The sat episode started with “Paap ki pootli task” between Mahira & Sidharth. HMs had to put a black brick in the bag of whom they considered to be the paapi of the week. So as expected, Paras, Rashmi, Arhaan, Debo, & Kehsari filled Sid's bag while ... (97)
.. Asim, Zariwala, Arti, Tehseen, & Himanshi filled Mahi's bag. During the task, Bhau was asked to go at the third turn but he refused saying that he wants to go at the end (Diplomate Sala)
then again, during the 6 or 7th turn Bhau was asked to go & he refused but Asim &... (98)
..Kehsari coerced him into going right then & he was left with no choice. Basically, Bhau wanted to see what the majority decides as he wanted to remain in the good books of most of the HMs. For me, Bhau was an individual who was only good at bullying & cornering girls. 😬😒 (97)
Well, Well, as expected, he filled Mahira's bag since he wanted to remain on good terms with Sidharth knowing that he was the strongest contestant in the house at the moment. Now I wanna focus on what our doll Sana did. Ahh I still that moment. She was wearing a deep red gown(98)
with curled hair, a royal beauty! 😍 She went up at her turn & chose Mahira as "paapi of the week" Sidharth just wouldn't meet her eyes. He just kept looking to upwards but would not look at her. Looking at her would just add to the pain burning in his chest. The emotional (99)
Strom in his chest had risen again. Why did Sana save me? We aren't even talking, she left me 4 Paras. She flipped to Rashmi's gang. Then why the hell is she saving me by going against them? Is it a planned scheme? Or does she feel for me too? Does she really care 4 me? (100)
Questions were building up in his mind & the answers were nowhere to be found. Sana had determined that she will do what she finds right. So what if she isn't at talking terms with Sid? that doesn't mean that she will wrongly accuse of the things he hadn't done! (101)
Her moral values just wouldn't allow her to support something which is wrong. Yes, he has temper issues, he gets mad, but I hv seen the other side of him. I hv seen the real side of him. I know this isn't him & so what if we aren't talking, he is still my friend. (102)
Cut 2 the next scene we see Paras reprimanding Sana 4 supporting Sidharth. He again reinforced his jealously claiming that Sana supported Sid cuz she is jealous of Mahira. Little did he know that it wasn't jealously, It was Love! It was her love for Sidharth which wouldn't (103)
let her go against Sid. Her heart didn't belong 2 her anymore, she had given it to Sidharth & his allegiance laid with him. **What the hell is going on? Why can't I think straight? I should support Pahira cuz I am in their group... (104)
but why does my heart chants Sidharth with every beat? Why do I miss him so much? Why does my head hurt thinking about him?** Cut 2 the next scene we see Salman smartly prompting Sana to explain her side of the story. He asked her " aapko kehte huwe suna hai k .....(105)
Shukla to target mt karo" Salman was smartly conveying to Sidharth that even though Sana isn't talking 2 u but she still supports you! She still cares for u & she still fights 4 u by going against her own group. Upon hearing this, Sid again went into deep thought. 🥺😦 (106)
This pain on his face was so evident. There was a war going on between his heart & his brain & his heart was winning. His heart wanted to be with Sana cuz it didn't belong 2 him anymore. His Brain was warning him 2 trust Asim & stay away from her but he just couldn't. (107)
It was hurting him to not be with her. He hadn't slept properly for a week because she wasn't by his side, her Shehnaaz... q k wo to meri hai na. But what abt the world? What would ppl say? She is 13 years younger than me, his brain screamed. But his heart just won't listen (108)
he chanted Sana with every beat. It was her & her only. He losing.. he was losing his self for her. Next scene we get Vivo caller of the week & Salman announced that it was for SidNaaz ouuuu...Sana got a bit excited but Sidharth tensed up. What question ....(109)
were they going to get asked? What if they ask me something that even I don't have the answer for? 🤕
How will I answer it?How will it reflect on the audience? What if, what if??? Another emotional Strom had risen inside him & is asked him self *Jane q log piyar karte hain?"(110)
It was a video call & the caller was on the screen now & OMG Gautam Gulata? WTH??? IT'S Gautum Gulati!!! Sana got so excited, it had been a week since she genuinely felt happy & seeing GG, her idol had cheered her up a bit. (111)
& then GG inquired them about their breakup? He assured Sid that ppl were loving their friendship outside & their breakup had caused pain.Pain 2 the audience pain to their own selves. He further added that Sana was seen trying 2 patch-up with him they why is he backing away?(112)
Well Sana being Sana again took the initiative and said Gautam mein to chahti huin per aapke samne ek baar phir bol deti huin, Sidharth aap mere sath Patch-up karo ge? Sidharth who was trying to be the Skhata Launda just melted away 4 a second & had a huge smile on his face (114)
Upon hearing all this from GG, Sid was a bit relieved.
So it means ppl aren't considering the age factor? But how exactly r we being perceived? As friends? or potential couples? How do I answer it, how do I say that I am hurt that she left me? How do I say that I am afraid (115)
I am afraid of losing her. How do I say that I am afraid that I will get too attached 2 her & she will leave me? How do I say that I am afraid of the extent of my own love for her?
Well, this is how he shared his thoughts; " Han Shehnaz k sath meri achi ... (116)
bonding thi, ek acha time ham ne sath mein guzara. Shehnaaz na bohat bar apne mind mein uclear rehti hai aur wo mein ne bohat bar ignore kiya hai samjhaya hai without wanting to change her but wo jo usne U turn mara na wo mere liye hard tha digest karna aur mein... (117)
koi bhi aesa friend nhi chahta apni life mein jo aese back out kar jaye mere pe. Mein aese logon se dur hi rehta huin hamehsha"
Decoded: Mein darta huin khone se isse,darta hun k chor k chali jaye gi mujhe aur phir jee nhi .... (118)
pauin ga mein. Marta huin ispe per kehne se darta hun.💔🥺
Well GG asked Sidharth to let go of his fears & advised him to start afresh chapter. Sidharth didn't give a definitive answer & our hopes were shattered. We thought that he had given up on her. Maybe his brain had won 😭
**Thread still in progress, next update will be in half-hour**
Well after hearing Sid's answer & feeling that he still hasn't softened up, Salman made another try & asked Sana as to why she had suddenly stopped talking 2 Sid? This is when Sana poured her heart out. She went onto explain how she felt insecure about losing him 2 Himanshi(120)
"Ek hota hai na apni chez pe trust hot hai k ye to meri hai **per Sidharth to mera hai na**" Ohh my, Sana was finally accepting that she was feeling posessive about Sidharth. She couldn't tolerate him talking 2 someone else or giving them more attention & so she got mad @ (121)
him. She had expected him 2 come to her &. manao her q k wo to uska hai na, but did Sid do? He didn't come to her. He had let her go. why did he let her go easily? Haq q nhi jatata? Rokta q nhi hath pakar k? Kehta q nhi k Sana mt ja? If she was ignoring him, why did he ... (122)
ignore her too? Friends mein to chalta hai, larayi ho jaati hai then itni pain q? Why does it hurt so much? Upon hearing this, Sidharth realized that he too had hurt her. Maybe he was being a hypocrite, if he didn't like Sana talking or spending time with Paras & Rashmi,... (123)
.. then he too was doing the same thing. He was spending time with Himanshi whom Sana didn't like. He had to choose. He had to make a choice. But he was afraid of making that choice. But deep down he was relieved that he had the power 2 hurt Sana that meant she felt 4 him 2 (124)
During the break, Sana just couldn't take it anymore & ended up crying. It was hurtful. She was being hurt. Sid wasn't talking 2 her. Does it mean he will never talk 2 her? How will she live then? Why can't he understand her feelings? Why is he hurting her? (125)
Arti tried to console her & asked her to go talk to Sid but Sana refused. Enough was enough! She had been trying but he just won't listen to theek hai phir! aesa hai to aesa hi sahi. I won't talk to him either now. She went inside the bedroom ignoring Sid. (126)
Arti tried 2 explain to Sid that Sana was hurt & crying. She says that she will support Sid no matter how many times she gets scolded 4 it by her group but she will do what she finds right. Sid, who already emotionally just changed the topic Too much was going through his...(127)
head. He was melting & he had to control himself. He couldn't let the world know that he was falling for her. He couldn't let everybody know that she had become his weakness. He had to be the sakhat launda the world-known him as. He had to hide his feelings. (128)
Yet his heart continued to beat, Sana, Sana, Sana, Sana ♥️ (129)
Next we see Salman making fun of Sana's emotional breakdown upon Himanshi's arrival (India really needs to promote mental health awareness) & our poor girl who had already going through a lot had to suffer more. 😭💔(130)
Himanshi had arrived & stole her friends. Sid was ignoring her. Pahira were mad at her 4 supporting Sid. & now even Salman was pinning the blame of the controversy on her? She was all alone & everybody was pointing fingers at her. (131)
*The epi ended here with elimination talk*
**Thread still in Progress**
The next episode will be uploaded Tomorrow.
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