Dear Alexandria Ocasio-Kardashian:

It's really tough to suppress the white vote. If we knew how to do that, the world would be an entirely different place.

How did "The Establishment" manage to suppress only the votes that would have gone for Bernie?

We asked the same question after the Maricopa county debacle and the Brooklyn purge in 2016.

We never got an answer, but Bernie-land insists to this day that Hillary found a way.

There was record turnout Wednesday, including the college counties you're up in arms over. Plenty of students managed to cast a ballot despite the indignity of standing in line. No, it's not ideal, but when something is important, you do what you have to do, then fix it later.
Most current voter suppression practices were implemented by Republicans after Shelby v Holder eliminated preclearance for changes to election law in 2013.

You cannot blame this on Democrats just because your cult leader lost.

Political parties don't control election law. Those decisions are made by state & local government officials.

It makes no sense to suggest Democrats anywhere would allow voter suppression. Measures aimed any Democratic constituency would hurt ALL Democrats in November.

Do you see how your story is full of holes?

We know you and your minions don't understand how anything works. Or maybe you do understand but you want to keep them riled up and sending you money.

Whatever your motivation, your comments are inexcusably disrespectful to communities who face legitimate voter suppression.

To equate college kids not wanting to stand in line with targeted disenfranchisement of black voters by their own government is disgusting.

Your conspiracy theory, for which you gave zero evidence beyond the fact that Bernie didn't get enough votes, is disgraceful.

You should apologize.

But that would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?

Because the point of your little stunt was to give your fellow Bros a reason to stay angry at Democrats and make it harder to bring the party together as we prepare to take on Donald Trump.

I wonder how your constituents feel about this?

You will face them soon enough.

Thank you!!
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