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🔥Romney "put out there" that he was might block Ukraine investigation to protect Biden. Then pulled it back.

🔥I'd like to share what I think is going on with Romney, and why it's connected to the LeBaron massacre.  #FoxNews
Because of past scum-baggery he's in a jam, and was shopping for protection, because he's protecting his family from people that will kill... and recently did so as a reminder to him... the LeBaron massacre.

🔥There are no coincidences in deep state politics at this level.
Romney was born in the same VERY SMALL community where the LeBaron's were killed. There were only a few hundred people living there... so a population the size of a small housing sub-division (but sizable ranches instead).
Cartel shit happens all the time, but not in communities like that. It was an unusual hit, with vehicles attacked at different times & locations.

It was an ordered hit. How do I know?

🔥Because I'm in direct contact with Adrian LeBaron, brother to one of the victims
It's true that this family has a history of standing up against the cartel, and has paid in blood before. However, each of those incidents were YEARS ago, and each was preceded by ACTIVE RECENT hostility between the family and the cartel.

🔥This was out of the [blue].
The last time, when one of the men was killed in front of his wife & kids... was the last time the family so openly opposed the cartel. They learned to live low... not cooperating with, but also not openly opposing the cartel.

🔥They had learned and found a rhythm.
Occam's Razor.
We have two different opposing explanations for the LeBarron hit.

🔥Cartel revenge.
🔥Message to Romney.
Theory: Cartel Revenge?
Did the cartels want more fresh revenge for a score they settled years ago? That explanation is totally inconsistent with the last several years of peaceful relations between the family and cartel learning to ignore each other, and no recent flare up.
The cartel took exactly as much revenge as it wanted years ago, and the team that killed the brother in front of wife & kids...

🔥Got in trouble for bringing too much heat by causing public sympathy against the cartel.
🔥Taking more revenge now, as if the prior actions were insufficient, looks WEAK in criminal culture.

There's more background evidence against this theory, but fully exploring it would take this thread sideways in a big way, and I want to get back to Romney.
Pause: If you get this thread moving, I will post the next section shortly.
Note: I am still in contact with Adrian and can get quick responses from him on ANY question... but that doesn't mean I'm the best researcher and always know which questions to ASK. I rely on DM tips...
Back to Romney.
So imagine being in his shoes... you got lured years ago by the promise of financial success... got easy investment money from Ghislaine Maxwell's father Robert Maxwell, but you have no idea who he really is, or his connection to Epstein at the time...
...then one day, years later, when your marriage just happens to be at a low point (under strain), and you're traveling and feeling lonely... one of the most beautiful women you've ever seen comes along and makes you feel like you aren't a failure...
And maybe you cross a line, or maybe you don't, but you wake up naked with her in a hotel room because something was in your drink... and then some guys walk in with pictures & video of you in a compromised position with this girl...
And now they own you. And you eventually find out your investor Maxwell is Epstein's friend... and you have to start doing little favors to keep your family safe. And NOW they have a tighter grip on you.

And the deal is, if you kill yourself, they kill your family too.
Because they won't be denied the ROI they demand on their investment so easily...
"Just play nice and your family will be ok, we've been doing this for 100's of years."

And you know it's true, you just never imagined you'd be caught up in it.

So you play ball.
The picture I'm painting here, the truth I'm dropping... there are people in [their] power who initially did nothing wrong. Do you believe the CIA under past leadership would harm, entrap, or even kill the innocent to accomplish their goals? Yes.
Then what I'm saying is not a stretch.
Romney has probably been in [their] power for a long time. It's even possible that he hasn't been cooperating of his own free will.

I trust Jesus to sort that out.
The deep state comms network has broken down. They are back to spreading messages by hand, and in places that the NSA can't monitor them. They aren't sure which double assets they still control, and which are now triple agents against them.
They are desperate.
IMHO, when a politician like Romney, who just happens to be one of a very small number of critical "swing votes", has his old home town attacked by cartel, and then waffles publicly about whether he will or won't block the Biden investigation... he's signaling for help.
And since he came down on the side of supporting the investigation he probably got the promise of help he was looking for. I was totally expecting him to go the OTHER way, so I was wrong.
Another thing... organized crime people generally love their own kids, and will try to put others at risk, instead of their own blood.

But the Satanic cabal FORCES you to put your own kids at risk, ensuring everybody stays in line.
Why were the children of Pelosi, Biden, Romney, etc... ALL involved in Ukraine? No way did they all independently decide on their own to put their kids in those positions. It was another way of compromising them to ensure cooperation, IMHO.
a storm approaches
pain is near
dark to light
WE have nothing to fear
Parting thought... 1000's of pages of CIA documents have either leaked or been declassified, showing detailed instructions and experiments for BREAKING PEOPLE against their will.
Elaborate setups and entrapment.
Threats to family or innocents.
Some of their pawns are unwilling.
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