15/There [was] a stranglehold by the three States of the world: The Vatican [Religion], London City [Financial], and Washington D.C. [Military]. This power Trinity has been removed. We The People now rule.
16/Free energy is all around us. The cabal has kept the people in a chokehold with primitive technology compared to what is actually available. Great advancements in technology will happen moving forward but a quick release of technology.
17/The Space Force is going to save the world from China, and we will also get free energy in the process! https://twitter.com/familyman20181/status/1225910528687603714?s=19
18/Hence the reason for the 25-35% declines in a single day we saw in the energy market on March 9; Saudi Arabia and Russia are now implementing the plan to flood the world with oil at any price (in dollars)....
19....until the petrodollar is removed and a new settlement mechanism is implemented (most likely already designed and ready to enact).
20/Military Generals created a company in Texas to try to replicate Tesla's energy tower creation, so this is well known in these circles.
21/Speaking of United States Federal Reserve notes, these are to be replaced by United States Treasury Notes backed by Gold & Silver. Gold & Silver are fantastic at current levels relative to what the FRN/UST exchange will be.
22/Mining stocks will boom even more when the Gold Standard is brought back. Here's what I believe the plan is. Federal Reserve notes will be rapidly inflated (printed) to be used mainly to pay off debts (mostly to foreigners), while Treasury Notes will be backed by....
23/physical Gold & Silver that --> US CITIZENS <-- will receive in a TREASURY CHECKING ACCOUNT. What I've heard/read is that physical Gold & Silver deposits will be allowed and depositors will receive Treasury dollars in their checking account.
24/Clearing will link just like ACH / SWIFT system. People will receive an initial exchange ratio up to a certain amount (think FDIC limit type system) in order to keep things orderly.
25/The rich and super rich people will sustain bigger losses unless they have prepared with physical Gold and Silver due to their love of stock market manipulation, high frequency trading and multi million dollar paychecks. The Cabal is done.
26/The economy will become fairer, without Socialism. It will be a pure form of Capitalism, not the crony-Capitalist system we currently have. Politicians use money manipulation techniques to keep power which is what Trump is destroying before our very eyes (read Jekyll Island).
27/So much waste & excess, right next to the homeless & hungry. No more! Patriots (Trump w/Mnuchin @ Treasury) have been purchasing Gold and Silver since Trump was elected. Vaults were empty, but are now chock full of Gold & Silver. This is part of the plan.
28/Absolutely nothing wrong with also having some physical Gold & Silver on hand. Especially if Gold goes to $10,000/oz or I've even heard requirements of $100,000/oz based on current money supply & value of the stock market (price in UST, TBD).
29/ If we use a 35:1 ratio of Gold to Silver which is what it was prior to 1933, Silver could be $285 to $2857/oz! If the ratio is 10:1 (Patriots may prefer this as everyday people have more silver), price could be substantially more.
30/I believe something like this is the plan, I just don't know when it will happen or specific technicalities but something is absolutely in the works.
31/We will wake up one morning, maybe tomorrow or the next day, and the world will be nothing like the world we went to sleep to the night before. Remember, we live in this world, but those who love Jesus are not of this world.
32/If you perished tomorrow, what would you remember of yourself? Would you be at the right hand of God? Our real world is an eternal life in Heaven, while those worshipping Satan will live an eternity in hell.
33/Our hell that [was] their world is quickly going to change to a world of love, peace and healing the scars the cabal did to everyone since before our Grandfather's. Having faith that this is possible is part of the plan. If enough people wake up, anything is possible!
34/bonus screenshots of Trump's tweets on 2/16/20.
35/Constitution information from beginning of the thread.
36/Please share this far and wide. May God bless each one of you that took the time to read this, and God bless the United States FOR America! 🇺🇲
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