When I see this sort of thing I always wonder: how can they go further?

The logical next step is shaming women who _don't_ do sex work.

"Do you think you're too good to sell yourself?"

I'm going to think up some more slogans along those lines...
"Do you think a man deserves you for free? How could you have such low self-esteem? You're a disgrace to womankind."
I have a vision of the sex workers' union marching on Westminster with signs that read STOP FREE SEX NOW.

After all, as far as the union is concerned, any woman who gives sex away for free is just a scab lowering their wages.
I've never had to pay for sex, but maybe one day there will be a mandatory minimum payment for all sex acts--a kind of universal minimum sex-wage--and I'll have to hand over some money to my partner every time, or face the wrath of the law.
Since I'm flat broke the woman will have to lend me money, which I will ritually pay back to her before the act, accruing god knows how much debt over the years...
Simps will be in favor of this type of law: "If I can't get it for free, why should he?"
Jesus, please don't let them hear about this idea, I can already see it happening!
Rape trials will be cut and dried once it's established that only a legal receipt can prove consent.

Women's health and welfare groups will be on board faster than you can swipe right!
"Do you really think you can pay off the student loans for your five year B.A. in anthropology with a 'real' job?"
Sex work normalization has a lot of appeal for academics, bankers, and public policy makers: they can encourage women to waste their youth on useless, expensive degrees with the promise that "these loans aren't so hard to pay off after all." No need to reform the system!
At the same time, pimps and the owners of the new, rapidly expanding brothel industry will love higher education, since it funnels the best and the brightest young women into their waiting arms. They'll promote academia, and adopt an intellectual posture when recruiting.
"When the girl completed her training, she would become a courtesan and work her way up the ranks. Young women often had a contract to the brothel for only about five to ten years, but massive debt sometimes kept them in the brothels their entire lives."

From the article above: “I take a large chunk of my income and put it towards my student loans,” she said. “That doesn’t leave much for a wedding.”

Exactly--that's a feature, not a bug!

After all,

"If marriage is slavery, then sex work is emancipation."
^^this slogan should have been covered in her $250k psychology degree, was she not paying attention?^^^
Just as Lincoln freed the slaves so they could work for a glorious hourly wage in Northern factories, sex work normalization will finally emancipate women from marriage so that they can perform very similar conjugal duties at a freely agreed hourly market rate.
This should all be covered in history class in any accredited university--there's really no excuse for her ignorance.
Having trouble getting your right-wing friends on board with sex work normalization?

Remind them that monogamous marriage is a form of rationing, which is basically socialist economics, which basically never works--right?
Only through sex work normalization, where everybody and every body can be bought, will our civilization arrive at the full and righteous embrace of market forces and all the beautiful efficiency they bring with them!
It's your duty as a capitalist to ensure your daughters maximize their wealth.

Naturally the most efficient way they can do this is by selling their bodies as soon as they reach the age of consent (a pesky government regulation) and investing their earnings in an index fund.
By the time they are too old to bear children they'll have accumulated enough capital to retire and enjoy their remaining days in relaxation on a well-manicured golf course.

This is the bliss that lies in store for those who embrace the market and maximize their value!
I'm finally starting to convince you guys, eh? I've many red-blooded capitalists among my readers, and there's a persuasive tactic for every demographic...
Don't worry, we'll eliminate inefficient government regulations like the age of consent as soon as we get the rest of the country on board and elect some genuine free-market politicians.

Then the market value of our daughters will grow ever greater!
Here's one for the boomer conservatives amongst my dear readers:

"It's good to get your daughters started on a part-time job when they're teenagers--teaches them the true value of hard work."

(read this in a fatherly 50's TV voice)
"When I was in high school I pulled myself up by the bootstraps working a paper route every Sunday, sweating in the Long Island sun. Nowadays you lazy zoomer girls complain you have to take the subway to Times Square once a week and sell your body to the highest bidder?"
"What is the world coming to!?"
Ok, thanks to my brilliant marketing, boomer conservatives are now safely on board.

If I knew how to market my music this well, I'd be almost as rich as an egirl who set up her only fans last week!
Wow, you just can't make this stuff up:
Consider this advertisement capitalist approved! 👍👍👍🤪💅💅💅
"When "wholesaling" works, the risk is low and money is easy, but many investors are asking: is it legal in Illinois?"

--real tweet from my great, great follower ("great people!") Real Estate Investment News
Wholesale prostitution is something I'd never considered, and it may be a wave of the future--a great investment opportunity. Think CostCo, think brothels; if you want to rent a harem, you should do it in bulk, right?

For every market problem, there's a market solution.
Does anyone doubt it? https://twitter.com/RhiannonsHorse/status/1237483821165051906
If this is my longest thread since THE HOKKAIDO INCEL GULAG, it's just because there are _so many_ good reasons to normalize sex work.

Almost as if the entire logic of our modern civilization, the moral arc of our history, bends toward sex work.

What could possibly go wrong?
Now that I've gotten progressives on board with this last tweet, I'll take a break for a while.

Feel free to contribute your own reasons why our society should promote sex work.
Remember, I'm an egirl myself, so no insensitive comments about sex workers will be allowed in this thread!

🧞😘😘💅💅💅😘😘🧞 https://twitter.com/JohnSanilac/status/1231289296969027584
Doesn't this ad make you feel safe and secure? Who says you need a boyfriend in quarantine!!?
Great quote from the article:

"'Many private sex workers are also international students who aren’t eligible for Centrelink benefits,' one male escort explained."


I couldn't have written it any better myself!
I've been looking for a libertarian argument for universal sex work to complete this thread, but it seems I don't need one: they're already on board! https://twitter.com/HeatherHabsburg/status/1246545733089521664
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