VLD Antares AU

Keith is the youngest General under Lotor's command and aides in his goal of taking over the Empire. Keith is sensitive to Quintessence, agile, gorgeous, violent, blunt and fiercely loyal to Lotor. But a certain Galra Lieutenant has catches his eye.

-Keith hates wearing his armor because the planet he was from was hot so he overheats.

-His stripes glow similarly to Altean marks.

-Keith's tail is prehensile and a weapon

-Keith starts hearing 'Heartbeats' from the sleeping Voltron Lions. Making him valuable to the Empire.
-All four Generals refer to Keith as their 'Little Brother' and are equally fiercely protective of him. He's closest to Acxa.

-Keith is half Druid/half Galra.

-Keith joins Lotor after the Prince assists him in killing a warlord on his desert planet for enslaving his people.
-If Keith gets exposed to too much Quintessence his skin becomes fully purple and his hair turns white.

-Keith never met his mother, he has her Blade but doesn't know much about it.

-Keith is completely oblivious about his looks. He knows he's desired, he doesn't get it.
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How did this happen? All this work, all his time spent in deep cover to move up the ranks to become a Lieutenant Commander of his own fleet, thousands of soldiers depending on him. The Marmora, depending on him.

Shiro was fucked
In front of him was quite possibly his EVERYTHING, staring him down, to defend his Prince from all foes, even Emperor. Claws extended, tail whipping the metal floor leaving deep gashes. Hair becoming white as snow.


Shiro had to choose, his mission or the love of his life.
***Months ago***

Shiro had succeeded in becoming a Ensign serving Prorok, alongside fellow Blade Thace with another Senior Blade Ulaz serving as the Warship's doctor. It wasn't easy and it was dangerously risky for three Blades to be so close but the mission was urgent.
So the best among them were sent...which was the three of them.

Commander Sendak had been perfecting a machine to locate the Voltron Lions, he was getting close to completing it and that couldn't happen. The Rebellion stood on a razor's edge, if Zarkon found even ONE Lion
It would mean the others could be found easily as they were all connected.

Together, the 3 Blades managed to sabotage Sendak's efforts but it wouldn't last long. In fact, time was up.

Prince Lotor had managed to get in his father's 'graces' again with the successful creations
Of the Dual Sincline mechs, such ingenuity and destructive power could very well rival the Lions in performance. But they needed the Lion to test that, it killed the Blades knowing that they were sacrificing hundreds of allies in skirmishes to show off the Sinclines but they
Could NOT risk the Lions being found...Thace suggested that Shiro would have to be the one to steal one of Sinclines but in order for him to gain access, he needed to be at a high rank, a Lieutenant class and there couldn't be TWO Lieutenants under Prorok.

All of that went
Fucking sideways when the Prince having proved worthy with an audience with his father, came aboard with his Generals in tow.

And that's when Shiro laid eyes on him. Keith.

Lotor and his Generals were ALL Halfbreed Galras and Keith was no different. He was the smallest,
and the only other male beside the Prince, he also wore...a modified set of armor, showing more of his pale nearly scaleless skin. He walked with pride and power, almost seductively and focused ahead, hair trailing behind his exposed backside where his slinky tail held a light
sway as he walked. Keith captivated everyone and he didn't seem to care one way, he walked beside Lotor who was already stunning on his own. Together they were radiating both allure and death.

"The small one is new." Thace whispered to Shiro.
"What do we know?" Shiro asked trying to make sure he was paying attention to his fellow Blade but finding it hard to not imagine that face underneath him.

"Not much, he is from the Desert Planet Ishhara, which explains his suit's...modifications. The planet is unbearably hot."
"Yeah...I'll say." Thace looked at Shiro and coughed, "Sorry, continue."

"Do not be swayed by his looks, Keith is small but he is a vicious fighter. He's not the Prince's Right Hand for nothing." That was true, Shiro didn't take Keith by his looks although he couldn't deny them
Being what stuck out the most, the smaller General locked eyes with him immediately and almost sneered. "Stop staring Shiro."

"Y-yes sir." It appeared he had so much left to learn.

The Prince's procession moved into the throne room, filled with all his enemies, those that
despised his existence, Lotor could count on his hand how many in attendance were his allies-0. Only his Generals had his back, they stood by him when all others abandoned him. But to greet the Emperor, Lotor only needed one. Acxa nodded and left with the 3 remaining Generals.

"Sir." Lotor and Keith walked side by side to the dais, the long narrow cold walkway lined with cloaked Druids with the witch Haggar standing just below the stairway leading to the Emperor. The room was dead silent before the two Halfbreeds saluted and bowed in respect
In the crowd, Shiro could hear the vile things whispered about the Prince and his General. How flagrant the young Galra was, un-presentable, disrespectful...that he was better suited to the pleasure pits for the Gladiators. Not knelling before the Emperor. Such words lit a fire
in Shiro and he didn't get it, he owed nothing to this General, technically he owned nothing to the whole Empire...he was a BoM after all. But there was something about Keith he felt he needed to defend.

"Prince Lotor, you are permitted audience with the Emperor due to your."
"Continued victories and invention of the Sincline units." The Witch rolled off focusing on the General by his side, she sensed something in him. "You and your...Guard are spared from execution for the crimes of Treason against the Empire."

"Any chance my father will speak?"
Lotor asked, his tone more annoyed than revered, "I believe I have proven that my skills and those of my team are more than sufficient and worthy of a place on this vessel."

"Then you presume too much." Zarkon's voice shook the room, "A trait that has never served you well."
"My presumptuous nature is a result of my teachings, for what is a proper Galra without confidence? My victories speak for themselves."

"Only a fool would refuse to learn after so many failures." Zarkon threw back, "Momentary successes are meaningless in the face of war."
"And yet the Rebellion thrives, despite YOUR victories and THEIR losses." Lotor countered and glared at Zarkon, "It would appear we have more in common than you'd like to admit, father." And Zarkon's mood changed instantly.

"Oh, here they go..." Ezor said under her breath
and folded her arms, "Should we secure an escape route or something?"

"Kinda sidin' with Ezor here Acxa." Acxa remained still, keeping her eyes on Keith who looked wound up and ready to strike anyone that approaches Lotor.


"Wait...just, be patient."

Keith immediately stood up, Lotor looked surprised and Zarkon, the guards Druids immediately went to attention. Shiro leaned in close, what was happening?

"Keith? What are you doing?"

"You stand as if you have any place to-"

"Shut up."
Keith snapped at the Emperor, and the room went still, almost in disbelief.

"How dare you-" Keith ignored her and looked at Lotor as his stripes began to glow.

"Lotor, I need a star map now before I lose it again, quickly." The Prince pulled up a map as soldiers
approached, Keith walked into the center of the holo map, moving planets and stars around. Haggar held her hand up, something was happening.

"Planet, barren, rock, alone...lava core." Keith whispered as he pointed to a planet, "One."

"One what Keith?"

"A Lion of Voltron."
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The throne room erupted, Keith kept his eyes closed holding the planet in his hand, the holo stars swirled around his body almost like a veil. Lotor couldn't believe it and yet, Keith has never lied. Haggar scanned the planet
And sure enough there was something in the core, it was so small and cleverly cloaked that not even the most attuned Druid or machines could've picked it up. Zarkon eased back a little but he still looked ready to throttle Keith. The boy looked at him defiantly.

"We're done."
Keith replied without even a hint of respect to the Emperor, the Druids and soldiers encircled him and Lotor and Keith's tail extended to reveal the sharp scales at the tip.

"You are not permitted to leave." The Emperor bellowed and Keith looked over his shoulder without fear.
"I've had a headache for 2 weeks because of this Lion. Its' waiting to be found and I found it. So let me go get it so I can fucking sleep." Shiro didn't think he'd live to ever see someone so unabashedly bold in his life, neither did Thace or anyone for that matter.
"That's our little brother. Crazy bastard." Zethrid grinned and got up with Ezor, "C'mon I want to be there if we're scrapping." Acxa looked worried, she knew Keith's boldness was endearing to them but to the court, it could get them all killed. Narti place her hand on her back.
"Your General lacks respect to our Emperor Lotor, reign him in."

"What Keith lacks in courtly manners, he makes up in skill...his senses have been a great aide in our battles. If he says there's a Lion there, then there is." Lotor stood in front Keith, "And we will retrieve it."
Shiro and Thace looked on, trying to see if perhaps Keith was bluffing, some sort of tell but his posture and determined face didn't break. He was sure of himself that he found a Lion.

This changed everything for them.

Haggar looked back at Zarkon who dismissed his men.
"Then for your sake and the sake of your Guard, do NOT fail me." Lotor bowed to his father and Keith just nodded his head, it was a miracle they were still standing and met with their Generals. "Lotor, remain here." finally Keith turned with sharp eyes and Lotor held his arm
"You've done enough. Head to the Sincline with the others." Keith finally displayed regret but the handsome Prince smiled, "Don't worry. Look after Keith, I have a feeling we'll have some excitement before we head out." The Generals agreed, the looks in the eyes of the
Audience glared down on them, especially Keith, Lotor went back to the throne room and the Generals immediately surrounded Keith as they moved speedily through the ship.

Thace and Shiro slipped out of the arena to follow the Generals, Shiro in particular moved ALOT faster.
"Do not forget why we are here." Thace reminded Shiro, yeah, he got it, he just really needed to see Keith up close, he was sure this infatuation was just surface level. This spitfire that told the most powerful ruler in the Galaxy to shut up.

If there was going to be a skirmish
They couldn't be part of it, Thace instructed Shiro to blend in with whatever mob that was going to encroach Lotor's Generals and observe. To NOT get involved unless he was defending himself.

Shiro was usually REALLY good at following orders.
And ideally if there was a skirmish and Keith wound up being killed that could solve their problems considerably.

But Shiro was pretty fucking sure he wasn't going to let that happen.

Like clockwork, low level soldiers surrounded the Generals, they were in a spot too.
They couldn't fight the soldiers on Zarkon's ship, they by all accounts were just RECENTLY spared execution, they weren't even considered part of the Empire. Just 'Generals' in Lotor unofficial unit, any act of aggression onboard would result in that mercy getting yanked away.
All they could do is keep a steady blockade between Keith and the Sinclines, if those got trashed, they were well and truly fucked.

The crowd looked frothing, the Generals couldn't even depend on higher ranked officers to pull the grunts back, this was THEIR amusement too.
This put Thace and Shiro in a spot, they couldn't jeopardize there cover defending Lotor's Generals...Keith pushed his way from his Sisters to stand in front with a growl and sneer.

"Keith, we can't fight. You know that." Acxa reminded.

"Yeah she's right..." Zethrid grumped and
Cracked her knuckles, "But remember their faces for later."

"I'm not going to fight." Keith smiled and took out his blades, "I'm going do duel." his tail whipped excitedly on the floor, "Dueling is allowed."

"What?! You're crazy!" Ezor smacked her head, "I can't believe you."
"A duel of honor...honor for your Emperor." Keith flipped his knives and sat on his tail with his legs crossed. "One on One." Suddenly all the grunts became a little more shy, "What? C'mon...you all were so ready before?"

Shiro kept his eyes on Keith, he looked relaxed but
He was ready to kill and while Shiro was convinced that Keith could kill everyone in reach....Shiro felt that maybe...just maybe he could prevent that.

"I'm fighting for the honor of my Prince." Keith barked and stood up, "Shall I pick?" he pointed his knife out
and scanned the crowd, Shiro moved closer...like a drawn thread toward Keith, he didn't know why and it was too late to go back.

"Enough." Shiro stated and Keith pointed his knife at him, "No one needs to die here."

"Then tell them to fucking back away and no one will."
That wasn't going to happen, Shiro miscalculated the intensity of the mob and even more so the beautiful threatening intensity in Keith's eyes. He was deadly serious.

"Okay...how bout not a duel to the death. Just until one yields?"
Keith looked at Shiro perplexed then back at his sisters, since Shiro was already fucking in it he could at LEAST try to make this bloodless. The mob wanted a fight, Keith wanted a fight but what did Shiro want? Why did he go against Thace's orders?

There was something base
And needy inside Shiro, a hunger, Keith tilted his head in interest and pursed his lips in a contemplative pout that went straight to Shiro's dick in record speed.

He only met Keith today, he had no reason to want him to live and succeed and yet. Here he was....
"Till one yields? Correct?"

"Yes." Shiro forced out in a light cough, "No one dies."

"Fine." Keith flips his knives in his fingers and sheathes them, "I don't yield."

"Me either."


"Shiro." Keith huffed and walked up to Shiro, he was more devastating up close,
"Okay Shiro." The smaller Galra cracked his neck and got into fighting position, Shiro took one last quick glance at Thace in the back who gave him a nod.

"Okay Keith...just tell me when to stop." Keith puffed up and Shiro knew how to win.

He just really to use the RIGHT head.
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Turns out it was REALLY hard to focus when Keith is so...flexible, not to mention he hit and hit HARD. Shiro was no slouch, he was raised by the Marmora and trained by the best. But Keith was someone else entirely.

There was a grace
In his brutality, several quick jabs to Shiro's solar-plexus, the armor dulled the pain but he was sure as hell going to have bruises. Shiro couldn't get comfortable, even though this wasn't a fight to the death, his status was on the line. If he lost to Keith, it would get
To Commander Prorok and he won't be pleased. Shiro elbowed Keith in the face and body slammed him to the floor, he got an eyeful of what was underneath that leather flap of cloth. Small scattering of scales and pale purple stripes fading into the purple gradient on Keith's skin.
Just...how much of Keith was purple? Distracted Shiro was strangled by Keith's tail, it didn't look thick but it was tense muscle but Shiro could tell that this wasn't the usual method of how Keith killed despite the tight squeeze. Keith forced Shiro on his knees and stared down
Very unimpressed, that won't do, Shiro gripped Keith's tail and yanked him hard into a spin. The crowd erupted in cheering and shouts.

Shiro pulled Keith back hard and caused him to stumble, the young General quickly unwrapped his tail from around Shiro's neck to brace
His fall, quickly, Shiro moved into a rough sleeper hold. It shouldn't take long to knock him out, Keith grounded himself to the floor and hurl Shiro over his shoulder and squeezed his thighs around his waist.

Too perfect.

Keith socked Shiro in the face with a heated glare.
"Yeah! Get him lil bro!" Ezor shouted.

"Yield." Keith growled as he readied his fist to punch Shiro again.

"No." Shiro felt those thighs tighten and that damn tail got him again wrapped around his throat.

Now, Shiro didn't plan this, he had a theory...and put it to the test.
Shiro caught Keith in a bear hold, the tail tightening and Keith punched Shiro again, busting his lip. Shiro was the strongest and Keith's punches started to lose their power. Shiro needed to breath and grabbed Keith's tail at the base.

The sound that Keith made was...obscene.
Keith panted but his face was stormy and flushed, he looked confused and his tail slacked, Shiro used the opening to flip Keith on his back and pinned him.

He was absolutely gorgeous, even if he wanted to tear Shiro's throat out.

"W-what did you do...to me...?" Keith asked
in a shaky voice and rubbed his thighs before Shiro slipped his knee between them and on his tail to keep Keith from possibly playing dirty, despite what he just did.


"No..die." Keith fired back in a vicious snarl, his stripes began to glow and Acxa stepped in.
"Enough, this is over." Shiro heard her, swore he did but he was finding it hard to move. Keith's stripes became brighter and Shiro felt this..spark then a slow drain. "Keith! Stop!"

"What is the meaning of this?" Commander Prorok bellowed and the grunts all stepped back.
Shiro practically slumped off Keith like he ran a marathon, what the hell happened? He quickly stood up to salute his and checked if he was presentable before saluting his Commander. Prince Lotor came up from behind him completely focused on Keith sitting on the ground.

Shiro saluted but felt nothing but heated rage from Lotor connecting the dots on what happened. Keith stood up and bowed, his stripes returning to faint purple.

"It was a duel of Honor, My Prince." Lotor tilted Keith's face up gently, "I..I'm sorry I lost control again."
"A troubling pattern and a concern for another time...we have a great deal of work to do." Lotor folded his arms, "Acxa, ready the Sinclines, we're boarding Commander Prorok's vessel."

"What?! We don't need a fleet!" Zethrid shouted, the Generals had the same reaction.
"We don't have my father's trust..in exchange, should this prove fruitful, we will be in command of our OWN fleet."

"This will give us access to more resources." Acxa pondered and nodded, "You have our support as always."

"Awww, well at least we'll have room." Ezor sighed.
"Well, let's go play 'nice'." Keith was shaky but he stood up straight and walked with the Generals and Lotor to Commander Prorok barking orders to his men, he spotted Shiro with Thace and looked away hotly.

"This needs to be reported to Ulaz." Thace whispered to Shiro,
"Go to the infirmary, we'll need to move up our plans." Shiro agreed, he couldn't get distracted anymore by Keith. "Make sure you tell him everything, including Keith and what we'll need to do about him."

"About him?"Shiro asked as Thace
left his side to go to Commander Prorok.

"If Zarkon finds one Lion then it is imperative that the remaining Lions stay hidden, Keith jeopardizes that." The Senior Blade said firmly, "Shiro...for the mission, for the future."

"Keith cannot be allowed to live."
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Thace's words rung in Shiro's ears as he walked to the infirmary, he knew that was going to always be a possibility after seeing what power Keith possessed. There was a chance that Keith was wrong and that it didn't lead to a Lion.
But if it did...Keith will have signed his death warrant.

A bitterness clutched Shiro's heart, he's done assassinations before, missions where he was responsible for the deaths of tens of hundreds of Galra soldiers. Skirmishes with Zarkon loyalists. As a Blade he had to
Smother his emotions under cool rationality and he was VERY good at murder, something he didn't want to admit or be proud of. This mission had no room for second guessing and doubt, finding the Lions and making sure they remained in the Alliance hands was paramount.
Forming the Lions into the Legendary Voltron was something that was currently beyond his reach...they had first, find the Lions, then secure them and more importantly, survive.

There was no way this mission wasn't going to end bloodless. Even he might have to give his life
And Shiro accepted that long ago, he had the scars of many close calls to prove it.

But this? Was so...different. Keith was different. Did he really need to die? Was there no other way?

Shiro walked into the Infirmary as Ulaz sent out a soldier, cold and emotionless,
Ulaz wore his mask well, he quickly placed a small square device on the lock.

"This muter will only last for 3 minutes, be quick."

"One of Voltron's Lions might be found, Thace and I will be leaving with Commander Prorok and Prince Lotor to retrieve it." Ulaz's brows twitched.
This was one of his fears, only a few Blades were alive when Voltron was active and when Zarkon upended the universe by killing King Alfor and destroying Altea. He was young but he remembered the carnage all too well.

"What else Shiro." And Shiro breathed in.
"One of Lotor's Generals is a Druid Hybrid, he has the ability to 'hear' the Heartbeats of the Lions, we don't know how accurate it is but it appears that his senses are far more attuned to Quintessence then even the Witch."

"We need a kill order then." Shiro looked at Ulaz
shocked, "I will send the data in, Atok and his team should be able to complete this task."

"Wait, Ulaz...do we need to kill him?" And the Senior Blade appeared puzzled why his question, "What if there is another way we're not seeing."

"Shiro, the Prince's Generals are loyal."
"No one is THAT loyal."

"Careful kit. Remember our vow." Shiro winced, Ulaz could read him so easily, "Blades take our vows seriously, they are sacrosanct, many have bled for us to have even made it this far. Do not cast away what we have taught you on momentary weakness."
"No, sir...I just, I feel that if we do this, we are making a mistake." Ulaz looked at the device as it began to blink, time was almost up, "I think, no, I know we can find a better way."

"You will comply with the kill order Shiro, we cannot afford any mistakes, not now."
The device made a beep and Shiro was sprayed with a mild disinfectant. Another soldier came limping in and Shiro moved to allow her room.

"Ensign, we must think of the whole and not only the part." The Senior Blade spoke firmly as he examined the injured soldier,
"However hard it may be." Shiro made a small nod and left, nothing Ulaz or Thace said was wrong and deep inside he knew they were right. Yet, he knew himself that killing Keith was a mistake, it was a move made in panic. Loyalty was one of the foundations of the Marmora,
they needed to trust each other, they needed to believe in Knowledge of Death.

But what made Shiro believe he knew more than the two Seniors above him? What was driving his need to save this Druid with the vibrant eyes and pouty lips, who could fight with fire in his blood?
It was just lust for Shiro, it was deeper...this was going to test his loyalty.

He needed to be right.

There was no other option.


Keith was exhausted, the duel wasn't hard or dangerous but he felt tired all the same. The Prince and his consort were 'graciously' afforded
Some luxuries, namely private rooms with Commander Prorok having the largest and most spacious. No one complained, after all Prince Lotor wasn't even recognized as 'Royalty' to the Empire...it was an empty title. It didn't matter to them. He was their Prince and soon, Emperor.
Keith found the Prince's room as he was quietly reading reports on the planet and any strategies for potential attacks, he looked the most relaxed he's been in a while. He glanced up at Keith in the doorway and gave a tilt of his head.

"Rest...it will take a few jumps-"
"Before we are in the Traska galaxy." Lotor's voice was deeper almost as if he was always hiding that timbre and let his mask slip.

"Yeah...about today."

"Keith, that duel was meaningless." And Keith frowned, "I have no interest in my Generals fighting such duels in my name."
"I know, they wanted to kill us and it was my fault for being rude to the Emperor." Lotor started laughing, "I-it's true...I should shown humility." The Prince wiggled his finger and Keith walked in.

"Keith, if you had shown humility it would've been a swift death sentence."
Lotor placed his holo pad on the desk and crossed his legs, "My father doesn't need apologies from what he sees as grovelling peons. Show your reverence by delivering the Lion."

"Yes sir." Keith whispered and Lotor took his hand, "Still...I told your father to shut up."
"A moment that I will forever treasure, you are a natural gift giver Keith." And Lotor gently place his head on top of Keith's hand. "Come, let's rest for a while."

Keith was from a nomadic people on the planet of Ishhara, they were communal, ate together and slept together
But Keith was abandoned, he was never welcomed by his people and so he slept and ate alone. Still, he craved contact and bonding with another...it was something Lotor learned and understood.

Being alone, unwanted, hated...for the crime of being born different.
They crawled into bed together, Lotor simply laid beside Keith, bringing in the smaller Galra close to his chest. Keith was a furnace, he possessed so much body heat that on colder nights, he could keep the 5 of them warm.

Keith was beautiful, annoyingly beautiful...
And oh so innocent, Lotor would never take advantage of that, he was loyal like his other Generals but Keith occupied a special place in his heart. Lotor wanted to protect him...something his Generals shared as well.

Lotor twirled his finger in Keith's hair, lacing their
Fingers together as a bond and drifted away into slumber.

Lotor promised a new Empire for his Generals and for people like Keith, who were unwanted. And he will make that happen, Keith was going to make that possible.

But even the best laid plans can fall apart.
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A few hours passed and Prorok's fleet were approaching Traska galaxy, Keith immediate woke up holding his head, the heartbeat of the Lion sounding like a steady wardrum in his head. He had no idea when this
started, when he was a cub he told his elders that he would often hear distant roars, flashing visions of Lions like machines. Looking back, Keith thought that him being so open in telling his elders about his strange ways helped make them wary of him.

Keith had no memory
Of his mother, only her strange blade that he kept hidden per Prince Lotor's request. He didn't tell him why, only that the Blade could cause them 'trouble' in the Empire.

But for this mission, Keith knew his daggers wouldn't be enough and no Blade he had was stronger than
His mother's Blade...foolishly, he imagined that perhaps it was filled with her love.

The heartbeat of the Lion became quieter whenever he held the strange Blade. There was a faint hope that maybe she was out there, maybe they got lost or maybe he was taken from her or-
"Traska...so we're here." Lotor's voice was still laced in sleep and he stretched with a shiver, Keith took all the warmth with him when he moved from the bed. "Are you ready?"

"Yes sir, I wonder what we'll find down there?"

"The Lions have been dormant for a millennia..."
"However I do not doubt that they are unguarded, either by traps left behind by their former Paladins or automatons." Lotor's fingers carded through his hair, "We'll head down there together, Prorok will have his own trusted team as well." Lotor noticed Keith's Blade. "Keith."
"I know..it quiets the noise. I don't know why." Keith said almost ruefully, "I won't take it with me."

"No, take it be sure to keep it hidden until you absolutely need to use it." Lotor warned and walked over to Keith by the window, "When this is over, I'll explain everything."
"You trust me, yes?" Keith snapped his head up and gave Lotor a very fiery look, almost shocked he'd ask and Lotor lifted his hands in defense, "Okay, okay, just a simple tease."

"I am loyal to you and ONLY you. That will never change." Lotor pulled Keith's head in for a kiss,
"I'm sorry, I won't tease you again. I promise." There was a knock at the door and the two separated, "Yes, we're ready." Lotor motioned for Keith to go in front, "Shall we?"

"Yeah, let's build your Empire." Keith grinned and slipped his in his back sheath.

On the Command Deck, Prorok was grinning ear to ear, the scans picked up a vast labyrinthine structure traveling to the core of the Planet Traska. Thane and Shiro looked on quietly as Thane was secretly transmitting the information to the BoM base. The Kill Order was in place
And BoM scouts that were already in disguise on board were ready, only Shiro, Thace and Ulaz were in contact with each other semi regularly. But most Blades were in positions throughout the empire for spy and sabotage. Shiro didn't know how MANY BoM members were on board.
There was no way he was going to be able to know WHICH Blade had the Kill Order for Keith. No doubt Ulaz and Thace talked about his hesitance, all this did was place a wedge between them that wasn't there before.

Shiro trusted in his gut, in his faith, it wasn't infatuation.
"We've passed this miserable little galaxy hundreds of times, makes me wonder if the Lions are nearby eh." Commander Prorok smirked and looked down at Keith with a leery eye, "Perhaps you can serve me as well as your Prince hmm?" Shiro tensed and he could see that same feeling
Rising in Keith, the way his tail flicked agitated by the suggestion.

"Commander, if we're done with the posturing...let us begin our retrieval mission."

"Careful Little Prince...on this ship *I* rank above you." The burly Commander reminded with a gleeful tone,
"I want my best soldier for this mission...wouldn't want you to run off with the big prize." The Commander looked at Shiro, "Ensign, accompany the Prince down below. For his protection."

"I do not need your man or your protection."

"Now, now my Prince." Prorok kept his tone
"We don't know what's waiting for us down there. Three teams of soldiers should be enough to locate the Lion and ensure that there's no....accidents." Lotor kept quiet, he was prepared for this, no doubt Prorok would plan to kill him and no doubt his father wouldn't shed a tear.
This on the other hand, worked for Shiro...he could protect Keith, maybe try to convince him to join the Blades...it was a daring move but Shiro was best when he was being daring.

"How considerate. Keith, is this suitable for you?" Keith glanced at Shiro and huffed then walked
Out of the command room.

"He'll do. Let's go." Thace watched Shiro as he joined Lotor but kept his distance.

On the elevator ride to the flight deck, Shiro wasn't sure but it felt like Lotor KNEW Shiro was interested in Keith.
Lotor did small gestures to Keith, tucking his long hair behind his ear, grazing his tail with a tender reverence and Keith was VERY receptive. His tail twitched and sway from the touch. Were they lovers? Shiro didn't know, all he knew was that drop of jealousy was potent.
But Lotor was cunning and deadly...no doubt he was planning to kill him. The Prince threw Shiro a glare as the left the elevator.

It was a look of 'No'

The warning was noted, Shiro could NOT let his guard down.

The Three Teams were selected on Skill, Strength and Strategy.
Team 1-Lotor, Shiro and Keith, Team 2-Acxa, Narti and a Grunt and Team 3-Zethrid, Ezor and Thace.

The teams took off in their respective ships, this is mission had no room for failure.

And this is the mission where everything changed.
Planet Traska was coarse and rocky, barren, the air was dusty from constant sand storms, originally Prorok wanted to blast the planet with cannons but it would take too long and risk damage to the Lion. This was the best way.

The teams followed Keith, his senses lead everyone
To a massive mountain range and a hidden entrance sealed by Quintessence...Keith placed his hand on the smooth stone and forced the seal to release. He heard the Lion's heartbeat louder and held his head.

This time he could hear another sound...
A lonely purr. It struck Keith hard. The teams entered the hollowed chamber with three paths.

"You okay little brother?" Zethrid spoke through the comms, "Don't pass out on us in there."

"Heh, I won't...Good luck and don't die in there." Zethrid laughed, smacked his shoulder
"Protect our Prince." Acxa nodded and went to the right, while Zethrid went to the left. The only way was straight.

"Be ready." Lotor commanded Keith nodded then turned to Shiro.

"S-stay close." Keith said softly and Shiro blinked but kept silent as they walked forward.

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Keith was being tracked by the other two groups, he was still unsure if his focus was enough to find the Lion so it was best that the teams were split.

Something about this place didn't feel...right.
It was Altean in design but there seemed to be 'additions' of some sort of other construction. Keith walked with his hand along the wall, feeling the traces of energy pulsing into him steady. He could make out the heartbeat and sad purr but it felt like it was static.
"We're picking up some interference on our end. How bout you guys?" Ezor scanned her surrounding, noticing the hollowed out mounds in the corner. "Yeesh, creepy."

"Stay focused, it's logical that there would be some pushback from us entering, the Lions wanted to remain hidden."
Acxa chastised, "We need to watch where we're going." Thace noticed scarring from blaster fire, scratches along the floor from a ancient battle but some appeared more recent.

They weren't the first to come here. And they were alone.

Shiro saw something shift in the shadows.
"Wait. We're being followed." The heartbeat began to thump louder, almost panicked.


"Of what?" Lotor asked and Keith focused on him in confusion, there was flashes in his mind of a fight, hard, unforgiving, desperate, betrayed. "Keith?"

Shiro shot pass Keith's head at a silver tentacle appearing behind him.

"INCOMING! MOVE!" The comms crackled with the sounds of battle and shouts from the teams, Lotor quickly pulled Keith closer to him as MANY tentacles burst through the walls.

"RUN!" The three took off
Rushing down the hallways, Shiro provided coverfire, hitting every appendage that swapped and writhed toward them.

"Ack! They're everywhere!!"

"Gah! Watch it Ezor!"

Keith could hear the thumping heartbeats almost as if they were trying to lead them. Lotor had to move quickly,
slashing at the tentacles while Shiro kept shooting, it was a nightmare. Was this an elaborate trap?

"We need a plan here." Shiro shouted and covered Lotor with suppressing fire.

"Me. It's me they want...I think."

"Out of the question." Lotor stab a tentacle that managed to
wrap around his leg, "Vile, these are techno-organic...made up of other pieces, of what I cannot say."

"The Lion is near, it wants to be saved. I can get to it." Keith exclaimed and touched the walls, "There's something in there...with it." Tentacles burst through the panels
And tangle Keith immediately, he barely has time to scream before they pull him in. Shiro fires at as many as he can before just leaping in to TEAR them from Keith.

Keith smacks his hand on the wall, sending what energy he has to reveal a door as Lotor tries to reach him.
"G-go! Lotor! H-hurry! Shiro protect the Prince!" Keith commanded but Shiro didn't hear him, he was focused on saving Keith, that's all that mattered, guns weren't working, he needed his Blade. A large tentacle flung him out of the writhing pile and into the nearby wall.
Lotor stabbed and hacked, this was going to shit so fast but he had to save Keith. A frenzy took him when he saw his youngest General's eyes roll back and passes out.

"KEITH!" Shiro sprung into action, head dizzy, bleeding out of his mouth, he grabbed Lotor and THREW him
the doorway as it slammed shut, he took out his Blade and vicious started rending the tentacles. He could see Keith sinking away from him.

"S-shiro! Can you hear me!" Thace shouted through the comms, Shiro grabbed Keith's limp hand and pulled his unconscious body from the mass.
His suit looked torn and frayed, Shiro growled as he pulled, he could see a flash in his mind.

Pain, suffering, betrayal, a Paladin was fighting, injured, dying, he had to protect the Lion.


Shiro freed Keith from the mass and slid on the floor.
Quickly Shiro checked on Keith's pulse, it was steady and he breathed a sigh of relief.

"S-Shiro, are you there!" Thace called out through the comm, Shiro took a moment to breathe and hid his Blade.

"Y-yeah I'm okay, how is everyone?"

"Miserable! I hate this place!"
Ezor screeched while Zethrid was cackling in the background, "Oh, of course you were having fun!"

"Enough! We're still standing, Prince Lotor, are you safe?" Acxa snapped, nothing but static, "Lotor, this is Acxa, come in." Shiro shifted to help Keith up, he MIGHT have thrown
harder than he thought, he wasn't really thinking about him, Keith felt so light and small.

Something dropped from behind Keith when he held him up. A Luxite Blade? Shiro double checked that he had his before examining the one on the floor.

Why...did Keith have a Luxite Blade?
The door slid open and Lotor walked through holding his head, dizzy from being thrown.

"You could've been more-" Lotor noticed Shiro holding Keith's Blade and more importantly, holding Keith. It was quick, Shiro barely blinked when he felt a sharp edge against his throat.
The Crown Prince looked more like his father than ever before. He was thunderous and cold all at once.

"I'm sure you have questions. Let's discuss things civilly."

"Hard to do that with a blade to my throat."

"True, one can never be too sure. So." Lotor relaxed his sword from
Shiro's neck, it was clear where his concern was focused, Keith quietly still in Shiro's arms. Currently, Shiro had all the power but he also had questions.

"Shall we?" The Prince asked and Shiro stilled, he had to keep his cover, more than ever.

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"You first. Are you planning to betray the Emperor?"

"If I was do you think I would be foolish to say anything to one of his many peons?" Lotor said with clear disdain, "No, this has nothing to do with him, this is personal."
"Between you and Keith?" Shiro asked trying to make himself seem dim, he wasn't sure how effective it would be against Lotor.

"Yes, Keith has no idea the importance of his Blade and I would like to keep it that way."
"When I recruited Keith, this was all he had in his possession. He was adamant that it was left to him by his parent. And that's all he knows of it." Shiro kept quiet, the way Lotor was holding Keith seemed more intimate than what he expected.

"So...he's a child of a Blade?"
"Most likely, I'm not surprised that an order as fanatical as the Marmora would sire offspring outside their Leader's knowledge. Considering their tendency for suicidal missions...they would need to replenish their ranks." And that made Shiro wince.
"And you're sure Keith didn't steal it?"

"Doubtful, Keith is incapable of lying. It's almost endearing." Lotor gently laid Keith down and Shiro could feel a pang in his chest. "This Blade is tied to his life...he wouldn't protect something so fiercely if he stole it."
"I have withheld this information from him until the time is more.....ideal."

"Ideal? For whom?"

"That isn't your concern...what is your concern is how this exchange between us will end." The two warrior tensed, Shiro maintained his calm, he didn't want to fight...not now.
However, he DID have a plan.

"Let's make a deal then." Lotor didn't have a visible expression, good, Shiro wanted to make sure that Lotor had no reason to fear him. "I want a promotion." And that made the handsome prince raise an eyebrow.

"I'm afraid I don't have that ability."
"Not yet. But if you place your trust in me...I won't interfere with your plans."

"Oh? And what will you do to earn my trust?"

"You'll know when its time." Lotor looked intrigued, he was on guard but Shiro knew he piqued his interest...as long as he had that.
Shiro knew the plan would succeed. A soft moan hooked their attention as Keith slowly came to.

"My Prince..." Keith's husky voice sounded so alluring and held his head as Lotor helped him to his feet. "We're..close, we should keep moving."
"I agree, lead the way." Lotor handed Keith his Blade back, "Shiro...if you would?" Keith focused on Shiro cautiously.

"D-did something happen?"

"No, let's move." Keith nodded and walked forward.

Towards destiny.
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