1) Been thinkin about the person @AustinSteinbart. B4 I read any opinions, I decided 2 watch his video. (I inadvertently saw 1 opinion when I learned about him, which is why I waited 4 days 2 watch. *Worth noting* Decision made in a split second based on the opinion. *note*)
2) Anywho, I wound up watchin EVERY video. All of em. TWICE. Rememberin the QAnon Code of Ethics & mission, I kept an open mind & formed no steadfast opinions. Instead, I started checkin him out. At this time, I was curious & amused, but not quite invested enuf 2 tweet about him.
3) I scoped out his Facebook page (not private) and scrolled through everything. It took hours! Lots of posts about the capabilities of his IT business, some about his family, vacation pics from the beach side home in Mexico massive amounts of WikiLeaks(!)--even a task force!
4) Look @ these comments he made a yr ago. He said he was just wrapping up an almost 3 year campaign-one that convinced many Republicans 2 do a 180-his Q-Horde. Could this be one of the reasons that the YouTube videos came out? Because a yr ago, we should've woken every1 up??😴
5) As I continued 2 scroll backward through his timeline, I saw more posts about corruption & the state of the world. Then, I happen upon this post from October 30, 2011 & read his subsequent response.
8 years ago...
I encourage you to visit his FB page. #BeKindOrLurkOnlyPlz
6) Today, the WH is bathed in green light & the Capitol Building has something green projected onto it. It's even caught on video and played on FOX News. (Can that be photoshopped??) Some Anons believe it looks like the White
Rabbit Q, as pictured on the hat below. Do you?
7) The image projected on the Capitol Building was likened to the "Bat-Signal" (according to comments on Twitter. I had the same thought), and then I remembered this video.
8) I remember from a comment on YouTube that @AustinSteinbart was asked if he created this video himself, I believe he responded that it's from a video game, maybe Assassins Creed. Just in case you were wondering...It's just his "nerdy 'coming out' clip." (Not undercover anymore)
9) After this, I decided to go back to the beginning of http://qmap.pub  and read from the start, with the intention of hearing @AustinSteinbart talking to me, ya know? Could it "sound like" him? I wondered. 💭
So I read Q...in a new way.
10) Q21 intrigued me. I've studied it, and now I'm curious of your thoughts.
Who is I, We You?
11) Side note: As I read comments on his YouTube, Twitter & FB pages, I was appalled @ some of the comments made by trolls claiming 2 B "QAnons". If UR a true Patriot who has read & studied "Q" then you recognize #ThinkForYourself frees us from feeling the need 2 control others.
13) Thank you for reading, and if you're moved to share, please do so. IMHO, There's SO MUCH MORE to discuss on this topic. But for now...

The Great Awakening is Habbening, my Frens! Celebrate! 🍻
14) Next up...a pretty simple idea.
15) So, in the past couple of days, a lot of things have been happening. It's really hard to keep up! Many of us are going to be focused on world events, and it seems that we may be in a situation where a majority of the country has some extra time on our hands.
16) This is a critical moment. It will take everyone of us to pull through. (I think that was the point.) In one of his videos, @AustinSteinbart mentions that the QAnon movement is a team building exercise. That idea really resonated with me. WOW.
17) When I stop 2 evaluate from that perspective, it makes absolute sense WHY @AustinSteinbart appears on the scene. IMHO, we R failing the timeline of completely building our Team. We have some outstanding wins, don't get me wrong!! We've made amazing strides!! #DigitalSoldiers
18) Great effort has been made since Oct. 2017. The #WalkAway, #Blexit, & #FreeFlynn Campaigns R phenomenal! However, when answering the ? of whether we R able to #ComeTogether & call out w/a #UnitedVoice, we fail. We R still divided. #CommunicationMatters

19) America needs everyone 2 involve themselves right now! Don't delay! This is the #GreatestThing that is happening in our Lifetimes! I'm so truly grateful 2 B a part of this Movement! I❤️how smart & resourceful y'all are! I gain so much energy & intrinsic motivation from y'all!
20) I think it's stunning that thousands of us have jumped into this Movement, bringing our Gifts w/us. When I reflect, I'm bowled over by how many different skillsets & professions; talents & intuitions; critical thoughts & sudden ideas; graphic designs & storybook threads
21) can B attributed 2 the Twinge of Patriotism in each of our souls & this Movement that is Q. #TheStorm is HERE, Patriots. We've done massive preparations & now it's time 2 share those preparations w/everyone--no matter what...because #WWG1WGA, right? It's about the #Endgame.
22) During the last phase, the theme #WeAreTheNewsNow emerged. Though that "task" continues 4 us, it's clear that we have more 2 do. We gotta wrap this thing up. #PressOn 2 the #Endgame. If we don't finish it off, then all this will B 4 naught. Not an option. So here comes ...
23) A Pretty Simple Idea. Take Note 🦯 1st: Demand Full Release of the Unredacted JFK Documents. {Its been 57 years, Y'all!!😳} 2nd: Take steps in ur immediate circles 2 welcome people of ALL political affiliations 2 discuss the extent of corruption in government; educate
24) each other about opportunities 2 affect change; & w/in ur circle of influence, UNITE not just the Left & the Right, but also the Neither & Both. All of us. That's what it'll take. 3rd: Once our groups have united around this common goal, we'll weaponize our financial
25) resources 2 organize an economic blockade that'll strangle the corruptors of government, industry, finance, religion, etc. (the "royal death racket") & bring them 2 their knees until they #ReleaseJulianAssange. Simple. So 2 recap: 1: Demand JFK docs, 2: Unite Citizen "Army"
26) 3) Organize an Econ Block against the "rdr" 2 trade 4 Assange. Now, we've had some experience w/petitioning the government 4 docs & we've had some experience uniting w/some wonderful people from other political parties, so U may already have ideas 2 get started on that.
27) Organizin a Natl Econ Block is gonna B a new experience 4 most every1. I have some ideas 2 get UR "juices flowin'", but don't let me 🛑 ya from using ur talents & skillsets 2 forge UR own path. Once U find what works 4 U, please share w/the rest of us. #OpenSourceRocks
28) A few ideas 2 get U started... *Refuse Commercialism/Materialism by ignoring ads & their products. Just don't look! *Scour online 4 some1 near U that provides the product or service that UR lookin 4. #ShopLocal *Find alternatives. Make the corporations chase us 4 our bizness.
29) Now, that's not hard, really, is it? Is the plan nonpartisan? 💯 Does it have the potential 2 bring us together again? 💯 Will the release of the JFK docs hurt, but allow us 2 get 2 the root 2 fix the pain? 💯 Does the release of the JFK docs allow us 2 heal as a nation?
30) Does a NationWide Team Building Exercise sound like fun? 💯 Is unifying around the common goal of petitioning government w/one voice a necessary lesson in maintaining Liberty? 💯 Will weaponizing our spending against our corporate enemies show them who the true Rulers are?💯
31) I could go on, but I think U get the idea. LOL It's time 2 get organized. Instead of our main focus being 2 get people introduced 2 Q (tho that should never stop), how about using this plan as a way 2 get started in UR (hopefully) new-found LOVE in finding UR voice?
32) This way, we can have Q...AND get some really important stuff accomplished. Let's get real here, I won't pretend that I know even the extent of what the JFK docs R going 2 uncover. I'm not really sure any of us do. If U do, please forgive my ignorance of UR claim. That said,
33) I would like 2 encourage us 2 dive on in to this Team Building Exercise called QAnon. Yes, it has military components 2 it, but there R components that R strictly 4 the Civilian #DigitalSoldier & Fren, UR number has been called. What makes this mission so truly unique is that
34) any Patriot can join. All R welcome. All R needed. All of US belong. I have bumped into many of U who have circumstances that prevented U from joining the military, which made U feel that U couldn't "serve UR country." #HisNameWasSethRich
35) Well, I'm here 2 tell ya that there is a place 4 U 2 do that very thing, serve UR country...and do it w/pride. Whether U believe @AustinSteinbart is Q or is a LARP, that should make no difference 2 U. The mission still stands& nothing changes that. So #DriveOnSoldier.
36) In case UR wondering; personally, I happen 2 believe him. It's just my choice after satisfying my questions by researching him B4 ever reading or conversing about him. I think he's telling the truth. I see him as courageous & brilliant & if his story is true, he is a Godsend.
37) If not, there's enough of us that his appearance on the scene doesn't matter. The fact that he is causing such an issue in the Movement could actually be caused by the #CognitiveDissonance that we've been warning others about.
38) Taking the high road oftentimes leaves us on a #SlipperySlope; so U watch UR footing, as I watch mine.

To @AustinSteinbart, thank you for laying out a plan 4 us. It's simple, brilliant, & I am thrilled 2 play my role. Thank you & your team 4 the opportunity 2 include US,
39) Commander. Annnd... I made sure to stop on any number besides 23 or 32. 😎 #USSF🚀
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