Do you know of a tech company that’s asking people who could work from home to come to the office? Reply to this thread, so we can track these irresponsible organizations, and remember their names even after this is over.
If you’re afraid of naming your own company, I’ve opened my DMs for a little while FOR THIS PURPOSE ONLY. And I’ll update the thread with any claims presented in those DMs.
Apparently @spacex is asking people who could work from home to still come to the office. Hey, @elonmusk, working from home during a pandemic when you can is not “stupid”. It’s the responsible thing to do. Please protect your workers and their families 🙏❤️
This one is even worse: @AmericanAir is asking tech workers, thousands at the HQ, to come to the office because it would be “unfair” if people who can wfm do when frontline workers can’t. So let’s infect everyone as not to unfairly leave anyone out! ☠️🦠
So @orionadvisor is making half the customer support team needlessly work from the office in rotation. With one member being denied a request to wfh despite sitting next to coughing coworkers who recently returned from travel. Telling staff not to post about COVID-19 in chat.
“Our people are everything” brags @Aerotek, but they’ve taken no steps to have internal employees or contractors work from home.
Some people at @ATT have been allowed to work from home, but lots of office admin staff, even if they don’t interact with customers, have not been approved yet. You’d think a fucking TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY would have this figured out.
While @WeWork is telling clients about WFH, they’re still requiring staff to work in the buildings for “pop-ins”. WTF? No extra cleaning, just business as usual. Hey, do you think Adam is forced to come to the office, or has that billion dollar payout already bought him a bunker?
Capgemini India is “undecided” about allowing work from home. Not because it wouldn’t stop community spread, but because “it will set a bad precedent” 💀. Yeah, lord knows the worst thing that could happen in a pandemic is for some people to realize that remote works!
So while universities across the country are sending students home, @SEI_CMU and @certcc are going with “we’re flexible, talk to your manager” dead-end approach. THIS IS NOT AN INDIVIDUAL DECISION. COLLECTIVE ACTION = COLLECTIVE PROTECTION.
@WellsFargo is forcing even elderly workers (report from a 69 year-old) to come to the office because they weren’t ready with laptops that could access internal systems. The dead rate for 70+ is 8%.
“We also place emphasis on fostering an environment of collaboration and cross-pollination between our business units and teams”, says PRTH on their website. Only allowing WFH if you can prove you’re living with a high-risk individual, everyone else: NO. 
The @Honda plant in Ohio is forcing even people who are already setup and allowed to work from home one day per week to come in the other four. Because everyone knows the virus only works on Fridays!
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