this entire news cycle has me extremely worn out and weary from the constant stress, so: i'm gonna tweet a thing a day that injected wonder and/or joy into my life, just to try and bring some delight back. (tweet me your own joyful delights, if you have 'em!)

a few:
1. this sunset view from some building i have already forgotten in williamsburg
2. daylight savings may mean we lost an hour of sleep, but it means the sun sets later, and sometimes that extra 60 minutes of sunlight is what you really need to get through the day!
3. i know i work at @atlasobscura so this feels like a self-plug but! this story about how one of our users debunked a geographic hoax is INCREDIBLE. i am constantly delighted at how smart and good people are (and @mjtaub1 is always a delight to read)
4. this lovely flashmob:
This tree that bloomed overnight outside my flat
6. Look at these round orbs of animals!! Let them spark joy!!
7. Was supposed to have lunch with a coworker today and since we are all working from home we did a digital lunch instead over video chat. I often get caught up in how bad the Internet can be, but at its best, it allows you to still build those connections. I am grateful for it.
8. The light! The flowers! The spring! Also, the allergies, but you win some, you lose some.
9. Bilingual puns. This one might be a little niche but the rules said anything that brought me joy, so.
10. More flowers!
OMG this warms my heart, h/t @KirstenMuseum for tweeting this absolute GEM
12. this one made me laugh so hard i began choking on my tea
13. My mother made lotus root soup for me all the time when I was growing up. In a tumultuous time, this brought me great joy.

Lotus root soup is also a main character in one of my favourite dramas The Untamed so I'm not gonna lie that was another reason for making it tonight
14. I made boba from scratch!!! I failed the first time and about five coworkers saw me fail on video chat but I DID IT. They're too big and I think I'm supposed to use dark brown sugar instead of light brown but heck the texture is great
15. Look, I'll take my laughs where I can get them
16. ! that is all
17. More flowers from a walk a few days ago.
19. I completely forgot about this until someone reminded me that Mr Blobby exists. I just watched it again and I am rendered helpless with laughter at how hilarious this chaotic mess is.
20. 'nuff said.
21. Birds singing outside my flat. It was a gloomy, rainy, tough day. But hearing the birds sort of reset that gloom a little!
22. Lovely @atlasobscura friends launched this today. "We talk a lot about the search for wonder and the joy we find in sharing it... we want to help you find people, places, and projects that inspire and help us all hold on to our spirit of discovery."
23. @bitterasiandude is the best, both on-screen as Appa from Kim's Convenience and also just as a human being.
24. Wait for it (h/t @cdjossa for sending me the video that has made me cackle every hour since watching it)
25. I made these agar-agar roses and mooncake!
26. Tamarind ginger cookies were a shot in the dark but they WORKED and they're DELICIOUS
27. I'm not gonna lie to you, today was a rough day for emotions. But it's almost 7pm, and I just looked up to see that it was still light outside.

I will take this small, tiny win. It's still a win!
28. the caption is "photos to make you lonely" but these photos are SO beautiful. Art is great, y'all.
30. today palpatine made me laugh.
31. I haven't stopped sobbing at how funny this is. Honestly y'all @KimsConvenience is a gift.
32. i got to write this panda pun for @atlasobscura, although to be clear it's more like no one had time to stop me
33. GOOD NEWS!!!
34. no i'm not tearing up YOU'RE tearing up
35. Dose of cute!
36. fell off the wagon but here are two cheery things from this weekend: virtual movie nights with some of my best friends, and also managing to learn the dance to BTS's ON.

i am very sore today so i'm actually glad i don't have to go anywhere. silver linings!
37. This brought me joy
38. Watching @sophiasgaler casually set new records for herself and then break them without batting an eyelash is truly a joy, and extremely inspiring! Also watch everything she's ever done!
39. Also more flowers.
40. It's my birthday today. I don't like birthday cakes so on a whim I decided to try making birthday pavlova (meringue, whipped cream, fruits, lemon curd). Reader, I SUCCEEDED. CAN I APPLY FOR @BritishBakeOff yet or????? #GBBO
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