1: Fun with Numbers

Q1234 tells us we will be unified on 11.11.18. Most thought this meant Nov 11th, 2018. Q also told us about a parade that “day”.

I believe 11.11.18 is +18 days after an 1111 day gap. And the parade is our first perp walk.

1234 days also has meaning.
2. Fun with Numbers

When decoding any date to date delta with Q posts & Trump events, there can be as much as a +/- 24 hour swing because of time zones & time of day. “The day and hour no man knows”.

For this reason, date deltas are always 1 of 2 back to back days.
3. Fun with Numbers

Remember when Adm Rogers went to Trump Tower on 11.17.16. Let’s use Q1234 & add 1234 days to that.

We land on Fri 4.3.20 through Sat 4.4.20. Let’s assume this date is the 1st perp parade [11.11.18] & work backwards.

Same date Vatican opens back up.
4. Fun with Numbers

Follow along. If 4/3-4/4/20 window = 11.11.18, then let’s work back 18 days to 11.11 as a marker.

Let’s assume that if we can determine 11.11, then 3 days later = Podesta 11.3 and 6 days later = Huma 11.6. See Q15 & Q25,26 from 11/1 in 2017.
5. Fun with Numbers

11.11.18 = 4/3-4/4/20 Fr/Sa
11.11.6 = 3/22-3/23/20 Su/Mo
11.11.4 = 3/20-3/21/20 Fr/Sa
11.11.3 = 3/19-3/20/20 Th/Fr
11.11.0 = 3/16-3/17/20 Mo/Tu

So let’s explore each of these potential markers in more detail.
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