Did I miss any #Coronavirus hashtags?
Some random thoughts on #Coronavirus...
1. I've never been more aware of and sickened by the amount of people apparently NOT washing their hands after using the bathroom. SMH.
2. I've had to beg two men on my job to please STOP coughing on me. IDK what kind of bionic immunity they think I have, but that is seriously just rude and GROSS.

3. I spray my work areas at the start and finish of my day with Lysol.
4. Funny seeing how many people NOW believe in science. IDK where in the Bible folks read "you don't need doctors/nurses/scientists." God gave us these people for a reason.
5. While folks are stocking up on toilet paper, are they buying food? IJS if you aren't eating, that TP probably won't get a lot of action.

6. These travel deals are SUPER cheap right now. IJS.. where are we going?✈️
7. Folks thought Black Twitter was king of cancel culture. #Coronavirus is canceling EVERYTHING!
A little motivation using a @JASONMOMOA_TH pic to fight the spread of #Coronavirus.
Me all week at work dodging #DatRona. #Coronavirus
Went running with the horses this morning...because I ❤ 🐴. Might as well get that park time in now before they close the public parks for #DatRona . #Coronavirus. #RunnerGirl – at Watkins Regional Park
Cha-cha-cha... #Coronavirus. #DatRona
IJS... he has a lot of GOOD points here for fed workers dealing with this #Coronoavirus.
https://twitter.com/adamlongoTV/status/1239310758376284160 #DatRona
PSA: Don't be a Dick. #COVID19 #Coronavirus #DatRona
You gotta ❤️ @WuTangClan for this. I also adore @NPRinskeep for adding this #SocialMedia #COVID19 warning to the @NPR @MorningEdition rotation. https://twitter.com/WuTangClan/status/1239308716555542535
IJS he just wants to love and protect @YOUnetflix . SMH #COVID19 #Coronavirus
#2 - You can hate "the media" and still have the common sense to see the reality of this virus.
#3 - Practice social distancing. Wash your hands often. Don't touch your face with unclean hands.
Y'all know I'm always a teacher. This #Coronavirus #COVID19 meme got me o the floor lol.

Now keep in mind that I'm a teacher, and I'm serious about my [[insert explicative here since I gave up cursing for Lent]]
About that HIPAA... https://twitter.com/CNBC/status/1239942984566738955
Ok I was raised by a #SuperNurse. WHO RAISED THIS CHICK TO BE THIS DISMISSIVE DENSE?? https://twitter.com/neckroII/status/1239975132593926144
Praise break! I see you @TuskegeeUniv https://twitter.com/HBCUBuzz/status/1239760427900456960
Healing WILL come. #COVID19 #Coronavirus
hmmmmm for the #COVID19 deniers out there, you may want to listen to these folks in Italy.

Quarantined Italians record messages for "themself from 10 days ago" dur...
"I think they probably would agree with it 100 percent." 🤥 #iCant
I'm trying to figure out which one of these #COVID19 monikers is the POTUS vouching for here:

A: The Chinese Virus
B: Kung-Flu

Either way they are both SUPER inappropriate and unpresidential.
💃That time @TheRealDebbieAllen and her @OfficialDADance had me sweating in my living room trying to catch up to her choreography. Whew that was fun! Thanks for the #Coronavirus #COVID news #Wellness break. #DanceWithDebbieAllen
Proof #teleworking WORKS and micromanaging doesn't.
IJS thanks to #COVID19 we all have time now. Maybe now we all can "have a little talk with Jesus. Let us tell Him all about our troubles..."
Hey parents. Are you looking for ways to keep your little learners engaged so that you can get some work done during thie #Coronavirus crisis? Check out this podcast discussion from @Cleverlychangin https://twitter.com/Cleverlychangin/status/1240593405601775616
Had to jazz up my teleworking brunch a bit. Turkey spinach and gorgonzola for the win. I can get used to this. Ok back to #COVID19 coverage. #JournoLife
Dr. Fauci is a #ForeverMood. Y'all this has been me all week. And I gave up cursing for Lent so let's just say I've gotten "creative."
#DaRONA won't stop these Σigmas from crossin' those burning sand y'all. Congrats to the new @ZASigmas.
This video is 🔥🔥🔥. Ok now go practice some #SocialDistancing. 😷 https://twitter.com/ZASigmas/status/1240778752478588935
Hey sunshine 🌞. Get that natural medicine. #socialdistancing #RunnerGirl
Alrighty #SocialDistancing on 💯. Let's see what all the hype is about. #NowPlaying #SelfMadeNetflix. I LOVE the story of Madame C. J. Walker's entrepreneurship. Ok @octaviaspencer @TiffanyHaddish & @BlairUnderwood... show me what'chu got. #SheBosses
"Never get your money where you get our honey." Y'all come get @_GarrettMorris playing Cleophus Walker. #SelfMadeNetflix
Waaaaait?!?!?!?! We out here calling W.E.B. DuBois "Billie D?" #SelfMadeNetflix
Seeing the world through the eyes of babes, may help us through this #Coronavirus crisis. #COVID19 https://twitter.com/iatemuggles/status/1241262775248269312
ME: Hey I'm trying to build my #RunnerGirl stamina.

FRIEND: Ok let's go for a hike around  @DOEE_DC's Kingman & Heritage Islands.

[[3 hours later]]

ME: Did we seriously just walk  7miles?  Welp at least we did #SocialDistancing the whole way. #Winning #COVID19 – at Kingman and Heritage Islands Park
Oh and I had to run the bases like a pro ball player. Lol. S/o to #TrashFreeDC for this environmental installation. #Recycle – at Kingman and Heritage Islands Park
Ok ok OKKKKKKKAAAYY I'm going inside now. I promise to ONLY come outside to exercise.
Two #Quarantine observations:
1. All of these entertainers could have BEEN hosting live performances on social media. Too many were too "big" to try it. This is how all those new acts and "influencers" grow audiences today. Show a little fan appreciation & watch it pay off.
2. You can stream & watch previous recordings everything from DJ sets to dance classes to Sunday service online. Just be open to something different. YouTube, Facebook Live and Instagram TV (IGTV) are your friends . You can watch all of this on mobile devices. JOIN us in 2020
I am SOOOOO mad I just sang this in my Disney princess voice. https://twitter.com/costaggini/status/1241528549183385601
TV Newsrooms in 2020 #coronavirus coverage:
I can't believe we have to make our staffs report, shoot & edit their work from their homes.

Media General MMJs circa 2008:
But when we did this in the 2000s working from our little apartments they called this a bureau. #JournoLife
Just to help many of you out... https://twitter.com/Poynter/status/1242172513385197569
At this point, I'm just waiting for #WheresDrFauci or #FindFauci to start trending. https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/1242211691649052672
I remember when a care package from the parents meant bags of skittles and various treats. Now in the age of #Coronavirus it's a first aid kit filled with hard to find facial masks, hand sanitizer, meds and scrubs...JIC. #COVID19
😷OMG the accuracy though!?!?!?! This is dedicated to everyone with Boomer parents during this #Coronavirus crisis. They👏🏾 don't 👏🏾care👏🏾about 👏🏾your 👏🏾quarantine👏🏾. Boomers are on some YOLO vibe right now.

📹h/t to JG Curran for this video https://www.facebook.com/jaymes.curran/videos/10219549460400436/UzpfSTUwODU2NzkyMToxMDE1ODYxNzgxMTQ1MjkyMg/?comment_id=10158617876907922&notif_id=1585138188688587&notif_t=feed_comment #COVID19
And the winner is... https://twitter.com/marlonawalker/status/1242814013928615937
S/o to @ShaunaKofficial for hosting this morning’s Zoom coffee break and entrepreneurship #infoshare. We learn so much from one another… even at a time of this #Coronavirus crisis.
Key takeaways:
⭐Branding - Use this time to boost your online profile.
⭐Get innovative and find new places to stay relevant. .
⭐Know your ministry and outsource what you can’t do.
There was more… just know I learned A LOT.
💃🏾These #DanceWithDebbieAllen classes are LIFE! Salsa was too much fun. And when she announced there's a TAP CLASS coming... OMG check out my 💯 natural response (:25). Thank you @MsDebbieAllen for this #COVID19 break.
#TheArts #Coronavirus
If you missed tonight's @BABJ_md webinar... you missed ALL the BIIIIIIIIG FUN IN BALTIMORE! #JournoLife
🎵🎶Creativity, culture, coding and calm in a clean chill environment... àṣẹ. I've been website updating and coding ALL day with a zen island vibe (TY @osocity). This is officially the BEST day I've had at this job. Thank you teleworking. #JournoLife #TheArts
#Latergram. Had to walk off a tough day. It was also wild watching the Park Police kick everyone out of the park. Lol.
Life in times of #COVID19 is ummm... different. I tried SOOOOOO hard to finish strong, but Thursday took a nosedive in my world.

Thursday was very ghetto. Would not recommend.
RANDOM #COVID19 #JournoLife thoughts... because I'm up.

😡I've been fuming over the messaging with #COVID19. It's been so negligent, janky and SUPER late. This pragmatic response causes TOO many problems. Whatever happened to "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
I'm not saying we have to go back to Sunday pundit talking points, but for the love of all that is holy can we PLEASE:
🗣️streamline the message and save lives;
❤️show humanity in discussions surrounding mortality; and
🛑eliminate ANYTHING that remotely sounds partisan.
I used to hate politico talking points, but organic is FAILING politicos right now. Politicians please go back to the comms team script and only allow seasoned subject matter experts to address the public "off-the-cuff" on sensitive issues.

The speech teacher in me is cringing.
🗣️The flip-flopping and inconsistent messaging fuels public fears and distrust in leadership. You can't fault the public for being anxious when you set up a perfect storm of piss poor messaging.

#COVID19 has exposed the importance of strong messaging BEFORE crisis strikes.
#TheArts for the WIN! I'm not crying... you're crying. If you've ever played "Ode to Joy" you may break down with this beautiful performance. Wheeew I know I needed this. Thank you Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra @rdamphil
Tap dancin' in these #Coronavirus streets. Full disclosure: I'm pretty advanced with tap (s/o Wally Saunders DS). This was def an Intro class & PERFECT for anyone that has ever considered trying tap. S/o to @msdebbieallen & @officialdadance for these #DanceWithDebbieAllen classes
The inaugural #GirlPowerHappyHour WAS EVERYTHING we all needed as we deal with this #Coronavirus crisis. More than 30 amazing women stopping the clock to pour into one another and fix our crowns on a video chat. Thanks @mrsmediamom for helping arrange this.
We sang (although @MAYSALEAK sounded the best), danced and SIPPED 🍷🍹🍸while sharing life saving tips for dealing with #COVID19 😷. This was the perfect balance of sisterhood, knowledge and fun. BRAVO ladies! We got this. #BlackGirlMagic #Queens
PSA: Moms allow yourselves to be human during this #Coronavirus crisis. No one is handing out medals for you stressing yourselves out trying to be a full time TELEWORKING wife, mother, career person and now TEACHER. Allow yourself to NOT do it all. #Balance
Rockin' intervals in between the rain. Some how we managed to get in the Saturday morning miles at the perfect time. Now it can rain all weekend for all I care. Nature is great for helping your wellness during this #COVID19 mess. Plenty of space for #SocialDistancing
😷Since we're all stuck inside #SocialDistancing, I bingewatched #TigerKing . OMG it's like Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo, Sister Wives and Brokeback Mountain melded into a show for the Animal Planet. As a person that worked in SW Florida. This is the most FLORIDA-ish doc ever!🐯
💃🏾 #TheShowMustGoOn! The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is bringing performances to the audience online. Check out Ailey All Access Monday, March 30th at 7pm EDT for the first screening. https://www.alvinailey.org/ailey-all-access #TheArts #AileyAllAccess #alvinailey #danceathome #Coronavirus
"We may not be in the same place at this moment in time, but so we're happy to bring dance to you inside your homes! With that in mind, we’re introducing #AileyAllAccess to bring you all things Ailey online."
👩🏾‍💻👨🏾‍💻🧑🏾‍💻WATCH THE PREVIEW https://www.instagram.com/p/B-PNP-7ncyz/ 
💃🏾 #TheShowMustGoOn
✝️S/o to the online worship services. I really appreciate the churches like @NewPsalmist using live streaming to spread the gospel while maintaining #SocialDistancing in the time of #Coronavirus crisis😷. TY❤️ this is responsible faith leadership. #COVID19 https://www.facebook.com/newpsalmist/videos/546100539440014/?v=546100539440014&notif_id=1585488588991875&notif_t=live_video
For my creatives trying to get through this #Coronavirus crisis. Please take a look https://twitter.com/Nat_Tuck/status/1244283982537207809
FINALLY catching up on @NBCThisisUs season 4. TY @ThisIsUsWriters for these fully developed narratives. The writing on this show is amazing. It pulls you in every time. #ThisIsUs
Our true heroes in the #Coronavirus crisis https://twitter.com/CorneliaLG/status/1244259261758296064
Welp... this is very accurate. #COVID19
💃🏾Here's a cool #LunchBreak idea to break up the #COVID19 blues. Stop and dance along with the folks at @OfficialDADance . These have been amazing stress relievers. Good for all ages too. Plus who doesn't want to jam with @msdebbieallen and her crew. LEGGO https://twitter.com/msdebbieallen/status/1244348107841667073
And so it begins. Governor Larry Hogan has issued a Stay-At-Home order for Maryland amid the #COVID19 #Coronavirus crisis https://twitter.com/wbaltv11/status/1244638454593531908
"You shouldn't be out shopping for new carpets or cabinets, or you know buying furniture or clothing. You know, you should be buying the necessary things you need to survive." Gov Larry Hogan with the takeaway soundbite of the day as he announced a Stay-At-Home Order for Maryland
🍛Break time. Recharge. #LiveLaughLove
💃🏾TAP CHALLENGE! Ok I came close lol. I’m loving these #telework dance breaks w/ @OfficialDADance. Instant #COVID19 stress reliever😷. Today’s session with @jsamsmith was fun & reminded me that if you mess up, cover that mess up. Lol. TY @msdebbieallen for #DADAVirtualDanceWorld.
Marylanders IDK where y'all gonna be at 8p.m. but if you hear "HOGAN'S COMING" I think it's best to run your behinds inside. #COVID19 #Maryland #StayAtHome
#MelaninPoppin and liquid sunshine drippin' hard. Nature is an awesome medicine. #RunnerGirl
It's just fun to dance. Even if you're quirky with it. Thank you @JackBlack for this much needed #COVID dance break https://twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1244832908373884931
This is my therapy for #QuarantineLife and dealing with #SocialDistancing during this #COVID19 mess. https://twitter.com/OfficialDADance/status/1245026099685285889?s=19
Stay-at-home https://twitter.com/GovLarryHogan/status/1245021313972011011?s=19
#MyRevelations ... Just what the doctor ordered. #TheArts to soothe anxious energy for the win. Watch along on @YouTube #StayAtHome
TY @alvinailey . #TheShowMustGoOn #COVID19
This EPIC spin is LIFE! #AlvinAiley #MyRevelations
Listen I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEEEE children, but this #CoronavirusMeme sang to my soul. #COVID19
📙📗One of the world's BEST storytellers. I'm so ready for storytime with @LevarBurton 📘📕 https://twitter.com/levarburton/status/1245155510279495681
The accuracy of this #Coronavirus meme is amazing. Parents y'all hang in there. You can do it!
[[goes back to streaming dance classes and peaceful silence]]
💡REMINDER: If you are able to telework during this #Coronavirus crisis please be grateful for that option. It's a gift🎁. Not everyone has a chance to skip the things that get us worked up before we get to work. https://videosgifs.com/divertido/oficina-vs-en-casa/
“THEY 👏🏾SHOULD 👏🏾HAVE 👏🏾BEEN 👏🏾WORKING 👏🏾ON 👏🏾IT 👏🏾FOR 👏🏾MONTHS!👏🏾.” Dr. @RishiDesaiMD is me... and I am him. The only thing that was missing was mic drop & walking off the stage. #COVID19 is a global pandemic, NOT a political football game. https://twitter.com/benyt/status/1245529084534366208 #coronavirus
#NowPlaying #TeddysHouse #QuarantineConcert. Thank you @TeddyRiley1 . Ok I appreciate good 90s R&B & a free concert, but guys I'm a worried... this is NOT #SocialDistancing 😷. I think the only "safe" person is the drummer in the glass box. 👩🏾‍💻🧑🏾‍💻WATCH LIVE https://www.omnisplayer.com/artists/teddy-riley/teddys-house.html
“I have all this data about I.C.U. capacity,” Kushner reportedly said. “I’m doing my own projections, and I’ve gotten a lot smarter about this. New York doesn’t need all the ventilators.” https://nyti.ms/2x1tlVc 
It's going down! #LeVarBurtonReads https://twitter.com/levarburton/status/1246235741471952898
They are working on the feed. Hold tight folks. #LeVarBurtonReads
Feeling fancy and full of spring for today's Virtual Saturday Afternoon Tea-- the latest installment of the #GirlPowerHappyHour. I can't thank these ladies enough for this much needed escape from the #Coronavirus #COVID crisis world. We got a positive word from @ErickaMPittman
The high spirited Cab Calloway performance from @KenAlstonJr was my favorite part for the #GirlPowerHappyHour High Tea. Pretty hats, pearls, sippin' tea and queens empowering queens. #Winning. BRAVO ladies! We got this. #BlackGirlMagic #Queens
🍊Tonight's #CUSE virtual meet up was hella dope! And this ain't even ALL of us. Thank you Lucien M for getting us all together amid the #coronavirus crisis. My 2000s fam rolled through too. #OrangeNation 🍊
Jonathan!!!!! Y'all can't tell me NOTHING right now. #NowPlaying #LilJonVsTPain
Medical professionals NEED PPE to combat #COVID19! We would never send out troops into battle like this. https://twitter.com/NaderDIssa/status/1246232950007627776
☀Happy #PalmSunday! Get your praise & worship on. #Coronavirus won't stop the worship, so give every praise. There are tons of worship services online. S/o to @NewPsalmist for starting the 7:15 service with this inspirational song. Every praise!
💪These church media ministry teams are flexin' this Sunday! I see you!👀 #SundayMorning
Find your joy in God's gifts🎁. #SundayMorning run fun with a friend while exercising #SocialDistancing. ☀Nature is my fav escape from all this #Coronavirus #COVID19 mess. #LiveLaughLove #RunnerGirl
When you want apple pie, minus the pie part. This is a easy apple & pear dessert. My new simple treat, when I want something sweet. #QuarantineAndChill
🎭If you love comedy, tune in! #QuaranteenAndChill and get your laugh on with #DefComedyJam's Healing Through Laughter | Supporting #COVID19 Relief Efforts. Streaming Live on Facebook & Twitch. 👩🏾‍💻🧑🏾‍💻WATCH NOW https://www.facebook.com/cedrictheentertainer/videos/3680588155316405
I LOVE #STEM . https://twitter.com/RVAwonk/status/1246961377559883777
🚨THIS IS NOT A DRILL! If you LOVE LOVE LOOOVVVEEEEEE @HamiltonMusical GO TO 11:30 in this video. Thank me later. #TheArts will mentally save us from this #Coronavirus #COVID19 crisis . Thank you @Lin_Manuel for getting the cast together for this.🎭
This is genius https://twitter.com/iChvse/status/1239724680480788480
💃🏾I missed @msdebbieallen's jazz class last week,but I'm BACK for this fun combo. ANY #DianaRoss & #MichaelJackson number is bound to be 🔥! I keep challenging myself w/ these classes to cope w/ the stress from the #COVID19 mess. TY @officialdadance #DanceWithDebbieAllen #TheArts
💡This is the most important thread you will read about #COVID19 and health disparities based on ethnicity and socioeconomic status in America. TY @nhannahjones https://twitter.com/nhannahjones/status/1247176506452905986
I keep wanting to sing "Miss Tony said how you wanna carry it" while doing the tap to this joint. OK Bmore, wash your hands and dance. #Coronavirus
Put Your Mask On (Baltimore)- BALTIMORE CLUB MIX
Wow! When the convos we have get really REAL. Minus the slurs, this discussion has been happening A LOT in my circles. It's a combo of "Welcome to America" & tough love. I just hope my non-aware, non-woke, passive Asian folks are watching closely right now
Everyone else, y'all already knew this is sadly how you may people view Asians here in America. I'm REALLY sure It didn't take this coronavirus to show you that racism is real.😞
When you work in the #BlackPress and report on these consistent socioeconomic issues daily, you take notice of what it takes for the rest of the industry to see your "fringe" genre as essential news. Today's it a global pandemic. #JournoLife
I hope news managers are paying close attention to how #COVID19 impacts Black communities. We're often the canary in the coal mine.
For the non-newsy folks, reports like this are why I am consistently calling attention to Black issues. If we don't tell OUR stories, no one will.
If you are silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” ― Zora Neale Hurston.
⛪️ #ChurchHurt is real folks. Be open minded as people explore faith & their walk w/ Christ. Don't let this Holy Week pass w/out sincerely sharing your faith & love with others. This is an awesome opportunity to witness to and welcome others that may feel #ChurchHurt. Let's heal.
🍒Cherry jello #shot" for one.
Yeah I said ONE... #DJM.
Perfect after a day manually coding 10 website stories and a landing page since the CMS is "interesting." #JournoLife
Best seat in the house for #AlvinAiley "Divining." #TheShowMustGoOn #QuaratineAndChill #TheArts
🌬️This wind is disrespectful! 🌪️
Life is better with this super brother in my life. #NationalSiblingsDay
🥰A PERFECT ending to this week. Thanks @disneybroadway
https://twitter.com/GMA/status/1248238502564835332 Bravo @JelaniAlladin @ryanmccartan @adriennewalk3r @CiaraRenee8 @heatherheadley @jamesmiglehart @mckenziekurtz @iamMJScott L. Steven Taylor #DayofHope
I'm so late... and these kids are too funny. Now #bingewatching @OnMyBlock . One of them is from Bmore too. Perfect #QuarantineAndChill
I know kid... I know. You waited a whole NINE months for THIS 😡😠😡 https://twitter.com/CM_Gallagher/status/1248490228030947328
Since I can’t go out on a Friday night, it’s great to hang out online with these divas at a virtual #GirlPowerHappyHour Pizza & Pajama Party. Thanks to #SocialDistancing this is the energy my extroverted spirit needs in this #Coronavirus #COVID crisis world. Thanks @mrsmediamom
Thank you @madelynewoods for the 90s hits song game. @MESHELLEComedy was the perfect comedic relief with a dash of #RealTalk relationship gems. #Winning. BRAVO ladies! S/o @mrsmediamom and the crew for creating this much needed virtual community. #BlackGirlMagic #Queens
I seriously HATE trying to run with crap covering my eyes, nose and mouth. I can't wait for this #Coronavirus #COVID19 mess to go away. #RunnerGirl
#Quarantine cabin fever = Impulse buying flowers to FEEL like it's #Easter
Earlier I was out for the 1st time this week running errands. So I stopped by one of my fav eateries to treat myself amid this #COVID19 mess.

I walked in the restaurant... everyone in line wore a mask.

NO👏🏾ONE👏🏾in👏🏾the👏🏾kitchen👏🏾had👏🏾on👏🏾a👏🏾 mask👏🏾.

Ok God I hear you.
📺Live from Zoom, it's Saturday Night At Home. Let's see how this innovative @nbcsnl works. #SNLAtHome #COVID19
"I'm actually training for the 2021 Olympics. I'm going to do mental gymnastics to figure out why they cut the Pandemic Response Team in 2018... And that's a Gins-burn!" #SNLAtHome
Hey cool cats and kittens... I didn't kill my husband. #SNLAtHome. #TigerKingNetflix
Happy #ResurrectionSunday! Celebrate the joy. He is risen!
Nessus, Hydra and more. Watching Hercules as an adult will have you looking up random Greek mythology. #QuarantineAndChill
Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you medical professionals. Keep fighting for our lives. #COVID19
Happy #DELTAversary to my 60 City Lights. In the midst of a #COVID19 quarantine, there's no place I'd rather be than online with these divas. Thank you God for allowing me to be part of @BMACDST Sp' 03.
Ok I know we're in a pandemic, but WHY are people out here carjacking NEWS VANS? Where are you going??? https://twitter.com/Deetroit_Dave/status/1250021156444307456
Just rocked my #LunchBreak #DanceBreak with @OfficialDADance Terry Beeman. Thank you SO much for these stress relieving exercises to ward of the #COVID19 crisis blues. BTW I rocked this combo at THIS tempo at least one of the 50-leven times I tried. Too fun! #DanceWithDebbieAllen
I seriously just took a jazz class and had the nerve to blast soca and hop around this house like I'm at Caribana. SMH y'all pray for my knees. These #Coronavirus quarantine #DanceBreaks are getting WILD!
Valid concern. Maybe requiring virtual backgrounds will help eliminate that. I often suggest a blank white wall, but that's not always available. https://twitter.com/EvieBlad/status/1250113666005041162
For the parents and the wrestling fans trying to get through this #COVID19 crisis... this art is for you. 📸 via Laura Cox Williams on Facebook
🦸🏾‍♀️ #NotAllHeroesWearCapes . S/o to Kizzmekia S. Corbett PhD out here fighting the good fight to save our lives from this #COVID19 crisis. Good interview while serving up that #STEM #blerd #BlackGirlMagic 👩🏾‍🔬 https://twitter.com/AC360/status/1250228871892545537
Hey #OrangeNation. Check this out SUNDAY AT 1 PM – 2 PM. The Pajama Brunch: Virtual Edition🍊🍊🍊 https://twitter.com/SUAlumniofColor/status/1250519971781849090
#NoFilter just focused on a few things. This is the moment when I was done and able to that bandana off to breathe normally again. I can't thank the parks people enough for allowing us to enjoy a little nature with #SocialDistancing during this #COVID19 crisis. #RunnerGirl
FYI... Here's your shot to share your #Coronavirus #BlackLove story.
I LIIIIVVVEEEE for #JournoLife stories with strong #SocialMedia references. This piece from my #OrangeNation @SyracuseU bro @iKNOWron also incorporated #SocialDistancing amid this #COVID19 crisis. I sure would ❤️ to see this Cleveland native on @WEWS https://twitter.com/iKNOWron/status/1250767577757999104
🥳🎉OMG this was so DOPE! Now I can say "attended" a Will Smith & @djjazzyjeff215 @Zoom concert... AND that I got to dance along w/ Bmore diva @jadapsmith. #DatRona won't stop the fun, we just have to improvise during this #COVID19 crisis https://www.instagram.com/p/B_BO2EqBHJK/  @TeamWillDaily
💥I seriously got to turn up at a fun Will Smith & @djjazzyjeff215 concert without leaving my house. And y'all joked me for always dancing around my living room. So far this is the biggest and most DOPE part of my #StayAtHome highlight from this dang #COVID19 crisis. #TheArts
When I tell you I've spent the majority of my #JournoLife career covering politics and I refuse to watch these White House #COVID19 briefings anymore, that should mean something folks. If you're going to jump the shark every day you're going to have to pay me to sit through this
I hope folks have BIG houses and are giving their spouses some space to appreciate all this quality time. IJS all that holiday love and coordinated pajama action has gotten super silent amid the #COVID19 crisis. 🦗:: Crickets ::🦗
I ❤️ musicals and Disney movies. Here are my picks for the top 3 performances from #DisneyFamilySingalong .

🌟3 - The #HighSchoolMusical cast rockin' out to "We're all in This Together." BTW that @ZacEfron intro was a 💔. Come back here & sing mister😢 https://twitter.com/Rosincaxpearl/status/1250955061687181313
#DisneyFamilySingalong .

🌟2 - @Beyonce singing "When You Wish Upon a Star" was melodic perfection tugging at our heartstrings. https://twitter.com/AustinKellerman/status/1250948806402809856

🌟1 - Leave it to @ArianaGrande to make me actually like Megara from #Hercules. That performance was a mix of all the fun funky parts of the movie. S/o to her tributes to The Muses (Calliope, Clio, Melpomene, Terpsichore & Thalia) https://twitter.com/ABCNetwork/status/1250947968011657216
JIC you need a reminder... These are The Muses of @Disney's Hercules. @ArianaGrande rocked this on #DisneyFamilySingalong ! And that's the gospel truth.
🗣️The BEST @Disney cartoon narrators EVER!
The Muses (Calliope, Clio, Melpomene, Terpsichore and Thalia)
🗣️The BEST @Disney cartoon narrators EVER!
The Muses (Calliope, Clio, Melpomene, Terpsichore and Thalia)
Hercules : Zero to Hero | Disney Side by Side by Oh My Disney
Friends can we PLEASE put these #DontRushChallenge videos to rest this weekend? It's been a GOOD three weeks. This fad is officially played out. Time for a new trending challenge.
🎉When your LS Tamesha is turning 40 and y'all can't turn up together... you get turnt with a freaking #COVID19 quarantine soca party in her honor. Cheers to 40 Reps for 40! I ❤️you sands.
FYI... @levarburton is back in 10 mins with story time for adults. #LevarBurtonReads #COVID19 https://twitter.com/levarburton/status/1251300357038239744
It's happening. The latest #LevarBurtonReads . @levarburton https://twitter.com/levarburton/status/1251319850967785473
"See you next time. But you don't have to take my word for it."
If you had told me that I would start a Saturday in April 2020 “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” in a Care Bears t-shirt, I would have laughed. But that’s what happened as I kicked off a VERY busy Saturday with my #GirlPowerHappyHour fam.
It was also great to hear from Josephine Brown about the best ways to balance wellness activities and nutrition. DRINK MORE WATER! This was a perfect weekend starter in this #Coronavirus #COVID crisis world. BRAVO ladies! creating this much needed virtual community.
THOUGHTS on that #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley BOTCHED battle. I ❤️ @KennyEdmonds and @TeddyRiley1, but they needed to figure out how to use Instagram BEFORE last night. Riley had ALLLLLLLLLL those people in there and STILL couldn't figure out his audio set up
Oddly @TeddyRiley1 had a @Blackstreet_Ent & @Dave_Hollister set April 2 disregarding #SocialDistancing. Last night all of those people jeopardized their lives.
🙏🏾Please stop endangering lives for live streams. We want the greats around after #COVID19 🙏🏾 https://twitter.com/nickimayonews/status/1245886903854997504
LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK https://twitter.com/rochelleriley/status/1251850938647826432
Alrighty... so about yesterday.
Busy was an understatement. Let's review my Saturday #JournoLife:
9:00 #GirlPowerHappyHour workout.
10:00 - 16:00 #WealthyU #SavvyMoneyMoves.
14:00 - 15:00 @BABJ_md & @HRBMP_org @NABJSTUDENTS (I just watched).
18:00 - 22:00 #CUSE fam Zoom.
Saturday's #WealthyU #SavvyMoneyMoves Masterclass with @deborahowens was 🤯🤯🤯. About 50 Black women learning ways to weather the economic impact of this #COVID19 crisis. Check out the #SocialMedia updates on this thread #JournoLife https://twitter.com/deborahowens/status/1251522743381774336
Saturday our @BABJ_md Student Liaison @Tramon_WBAL showed up and showed OWWWT. Talk about leadership!
No panel. No preaching. Just leaning on one another and inherently teaching. A simple conversation goes a LOOONNNNGGGGGG way. #JournoLife https://twitter.com/BABJ_md/status/1251614327678910465
#CUSE comfort  to "wine down" the day. There were more, but I was too busy enjoying the greatness that lives in our bond. These lil virtual meet ups are gems in this #COVID19 crisis.
FYI STUDENTS! This is today starting at 2PM EST. It's only $2 to register and for this lineup of programming, that's a steal.
REGISTER HERE https://hopin.to/events/yard-con-2020?fbclid=IwAR1-4HwB4S2aWESeeAwFpPTm_PLZsbtEZ4COKVaQkYPPybCwuzzRrDat2fo
Welp I am #blackAF... let me see what's up with this new Kenya Barris project. Warning: I'll probably post SPOILERS below. #TheArts
📺Just watched 5 episodes of @netflix #blackAF. #blackAF is looks like the black-ish Kenya Barris always wanted to make. Knowing that this is what happens when a Black creative wants to discuss deep Black issues but can't, makes me want to support it more ✊🏾
I'm told this is the BEST part of the #blackAF series https://twitter.com/strongblacklead/status/1251186500131328001
Out'cher looking like a preppy bank robber in the name of #COVID19 safety and #SocialDistancing . I'll be so glad when this is all over. Running with your face covered SUCKS! #RunnerGirl
🎶🎵Y'all ready for #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley ... aka the "Battle of the R&B Uncles?" I'm so proud of Teddy Riley for downsizing to a NORMAL Insta battle set up. This looks like it's going to be a GOOD show. Round #2 Leggo!🎶🎵
Annnnd the battle has begun. #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley Round #2
I feel like I'm watching the soundtracks for EVERY 90s and 2000s throwback RomCom movie. The Wood, Love and Basketball, The Best Man...ALL of them. #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley
That time Babyface broke out a guitar during the #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley battle. That was SOOOOOO not fair. But I was too mesmerized to protest. #WhenCanISeeYouAgain.
Can we all agree that letting BABYFACE rock slow jamz and ballards will blow any producer out of the water? Teddy stay in the club! Rock the club bangerz . Don't let Face pull you into the slow songs. You'll drown. #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley
You have to ❤ a man that plays and sings. Go @KennyEdmonds . These #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley guitar "interludes" are golden.
Welp you hate to see the night end like this, but technical difficulties are real. Thank you @TeddyRiley1 and @KennyEdmonds for the great Insta battle. Your work is AMAZING! #BabyfacevsTeddyRiley
Watching my Georgia friends like...
Being presidential and advocating for my @BABJ_MD members in the  @NABJ President's call. #JournoLife
🍊 #CUSE #BlackGirlMagic #JournoLife! I had to throw on my fav @SyracuseU sweatshirt to bond w/ @Buffalonabj Pres @madisonlcarter during the @NABJ Presidents' Call. Because sometimes you just have to flex on folks. So cool seeing the BABJ love. ( #FunFact I worked in Buffalo too)
Happy #EarthDay : Isolation #QuarantineLife Edition. When that afternoon sunlight shines positive vibes on your stressful day, PAUSE and soak in nature's medicine. This #SelfCare helps SO much as we navigate the #COVID19 crisis. #LiveLaughLove
Sing it with me now.
🎵"I don't want no scrubs..."🎵
#QuarantineAndChill jokes
I've worked in some of the USA's poorest regions & as I cover poverty it blows my mind that voters don't vote career political fat cats OUT of office every election. These #COVID19 decisions to send citizens into the pandemic Hunger Games = they DGAF about your life. #JournoLife
Black Americans, hit hard by both economic and health costs of the outbreak, overwhelmingly support social distancing measures. https://twitter.com/nhannahjones/status/1253311007239426048 #COVID19
'Merica... you wanted to have BIIIIGGGG fun. SMH. Now sit'cho arse down. #COVID19
Soooooo today's #QuarantineLife is not going so well. Anyone hosting a #yoga or stretching class today? Heck I'll take your OLD videos if you have them... drop a link below please. #COVID19
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