"In the beginning a PATRIOT is a scarce man, hated feared, and scorned. In time when his cause succeeds the TIMID join him for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot." Mark Twain
"No amount of conservative censorship can stop what's coming." @jack @Twitter "No one who played the game walks away Q" #TicToc #GitmoBound #Expectus
Big Clue as to the Corona Virus being the Deep state Satanic Pedophile network. The congressman says it's over with the arrests of the Virus. EASTER APRIL 12 IT'S OVER. #CORONAVIRUS Coronavirus Party #Covid19usa #coronavirushoax #CORONAVIRUS #TrustThePlan #Quarantine #QAnon
15 days and all this is done. Listen closely to Trumps messages about where doing pick ups now and we're keeping it open meaning where picking up the Deep State criminals now and Gitmo stays open. Reinvest in market on April 1st.
Double #Q sign made with his hands and light at the end of the tunnel. #SaveTheChildren.
Ex member of The CIA #RobertSteele now judge on international court of inquiry. Explains the Global Elites us of Children for their adrenalized blood and sex abuse who are trafficking up through our Southern Border. You see now why the won't build a wall. #Adrenochrome
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