Ever wondered why Q refers to himself (or the team) as "Q" instead of something else?

We know that Q is the name for Top Secret clearance at the DoE... but operators at this level have multiple different clearances, and some of them are higher than Q...

Read on for a Q mystery.
Was the name "Q" chosen to help create a sense of legitimacy? I don't think so... the highest level of clearance this person possesses could have been chosen.

Direct access to POTUS & Nuclear program requires HRP certification, which is higher. https://www.energy.gov/ehss/human-reliability-program-handbook
Knowledge of compartmentalized Special Access Programs is far more restricted than normal Top Secret / Q clearance.

These were my dads:
"Previous Top Secret SI/TK/B; Top Secret Cyrpto; Top Secret SIOP/ESI"
SIOP/ESI is the Nuclear Cods S.A.P.

Just my opinion, but...
...but I'm sure Q has clearances higher than my father, yet he chose not to use those as his designation. And hypothetically he could have chosen anything: "Project Save the Gray Lady" (lame, but not the point)... but he chose to use the Department of Energy clearance code Q...
And I think THAT is the clue he wants us to think about.


Whoever controls ENERGY, controls the world. It was to keep control over energy that the Rothschilds destroyed Tesla and derailed his efforts to make energy nearly free.
It was OIL prices that largely rocked the stock market.

Before this is all over I think Trump delivers to the world, whatever his uncle John Trump got from Tesla's papers...

ENERGY outside of [their] control.

Food for thought. Just my ideas.
Some will point out [they] seek to control/harvest more than one kind of energy... but that’s another thread for a different day.

God will destroy their hold on all of it.
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