Kayman Beauty products. A thread by yours truly.
Some of the products are given to me while some are bought with my own money. Nevertheless, my thoughts are honest based on my own experience.

Skin type: dry/sensitive
Skin concern: redness, acne, hyperpigmentation
Let's begin with Rosa glow treatment essence! This brightening essence claims to brighten up your skin while providing mild hydration. There's a faint rose scent that doesn't linger at all. The essence absorbs beautifully with no tacky finish whatsoever.
Upon application it has this noticeably cooling feeling and my ultimate favourite thing about this essence is how gentle it is. With only 8 ingredients, it's a no BS product. I can even use this even on my sensitive ass skin days
I also notice it takes a looong time to finish this whole bottle. Almost 4 months after using it twice daily. As for the effects, it never fails to make my skin glow, the 2% is doing the work. Pairing this with a hydrating sheet mask is the BOMB. https://twitter.com/IzzChubb/status/1217655332991668225?s=19
At one point I noticed my hyperpigmentation fade at a pretty remarkable rate especially post breakout. However, after a few months of using this essence i notice my PIH are rather stagnant. But it still gives me that glow tho
Anyway using this with a brightening cream gets the job done! Overall I really like this essence. Straight to the point, brightening and gentle. No complaints. Retails at RM 89 / 120ml https://twitter.com/IzzChubb/status/1201706142881255425?s=19
Next! Thee coalface cleanser. Made for dry and sensitive skin, it's enriched with aloe vera extract, honey and paired with absolutely ZERO harsh surfactants. I'm obsessed with the texture, glittery, black gel with slight mettalic scent and foams a little
The claim is true. It is indeed gentle! It never dries me out even once. It never leaves my skin feeling squeaky or tight after cleansing. Even on sensitive days, this cleanser never dries me out uwu. Sadly though on some days, my skin doesn't feel clean enough
Even after double cleansing, i need another exfoliating toner to remove the excess dirts which I find rather tedious. But considering it's a gentle cleanser, i guess i cant complain all that much. I just wish it has more cleansing power.
But the ingredients are bomb tho. Honey, aloe and green tea in one bottle?! I actually notice this soothing sensation after washing this off. If your skin is irritated and need something gentle. This is it. Get yours for RM 39 / 110ml
Next is skintella repairing serum! This is another kayman product with impressive ingredients. It claims to soothe and repair your skin from within. The texture is like a thick gel that's surprisingly easily spreadable but takes some time to completely absorb
But of course my favourite part about the serum..is how amazingly soothing this is. Upon application it gives me this crazy surge of soothing power. I. Am. Shook. This is hands down the most soothing skincare product I've ever used. Even more than my beloved iunik propolis serum.
For someone that gets red very easily, this serum gets the highest seal of approval from me. Redness goes away almost immediately. In one night, my skin feels a lot less red and irritated. Using this with benzoyl peroxide reduces the dryness significantly. I am speechless
The serum retails at RM 69 / 30ml. (The picture shown is the trial size that you can get from kayman too btw). I absolutely love this serum I have nothing to complain about. Nothing. Chef's kiss.
Next we have their bestselling product which is the coalface soap. A somewhat unique low ph soap that claims to treat acne, deep cleanse and also absorb excess oil. It comes in an oval plastic packaging. You can see the glitters on the soap too so pretty omg ✨

RM 35 / each
Crafted specially for oily/combination skin, I didn't like this cleanser (considering my skin type is the exact opposite) at first. It's rarher drying and it left my skin feeling squeaky clean. Somewhat dissapointed, i stopped using it for a while as i was breaking out as well
Fast forward, post breakout - skin barrier is feeling better so i use this soap again. It makes so much foam i have so much fun doing the 60 seconds method from the @/LaBeautyologist. However it still leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean which bothers me at first, but..
..after using a pH balancing toner right after cleansing, my skin feels okay again. The best part about this soap is the brightening effect! After cleansing my skin looks brighter and it doesn't irritate my acne, at all! I love this and it's not surprising it's always sold out
Overall I'm gonna rate each and every one of these:
✨ Rosa glow : 4.8/5
✨ CFC: 3.5/5
✨ CFS: 4/5
✨ Skintella: 5/5

*these are based on my personal experience pls dont attack me skks
Anyways I'm sure you're all aware of this. Kayman has a trial kit that comes with all the products mentioned. Grab a trial size of all these with a cute travel bag for RM 170. Here's the pouch in action:
To conclude, is it worth the hype? YES. You see this brand everywhere bcs it works, it's backed up by science, it's got killer business processes. If you've read all the way down here and haven't tried anything from Kayman, you're missing out. That's all thank you for reading!
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