32 update: My day kinda took a turn and I ended up having to go to work twice, and the second time with my dad lol. (He just wanted to get out!)

Might go to work tomorrow. I have a task to complete there, so either tomorrow or friday it'll have to get done!
Day 33: today’s plan....go to the bank and deposit my check.

Day 33 update: went to the bank, dropped off something at my uncles house, and then got some dunkin'☕️. Now it's time to chill the rest of the day and be like this:
Day 33 update:

Not gonna lie, this was me to my parents when I found out I wasn’t getting a stimulus check.
Day 34: today’s plan is simple: do nothing. Not gonna lie tho, kinda over doing mostly nothing almost every day. Over this whole thing tbfh.
Day 34 update: did my nails....and not gonna lie they kinda hit different. Don’t hate it. I know it’s not perfect but it’ll do. 😂👍🏼
Day 34 late night update: yeaaahhh. Took nails off. Turns out I like not having acrylics 😂.

Anyway, my evening consisted of a drive, a walk, a trip to work to get paper towels & a night drive back home.

So, now it’s time to relax & see what tomorrow brings!
Day 35: over this quarantine. That is all.

Day 35 update: I haven't gotten out of bed today expect to get food. Today's just a "stay in bed all day" type of day. Guess i'll have to do everything i was meant to do today, tomorrow.
Day 35 update: kinda got inspired to go do a photo shoot tomorrow but have no-one that would wanna go with me & actually help. 😂 (& before y’all come for me saying “social distancing!!!” “Quarantine!!”—I KNOW okay. don’t wanna hear it.) I’m just bored & want something fun to do.
Day 36: it’s so nice out I think I’m gonna take a nice drive today and maybe a walk.

Day 36 update: wow today was a day AND an amazing one at that! 💕 Took a walk around the building at work today and my fav co-worker ended up coming by and we hung out for a bit. Talk about a shock and happy surprise! Life works out in crazy ways.

Here's how I'm feeling tonight:
Day 37: hola. Today’s plan is to relax & work on a project that I technically finished last night but iMovie is suddenly having “compression kit” issues during export on my laptop so I’m redoing it on my desktop iMovie 😂🙄. Ask how annoyed I am. Hopefully it works there.
Day 37 update: Re-did the video on imovie on my imac and IT'S DONE. YAY! i've never been more happy about anything in my life right now.

Now it's truly time to relax for the night and watch neflix!
Day 38: pretty sure CT is gonna get the official “closed for the rest of the school year till fall 2020” like MA just did either today or by Friday. ngl I’m really sad about it. I expected it fully....but was still holding on to the littlest bit of hope.

Here’s my mood:
Day 38 update: turned out to be a gorgeous night after a full day of thunder showers and rain. Going to spend my night just relaxing, taking a shower and watching a movie!

Have a few things to do tomorrow that's actually fun, so I absolutely can't wait! 🤗
Day 39: very late start to this today but today’s been great! Woke up, did my hair & makeup and then took a drive. Saw a few co-workers that i haven’t seen in a while—it was fun!

Tonight’s plan is to finish the office and then restart it again 😂
Day 39 update: this gif. just this. 😓
Day 40: wow day 40 already? Today all I have to do is wash clothes. So, pretty chill if you ask me.

Mood so far today:
Day 40 update: yeah this just turned into a hard day... 😓

Really looking forward to tomorrow though. So that’s a plus for me. 😊
Day 41: went to work today, saw a bunch of co-workers, and got lots done. It was so nice to see everyone that I missed so so very much.

Looks like next week, I’ll be seeing them again—I cannot wait. 😊

(We social distanced & wore masks—don’t worry.)
Day 42: took a walk with [email protected] this morning and we ended up going to a former teachers house to surprise her and her dog and then we went on a walk together to the pond 😂. It’s been quite a day lol.

This was us to her when we showed up:
Day 43: Hola. Today is a chill day, so I present to you this relatable CT tiktok that made me laugh last night 😂
Day 43 update: left my bed this morning to grab some Dunkin’ & then went straight back and have been laying here all day just watching the office 🤷🏻‍♀️
Day 44: went to work with some co-workers, did some cleaning & envolope sealing 😂. It was a great afternoon!

Now it’s time to take on the task of grocery shopping...
Day 45: woke up in an amazing mood today! Have a few errands to run, but other than that, today is an “at home” day 😊
Day 46: it’s a chill day—so I got nothin. Literally nothin. I can’t believe it’s day 46 & I can’t believe Friday is already gonna be May. Like wtf. April lasted 6 minutes while March lasted 6 years.

Here’s my mood:
Day 46 update: doing some late night bedroom cleaning while watching the office.
Day 47: have a zoom meeting this afternoon for I hope I get in a much better mood before then. Today sucks and I’m already over it.
Day 47 update: speaking of Zoom meetings and after just getting off of a zoom work call, this is just so relatable and I simply just can’t stop laughing. 😂
Day 48: Time for day two of this zoom meeting for work and all I have to say is this, whoever scheduled this for 9am, there's a special place for you right now. i still love you, but not in this exact moment.

(clearly, if you couldn't tell, i'm not a morning person. 🤣)
Day 48 update: Zoom meeting went well! It actually was lots of fun. Now it's time to enjoy my day! :)

Also, happy May everyone! 🤗

Here's a song I sing every single first day of the month of May:
Day 48 nightly update: don't know how but managed to survive the day but i did. I thank the 2 cups of coffee i had for that.

Spent my evening chatting with someone about something that was on my mind & it felt so good to get advice on it. 🥰

Now, time for a shower then sleep.
Day 49: good morning y’all! Or should I say, good afternoon!

Today’s plan is to shower, grab coffee, host a virtual watch party, then enjoy this 70 degrees weather! 😊

Mood today: (this gif just makes me laugh)
Day 49 nightly update: spent my entire day relaxing & getting some sun. Tomorrow is going to be almost 80, so I’m super excited!

Gonna spend the rest of my night playing sims and relaxing. 😊
Day 50: we made it to 50—wow. Anyway, morning!! Today’s plan is to enjoy the 78 degree weather & take coco for a drive & walk around our neighborhood & then just spend time outside! 😊

So glad it’s finally spring outside!!
Day 50 update: about to do a photo shoot at work with a co-worker. I’ve been wanting to do this for months and today is the PERFECT day! I’m so stoked.

This will be both of us momentarily:
Day 51: all I have for this one today is: May the 4th be with you ✌🏼😎 lol

Today’s plan is...just to go with the flow and figure out what I do during my day right before I do it.

Mood so far:
Day 52: ....😥. Got the official announcement today that schools are closed until the fall.

I KNEW this was going to be the outcome & told myself I was prepared for it because it’s the safest option currently but hearing it makes it permanent.
Day 52 update: cried in the car on the way to work to help a coworker clean her classroom out.

Today’s hard, but we’re thinking positive and making the best of it—that’s all you can do! 😊
Day 53: today’s a chill day. Grocery shopping later, but other than that—I’m doing nothing today and for once I’m actually okay with that.

Of course my day 54 didn't go into the thread, so here ya go:
Day 54 update: Have exciting plans for tomorrow. Which I cannot wait for, especially since tomorrow is going to be a super hard day for me. I'll share more on that tomorrow.

But as fro now, time to relax for the rest of the night!
Day 55: Today's such a hard day. Today was meant to be opening night for the show I was the musical director of.....I'll post more on that later..

As for now, time to head to school/work and meet up with a co-coworker for a great and fun few hours together. 🙂
Day 55 update: Here’s why today has been so hard for me, personally.

However, despite the sadness, I’m thinking positively & remembering that there was and still is so much to be grateful for from the experience and that’s what really counts in the end. 💕
Day 56: morning/afternoon, y’all!

Today’s plan is to do nothing? I actually have no idea what I’m doing today, so we’ll figure it out as the day goes, I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

However, right now, I need coffee.

Okay....lets fix this. 😂😂

Here's day 56 Update:
Here's day 57:
Day 57 update:
Day 58:
Day 59:
Day 59 update:
Day 59 nightly update:
Day 60: (these never posted in the thread in the first place so LOL):
Day 60 update:
Day 61 aka today:
Day 61 update:
Day 62: it’s clearly BEAUTIFUL out, so today’s plan is to take a walk! 😊
Day 63: today’s plan is to take a drive to my beach house with my dad and so some’s gorgeous out, so let’s do it.

However...gotta make a coffee stop first. 😊.
Day 63 update: it’s 75 degrees...the humidity is ridiculous and I’m sweating like no tomorrow. I’m not ready for summer but I cannot wait to go to the beach 😂. Taking the short walk from my beach house to the beach was fabulous today. I miss it.

Where I wanna be for hours rn:
Day 63 evening update: home from the beac house. took a shower, ate dinner, so now it's time to just relax for the rest of the night and play sims while watching netflix.

tomorrow, i've decided is finally a target day. I deserve it. (i need to go there anyway for something.)
Day 64: hollaaaa. Might (probably) go to target today for a “treat yo self” day cause I personally think I deserve it — plus I need new bathroom mats anyway, so it works.

As for now, let’s go get some coffee & breakfast.
Day 64 night update: spent over $100 at target...and there wasn’t even much in the store.

Spent tonight watching Netflix & introducing my mom to The Crown.

Time for some sleep so we can get to tomorrow & seeing what the day brings! 💤🌙
Day 65: probably doing nothing today, who knows anymore 😂.
Day 66: 🤷🏻‍♀️. Heading out for a meet up with a friend for an hour or so today...but other than that I guess I’m doing nothing.

Good news is CT begins re-opening up tomorrow, so that’s a plus!!
Day 66 update: Went for a walk with a friend, grabbed coffee and some dinner for the family, and now it's time for a FaceTime session with a co-worker and then a shower and relaxation for the night.
Day 67: no big plans today, so going to just watch Netflix, and hang around.

However, do need to make a stop to staples for ink & have to go grocery shopping so those are tasks for later on.

Right now...time for a while then some coffee. 😊
Day 67 nightly update: This tweet made my day. Maura, (my fav co-worker) truly deserved this tweet from Brené today (and so so much more), & I'm so heart warmed I could bring her some joy on her Birthday this year.

Today was an amazing special day. ♥️
Day 68: Dealing with some things this morning, but this afternoon is going to be spent i guess just relaxing.

Still can't believe Brené tweeted that birthday message to Maura yesterday. Every time I see the tweet in my mentions, i'm like ".holy crap." 😂

Day 68 night update: finished . @deadtome on Netflix and OHMYGOD I need a season 3 and ASAP. This show is EVERYTHING.

Day 69: morning everyone!! Heading to my beach today to not only meet up with someone but to also just hang around the shoreline & enjoy the beach for a bit!! I’m so excited!

Let’s get this day started with a shower, then breakfast & coffee!! 😊

Mood: (this will be me)
Day 70!!: today’s plan isn’t much...kind of gloomy outside so going to play it chill today.

The beach was so lovely yesterday & I never wanted to leave.

Let’s get this day started, shall we? Time for some coffee. ☕️
Day 70 update: Please tell me why i'm looking at homes in The Hamptons for rent during summer when I know darn well I can't afford to go to the Hamptons. 🏖️🌊

A girl can dream...(I just wanna move to a Coastal Town.)
Day 71: putting away laundry today & then spending my afternoon cleaning & finishing up some project grading. We’re almost done for the year, y’all! ALMOST.

Let’s get this day started with some coffee & breakfast, shall we?

Day 71 update: beach plans for Tuesday, but as for tomorrow...most likely a shopping day for some things my parents and I need.

As for right now....i'm writing a letter to someone very special. ♥️ Lets do this.
Day 72: today’s plan isn’t much—kind of cloudy outside, so just running a few errands. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mood: (if you couldn’t yell, coffee is a major lifeline.)
Day 73: today’s a beach day with a friend!!! 🏖 My excitement is too real!! Let’s get this day started!

Day 73 update: this. Just this. 🌊 🏖 – bei Indian Town Beach
Day 74: wow the beach really took it out of me yesterday!! But it was SO FUN! I even have a sunburn to prove it 😂

Today’s plan is to enjoy the gorgeous weather, relax & help a former teacher with some last minute things via FaceTime!

Let’s do this, Wednesday!
Day 74 night update: Enjoyed my day--spent it on facetime and relaxing.

Tomorrow's a shopping day for something very special. I cannot wait!
Day 75: running errands today! But first things first: a shower & some coffee! ☕️

Let’s do this.
Day 76: having the LAZIEST day in the world today & im 110% okay with that.

Day 76 update: Just reminding everyone that it's okay to be upset. You don't have to be strong all the time. Showing emotions is okay.
It's okay to miss someone.
It's okay to be upset about missed experiences.

Your feelings are valid. Don't let anyone tell you they aren't. ♥️
Day 76 update: about to turn this sad & hard day into a positive one. I’m about to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a few weeks now.

I know this is going to be therapeutic. I can’t wait. (I’ll share what I do later on!) 😊
Day 77: I think this thread will end when our final stage of CT reopening happens, so, there’s that.

Today’s plan is pretty simple. Dollar store, cvs, & then stop & shop!

Let’s do this.

Mood: (coffee made me energized today.)
Day 78: who knows what I’m doing today...guess we’ll figure it out as the day goes.

Day 79: Happy June, y’all!!

Today’s plan is with a friend! We’re going to surprise a teacher at work with a gift basket of her favorite things!

Let’s do it! ❤️
Day 79 update: nighttime cleaning is the most productive thing right now.

Starting off June the right

Day 80: BEACH DAY! 😊😊😊😊

That’s it. That’s the tweet.
Day 81: visiting co-workers today. To say I’m excited is an understatement!

Then later, hopefully dropping off gifts at work for my boss & Maura. 😊

Let’s get today started!

Day 81 update: saw Maura today—gave her her gift. I haven’t seen her or spoke to her in person since April 19th so it was a very special moment. 💕

As for the rest of my evening, spending it driving around, visiting a friend & then heading home & relaxing. 😊
Day 81 nightly update: Today was such an amazing day. Being back in the school building & seeing Maura & my boss was such a joyful, heartwarming & special moment. I cried when I got back into my car as I left.

Definitely was the best way to start my summer/June. ♥️

Night Mood:
Day 82: taking a walk with a friend this afternoon.

It’s been a pretty chill day, overall.

So far, and I know we’re only 4 days in, but my June has been pretty freakin awesome and has had some very special, little moments that mean the most to me. 😊

Time for coffee.
Day 82 nightly update: Walked 6 miles today. My legs hurt like no tomorrow but the view I had was so worth it. 😍
Day 83: spending today playing sims (a new expansion came out this morning!!) and then going grocery shopping.

A very relaxed day, for sure. 😊

Also: it’s national donut day, so head to Dunkin’ for a free donut when you get a drink. ☕️

Day 84: very productive morning! Went to the bank to put my check in, did some shopping online and then just drove around for a while.

Now it’s time for coffee & to head home & clean before I head to ulta to pick up some stuff. 😊

Day 85: Having a chill day that's filled with cleaning and organizing.

Day 85 update: still cleaning and FINALLY finishing desperate housewives. I’m going to be so upset when I finish this show.

I’ll just have to restart from the beginning lol 😂

Also: my favorite & THE BEST housewife is Bree Vandekamp. 👑 don’t even try to prove me wrong.
Day 86: more cleaning & errands to run today.

Might take a drive later on to visit a former teacher & drop off a little gift—we’ll see 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Mood for right now:
Day 87: helloooo.

today’s plan is to meet up with a friend & hang for a bit. We’ll probably end up goin shopping knowing us 😂

Let’s get the day started, shall we?

Mood: (I just need some coffee that’s all.)
Day 88: (literally put 89 on accident.) Taking a drive today, I think & then running some errands for my parents.

Let’s do it. 👊🏼
Day 88 update: literally so exhausted I could fall asleep. Had quite the day.

Doing something fun at work on Friday, but tomorrow I’m definitely relaxing.

Day 88 nightly update: Beginning this gem of a book by . @BreneBrown tonight! I cannot wait to start reading! 📖🤗
Day 89: hiii. Like said yesterday today is a chill day. Might take a trip to Walmart later, but we’ll see. 😊

Really do need to finish cleaning my room, so maybe that could be a task for today.

But of course, first—let’s get some coffee. ☕️
Day 89 update: this rain and thunder is literally insane right now, but god do we need it.

Think the rest of my day is going to be spent cleaning and relaxing.
Day 90: Heading to work today do help with supply drop off/pickup for the kids. They’re coming to drop off books & get whatever they left behind in their classrooms in March.

It’ll be nice to see some of the kids again, for sure. 😊

Let’s get this day started, shall we?
Day 90 update: y’all it’s so hot, I can’t even deal. But the plus of today is being with my favs right now. I’ve missed all my co-workers so much. This truly does—in a weird way—feel like the normal “last day of school.”

Also: it’s just therapeutic for me to be here. 😭❤️
Day 91: have a few errands to run before a fun get together tonight! Also, I need coffee.

Let’s do this.

Day 91 update: ran the errands! Now, it’s time to party at a cookout with some friends for an hour or two. 😊
Day 91 nightly update: I’m home. I’m exhausted. Goodnight. 💤😴
Day 92: today’s going to be a chill day, but also a day where I have to get a few things done & be productive, so. Let’s do it.

Day 92 update: couldn’t finish what I had to because I forgot to buy the inserts for the binders. 😂🙃

The administrative professional in me is SCREAMING and CRYING of anger right now because I’m leaving a project unfinished, but I’ll finish it tomorrow. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Day 93: spending the day with some friends just hanging out & then later this afternoon I’m finishing up that project I started yesterday!

Let’s do this! ❤️👊🏼❤️
Day 93 update: finally home. Now it’s time to get into PJ’s & work on my project that I was meant to finish yesterday.

Day 94: busy day, y’all! Finishing up lots of different things today.

Let’s do this.
Day 95: heading to lunch with friends today! Super excited!

Let’s do this! ❤️

Day 96:
Day 97: spending time with friends today—so excited. It’s weird to see CT busy...I got used to the quiet that was us during lockdown 😂.

Let’s do this.

Day 98: I need coffee.

Spending my day doing nothing today—expect grocery shopping. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Things here are going back to’s weird but I don’t mind it. 😂

Anyway, today’s mood:
Day 99: Happy Father’s Day, y’all! Treating my dad to some afternoon coffee from Dunkin’. That’s literally all he wants—Dunkin’ coffee 😂. Which, trust me, I’m not complaining—their coffee is the best, after all.

Also: it’s hot as heck outside! So not ready for summer!!

Day 100: Wow. Day 100. actually didn’t think that we’d be here this long—I mean technically we’re reopening the state now, but still.

Today’s plan is to possibly take a drive, drop off some school stuff to an old teacher of mine & just to relax. It’s super hot today...lord help.
Day 100 update: (because if i update any day, it's going to be today.) Took a drive this afternoon, got coffee, dropped off some stuff, then took a drive past work.

Today was really chill and I enjoyed every second. 😌

Here's how I'm feeling tonight:
Day 101: heading to run a few errands today, then spending the rest of my time inside. It’s too hot to be out and about.

Day 102: coffee. I need it. ☕️

Not doing much today. Just cleaning.

Also: this weather is gorgeous but the humidity is ridiculous.
Day 103: it’s too early to be awake. (Yes, I know it’s 10:30 but I’ve been up since 8:30 and I didn’t sleep much last night.)

If I don’t get coffee in the next 45 minutes I’m going to loose my mind.

However, exciting things are happening in a half hour so...let’s do this.
Day 104: my anger is high today, y’all. VERY. HIGH.

Time to get coffee & then figure out what my life is. 🙃

Day 105: decided this thread is going to stop when we reach the final phase of re-opening CT.

Today’s a rainy day, so won’t be doing much. Just relaxing & watching Netflix I guess.

Day 106: doing laundry today then having a FT session with a former teacher. But first, coffee.

Day 107: Didn't know what I was going to put for today...but now I know. here's what made my day:

Day 108: today was my high school president’s last day of work as she’s retiring and tomorrow the new president jumps in. To honor her 45 years of service, we did a drive by parade for her at my high school and it definitely was special. I’m glad I got to be apart of it. ❤️
Day 109: HAPPY JULY! 7 months in to 2020 and my god—it’s going by fast. (Thank god, honestly.)

Today’s plan is to stay inside as the weather is insane & im not about it. ✌🏼
Day 110: FINALLY getting my hair done today after 6 months! Ask me how excited I am?!

Day 111: shopping day—let’s go. 😊
Day 112: happy 4th, everyone. PLEASE be safe today. Social diatance & wear a damn mask if you go out or are spending time outside. 😊 (thanks for coming to my ted talk)
Day 113: Not doing much today. Taking a drive to the shore just to get out and have a 'me' day for a bit. Might stop for a mini shopping spree--we'll see!
Day 114: hanging with the best girl today—can’t wait to see her! 🥰 (she’s 4.)

Ask me how excited I am?!

(Also, it’s HOT.)
Day 115: chill day, then late lunch date with a bestie! ❤️
Day 116: heading to Taco Bell for lunch today & then most likely spending my afternoon just relaxing. 😌

Day 116 update: okay....I’m over this lazy day. 😂. I’m so used to doing sormyhing every day, so it’s weird not doing anything today.
Day 117: visiting co-workers today. I’m so excited—it’s gonna be a great day! 😊
Day 118:
Day 119: ...will I watch Hamilton again today? Yes. Yes I will. & The Crown, too. 👑
Day 120: Meeting a friend this evening to help her run errands & get some dinner.

As for now, time for some youtube. Just a relaxing afternoon.
Day 121: watching the best 4 year old today. ❤️🥰
Day 121 update: We’re watching the bee movie together. It’s my first time watching this movie and .... yep. 😂 I get it.
Day 122: spending a few days at a friends house to help her feed her fams animals.

So happy to be “traveling” for two days. Even if it’s just an hour away to my friends house 😂
Day 123: fed the animals at 7:30. Back to sleep I go. I’m so exhausted right now.
Day 124: I was sick this morning. don’t mix alcohol, folks. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃

Today’s plan is to chill by myself for a bit & then head home tonight.
Day 125: eye doctor time.....🙄🙄🙄🙄
Day 125 update: I take back all the eye rolls because they didn’t have to dialate my eyes. Instead they charged me 39$ to do a photo of my retinas where they can detect all that, that way.

Best 39$ I’ve ever spent honestly. No regrets. 10/10.
Day 125 update 2: Didn't have to pay 39$ cause there's a freckle behind my eye so insurance automatically covers the cost of that. Needless to say, i'll be doing that method from now on. GOODBYE EYE DROPS. WILL NOT MISS YOU. AT. ALL.
Day 126: Relaxing day today alone at my friends house. Getting some things done and watching some shows.
Day 127: it’s not even 9am & CT state parks are at full capticity. My god y’all. I mean I know it’s gonna be hot as ever, but I hope y’all are social distancing. We’re in a good state—one of the only best ones—KEEP IT THAT WAY.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
Day 127 update: Ate breakfast, took a nap, fed the animals, and took a shower. Now it's time to venture out to target, get a few snacks, and then grab some much needed coffee from starbucks.
Day 128: heading home this afternoon. Until then, have things to do to clean up 😌.
Day 129: exciting things happening today! (Or so I’ve been told.) I have no clue what’s happening .... all I know is I’ve been told we’re going somewhere this afternoon. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I need coffee though, so let’s do this.
Day 130: ...y’all I can’t with my surprise I got yesterday! 😭😭😭. I’ll update y’all on it soon! I gotta do it right!

Today’s plan is just to drive to meet up with some friends!
Day 131: debating if I want to get my nails done today or next week...hmmm.

Time for coffee & then running errands today!
Day 132: FINALLY after 4 months, I’m getting my nails done today! Ask how excited I am?!
Day 132 update: nails did! Tried a different color this time around. Definitely going to take getting used to, but in two weeks they’re getting switched to pink, so it’s no big deal! It’s just a color! 🙂
Day 132 update: all I’m gonna say is....God. Bless. Ceaser. Salad.
(It’s my fav)
Day 133: Running errands today....lets do it.
Day 133 update: washed my car, got gas, grabbed starbucks & now I’m home relaxing for the evening.

Tomorrow’s plan? Take a drive & chill for a bit!
Day 134:
Day 135: babysitting still 5 today. Let’s do it.

Definitely staying inside today as it’s going to literally be 100 outside. I’m not ready for it. ☀️
Day 136: errands today—not much happening. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Day 137: watching my favorite girl again. ❤️ only got two hours of sleep though, so help me today. (And give me all the coffee!)
Day 138: I’m tired. It’s early. I’m over it.
Day 139: expect pics later—doing something exciting right now! Been waiting for 5 years for this! (It’s nothing big—but I’m excited!)
Day 139 update: 👓
Day 140: begins my vacation time at the beach for two weeks.
Day 141: grocery shopping today, with a trip to Walmart to pick up a few other things—then just a relaxing day! 🙂
Day 141 update: watching Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures & I’m not mad about it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Day 142: .....wait. Are we still in phase 2 of re-opening or are we done? Cause I’m over this thread. I...completely lost track of everything.
Day 142 update: I checked. Still in phase 2. 🙃
Day 143: Staying indoors today as the hurricane is meant to hit parts of CT today.

Thankfully, down the shoreline where I am, it's meant to miss us, so we'll just get a bit of wind and a little rain.
Day 143 update: A few branches fell in our yard, but thankfully we moved the cars. :) Now it's clear blue skies and just wind. No lost power here on the shoreline, but at my house my mom said they lost power there.

Definitely thankful I stayed inside today.
Day 144: it’s hot. I need coffee.
Day 145: several things happened before noon today & im already exhausted.

Plan is to get through today & then head back home tonight until tomorrow then come back here for a fun weekend!
Day 146: 🙃 went home for nothing. Dads car won’t be ready for a few more days.

Time to enjoy a fun weekend!
Day 147: beach day! 🏖
Day 148: got burnt at the beach yesterday—but DEFINITELY worth it! Today’s plans are up in the air so who knows what I’ll end up doing, but it’s gonna be chill and relaxed.
Day 149:
Day 150: got my nails done yesterday a new place I’ve never been. Very impressed with how they turned out.

Today’s plan: relax until friends come later!
Day 150 update: me reuniting with my besties when they show up @ my beach house in a few hours:
Day 151: coastal town shopping time. ❤️
Day 151 update: beach afternoon!
Day 152: heading home tonight—cannot wait! Then back to saybrook tomorrow.
Day 152 update: Got home, and began to unpack! So glad to be back here, but it's weird at the same time. Already miss the beach and salt air that I'd smell 24/7.

Also: did I just buy hulu + live TV so i could watch season 6 of @SchittsCreek? Yes, Yes I did.
Day 153: heading back to saybrook for the day with a friend to meet up with a former teacher & head to my beach house to pack up the rest of the stuff we left yesterday! It’s gonna be fun!

Also: personal reminder for me — BUY. SHEETS. BEFORE. YOU. COME. HOME.
Day 154: didn’t buy sheets yet today...BUT the reason is because then I can go to target today & I miss target so it’s a win for me.

However, first—COFFEE.
Day 154 update: got clean sheets. ☺️
Day 155: heading out later for a coffee & target date by myself 😂.

Over this rainy day.
Day 156: chillin today...just gonna go with the flow.
Day 157: 😌💖
Day 158: absolutely exhausted today but we’re making it work.
Day 159: grocery shopping today...amongst other things.

Day 160: pretty chill day. Have a few things to do, but we’ll figure it out as the day goes! 😌

My mood today:
Day 161: laundry & errands day with maybe a special treat later for Riley! We’ll see where the day takes us!

But first....COFFEE.
Day 162: mood today:
Day 163: contract FINALLY got renewed for work!! YAAAS.

Today’s plan was heading to work & cleaning a classroom, amongst other things. Heading back Wednesday for more.

As for now, time to go home & relax for the evening!
Here's my day 164:
Day 165: at work till 5 today. Let’s do this.
Day 165 update: still at work....lots of things to do. And there’s still more 😭🙃
Day 165 update: Finally leaving work @ 8:30. Heading to target to pick up things needed for tomorrow & Friday.

Let’s do this.
Day 166: getting my hair done today & then off to work after!
Day 167: Had Riley’s vet appt this morning! It went well! Now, time to pick up coffee’s & head to work & then it’s nail time! 🥳

happy Friday to me!
Day 167 update: did many things today! Took Riley to her first vet appointment, grabbed coffee, went to school, helped clean, went out for lunch, got my nails done, went shopping, surprised a friend’s friend on her last day of the job—and more!

Today was such a good day!
Day 168: finishing this thread on the first day of school.

Today’s plan: head to the beach house to do a few things.

However, I already feel the headache starting—give me coffee.
Day 169: heading to work today to do more cleaning. (Yes, I know it’s Sunday but it needs to be done!)
Day 170: One week left of this thread, y'all. My excitement to be back to work next week is UNREAL.

Working at a school is honestly so much fun, even now.

Tonight's plan is to meet up with some friends for dinner!
Day 171: at work all day. I’m exhausted. Back tomorrow @ 9:30 to do more.
Day 172: up early to get a head start on a few things before heading to work for 9:30. Let’s get this day started!

Day 173: back to work I go. Might be the last time here before school begins on Tuesday. Let’s do this...I think we can accomplish today.
Here’s the update for 173:
Day 174:
Day 175: doing NOTHING today & am not upset about it. ✌🏼
Day 176: shopping day! 💖 (but first, coffee.)
Day 177: ending this thread today.

This was fun to do! I hope you all enjoyed this thread as much as I did. So weird to go back to day 1 & read all the things we went through—good and bad.

Today’s task is simple: be happy and grateful & take things as they come.

I can do this.
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