*♡⃛* ੈ✩‧₊˚ everything about renjun

“所有瞬间都关于你” 💛

- a very long thread -
everything about renjun that was told throughout the years from debut until now 💛

most of it i got from 年糕研究家, some others will be tagged accordingly as i update this thread!

let’s be by renjun’s side as he continue to grow 💛
1) his name is 黄仁俊(huang renjun), korean artist name 황런쥔, korean name 황인준 (this was the kr name he used when he was young before he debuted)

2) born on the year 2000, march 23.

3) zodiac - dragon, horoscope - aries
4) blood type O!

5) from dongbei, china 🇨🇳 (jilin city!)
according to his teachers/schoolmates he’s someone who held onto his dreams since the very start, bubbly, soft and kindhearted, very clear and quick witted, likes to draw, good at diy work and is very known in school for his dancing!
6) he was not born bilingual, he faced a lot of troubles with korean and so in order to improve he worked really really hard. listening is ok for him but he found speaking hard. to solve this, when he was 10 he approached a friend who’s facing the same problem and-
-suggested they shall only communicate using korean! and whoever uses chinese will have to buy the other person ice cream! (rj had to pay for plently of ice creams that time 🤣)
when renjun is speaking chinese, he thinks in chinese. when he’s speaking in korean, he thinks in korean. this way, he doesn’t have to translate them inside his head again before he speaks.
when renjun first entered sm, they introduced him and said he came from china, so the members greeted him using chinese and renjun replied with korean. the members said it’s their first time hearing a foreigner speaking so well in korean.
he also helped chenle translated a lot since debut whenever chenle is having problems with the language 💛
7) when he was young he participated in many performances.
8) renjun favourite subjects when he was in school was maths, but he said there wasn’t any subjects he particularly disliked. and instead of saying he’s good at maths, he said he just enjoys the feeling of accomplishment after he solved the problems.
9) ever since rj was young he had always wanted to enter sm as a trainee, his dreams had always been to be a singer. never once had he change it before.
also- https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1232153771892805632
10) he’s the only child/son in the family! he has many cousins tho (7 cousin sisters).
11) most people said he resemble his mum’s appearance more!
^ he had a crying scene and he had to think of a lot of sad things to cry it out. he cried from the start to the end, and ended up crying the whole day. parents and students who watched all cried with him.
13) he went for SM’s global audition on january 2015! he went to korea to become a trainee after he from graduated middle school (jr high school) at the end of the year of 2015.

he sang miracles in december (kr ver), danced overdose, growl and ringa linga for his audtion.
renjun applied for the audition through email! the audition was on the 23rd whereas he only received the email on the 22nd. he thought he failed at first cause he didn’t receive any more news and was getting disappointed but he received the email so sudden when he was out with-
-his friends. the audition venue will take him 3 hours to reach there so he quickly went back home and begged his parents to let him go for the audition. both his parents and him left early in the morning on the day of the audition by train.
renjun went for the audition and passed immediately on that day itself! (which means they didn’t say they’ll get back to him or anything but they passed him ON THE SPOT after all the rounds).
renjun’s audition number was 176832 💛 and so he thinks of it as his jinx? number. something like lucky number.
i explained a little about it here before!! https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1231203346779787269
14) renjun was not part of sm rookies.

15) his preview photo reveal for the first time was in august 21, 2016!
16) debuted with chewing gum on august 24, 2016 (kr and chn ver)

17) first vlive broadcast on august 24, 2016!

18) debut stage @ Mcountdown on august 25, 2016

19) first fancam released on august 25, 2016

20) first magazine shoot was for oh!boy. it was released on august 31, 2016 for september issue.
21) had his first fansign/fanmeet on march 12, 2017! 💛
22) the conceptual dream for him (not sure dreamt by his mum?) was being surrounded by snake when sleeping.

(this is a chinese belief, but many said having conceptual dream of snakes before giving birth is good luck, but there are snakes that could bring bad luck too)
-i’m not too sure about the conceptual dreams as my parents don’t really believe in this among all myths and bc my mum didn’t dreamt of anything so idk much about it! but i searched it up the chinese side and its basically just “no one really knows and can confirm”
height 172/173cm (ok we cant know for sure).
weight 55kg (revealed by renjun himself!)
shoe size is 260mm. https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1229780402723622912
24) his eyesight!!
according to cfans data, he can see clearly from 5meters away.
^ this info update was until we go up era!!

in akdong seoul ep79, 1911111 renjun mentioned there was a period of time where he keeps wearing glasses because he wanted to make his eyesight go bad 🙃

and ya, it probably worked lmao
191111*** sorry i’m malfunctioning but ok ya alsksksksks
25) on the back of his right hand there’s a birthmark and on his left wrist theres 3 moles which forms a triangle 🥺
- snaggletooth!! (but fixed it with braces already), he’s still wearing his transparent braces until now! (2020)

- has an extra bone at his tibia (it’s not obvious and only knew about it after going to the hospital)
^ for this idk whether tibia is correct? the one i found said 胫骨 and i just google it but it could be wrong!! but i searched it up again (next tweet)
180913 coex fansign (audio) cr in pic

fan : renjun you said you had an extra bone in ur neck compared to normal ppl

renjun : yep! it can’t really be seen but i went to the hospital to check and found out there’s really an extra bone.
ok guys i’m so sorry but i just found out the op had a typo and changed it after it’s actually 颈骨 (which means the neck bone) and not 胫骨 ok tq bye SORRY

since debut!! (not all of his adlibs/highnote etc are here)

video cr inside the video
- it is written in both his profile (reveal notice) & interviews, that renjun is incharge of dance :)
- renjun learned ballet and modern dance before ✨
ballerino huang renjun 🥰

renjun said he only learned it for a few months and also mentioned in akdong seoul before that he personally really likes ballet even tho he’s not really good at it.

video cr in the video
he also went for walking lessons.
✨ballerino huang renjun ✨
28) was in charge of many dangerous dance part.

^ for we young, when they first practiced the part, renjun was once tossed up too high and he felt like smtg might happened to him when he was ‘flying’. fortunately, nothing bad happened but renjun said it made him rethink about his life for a moment.
29) renjun can imitate the sound of spray
also!! he’s very good at hula hoops :)

30) the animal renjun wants to be is a firefly! because he wants to light up the world ✨

video cr inside the video
31) 180423 fansign

a fan asked renjun whether he has a particular scent or perfume smell he likes, he said as long he likes it as long as it smells good.

cr to renjunbar
- in the dream perfume making for their coming of age renjun said he likes the smell of jasmine!!

(video is uploaded on 190520)

- 190811 a fan asked renjun whether he’s using any perfume lately and he said louis vuitton the yellow bottle!! (sun song)

he also mentioned in his recent vlive (200212) that he’s still using the same yellow bottle perfume
32) renjun and yellow 💛
33) -info updated until wgu era-
renjun’s favourite song is exo’s don’t go!

in 2017 he told the fan he likes don’t go by exo

then another fan asked him before whats his favourite chinese song and he answered chinese ver of dont go by exo (蝴蝶少女)
170923 nct night night

renjun recommended the song “don’t go” by exo and said this is a really good song. he said he listens to it during break whenever he’s on his way to the airport and it’s a song he listens to when the weather is good.
rj : “there’s one day where i was upset bc of my results and while i was out walking a butterfly flew over and sat on my nose and whisper to me to go listen to ‘dont go’ hhahaha jk”

chn © 仁俊即使正义
a fan asked renjun to sing his favourite part from “don’t go” by exo ✨

cr in the video
^ the audio clip was from 190808
favourite song - exo’s dont go
idol - exo’s lay and xiumin
34) his favourite number is 7, because lucky 7! 🍀

35) he thinks calling him as 런쥔 or 인준 are both fine~
36) his favourite word both in chn & kr is ‘freedom’

the fan asked him why and he said “because freedom is freedom”
a word he’ll use to describe himself : “freedom”

because he likes to be free
37) his self intro is “순수소년 런쥔” (pure boy renjun) but after one of the we young live broadcast he started having the nickname “东北大哥仁俊” (dongbei da ge = dongbei big bro)

i found a clip of renjun showing a little of his dongbei accent!!

cr in the video
38) the night before his debut (chewing gum)

fan asked what was his thoughts the night before his debut

renjun : nervous? heart racing? will i be able to do well? and also waaa am i really debuting?? what if this is all just a dream....these kinds of thoughts
renjun’s predebut dance clip!! just a reminder that he auditioned and passed the audition with his dance and debut as the main vocal 🥰

cr in the video
39) renjun LOVES moomin.

he said he’s not really into cartoons but he saw moomin on the tv one day and fell in love with it! in the show he likes the character moomin the most because it’s very cute.

here’s a video of renjun showing his moomin arts

video: ohmysimida 160914
on 160616, renjun was spotted in a moomin store with kun 🤍

fan said they converse together in chinese and they were also spotted in coex, and spotted eating lunch together.
according to the one of the interview in 2017, renjun said he wanted to open a moomin cafe.

161224 🎄

fan : renjun, what’s ur christmas wish

renjun : NCT火吧!(nct lets hit big!)
41) renjun’s precious blink blink golden hands ✨

- since pre debut he was known as the kid who’s good at diy works/art etc!!

- eventho he never made songpyeon before, he still did extremely well.

42) renjun and swimming 🏊‍♂️

“my swimming posture is very elegant and when i get up after the swim, i’ll still be on the same spot”
chenle : you can’t swim!!!

renjun : ??? i know how??? ofc ik how! it’s just that when i stand up after i swim i’ll still be in the same spot. my swimming posture is very on point tho.
43) the huang renjun who is somehow just bad at rock paper scissors https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1237794602825830400
44) renjun is a light sleeper.

in 180529 vlive, jeno said renjun gets easily woken up by noises.

jeno also woke renjun up when he was applying lotion/toner??

© 年糕研究家 / JNRJ_PowerOf_J
45) renjun said the good thing about having a room to his own is that he doesn’t have to worry about accidentally waking the others up in the morning. but the bad thing is when he watches horror movie alone he gets a little scared, but he said he can adapt to it fast.
ten mentioned in his vlive that him, jeno and RENJUN likes to watch horror movie. but jeno doesn’t like to watch with ten cause ten screams too much and his screams are scarier than the movie itself.
the dreamies went to watch horror movie together and when everyone is about to go back to sleep, renjun keeps following jaemin.

jm: why don’t u go to sleep?
rj: ....i’m scared

then rj said he don’t usually get scared like that but-
-the wardrobe appeared in the movie looks really similar to the wardrobe in his room.

chn © 仁俊即使正义
46) renjun’s house in korea is at Ansan
47) akdong seoul 191219

the most romantic experience renjun had

when he was young, him and his group of friends went for a walk at night on the rainbow bridge. and then they suddenly started running. they took off their shoes and started running on the rainbow bridge 🌈🌉

-2017 a member show’s outsole came off and rj quickly kick it off

-2018 black on black the chain on his outfit fell he handled it very quickly and naturally.

-2018 japan smt he quickly settle the sleeve that came off from a member’s outfit
49) the way renjun release stress is by chatting, video calling his family or play with the kids. (idk which kids they didn’t mention which kids they just said kids)

also in akdong seoul 200222, https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1231195988007604227
50) 170326

a fan asked renjun if he does a solo vlive what type of vlive does he want to do

renjun said “the lie down kind”
51) 180907

fan asked renjun what fruits does he like

renjun : i like green grapes and peaches!


© 橘
52) renjun doesn’t go to cafes often, and he doesn’t really order drinks in cafes. he mostly order bread, cake, salad.

(this info last updated was until wgu era)
53) renjun’s nicknames ✨ https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1238487728544559105
54) likes to eat candy cause he babie
55) he’s really good at cooking, and he often cooks in the dorm. he knows how to cook a lot of chinese dishes. ten thinks renjun cooks hotpot the best.
56) renjun and his tragic seaweed soup.

“this is the seaweed soup renjun made!”

mark said renjun basically just put seaweed inside hot water.

renjun personally thinks it taste good tho!!
57) 180324

renjun has a lot of 老干妈 (lao gan ma)

* a chinese chilli sauce *

renjun : i have a lot of them, cause ten really likes it. so whenever the fridge runs out of it, i’ll quickly restock it.
58) renjun’s motto

“let’s live a happy life” - 2016

“let’s live a hardworking life” - 2018

“renjun who lights up the world” - 2019

the one thing renjun wants to tell himself is “밝게 잘 커서 고마워”

(thankyou for growing up so brightly)
60) renjun likes R&B music 🎶

also, in akdong seoul ep167 (200207)

renjun said he wants to try acting in a historical drama with an arrow, and also sing r&b for the historical drama.
61) renjun who is taking baby steps to achieve his goal ✨ https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1238525874938343425
62) renjun learned both cycling and swimming on his own. 🚴‍♂️ 🏊‍♂️

(even tho he swims in circles)

but renjun independent renjun legend renjun genius!!
63) renjun watched a lot of movies.

before he watch a movie he’ll first look at the poster and check the reviews. he’ll watch movies with both eng and chinese subtitles together with ten. he’ll use his hands to block the chinese subtitles to practice his english-
and he also use the same way to help ten practice his chinese. he’ll watch horror genre when it’s a hot and sunny day, and criminal/investigation genre on rainy days.
64) movies renjun watched before and some of his recommendations 🎥 https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1238703971553800193
65) renjun has a small appetite and he eats really slowly.
66) renjun loves balloon!! he said he likes balloons more than he likes rice. but he hates it when the balloons burst.
^ probably the reason why renjun likes balloons 🎈

akdong seoul 200118
67) renjun thinks NCT’s waiting room is like his second home and!! he doesn’t like to wear shoes in the waiting room.
pubg all day everyday
68) renjun is good at taking selcas.

-update until wgu era-

used to use 美颜相机(beautycam), then started using foodie. renjun’s method for selcas is “take out ur camera and don’t think too much if it looks nice quickly capture it. lighting and background is important.
renjun also likes to send random selcas in the dream groupchat!!

one example is
69) renjun wants to travel. he wants to go travelling with his family and friends. everytime he was asked what he wants to do when he becomes an adult/20yrs old he would answer “travelling”. in the mindmap he wrote “travel the world” as well.
^ and he mentioned before that he wants to go Santorini.
70) we young era was the first time renjun tried wearing contacts. at first he found it hard but after awhile he got the hang of it. in one of the fansign renjun mentioned he didn’t really like to wear contacts. during go era he wore coloured contacts.
^ in go era, renjun will help jisung to wear the contacts cause he doesn’t really know how.

: renjun how long did it take you to wear the contacts when you first wore it?

rj : the noonas (stylist) helped me to wear them...and i don’t usually wear contacts.

© 橙
71) renjun mentioned before that he likes spring. but he also said before that he likes every season. it’s like when it’s summer he likes summer, when it’s winter he likes winter. he said he’s that kind of person.
^ also

“because it’s spring so cherry blossoms” 🌸 https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1238444563364118531
72) renjun wants to bring his members to china to play. he recommended 北凉(Northern Liang) and 吉林 (Jilin). he wants to let them see rime ice (雾凇) and try skewer (烤串)
73) in 2017 mfal last fansign he said he doesn’t drink coffee. he mentioned in nightnight (2017) when he was practicing mfal dance there’s once his head was really pain and so he spent 80k korean won to get checked in the hospital only to find out it’s bc he drank too much coffee
^ he wanted to perform well so he ended up drinking too much coffee and ended up being too high on caffeine. after that incident, he doesn’t drink coffee anymore and he also doesn’t drink cola often. (only when he really wants to drink only he drinks)
74) if renjun could enter Hogwarts, he wants to be in Gryffindor. and if he could have a pet in hogwarts, he wants it to be a deer!

in 170325 fansign a fan asked and he said

“i like HP and i want to be in Gryffindor, same as Jaehyun!”.
75) renjun’s airpods name is “Renjun’s Airpods” (仁俊的Airpods)

he said even tho he took selcas with his airpods, he’s actually not listening to anything.
76) on his 18th birthday (adult), his parents gave him a macbook as his coming of age present! the first thing he did when he receive it is tried all the functions on it. and usually he uses it to watch videos.

(pic has no relation i just miss his face)


renjun admits that he’s not the bravest soul out there. he said he saw a long haired doll at sm coex and got scared and thought the staff jiejie was the “corpse killer?” from the movie.

(idk which movie pls go search on ur own i’m tired of horror movies) https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1236528355760988167

the cf/advertisement renjun wants to model for is an ice cream cf! 🍦
79) in 2017 renjun said he wanted to be Legolas (the elf from lord of the rings), but he lost (most likely in rock paper scissors) and had to be the smurf.

80) 180331

during hi-touch events he’ll high five the fans really hard. he said his hands do hurt a little but he wanted to make sure he is able to convey his sincerity to all the fans who came. so he high five everyone with his very best.
81) renjun’s favourite lyrics for mfal is “마지막 처사랑” (my last first love)

82) his favourite lyrics in we young album is from “la la love”

the lyrics “바람 하늘 그리고 너”
(the wind, sky and you)

83) his favourite lyrics in Dear Dream is

“너를 위로할 별하 나, 아마 나일 거야”

84) -up to we young era-

renjun said his favourite song from dream is my first and last
85) in we go up album, winning by 1%!!

his favourite song is “beautiful time” and that’s because of his part

“어제처럼 헤어지자”
(lets break up like yesterday)

86) in we go up (excluding his own part), favourite lyrics is

“달콤한 풍선껌 이젠 다 씹었네”
(the sweet bubblegum is all chewed up now)

reason is bc it’s related to their debut song ‘chewing gum’

87) in NCT2018 his favourite song is


- feels like getting ready to go to a battlefield
- gives u strength/courage
88) renjun’s playlist

(this thread will be updated really slowly and from time to time) https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1239154087305740289
89) during mfal he said he didn’t do any composing or wrote any lyrics, because he wanted to focus on singing and dancing that time. when the time comes he’ll try them. during we young he mentioned before he goes to the rooftop to write lyrics (-cont)
-in nct2018 fansign jaemin said both him and renjun did some composing together. and renjun also mentioned about composing.

(gif not related i’m just slightly renmin deprived)
90) renjun is very good at recording. he was picked as the member who’s very good at recording and a member who sings really well.

renjun said his secret for recordings is to drink lots of water and he has a special standing position for it.

^ for la la love, renjun drank 6 bottles of water for the recording session. he also mentioned that he drank A TON LOT of water for the whole we go up album recording.

91) renjun has no plans to get his ears pierced.

he said it in 200226 vlive
(more about it in the next tweet)

in 2017 when he was asked by a fan he didn’t really understood what it was.

in 2018 he told a fan ear piercings looks like it’ll hurt and bc he’s scared of the pain, he doesn’t plan to pierce them.

but rj said he’ll accompany his hyung (dk who) to the earring stores.
92) renjun takes the longest time to shower/bath 🚿

he’ll sing as he shower/bath.

there are times where he’ll use the bathtub 🛁

when he use the bathtub he’ll prepare fruits, play music and lit a candle then enjoy.

(candle is green tea/jasmine, switches between the two)
^ in 200129 vlive

renjun talked about the order of his showering process.

93) renjun who lights up the world! ✨

+ aliens (mermaids were written in the brain map too)


94) hair colours renjun would like to try https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1239376945541836803
95) for wgu rj crew card, renjun wrote the chinese word for pure (纯洁) wrongly.

pure = 纯洁 (洁 means clean/innocent)

renjun wrote = 纯结 (结 means knot)

fans found this cute but it seems like rj worry about it a lot so he was very cautious during the fansigns.
96) likes extreme rides. before entering sm, he went to Everland (south korea’s largest theme park) once. his favourite is the rollercoaster ride 🎢 but altho he enjoys the ride, he hates the feeling of the safety fence pressing against his stomach.

+ 200315 akdong seoul ep https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1239164702149586946
97) renjun bestest boy sweetest boy the only boy ever

appreciates fan’s gifts a lot and just the bestest human being ever
renra 191219

renjun said he once received a moomin doll with mfal clothes and said he was really touched. he also mentioned how fans will make lil dolls of him and he said he really appreciates it and his heart feels really warm seeing them 🥺💛
98) 170323

renjun has 4 moomin dolls on his bed!
and apparently the moomin dolls on his bed takes up 1/3 of space and so renjun has to curl up when he sleeps 🥺🤍
99) renjun thoughts on we young

“it’s like we’re filming a fairytale”
100) renjun and books 📚 https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1239782369516613632
101) renjun’s seafood pick! 🐟

he likes kuai, blue crab, octopus, sea cucumber and grilled fish!
102) renjun’s favourite food 🍲


for hotpot renjun likes to add minced shrimp (虾滑?)

*he also mentioned before the soup base recipe for his hotpot are just the most basic ones and also the ones he could find on the internet!! 🍲🥰
in akdong seoul 200206

korean food that renjun likes

korean beef (hanwoo) 🥩, pork belly, and tteokbokki 💘
103) renjun said he’s not the biggest fan of ice cream 🍦

but he likes melona (메로나) and he eats baskin robbins✨
also, renjun likes subway cookies 🍪


renjun’s subway cookie pick is white chocolate and chocolate!

renjun also said he doesn’t dislike mint chocolate. if there’s mint chocolate he’ll eat it, he wouldn’t purposely go out to buy it but he’ll eat it if there is any.
104) renjun’s cake pick!

renjun likes them all! but he prefers ice cream cake the most 🍦🎂

his 18th birthday cake was an ice cream cake as well 🍰 (intl age)

105) he likes shrimp dumplings best 🥟
106) for food delivery 🚚

renjun likes to orders

麻辣香锅(mala xiang guo)

*idk the english name but should be MALA HOTPOT???*

it’s like dry hotpot??? (i’m sry idk what isit called in english lmao but it’s like mix ingredients?? then u fry it??? kinda thing??)
^ renjun would add 牛羊肉 (beef and lamb meat) and 白菜 🥬 (cabbage)
107) renjun’s likes haidilao (海底捞)

seoul’s haidilao he basically possibly tried them all.

will order 2 portion or more for (fishball? shrimp meatballs? minced shrimps??) *虾丸/虾滑?* , he recommends to add on noodles.

soup base is malatang + mushroom soup (菌菇汤) 🍲

renjun also likes fried chicken 🍗
and 麻辣小龙虾 🦞 (mala crawfish)

^ winwin recommenced mala crawfish to him (2016)

^ jaemin also tried mala crawfish before cause renjun brought him there to eat (181217)
109) renjun’s subway order 🥖

for renjun’s subway order he just eats whatever the manager order for him
110) renjun’s coco milk tea order is not on the menu!🥤


(coco is a milk tea brand)
111) renjun is not a huge fan of beverages but he likes gongcha!!🥤

drinks renjun recommended before :
- lemon green tea
- fruit ice tea
- lemon yogurt (very hot days)
- passion fruit green tea (gongcha!!)

rj orders warm drinks on cold days

rj only add pearls for milk tea
^ renjun orders his drink according to the weather on that day!!
112) renjun loves to drink tea 🍵

renjun likes
- jasmine tea (bc it’s very refreshing)
- green tea
- jasmine green tea

q: renjun what do u like to drink in the winter? do u have any warm drinks to recommend?

renjun : grapefruit honey black tea
113) renjun cant eat coriander! 🌿


renjun : if i eat coriander i’ll get a headache, so i can’t eat it. but my dad said when i grow older i’ll be able to eat it but until now i’ll still get a headache if i eat it.
114) for GO mv filming, it was renjun’s first time sitting on the driver’s seat 🚗

(video is from boom tho i just wanted to use this clip)
180415 epop magazine interview

: most memorable MV filming

renjun : the most memorable one is the time we went to LA to film GO mv. there was a red sports car that time and that was my first time sitting on a driver’s seat, that’s why i found it really exciting~


dream contact name in renjun’s phone 📱

*all of their name but eng spelling (HAECHAN, JAEMIN, JENO....etc)*

reason : because his phone setting is in chinese, when he’s showering he’ll use siri to call the members! (siri can’t differentiate korean)
116) renjun’s not scared of insects! 🐛

he often helps his members to get rid of insects

(yes it’s not a leaf it’s an insect)
117) a lie renjun told before when he was young

renjun didn’t do his homework so he told his teacher that his younger sister ate it 😭
118) renjun’s in-ear (customised in 2018)

renjun said there’s no wordings crafted on it. the outer part is white? the inside is ocean blue 💙
119) renjun’s words of courage for a fan

“you yourself, is the most important.”
120) renjun’s thoughts on driving


rj : “i’m the type that’s scared of driving. like when i sit on the left, how would i know what’s on the right?? that kind of feeling? but i think as an adult a driving license is a must. i think i’ll take the test when i’m free one day”
121) renjun who lights up the world

in korean
122) renjun who lights up the world

in chinese

123) renjun who lights up the world

in japanese

124) renjun’s most confident feature https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1240503695340519426
125) a short view of renjun’s growth

renjun’s a really serious performer, he’s very passionate about performing and is always talking about working hard. he spends most of his free time practicing as well.

“hello i’m renjun and i came from china. i’ll work hard!”
126) even tho the manager told renjun as long he becomes familiar with the stage, then he won’t be nervous anymore. but renjun thinks that having a lil sense of nervousness is better. bc if he’s a lil nervous, he believes he’ll be able to produce a better result-
-so he wants to ensure he has some hint of nervousness all the time and would like to cherish the feeling of being nervous as he continues to grow.
127) renjun’s little moment of happiness is when he feels the burden and nervousness on stage and at that moment he sees the green light (neobong). at that moment all the heavy thoughts will disappear and he’ll be able to focus even better on stage. https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1238910341225934848
128) renjun’s very flexible
129) renjun has a habit of holding the water bottle with the back of his hand facing the front (with his arms close to him instead of facing outwards)

reason for it : he said he does that to avoid the members messing with him
an example of what the members would most likely do!!
130) renjun has really tiny hands

he likes to hold things using 4 of his fingers and his middle finger will slightly arch upwards
131) renjun has a very good sense of humour https://t.co/CX3hopftz4 
132) renjun is someone who has really good manners. (there’s many stories about his mannerism, just search it up)

but here’s a thread of him bowing https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1240754880651776000
133) renjun LOVES animals.

members also picked him as the one who would take care of animals/plants the best. https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1240869720183549954
134) renjun’s a nature loving person.

he prefers going outdoor than staying indoor cause he wants to ‘feel’ the world. likes to look at the sky to see the stars.

(i have a seperate thread for this i will upload another day cause it’s still in progress)
135) renjun likes to read, draw, listen to music

hc: “he doesn’t do it occasionally but as often as he eats” https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1236571203654971392
136) renjun’s a shy person.

renjun thinks he gets shy easily and he said he’s trying to get rid of this bad habit. eventho renjun doesn’t get shy as often as before and he loosens up a lot but he still gets shy easily.
137) renjun thinks fans are like the sunlight ☀️ and milk! 🥛

because without us he wouldn’t be able to continuously grow! 🥺💛
138) he wants to become a person who’s not biased, sensible and is able to stand on his grounds with pride as he grows. https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1236319401646764032
139) renjun believes that we should all live our life as ourselves and not others.

renjun : “i don’t want to waste any time in someone else’s body. i want to live my own life. even if it’s only 24 hours i still find it a waste.”
140) renjun’s thoughts on puberty

renjun : “it felt really weird. i would get frustrated all of a sudden and i’ll do things that i’ll regret immediately. even when i’m aware of it i still ended up making mistakes. it was a battle against my own self.”
141) renjun’s a very independent, brave and cool person.

the most regretful thing in 2016 to him was “no regrets”

there are times where he’ll miss home but he thinks the way he’s living now isn’t too bad. and he thinks being able to adapt to new environment is pretty cool.
^ he’s very satisfied with the way things are. he said there are times where he hope he could grow up quicker, but he believes that there are many things that he can do only at this age (teen/young). he thinks everyday, time is very precious.
q : do u want to be young forever?

renjun : i think if your heart is young, then you’re young forever.
he gave his youth to dream, so even when he grew older in the future, he don’t think he’ll find his youth wasted at all. https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1238871320705654785
142) renjun is a really really really hardworking person.

he’s always talking about how time is very precious, always talking about practicing, always trying to find ways to improve himself better.

renjun’s goals :
-to be a capable person
-to be an all rounder idol
143) renjun’s a very caring brother.

regardless whether he has smtg to buy or not he’ll accompany them go out to buy stuffs. he’ll wake them up and make food for them. also listens well to their worries and concerns.
144) renjun’s a playful but gentle kid.

has a very good personality and knows how to have fun. he’s the kind of friend that would wait until the clock strikes 12 to wish them a happy bday. he’s also the friend his friends would go to whenever they want to be taken care of.
145) a very reliable older brother.

-helped chenle with translating since the very start (refer to 53)
-always brings snacks and powerbank with him so they can use as well
-“it doesn’t matter whether chenle likes rj or not, but rj likes chenle”
- js adores rj (search it up)
146) a very capable person in every aspects. sings well, could perform live well, has very good stage presence/charisma and has a very good working attitude.

a model idol.
147) not only does he have gorgeous features, but also a gorgeous heart.
148) renjun nct dream

renjun : “i think just showing our growing process naturally as we grow is the most important”
149) renjun who’s always so wise and mature and good with words.

renjun : “i feel like when nothing is going your way, that’s when you really need to stand on your grounds even more and continue to push forward even harder.”

the one who brought light to this dark world and brighten up our life,

✨ huang renjun ✨

照亮我们世界的 黄仁俊
the end.

will end this here before it gets too long!
and i know there’s many more things about renjun not included in this thread, but it’s getting too long and i’m getting tired lskdkdkdkkdkd

will maybe make a part 2 one day :)
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