1. Thread: The facts about [COVID-19]. Anons have been speaking out about this for a while. One of China's foremost experts (Dr. Li Wenliang) tried to warn the world in the beginning only to end up dead. Coincidence? China gave the Trump Admin bad info.
2. There were previous reports that this strain was grown in a laboratory, was a new strain and later went missing from said laboratory; right before the outbreak. Coincidence?
3. The CDC said they believe that that [COVID-19] 'May Have' originally come from an animal source. When in fact, they know it did. There has been a vaccine around for a long time. Why would there be vaccines for animals and not humans?
4. Dr. Wenliang said the Chinese Gov knew that human to human transmission was taking place weeks before they told the public it was happening. Ask yourself why?
5. Kristian Andersen an evoloutionary biologist at the Scripps research institute estimated the the first victim could have been infected as far back as Oct 1st 2019 based on a study of 27 genomes from early patients. This means that the virus has been spreading all over Wuhan
6. and the world, for the past few months. If this research is correct, the virus had already spread all over the world before China decided to shut down Wuhan.
7. This may seem like an exaggeration because we only recently started seeing confirmed cases in the US and Europe, but let's take a look at what a confirmed case actually is.
8. A confirmed case is a person who has actually tested positive for the virus. Because of the delays created by China and then Nancy Pelosi dragging her feet to get the funding bill to the floor, the number of test kits was limited and the CDC refused to authorize
9. test kits for many of the suspected cases because they had strict criteria for who the test kits were sent to. Making matters worse, some of the test kits were faulty. Officials admitted that one of the facilities
10. tasked with analyzing the tests was contaminated. Since Trump signed the funding bill, testing has begun to increase. Experts are now beginning to find clusters of the virus with no clear link to the epicenter.
11. This means that community spread had already begun. In Seattle, which appears to be one of the first epicenters in the US, experts believe the virus has been spreading for over 6 weeks.
12. This type of silent spread is possible due to the lengthy incubation period of the virus. Some studies have indicated that the time of incubation for this strain could be as much as 24-27 days.
To save on typing I will post screens from my original research.
21. Meanwhile the MSM continues to push fear porn rather than possible solutions. In the same breath that they blame @POTUS, they criticize him for the new travel ban! #Covid_19 .
22. @realDonaldTrump is shedding some light on this dig speaking to the test kit issues. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1238410044263333894?s=20
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