Oklahoma City
What really happened
Part 2

The Government claimed to have no foreknowledge of the even, yet 2 USAF Bomb squad operatives were cleared and sent to OKC 2 days prior to the explosion from Kirtland Air force base in New Mexico...
They went to a hotel until contacted by the FBI as investigated by Charles Rogers. The executive secretaries office was contacted and informed that the Murrah building had been bombed, however that was 24 mins before the explosion, no action has been taken.
After the explosion, one FBI agent admitted that the reason no FBI agents died that day was due because they were all paged and told not to come into work that day.
Dipole Might was a FBI operation to familiarize agents with truck bomb debris patterns and ..
placement to bring down structures. In 1997 pictures were released of the exact Ryder truck parked at Camp Gruber (explosives training center) facility Oklahoma, the images were taken just 2 weeks before the bombing, National guard confirmed. So now the ...
question is why did the bombing happen? Who benefited? Why did the government allow/participate in the events leading up to and including the bombing?
First, PATCON gained its objective to infiltrate and dismember militia groups and using OKC was ...
justification through the eyes of the public, and to win over the public support through the failure of Ruby ridge and Waco as the FBI is portrayed as the victim. Second, it reinforced "The omnibus Counter terrorism act of 1995", a bill introduced by..
Joe Biden 2 months before the bombing, which later morphed into the "Antiterrorism and Death penalty act of 1996" which was passed the next year. President Bill Clinton specifically linked the bill to OKC bombing, years later this bill was used as the..
core to create the "Patriot act" (911). Third, the bomb destroyed a vast amount of documents related to the investigations into the Clinton administration including; money laundering, extortion, Iran contra, political campaign violations ect.
Every single investigation document into the Clinton administration was transferred to the Murrah building 3 weeks prior of the bombing, and also included investigations into the JFK assassination and investigations into the GHWB administration as well.
Timothy McVeigh was a Patsy for the government to further their agenda and to cover up the crimes of high up political and government figures. This was not just another random act of terror, it was a FF planned by our government against us, we the people..
Everything is connected
Everything you were told is a lie
Question everything
May God have no mercy on their souls.
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