so I listened to about 5 min of Trump’s lying, clicked off YouTube and went to CVS for allergy meds

while checking out cashier said “wow you have beautiful eyes; really and truly”

made my fucking week
be kind to 5 random people this weekend; everybody’s doing their best and nobody should feel alone

hit @sproutsfm yesterday to pick up a few things; here's what happened at checkout

cashier: did you find everything you need?

me: I did, thank you <pause> man you guys are on the front lines of #coronavirus eh?

cashier: yea

me: well we really appreciate you

cashier: thanks
while working to #FlattenTheCurve remember to be kind and thank folks who help hundreds of people per day #coronavirus
nothing ready for dinner tonight and had been wanting to support local business so...

popped open @UberEats and ordered lobster ramen & gyoza from E Ramen (from owners of @eightsushiatl)

delivery was FAST and food tasty; tipped driver extra $10 to say thanks
went to Target for diapers & other shit; and cashier (by policy) wouldn’t touch my reusable bags

“I love bagging!” I told her, so I helped; she was wearing mask & gloves

looked her in the eye and said “take good care of yourself; thank you for being here”

she seemed grateful
today’s outing to @WholeFoods had me in tears

cashier: did you find everything?

me: I did thank you; are you taking care of yourself?

c: I am; as much as possible anyway. do you know about our bag policy?

(they don’t handle reusable bags)

me: I do; love bagging no sweat
c: that’s nice of you; not everybody likes our COVID bagging policy

me, sarcastically: wait are you saying Whole Foods customers can be demanding?

c, laughing: well it runs the spectrum of personalities

me, noting diplomatic reply: ahh gotcha
c: it’s hard for us here. cashiers are dying of infections around the country; doesn’t um...

me, finishing her sentence: instill confidence?

c: not at all

(I continued bagging sitting w/ magnitude of cashiers as front-line soldiers at risk of death)
me: holy crap

c: yup; ready for your credit card when you are

me, after paying: hey please continue to take good care of yourself ok?

c: I will; and thank you for making my day

exited down the escalator annoyed by my breathing mask choking back tears

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