H1N1 was first diagnosed in US April 15, 2009.

CDC activated emergency operations April 22.

1 million tests released by May 15.

Prototype vaccine completed by end August 2009.
S&P 500 from first diagnosis of H1N1 April 15, 2009 to development of vaccine, September 1, 2009.
H1N1 was less severe than coronavirus. But unlike coronavirus, it was managed competently and responsibly. If Biden had been in charge, he'd deserve credit. I imagine he'd insist on passing that credit to the professionals. But at least he did not sabotage them. @realDonaldTrump
Thread updated to correct my mistaken reading of the CDC report re total fatalities. I first posted the fatalities as of mid-August 2009. I deleted the error. Important not to circulate false information.
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