There's a lot of buzz on twitter right now with a lot of excited Patriots acting like it's Christmas morning.

Let's put some tweets together to get a bigger picture...
30 days
= 10/04/2020
= 4 10 20
= Good Friday
It will be biblical
Project Python
Potus finishes at precisely 9:11

Message sent?
A very interesting theory indeed...
The real reason behind project python
Celebrities are becoming sick
Remember, something BIG is coming...
X22 is announcing that the Storm is here!
And so is @Inevitable_ET
Is the Storm finally upon us? 🤔

Footnote: Tom Hanks son talks about his parents illness.

Note the symbolism on his chest.

Symbolism will be their downfall.
We are ready!
It's happening
Why is there a storm in amongst these images?
The Storm watch continues
Wait until high water
Are we beginning to see the end of the fed?
Here's another good thread about our common enemy at this time
30 days
The star's are falling like flies!!

"Justin Trudeau in self-isolation after wife tests positive for coronavirus"
There is a lot of military activity under cover of covid-19.

Project Python.

Now's a good time for corporate elites to start hiding.

And the man himself is stepping down...
Even the congressional candidate against Nancy Pelosi knows what season we're in!

And look who she's asking 👀
The first reports of arrests happening in Italy under coronavirus lockdown

Interesting, the section of society most afflicted with Coronavirus are celebrities.

I'm not buying it.

They're either

1)Being told to increase fear around the world

2) Desperate for attention

3) Running to their bolt holes to escape arrest

It's happening in Irag!
*Iraq not irag 🙄🤪😂
An extremely good thread detailing what's happening in Italy and Europe right now while citizens are in isolation.

Just @DonaldJTrumpJr wearing a Q badge...

Nothing to see here 😏

Another major CEO steps down, within days of Bill Gates doing the same.

Can you imagine the dirt there is on these people?
Unconfirmed but seen on IG.

Can anyone confirm this?

#itshappening #habbening
Stars, politicians and CEO's are continuing to be statistically far more susceptible to #Covid_19 than any other segment of society.

Patriots are in control!

#habbening #ItsHappening #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #TheStorm #TheStormIsHere
#TheStorm continues

A very good thread on the Director General of WHO. Unsurprisingly seen with all the other usual suspects.
#TheStorm continues

Now 20,000 British troops are called upon, on top of the 20 - 30,000 US troops in Europe.

All for a Coronavirus that is less impactful than the flu?

Just over a week in #thestorm and things keep getting more interesting
Just a couple more CEO's stepping down. Nothing to see here 😏

She's concerned about not getting "pasta".

We all know what that means.

Hmm... another dodgy elite gets sick.

The stars are not coping well in isolation
At all...
And why are many of them wearing green? 🤔
Why is green so important?

Evergreen? 🤔
They're really not coping well.
The storm watch continues!

Why are JFK's grandkids singing "Timber"?

Remember that Timberwolf was the codename for Bush Sr.

This gives me goosebumps!

#itshappening #itshabbening #habbening
And another very high profile elite gets it.

And I thought shit had already got real!

#itshappening #itshabbening #habbening #TheGreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere
1)Testing is up to each state.
2) If you’re in the hospital and aren’t being tested it’s because the doctors see no need to.
3) Covid-19 is a respiratory illness. If it gets bad a ventilator is used.
4) If she's in unbearable pain, then why the restrictive mask?
5) She's lying.
All this chaos will be over by the Passover period. We the People who have been unwitting slaves to a cruel taskmaster, are about to be liberated and released to the Land of Milk and Honey. (A land of abundance and plenty).

Do you remember what the Passover was about?
In Isaiah 26:20, God tells the Jews to shelter in place for just a little while until after the scourge was over. These were the instructions given just before the Passover that was about to come.

Passover happened when the Jews were liberated from their cruel taskmasters... Egypt after 400 years. They were instructed to paint the blood of a lamb (to show they were God's people) on their door frames that was meant to protect them from the last plague. The last plague was originally planned by the Egyptians against the Jewish people.
The first born son of each Jewish family was to be put to death that night by the soldiers of the Egyptians . BUT God turned it around and the last plague was carried out against the Egyptians instead. It was like a boomerang effect.

Guess what three things Q said?

2) It will be BIBLICAL

3) This is the Year of the Boomerang!

When did Q say this would be over by? PASSOVER!

Please share this if you think it will help calm the minds of the fearful.
Twitter censorship is down. Look at the top trends when a hashtag is introduced. I've never used #FRAZZLEDRIP before.
Not BoJo!!! 😳
Good question!
Doctors didn't test @kathygriffin for Covid-19 because she wasn't displaying symptoms for it!

She had a stomach infection not a respiratory illness.

Covid testing costs time and money. Health services cannot afford to be slowed to test every patient.
Every voting year there's always a new disease designed to keep voters home and increase the opportunity for voter fraud.
Loss of Rose's or petals = loss of adrenochrome.

No florist = no supplier

The typewriter = adrenochrome, the drug shown in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter Thompson who used a Corona typewriter = pedophiles.

The more you know.
#itshappening #itshabbening #habbening #thestorm #TheStormIsHere #TheStormHasArrived
The dismantling of the old corrupt system continues
More pizza references from the Ellen Show. 👀
Pizza references from the Pope!
Ellen has decided to listen to the "Smart People".

Office of Sex Offender
Registering and

#itshappening #itshabbening #habbening #thestorm #TheStormIsHere #TheStormHasArrived #WWG1WGA #qanon
Alec Baldwin is struggling with quarantine. Perhaps he's lost access to vital medication...
#royalty #COVID19
Further proof that Patriots are in control of the Fed.
Anons spotted this amongst @realDonaldTrump tweets.

We have P-A-I

When will N arrive? 🤔
Hanx and Rita are being 'escorted' by the navy. That's why and how they came back home.
A fake Coronavirus death. Looks to be England. The gentleman with CV was taken away 5 minutes beforehand by Police before the "haz-suits" arrived passing out papers declaring that he had died.

Faked death, but for what reason?
While fake deaths are being reported in England (see 2 tweets above), in Ireland, the waiting rooms are empty despite reports of 10's of thousands of sick people descending on hospitals.

It seems we're being kept home for reasons other than Coronavirus.
This is a fantastic thread regarding the victims of sex trafficking at this time. Worth a read.
Japan and Italy are reportedly experiencing very different scenarios with #Covid_19.

Why is this?
An unseen photo of Hanx upon arrival home!
More news about Hanx
As per 3 previous tweets, the situation re: #Covid_19 isn't as bad as we're being led to believe.

Here are further examples.
Amazing Polly explains this principle of deception extremely well. While many of us are aware of Operation Paperclip, Polly explains this in further detail with the Alice in Wonderland Technique.
Not suspicious at all...
U.S. military command teams in charge of protecting homeland security are being isolated in the infamous Cheyenne mountain bunker where they will remain 'sealed off' until the coronavirus pandemic passes.
New York

More fear porn, this time by an Australian TV channel, reporting on NY.
Rachel Maddow is an absolute embarrassment. She should publicly apologize for yet again getting it wrong.

How does she still have a job?

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