As someone who co-owns a small company, which services an industry where people gather in confined spaces for extended periods of time, we’re honestly terrified about what the next few months will bring.

(This will be a thread. Length unknown)
We’re watching the overseas shut downs, the festivals canceling, the tours postponing, and the effects that it’s having on technicians already.

Many of these places have strong unions and support systems in place for this.

New Zealand.
We do not.
We’ve already seen the first rounds of cancellations over here, and in Australia.

In tangible terms, I’ve already lost Six weeks of work and am waiting to hear about another Four and Two.

One of my best humans is coming home in 10 days. I wasn’t expecting to see him til July
Until ten days ago we were in the process of hiring two new full time staff.

Now that’s on the back burner until we know if our company is going to exist past next month.
The initial indications from venues, events, and clients are that we won’t see any of the money from the pencilled bookings until they know they can go ahead.

So our entire first half projection is about 1/3 of what it was last year at this point
In very real terms, we’re currently trying to figure out where we can pull money from to keep a roof above our heads and our gear.

We haven’t even gotten to food yet.

My transferable skills are all service industry and management, none of which are going to be in hot demand.
Right now, there’s a small gathering of techs sitting in a local cafe, waiting for this ministry of health announcement at half two that’s been pulled forward by a day.

Nothing good is going to come of this.
The question is. How bad is it going to be.
This afternoon’s presser.

500+ pax events are a hard nope.

More information on smaller spaces to come through over the next couple of days.
Schools currently staying open.

Financial support package being announced tomorrow, by our minister of finance.
Writers Festival officially pulled as of this afternoon.
Ditto Cuba Dupa.
Also Vivid.

Homegrown pulled this morning.
Book of Mormon likely to also wind up.

Red Leap has cancelled the rest of their tour.

As of this afternoon, we’ve gone from busy enough to want two more full timers, to three single day band gigs between now and June.

We’ve got friends who are now empty through til Edinburgh Fringe, or beyond.
There are also hire companies that are now refusing to do dry hires, so you have to take at least one of their staff members with your equipment.

Which would be fine if:
- their staff were better
- it didn’t more than double the hire rate
So this is in the same thread for later reference:
The government support package that’s been announced this afternoon?

Completely skips over a bunch of us who own our small companies.

We don’t have employees. We don’t pay ourselves a salary, let alone above minimum wage.
If we were sole traders, we’d be sweet.
If our venue contracts were part time instead of casual, we’d be okay.
If we were performers, we’d be eligible.

Currently my tomorrow is going to be spending time on the phone to see if there’s anything at all we are eligible for.
Shout out to the poor lady on the other end of the phone today, who sounded so close to tears herself.

She said to call back tomorrow. Currently they don't know what to do with situations like ours, but there's quite a few of us.
I've been doing the maths as to what the damage to our industry is if we close down.

And then started doing counting that up by the amount of companies that have already shuttered, and those we're expecting to.

It's. Not small.
Context - I’m doing the maths to have hard numbers to prove that our 98% decline in work is greater than the 30% threshold required for assistance.

Currently our entire second quarter has gone from around $90k to $500
(no, that’s not missing a zero)
Tomorrow I'll go into more of a break down of what this means, and the holes that are being created.

Right now?
I'm going to do some community organising to try get some training happening for the 1000s of us sans work.

Then I'm going to cry.
Then I'll go to my show call
Did it the wrong order

Went to my show call
Got the news
Did the show
I want to be upbeat and look at this as a great time for self development and learning new skills.

But it’s hard to even try when I don’t know if we’ll have a roof over our head at the end of the month.
Or an industry to come back to.
Today’s update:

Everything is cancelled.

Well. Not quite everything. But there’s maybe five shows happening around New Zealand that I know of.

Or, going the other way, around 200 shows have been cancelled.
Venues are shuttering.
Who knows what tonight brings.
We stand at a precipice.

Our entire industry isn’t grinding to a halt so much as slamming into a surprise iceberg.

Everyone is emotionally dull, with random bursts of tears quelled by pats and whispers of “we’re all fucked”.

Even the forums are oddly gentle.

RIP The Arts
I said goodbye to my festival pals last night.

Usually it’s see ya next year.
Usually it’s chats and beer and potato’s until the wee hours.

This year it was a gentle whimper. There were no hugs or promises of future sass.
Just sad eyes and quiet mumbles.
To those who have asked how they can help.

Reach out to your friends in creative industries.

Ask what supplies people need.
Offer to send groceries.
See if you can chip in towards our rent.
Buy a book on our wish list.
Send a game on steam.

But please.
Approach us.
A lot of us won't reach out.

It's hard to put your hand up & say you need rescuing when almost all of your friend group is in the same rough seas, trying desperately to stay afloat.

It's hard when you're a tech & you pride yourself on staying calm when everyone else panics.
On a personal level.

As someone who is known for staying calm when it all turns to shit, I've currently got people turning to me for advice and reassurance.

I... haven't even got enough emotional energy to get out of my jamas today.

But I'm telling them we'll persist.
If you’re in a position to support your local indie venues, please do.

Almost all of them offer vouchers that you can trade for future tickets, which is ideal. It’s easier to justify reopening if you have an audience.

Also. Lots of them take donations, if that’s your jam.
Our local producing companies are also going to need your support.

Cancelled shows means no income.
Tiny houses mean zero profit.
It also fucks with funding applications for money for future shows.

Some are already set up for tickets, merch, and donations. Smaller ones nsm
Many of our festivals are also in the same boat, and are now facing a year of admin for 2021’s festival with no ticket sales to cover those costs.

If you love a local festival, see if you can buy some of the 2020 merch if it’s available. Or pay a power bill for the office.
Want to support a small production company?
(Ie: lights/sound/av/management)

Book them for an event you’re dreaming of, and pay the deposit.
Hire some leds and a smoke machine for an end of the world rave.
Pay a power bill.
Set up a recurring donation for coffee.
Summary of latest media briefing;

- No indoor gatherings of greater than 100
- No outdoor gatherings of greater than 500
- Reconsider if you need to gather at all. Move dates, move online, minimise your risk of being exposed.
Getting reports coming in from other pals in the live events industry, saying jobs we’d all thought were relatively safe are having hours reduced & redundancy discussions are beginning.

Some companies are shuttering now, as they can’t see a way through.
This will incl venues.
I know it’s gauche to link back to your own tweets but fuck it.

If you want to help save the performing arts, please reach out to your humans and your companies of choice.

I’ve suggested some tangible ways to help over like 6 tweets here -
If you want to help me directly, I've set up a ko-fi to hopefully help support myself and Pie whilst we wait for a decisions about government assistance 

We've literally lost over 99% of our income, so anything will help.
ATC has put out a press release to officially pull their next 3 shows, & also the Here and Now festival.

In this statement they have committed to paying everyone who would have been involved in the shows for these engagements. Which is a gold star.
Basement and Bats have both closed their spaces, and moved their full time workers to work from home as of today.

Bats told their staff and did a press release.
Basement told their full time staff, then facebook before they told the casuals.
Auckland Arts Festival also closed as of yesterday, now we wait for the plan for pack out.

Comedy Festival is gone as well, with a beautiful email to us and a heart felt press release.
No mention of what's happening to the mayo supply.
We usually get enough from Comedy Fest to tide us through to end of March.

Like. Mayo is surprisingly expensive if you have to buy it.
The worst part is - I didn't even really eat mayo til I started working Comedy Fest 🤣
Discussions amongst my friends currently include:

- How long's the wait for the wage subsidy?
- Can my partner even get back into the country?
- Here's this animal video that made me feel less awful
- We're self isolating, can people drop groceries off?
- How do we survive?
Q theatre is officially closed until the 27th of March, with a re-evaluation of the situation post the 27th
Circa Theatre has also announced they’ll be shuttering for the foreseeable
I believe this means every professional venue in the country, bar Centrepoint (Palmy) and Auckland Live has now closed its doors for the foreseeable.
It’s a great, decisive step on CNZ’s behalf to suspend all current and near future funding rounds to free up the financial capacity to create these packages.

I’m hoping the tba one will cover us small businesses and venues that are currently in no-mans-land
Cassette Nine has shut down for the foreseeable, and isn’t sure if they’ll be back at the end of it all.

The Lake House have closed their doors to the public for the next fortnight, and will re-evaluate from there.
It’s not just the obvious venues that are being affected.

Cassette Nine is home to the burlesque producer that we work with, as well as a stalwart for bebe bands and DJs.

Lake House hosts a sporadic rehearsals space, as well as offices for a producing company.
In nice things

Vodafone’s message where the network type usually goes is actually a really sweet touch by a corporate monolith.

Are other networks doing the same?
Today’s midday update:

- Introducing a 4 level system to succinctly indicate our threat level, and appropriate courses of action.
- A plea for no unnecessary domestic travel, to minimise hard to trace potential transmission.
- Reiteration that essential services will function
NZ has moved to Level 2, in light of our potential community transmission & the ongoing growth in cases.

Which means elderly, immune compromised, & those with respiratory conditions are to isolate.
Schools will stay open, unless they have cases.
Work from home where possible.
I feel for @jacindaardern, who’s doing an amazing job of leading our country in this surreal time.

It’s a special sort of strength to be so calm and eloquent, with an undercurrent don’t fuck with this country I love.

I love her.
Official launch of the NZ Covid 19 information site, in an effort to stop rumours.

If it’s not on here, there’s a good chance it’s not true.

Be patient, there’s probably half the country trying to check it out right now. 
Updated the flat shopping list
Trying to decide if I fit into the group that should be isolating, due to my recurrent lung infections.

On the one hand, safety.

On the other hand, the 3 days of festival pack out that start tomorrow might be my last income til July.

No point in safety if you can’t eat.
It’s not like I’ve got to consider the potential knock on effect of not being able to work.

That said. Pneumonia fucking sucks. And I’ve had it twice in the last three years.
Have been sending sporadic mental health check ins to friends for years.

I’m wondering if I should also post them publicly during these weird times, and actively do a reach to those who are floating.
Just so this thread isn’t all doom and gloom about techs

This is the group of my main tech gang. All of us currently unemployed & v concerned, but finding a bit of joy in the ridiculousness of our new normal.

Related. Anyone know where I can get an old timey diving suit?
(Reposted with identifying photos covered in case my pals don’t want to be scoped)

I love that only one of us has our real name in there, which I should definitely fix the rest of them are quite stupid injokes.
Centrepoint Palmerston North has put out a statement saying that they can’t in good conscience continue on.

I’ve also heard of some of the smaller am-drams now postponing their upcoming seasons. Which is where a lot of us professionals were going to hang out.
I realise that I've fucked up my pseudo anonymity on the internet by having this thread on my actual twitter rather than my real name "work" twitter.

So I may as well commit, right?

Boy oh boy, it's a wild fucking time to be on the national body for my industry.
We're trying to support people who are facing their entire livelihoods disappearing overnight.
Answering questions that even the government don't know the answers to yet.
Trying to gather solid information to lobby for assistance.

All whilst being caught in the same collapse.
It's trippy being a peer to stalwarts of my industry, some of whom I learned about at uni as the top of their craft, and watching how we all deal.

I'm only a bebe compared to most.
So have the least to fall back on in terms of saleable assets.
But I also don't have dependants
Opened my laptop for some research and in my tabs is an article from the day the wage subsidy was announced, about the large venues managing their capacity of 500 or less, and how to manage social distancing in smaller venues.

Not even a week ago.

What the fuck.

Level three has been announced.
With NZ moving into level four in 48 hours.

Please don’t panic.
Essential services will be staying open. You will be able to get groceries and medicines right through.

Breathe. Plan. Look out for each other.
Obviously with my industry being shut down, I’m not in a position to financially assist anyone right now.

But if you need some one to game with, or fluffy picture distractions, or someone to talk to, my DMs are open.

We’ve got this, tiny pocket pals.
Be excellent x
5 hours and 12 minute until Level Four, and lock down.

This doesn't mean go out panic buying for the last run into midnight.
It means
Get your bunns to where you intend to shelter
And bloody stay there.
We're just playing a giant game of Go Home, Stay Home

And if we can do this long enough, we'll all fucking win
Okay so I've been thinking.
I've been looking for places that can help the folks in my industry that are going to be short on work for a looooong time. And they're a bit lacking.

I've also had a good whack of offers of support for us.

What if. I coordinate that place?
Slash. I kind of already have been for our main gang.
But it needs to be expanded outwards to include the folks that I don't already know.

How do we do this?
I... don't really know yet. But I do know that I'm going to need your help to resource it.
Watching Lock Down Day 2 #Covid19 presser from Jacinda and Grant.

Important things:
- If your business has stopped, you can access the wage subsidy for your staff with exceptions to the top up BUT you must pass it on full rate
- Stay in your suburb. Walking distance only pals
- Aussie still aren't helping kiwis there. Dicks.
- NZ will continue to support Aussies over here, because we're not dicks.
- Heartfelt words about our Māori MPs and their mahi within their communities <3
- Commercial rents. There's no leverage for the Government against Commercial Landlords currently, so they've asked them to act in good faith for the best interest of their tenants & NZ.

We'll see how that goes. I know some LL's are actively helping, some have ZERO fucks
I'm currently joining most of the techs I know is absolutely ignoring the outside world in favour of playing games.

Definitely not related
I just got my third star in Cook, Serve, Delicious!
It's really quite depressing seeing the calendar notifications for events that were confirmed until they were cancelled flick across the front of your phone.

Partially because of the $$ they represent.
But mostly because they were going to be really fun.
Today's presser:

- "Please be kind to each other" "Please don't make this any harder for people to seek the help they need" "Please take care of each other and be kind"😭
- If you believe people aren't complying, talk politely to them. If they're being eggs to you, call 105
- Stay local
- Don't do anything where you might get into trouble and need help
- Don't go travelling
- Don't play contact sports (fucking, duh)
- "Don't be stupid"

Beautiful. The most kiwi of responses to this.
- If you're going to the supermarket, don't take a group.
- Cough or sneeze into your ELBOWS
- Wash your hands regularly
- Wash surfaces regularly
- Question about whether NZ hospitals are ready for the peak of the curve to hit. CD Dir says we're prepping for it hard
- Air NZ has a media release due out this afternoon to address that some staff have tested positive to Covid19. The advice from Air NZ is contradictory to government advice.
- If you're unsure, isolate. Be safe.
There's some really great questions in the media Q&A today that I haven't heard before.
Nice work journos!

The honesty from John Ombler and Sarah Stuart-Black about what they do and don't know is a stark contrast to the overseas bravdo.
It hurts my heart to add Edinburgh Fringe to the festivals that have pulled due to Covid-19.

It's not surprising and it's totally the right call.
It's the first time Edinburgh Fringe has been cancelled in its 73 years.
Okay so after taking a week off yelling about my shit because it was too much for my squishy heart place to handle, there's been enough trash talk and bollocks across my socials that this thread is picking back up.

But I'm not fucking sorry.
For those who are new, I'm an Entertainment Tech.

I spend 90% of my time on live events, because that's what I love the most. But I do some film and TV work when interesting projects crop up, or as part of my contract work to other companies.
Usually my twitter feed contains at least 30% work things, from photos to bad jokes, to bitching about weird shit that clients have thrown at us, or yelling about shiny things that we've been tutuing with.

I've basically replaced that with #LockInTA & Creative Korero & crying
So let's start from the top

The arts are an integral part of a functional society.
There has always been artists, before we got out of caves. Our history has been passed through story tellers long before we committed it to paper. Myths and legends make sense of the unknown.
In our various states of Covid Lockdown, the world is consuming media and art at a massive rate.

I'm not just talking about the obvious, like movies and digital gallery trips, but also the less obvious like daily pressers and online papers.
If you're going to tell me that you have not engaged at all with

- Media
- Books
- Netflix
- Video Games
- Magazines
- Music
- How-To Videos
- Drawings
- Radio
- Movies
- TV

Then I want to know how you're getting such good internet connection from under your fucking rock
"It's okay, Ninj, we'll be out of lock down in like 3 weeks"

Sure, allowed out of our iso bubbles.

There still won't be large gatherings or events, and it'd be irresponsible of us to encourage them.
There still won't be theatre or musicals as rehearsal time is a thing.
There's indications that our borders will be closed until there's a vaccine, and we've been told to consider that as being 12 to 18 months away.

Which means no international acts.
No international films or TV series.
No touring bands.
No touring circus or musicals.
"what do internationals have to do with the arts in NZ?" I can hear being howled across the internet.

A. Lot.

International acts hire local crew. A lot of local crew.
They hire local gear. Local drivers. Local openers.

For some the summer season is 50%+ of their income
I've spent the first 3 months of this year contracting to an international touring company.

Their losses from Covid are enough that they can't afford to pay out our truncated contracts.

This is a multi-million dollar, world touring company.
What of the smaller companies?
In smaller companies, cash flow is king.

No income = no cash flow = you're fucked as
Right now our industry doesn't exist.

We're trying to branch sideways to survive.
But everything costs money.

Which brings us back to the equation from the last tweet

No income = no cash flow = you're fucked
"Get a loan!" People have cried (my Nana included), "Banks have incentives to keep companies afloat!"

Half true.
There's a lot of impetus put on keeping large companies alive. Air NZ will get an eye watering bailout.
The wee cafe down the road will be left to float.
Because Banks Are Businesses.

The loan system is the bank taking on a bet that you're not going to fuck it up.
Banks don't take bets with long odds.

The arts industry?
Currently the odds are so tall that we should be a milkshake cup
I said a couple of weeks ago that I would go into the numbers for our little company, because it's fine yelling abstractly but concrete values are ultimately king.

I keep putting it off because the anxiety from it threatens a panic attack.
In hard values.

Our 2019/2020 financial year is looking to settle around $250k gross income.

Currently our 2020/2021 financial year is tracking at $40k gross. $36k of that is a venue contract we hadn't expected to continue on, so hadn't counted.

But $4,000 is too depressing
Not even four weeks ago, we were tracking to tip $380k this year.

Assuming the venue contract holds, and we wind up at $40k, we've lost 89.5% of our income this year.

For those curious, at the $4k value without the venue contract, we've lost 99% of our income
The worst part is, it wasn't a gradual fade off.
We didn't burn too bright and taper off.

89% of our 89.% percent income loss happened over the course of 36 hours, with about half coming in the first 12 hours of this.
The cancelled list included

- Weddings
- Conference
- Theatrical Plays
- Workshops
- Film
- Student showcases
- TV
- Dance Residency
- Band gigs
- Circus
- Corporate events
- Cabaret
- Fundraiser quiz
- Musicals
- Burlesque

And a brace of festivals
The current lock down has put paid to our plans for live-streaming for the time being as well.

That's less cancelled, more hanging out in the chiller for a while.
But we still don't really know if there'll be any real income from it, let alone enough to keep us afloat.
Live-Streaming requires way less crew than a musical, or a standard music festival.

Once we're running there'll be 3, maybe 4, of us on for the show.

Our core group of techs is the other side of 40.

So live-streaming is not the industry saver it's painted as.
Which brings me tidily back to

No Work = No Income = You're Fucked

But also consider

Limited work = Known names only = Younger generations are fucked
You're a professional theatre company.
You're making limited work on a tighter budget, with a smaller creative team, which has to make money so you can continue to make work.

These gigs are going to go to the older established designers, the Seans and Janes and Rowans.
We are going to watch probably two entire generations of up and coming, and mid career designers, peace the fuck out because they can't get work.

Then they'll go get real jobs.
They'll hate everything, including themselves.
And art will suffer for it.
We're going to see a lot of people across all disciplines forced out for financial reasons.
We're going to see a lot of people across all disciplines step out for their mental health.
I'm really concerned that we're going to see a lot of people taking their lives because they can't see a way out.

Not only in the arts, but across everybody.
Add a whole new meaning to the ghost lights in our venues, huh.

I digress.

And I need to go to a meeting, so I'm going to call this here for tonight.
CNZ has released more information on their Covid-19 relief package, with a bit more info on the different grants & what you need to have in place to be eligible for them.

I read them yesterday, & have just finished a reread in preparation for a meeting.
Here's my thoughts:
The package looks pretty solid for their investment clients, which includes a relatively broad selection of festivals, companies, & venues.

The emphasis there is on ensuring stability.
Ultimately nothing is too big to fail, but it'll buy time to completely rework systems.
There's a lot of emphasis on supporting artists who have had work negatively affected by everything being closed down, and on ensuring that accessible new works are being created within the H&S guidelines attached to covid life.

Sounds great.
The reality. I'm not sold on
It's going to be great for the mid to late career artists that are already heavily favoured in funding rounds.

Not so great for the beginning to early career artists, that often get passed over because they don't have the name recognition.
For contexts sake

I've been doing this professionally for 11 years, full time for the last 8.

I've sent works overseas, toured nationally, have run venues & festivals, and have a CV longer than my arm.

I'm a very early career artist according to our funding bodies
Of my peers across all our disciplines, I expect maybe 10 people I know to be recognised enough for some funding from this program.

I would love to be wrong.
I'd fucking love for it to be the younger voices that drive this art revolution
But funding history says otherwise.
Most relevantly of all, however, is that my company is not eligible for the Emergency Relief Grant based on conversations with the funding body.

They are not looking to fund companies that are the nuts and bolts, just creatives.

Which is absolutely fucked.
Creatives can't do their work without production companies.

Can't realise
Their fucking creations
Without the means and materials and knowledge that the technical sector offers.

Leaving us to go hang is The Stupidest fucking decision.
It reads like the theory is that we'll benefit from the creatives getting funding via some sweet trickle down economics.

1) Doesn't help pay rent now
2) Is proven to be a flawed economic narrative
3) Doesn't help companies have the financial confidence to ride this out
Our little company
With our small fucking turn over
Donates almost as much again in discounts on designs, support, and equipment hire to schools, am-dram groups, venues, festivals, and professional theatre companies.

It's a story you hear from most technical suppliers.
There's a few companies that I know of which have been looking into liquidating, there's others that have already begun to do so.

The ones that hadn't pulled the trigger yet were waiting for this update. Hoping against hopes that we'd be seen, & supported.

RIP Technical Arts
All of that said

I am absofuckinglutely still going to try my luck.

As I said earlier, I would like nothing more than to be proved wrong, and to get the financial support to create opportunities for other folk.
I'll report back. Don't hold your breath.
That's the end for now.
I'm going to go take my frustration and channel it into a stupid game for a bit, coz the other option is crying and I'm already dehydrated enough thanks.
No wait one more thing.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to , or straight into my bank account.

I haven't had the emotional space to hunt all of you down to say thank you individually.
But I see you
You're making a difference
I appreciate you
Adding Tempo Dance Festival to the list of events that have pulled.

Although they've not cancelled completely, they're running a limited digital festival this year, they're not going to be hiring any technicians, stage managers, equipment, or venues in 2020.
I've been umming and ahhing about adding them to this list since we got the email.
They haven't technically cancelled.

But the format shift, and financial implications are pretty big for a cluster of contractors who were looking forward to the festival as part of our normal.
Why's that?

Because you have to have been with your employer for at least a year as of the 1st of March 2020.

If you're a fixed term contract kinda human, which is pretty much the whole festival circuit, you don't qualify UNLESS you're registered as a sole trader.
This graph here (and subsequent article) is a pretty concerning reality. Of the companies that are freshly shuttered in Aussie, 70% of the arts & rec companies are directly attributing it to coronavirus associated losses.

Numbers will be similar in NZ
Weirdly, the percentage of companies shutting down due to coronavirus related impact is pretty similar to the overall percentages of companies negatively affected in their wider survey results.

Which you can read below
(correlation is not causation)[email protected]/Latestproducts/5676.0.55.003Main%20Features4Week%20Commencing%2030%20March%202020?opendocument&tabname=Summary&prodno=5676.0.55.003&issue=Week%20Commencing%2030%20March%202020&num=&view=
I absolutely feel for everyone who've lost people during this and not been able to say farewells in person.
Livestreams are better than not being able to attend at all, but they're not the same as getting to sit in the collective grief and feel the tiny bits of joy in memories.
I fucking love that Jacinda is like

If people are breaking the rules, I'll fight them. From a 2m distance.
If people are being dicks to other people, we'll all fight them.
If we've been dicks, we'll ring people to apologise because that's just not on.
In interesting things

The Gisborne War Memorial Theatre has been requisitioned by the DHB for use as a covid testing station, and a respiratory health assessment centre.

I believe it's the first venue in NZ to be requisitioned for this pandemic.
There's also a pretty neat thing in the pipelines from the governing group that I'm involved with

(I thought it'd been announced but that was a different thing)
It's been pointed out by Kaye that Spark Arena was also requisitioned for food parcel distribution =)

The GWM Theatre was requisitioned on the 26th of March, which I believe is nearly a week before Spark
(If anyone can confirm dates, that'd be super neat)
I know putting on concerts and giving out tickets to future arts events is a gorgeous gesture to frontline workers during this pandemic, and I love that we're so generous even when we're struggling to cover shelter and food.

But also. It's pretty fucked ay.
I did make the mistake of reading the comments.

How is it that the same group of people can cry that the arts need to be defunded, whilst complaining that this outreach is too far away, whilst consuming media in their houses during all of this.

Where is the air gap?
Performing arts are often the first to start fundraising in a crises, and to continue to give to raise funds and boost morale in the aftermath.

Where is the support back the other way?
Our daily new cases reported have been wandering down, with only 19 new cases today.
Our reported deaths have gone from 1 on the 10th to 5 as of the 13th.

We're still doing pretty well but it's not time to get complacent. At all.
I'm as itchy as anyone else to get out of Level 4.

Partially because I miss outside.
Partially because we have next to zero income until we get to level 2, depending on what happens with places of gathering in the new guidelines.

But I'd rather perish than put people at risk
This isn’t the first article that I’ve read saying variations of this, but it is the most accessible.

They’re indicating third quarter of 2021, which is 18 months away.
Live-streaming is all well and good, but it will leave A Lot of folks behind.
Good use of skill sets in the dire situation that is the UK
Moving into #LevelThree brief

Bubbles can join a little, to bring in close family and support isolated friends. Be careful with how you maintain this.

Gatherings of no more than ten, for funerals, tangis, and weddings alike.

Still stay local. Exercise locally. Stay safe.
Schools and education centres will reopen up to Year 10, with years 11 through 13 remaining digital.
Physical attendance will be voluntary, with distance learning the prefence.
The reasoning for this is to support the range of parents that may need to physically return to work
A bunch for businesses can return to limited services.

Retail and hospitality are allowed to move to delivery and contactless pick up. Which means craft supplies and hot food are possible ^^

No to face to face or sustained contact. So no hairdressers, massages, house cleaning
Good question from the floor about the support needed for industries and demographics that are currently being massively affected.

Another about how the different levels in different regions is going to be managed.
The Ninja summary is:

Stay safe.
Continue to physically distance.
Be aware of your bubble edges, of those in it and adjacent, and how to look after your people inside it.
Don't travel unnecessarily.
Continue to be excellent to each other.
To clarify - we are still in Level Four for AT LEAST another week, as per the four week plan laid out. The announcement for our actual step down date will be made on Monday.

ETNZ Scholarships are live!!

There's 100 level 3 scholarships available to ETNZ members who are keen to have something to show for our indefinite downtime. Open to all membership levels, including coal.
First round of applications close tomorrow
Look I know this page went up two days ago but I lost track of when it was being made public rather than targeted to existing members okay.

(This is the thing I was like I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT YET last week)
It's one hell of a trip, looking back through this thread and how short this timeline has been.

I'm going to loop back to this section - How you can help people and organisations in the arts, who are universally struggling at the moment.
This doesn't help us, or the other techs and supply companies who are looking at that month long gap.

In the same was as creatives need techs to realise their work, we need the creatives so we can make the art.
Comedy Fest is a month of happy art in my festival calendar
I'm currently listening to Andy Hamilton having a chat with Jacinda Ardern about how to support small businesses through Covid 19.
As a company that falls outside many of the suggestions, it's really frustrating in places, but it's a heartwarming chat
It goes a long way towards humanising the concept of small & medium companies, and actually is a nice fluffy for us to lead into the government offerings around tax and liquidity support for small companies which was announced yesterday -
Jacinda is currently holding a surprise facebook live, to address people's complaints and concerns about the announcements this morning.

- Not trying to make a hierarchy of jobs with what can and can't open, it's about what can be practically made contactless and safe.
- Schooling. Preference is for kiddos to stay home and continue with distance learning as much as possible. The reason for schools opening is to support parents that have to go back to work, and don't have support for kids to stay home.
- Travel. You can travel regionally, but use your heads. If you're in Auckland, you can go to another suburb for work. But not Hamilton.

- Recreation. You can swim in the ocean but confined spaces like pools will not be opening yet.
- Don't do dangerous stuff. No jetsking.
Our cases are starting to drop back because we're working so fucking hard at this as a nation. Don't let that drop back.

Stay at home, as much as you can.

Be kind.
Be kind to yourself.
Be kind to others.
Take care.
I feel like this is what my great nana was trying to convey when she told me about dropping everything to gather around the radio during the war.

The knowledge that people are there, actively looking out for you, and the thirst for that broad community connection.
A report back on the media's meeting with the Epidemic Response Committee yesterday shows that the main concerns are around staying afloat in an industry that relies on advertising revenue from a variety of companies, many of which are closing down
My absolute favourite from this, which I heard about and had to hunt down, was the TVNZ CEO shutting down Bridges'.

TVNZ is honestly a pretty essential service (the news, anyone?), and covers 90%+ of its costs. Which is pretty impressive.
For those who can't watch currently
Bridges asks "if Netflix is your major competitor, why the hell are we funding you?"
To which Kendrick replies "I don't believe that you are, Simon"

And Bridges /frantically/ backpedals
As someone who's done work for both companies, Netflix pays better but TVNZ are usually nicer to work with.
Netflix has tastier catering.
TVNZ provides better coffee, & usually remembers to feed everyone.
Netflix is about the $$
TVNZ creates content by and for our community.
Netflix is the major competitor to TVNZ because Netflix has become a ubiquitous household name, and TVNZ gets that old kiwi brush off that comes with being something we've made.

Some of the shows on OnDemand are on par with international productions IMO.
Today's overseas updates are. A time.
We're staying at Level Four for the time being.

We will be moving out of Alert Level 4 at 11:59pm on Monday the 27th.

Holding at Level Three for two weeks, before making the next decision on the 11th of May.
The decision to hold until Monday the 27th, rather than opening on Thursday, is because it's only two more business days but those extra four days will potentially make a big difference to our transmission.
An appeal to stay in your spaces, don't get complacent and don't be dicks about it, because we need to keep being vigilant or we'll start yo-yoing backwards and forwards and that would be awful.

Followed by a reminder of what level three looks like.
For those who need a Level 3 recap:

- Go home, stay home, if you can.
- Leave the house for work if you must
- Schools will be limited open, for the families who need that support
- Stay regional, although local preferred.
- If you are going to work, be safe
Handed over to Dr Bloomfield

- Focusing on testing people who are symptomatic.
- Working to proactively test asymptomatic folk who may have come into contact with anyone.
- Will continue to scale up the randomised and community testing to catch any outliers.
Question time! Back to Jacinda taking the lead.

Questions coming in about lock down, the sentiments of our citizens, funerals, economic impact of the additional two days of level 4 (Monday vs Thursday), also the emotional impact of those two days.
Level 3 vs Level 4 - people have been saying that it's exactly the same, what's the point of moving?

Jacinda very carefully answers that the economic stimulation is important, but the personal social impact is the same.

Work as you need to. Do it safely.
Expect checks.
Specific question about hospitality loosing another weekend of trading.

Jacinda comes back with I'm the minister of Arts, Culture, and Heritage, I'm feeling this pain and we're doing the best we can to get back to some sort of normal as that's what's best in the long term.
Questions around opening specific regions, domestic flights, contact tracing capabilities, community transmission and associated tracing.
Question around the independent investigation and subsequent report on NZ's contact tracing.

This report will be made public sooner rather than later, so we can all read it.
There are very few issues that have been identified, but there were some small ones.
Brutal question about our medical system that puts Jacinda onto a mildly emotional bite back about how it's offensive to our healthcare professionals when they've been busting their bunns.

Bloomfield picks up with, essentially, the grass isn't always greener.
Rest of the questions are rephrases of earlier questions, so I didn't bother transcribing them.

End of presser.

Summary is be good, be safe, be kind.
This is the best response to Bridges and co.

It's easy to harp on from the back
Jacinda's doing a quiet question time on facebook at the moment.

I'll add anything interesting to this thread for those that can't currently listen.

For those who can, the link is here -
Q: Are we factoring in what's happening with second waves around the world?

A: Absolutely. We're actively watching what's going on in other countries, but our 0 tolerance elimination protocol is going to be our big difference.
Discussion of elmination vs supression
We do not expect those who are at risk to be going to school, be it educators or students, and will actively support those who can't.

Not all schools & providers will be opening right away.

Reiteration of the if you can stay home for work or education, please do so.
Actively keep track of where you go and who you come into contact with for the foreseeable, to make contact tracing easier and more efficient.

Stay home
Stay safe
Be Kind
Let's finish what we started
Sometimes it’s hard being the voice of the yoof amongst the older folks.

I’ve argued about
- Accessibility
- Financial stability for our younger members
- WhAt AbOuT tHe BeBes
- Support for EVERYONE
- Yelling into the void (Aka I got told off for swearing)
I can’t go into the details of what I’m yelling about without breaking the trust that we need to make this shit work.

But I’m so frustrated that I could cry
Or punch the shit out of a punching bag if I had one.
Late watch of the daily Covid update, due to meeting and also needing to make breakfast.

We’ve got Ashley Bloomfield and Chris Hipkins today, so expect a big update on education

5 new cases today.
1 death.
- Schools and ECEs can be accessed as needed for cleaning, maintenance, etc in preparation for a teachers only day on the 28th with a look to the first round of facilities opening from the 29th.

- Reiteration to stay home if you can.
- Maintain your household bubble outside of your education providers. You’ll need to be strict.

- Distance learning will be in place for minimum 3 weeks.

- Numbers on distribution of tech to students, impressive numbers there.

- 90,000 hard copy packs for ppl sans internet
- Gentle words of support to the parents. You aren’t replacing teachers, you’re supporting the best you can in an extraordinary time. Be gentle with yourself.

And now we open up to question time.

I’ll keep it to new questions, or interesting responses.
I feel like Hipkins’ “Look” at the start of a sentence is the equivalent of Jacinda’s deep breath in, and Ashley’s slightly raised eyebrow

Ffs, we’ve answered this, but here we go again.
Question about PPE and financial distribution to DHBs and frontline workers. Follow up question-statement about frontline workers stating that they don’t have PPE.

Bloomfield responds with I’ve been following this up, the DHB CEOs are telling me it’s good 🤷🏽‍♂️
Question around what NZQA is doing to support students.

Run down of move to online assessment, being able to do split levels if needed (Ie finishing level 2 in one subject whilst starting level 3 in others if needed). Admission that practical subjects will be difficult.
Question around whether select committees are staying remote or moving to just in person.

Hipkins’ response made us crack up, although I’m not sure it’s intentional.

CH: “...People are zooming all over the country”
N: Especially Simon Bridges?!
Aaaaaand that’s the end of today’s stand up.
Watching the Citizen’s Handbook and learning why I have such a hard time getting the oldies to listen.

BRB growing a moustache and buying glasses for +10 Serious Points.
Up to the episode on economics.

This is alllll a bit on the nose, considering the state of everything huh.
It’s hard finding motivation to do anything else productive today.

Everything I’m currently working on is about the long term. It’s hard to concentrate on the long term when you don’t even know when your industry will be able to start back up properly. Or if you’ll be there.
I’m struggling being the only voice of my socio-economic group AND my age group representing my industry at the national level.

Everything is an uphill battle.
The oldies get the credit for my fucking proposals, but they’re not considered until someone older repeats it.
I hate being that one person going

We need to look after youth.
We need to look after people who can’t financially contribute to our organisation currently.
We have to actually represent our industry, not just the oldies and the businesses.
I am thankful that a couple of the others have picked up on it and actively try to make space and give credit.

Without them I probably would have thrown in the towel and left the rest of them to it, for my own sanity.

End rant.
Sorry pocket pals.
Here's a link to the report, at promised at the stand up presser yesterday.

I've only skimmed it but it looks pretty alright all 'round
I don't know who needs to hear this right now but
At the risk of being lynched, I think Deborah Russell's question is being deliberately taken out of context to try discredit her.

She states that we are a low wage economy.
Small businesses are struggling. Even large ones are.
She's asking about support for those struggling.
As someone who, need I remind you, owns and runs a small fucking business that is getting shafted ten ways to sunday by OH WHAT a variety of other companies that can't (or won't) pay, her statements on management and liquidity are valid. as. fuck.
No. I don't think it's reasonable to assume that every company has enough padding to survive something like this.

That's not the point.

The point is that people are hurting, now, how can they be supported at a governmental level.
& SMEs are a massive part of NZ's economy.
It's half 5 and I'm not going to be articulate enough about this to make it worth the inevitable grumping from folks, so I'm going to stop here and try sleep.

But like
Maybe take snippets like that from super biased sources with a grain of salt and some critical thinking hey
Today's stand up presser;

6 new cases, which takes us to 1451 total
1 new death, from the St Margaret's cluster, which takes our total of deaths to 13.

1036 is our recovered number (+30).

Worldwide cases have surpassed 2.5mil.
Actively working to test in our at risk communities, especially the lower soci-economic groups and our health care workers.

More detail on the community outreach, and the targeted community testing that's being undertaken.
Updated a governmental order to allow for some preparation for the movement into level 3, as well as actively allowing people to work during level 3.
Mention of specific government work spaces that are kicking back up during Level 3, including the CRL in Auckland and non-urgent highway maintenance.

Reiteration that the emphasis should be on safety in any undertakings, and referenced the guidelines that have been issued.
A thank you to the cleaners of our country, who have been busting their buns to keep spaces clean and safe.

And now we open up to question time.
Same as yesterday, I'll just write up the new questions and/or especially interesting takes.
Q: Availability of 'flu vaccinations, and the reports that people aren't able to obtain them despite being reassured it'd be available.

A: We centralised and nationalised distribution this year to ensure broad access, with priority given to at risk people. They're there.
Q: Frontline healthcare workers don't have sufficient PPE, and are feeling threatened for speaking up.

A: DHBs are responsible for distribution, the government are actively chasing issues when they're told about them.
Threatening people's employment Is Not Okay
Q: About our airline workers and the call to continually isolate when not actively working.

A: Our border is one of our potential weak points, and we need to be aware of that. But we need to balance it with the practicality of airline workers needing to exist.
Q: There's been some international calls for an inquiry into the origins of covid, and Wuhans' role in it.

A: I don't think it's as formal as an inquiry, but we absolutely globally need to look at the causes and the responses in preparation for the next pandemic.
Q: Worker safety as people go back to work next week.

A: Worksafe is actively working to develop guidelines and engage the people that will be working under them. There's accreditation being developed. But it will be a high trust model due to practicality.
Q: Around the support for SMEs

A: We're working hard to ensure support for our SMEs as they're the backbone of our economy, listed off what has been done, and alludes to some additional potential upcoming support.
Additional discussion around some of the comments made in the Epidemic Response Committee meeting yesterday, nothing that I haven't covered overnight.
Q: How many people have been hospitalised?

A: 79 people total. Which is 5% hospitalisation rate, and 1% mortality rate.
This is against overseas reported rates of 15% and 5% respectively.
And that's the end of that for today
I didn't want to comment on the iwi roadblock question as we've heard it before, and I didn't think I could bring anything new to the table.

But this research (top of this thread) and associated commentary is 🤘🔥
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