Hitoshi and Denki are in bed together after Denki has recently healed from his recent surgery. As Hitoshi is kissing the scars on Denki's torso and abdomen they look back on the past and how glad they are to finally have Denki happy and healthy.
💖Trans Denki
💖TW for medical issues, blood, dysphoria, others will be added if needed
💖Characters are in late 20s however there will be flashbacks as early as 2nd year in HS (no NSFW at those points though)
"You're so handsome." Hitoshi whispered as he looked down at Denki who'd just pulled off his shirt.
"Stop that." A deep blush covered Denki's face, he nervously looked to the side and covered as much of his body as he could with his arms. "My body is a mess and you know it."
"No," Hitoshi leaned down, moving Denki's hands away. "It /was/ a mess but you're happy and healthy now." His fingers lightly traced one of the long scars just under his chest, after so many years they've faded, just barely able to be seen now.
"There's nothing more attractive than that." He moved his hand to gently cup Denki's face, placing a tender kiss on his plush lips.
He smiled down at Denki, his fingers gently trailing down towards his newest scar just above his pubic bone, tracing along the raised skin.
"You were...so sick." His eyes trailed back up to meet with Denki's. "I was so worried for you that day...I'm just so glad you're finally better."
"Kaminari?" A knock and the familiar tired sounding voice of Denki's classmate made Denki groan, moving the covers away from his face. "It's Shinsou. Aizawa wanted me to give you the classwork you've missed this week."
"Hold on." Denki groaned, forcing himself out of the fetal position and rolled off the bed, ignoring the large bloodstain, and using his blanket to cover his body he hobbled over towards the door.
When he opened the door Hitoshi was caught off guard to see Denki's normally sparkling eyes dull and sunken in and he was a pale sickly color.

"Hey." Denki's voice was small.

"Have you seen Recovery Girl?" Hitoshi quickly asked.
"No." Denki shook his head. "This happens one or twice a year. I'm fine." He leaned against the doorframe.

"You don't...look fine." Hitoshi frowned, looking down at Denki. "Do...you need anything?"
"I told you." He propped himself back up on the doorframe. "I'm fine. You said you had work to give me?"

"Oh, yeah." Hitoshi handed a folder out to Denki, who reached out with a trembling hand to grab it.
"Thanks. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get back to my bed." With a huff Denki turned around, and walked towards his bed, swaying from side to side before he fell face first into the mattress.
"Kaminari!" Hitoshi darted to his side, noticing the large bloodstain on his bed, and on the back of his boxers, with blood trailing down his thighs now that the blanket had fallen to the ground. "Kaminari!"
Hitoshi gently shook the weak boy by his shoulders.

Denki began grunting, pulling a pillow close to his face.

"Five more minutes." He mumbled.

*Kaminari!" Hitoshi continued to shake him in a panic.

"Mmm...what?" Denki looked up to a panicked Hitoshi.
"You passed out."
"Oh yeah...that happens if I stand for too long." He chuckled, forcing himself up using his forearms.
"You weren't even standing for a minute, and what's all this blood?"
"Shit." Denki scrambled to get up, trying his best to cover his chest and rubbed his thighs together as he felt another large clot pass. "So I uh...have this thing?"
He sat back on the bed, leaning against the headboard.

"Uhuh..." Hitoshi nodded, standing up watching Denki.

"This...vagina thing?" Denki nervously looked towards Hitoshi, who nodded for him to continue. "And...it doesn't really...work?"
He threw his head back. "Are you going to say anything?"
"What do you want me to say? I just want to know what's wrong."
"Well your classmate just told you he has a vagina and you're taking that pretty...well?"
"That same classmate also just passed out from what I'm guessing is blood loss, that kind of took my shock."
"Ok. Fair enough." Denki sighed before continuing.
"Well I don't bleed regularly like I'm 'supposed' to. Which is cool, I don't feel like a disgusting monster once a month, more like just...once maybe twice a year?
It starts off normal...but my body doesn't produce the hormones to say 'Hey it's time for this to stop.' so it just gets heavier and heavier."

"Why don't you see a doctor?"

"They just give me hormones that I don't even want to stop it." He grumbled, crossing his arms.
"So you'd rather sit here and bleed to where you can't leave bed?" Hitoshi questioned, crossing his arms back.
"Kaminari…" He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "If doctors can help we're taking you to the hospital."

"I don't want to go." He huffed again.
"Denki." The sudden use of his first name shocked Denki to look at a frustrated Hitoshi. "I won't let you do this to yourself. I'm taking you to the hospital even if it's with you kicking and screaming."
"Fine." He grunted in defeat. "But I can't really walk much with how I am now."
"I'll just carry you."
"I'm gross and bloody...you don't have to carry me."
Before he had a chance to protest Hitoshi came over and scooped him up, bridal style, with ease.
"Hey…" Denki fidgeted in the hospital bed, getting Hitoshi to look up from the nearby chair.
"Could you promise me something?"
"What's that?"
"Could you keep...why I went to the hospital a secret?" He looked down, his fingers gently tracing around where his IV was placed.
"The teachers know about me being...you know. But none of our classmates do."
"Of course." Hitoshi nodded. "That's not my business to tell."
"Thanks, Shinsou." A nervous smile crossed Denki's face. "And...thanks for bringing me here."
"Like I said, I won't let you harm yourself like that. You can't be a very good hero if you're willingly getting sick."
"Y-yeah." He blushed, hands going to his lap. "I just…" He sighed, trying to gather his thoughts.
"I don't know...it's hard to explain. But I get happy knowing my body doesn't make the hormones it's 'supposed to' and the thought of willingly putting them in my body…" He shuddered.
"Don't think of them as hormones you don't want...as much as just medicine you need."
"I suppose you're right." His head gently hit the pillow, looking up at the bright ceiling.
"Miss Kaminari?" Denki tensed up as a nurse walked in with a wheelchair, Hitoshi shooting her a quick glare.
"I'm here to take you to the ultrasound."
"Could I go with him?" Hitoshi interjected.
"I'm sorry, but only the patient can go." She turned to Denki. "Are you ready?"
"Y-yeah." He began to sit up. "Can I bring my phone?"
"Of course." She nodded.
"Text me?" Denki looked over towards Hitoshi.
"Yeah." He smiled, taking his phone out.
Denki slowly stood up, the nurse coming by his side to move his IV drip, walking it over to the wheelchair with him, setting it on a hanger on the back.
"We'll be back soon." She smiled towards Hitoshi, pushing Denki out, who was already texting Hitoshi.
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